4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (2023)

Queso Blanco is a white cheese sauce that is creamy and carries a little kick of spice. This Mexican cheese sauce is one that wins everyone over. Best part of all this is a 4 ingredient Blanco Queso dip that is quick to make.

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White cheeseis a white cheese dip that is spicy and creamy. ThisMexican cheese dipis a must have when you dine out for Mexican. Four ingredients is all you need for this homemade queso Blanco.. This is a favorite Mexican restaurant cheese dip. A cheesy dip to dip tortilla chips in, or pour over your loaded burritos or tacos.

I was scrolling through Tiktok and saw the famous TikTok white queso recipe and new I had to try it. I was shocked at how good it was!A melted cheese dip with the right amount of spice. A game day classic, or dip for Taco Tuesdays at home. An easy recipe you will want to make over and over again. Check out mysheet pan loaded nachos, for an easy dinner.

4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (2)

If you love a good cheese dip, fry mysmoked quesorecipe. This is my top recipe on my site, it is undeniably delicious!Whip this up for Cinco de Mayo and grab that bag of tortilla chips, or makehomemade tortilla chips.

Table Of Contents

  1. Ingredients Needed
  2. How to Make
  3. Pro Tip For Success
  4. Storing Leftovers
  5. FAQs
  6. Craving More
  7. White cheese
  • White Cheese Crockpot

This Queso Blanco Recipe Is…

  • Made with 4 ingredients
  • Cheesy Goodness
  • Perfect Appetizer for Super Bowl Snacking
  • Easy Queso Blanco Recipe
  • Easy prep
  • Quick cook time
  • Can be a slow cooker cheese dip if you want
  • You can control how mild or hot you want dip
  • Gluten free
  • Cheesy
4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (3)

Ingredients Needed

Here are the ingredients for this cheese dip recipe! The measurements needed are in the recipe card.

White American Cheese– Go to the deli and get sliced white American cheese. I know it sounds strange but trust me!

Pepper Jack Cheese –Same for the pepper Jack. Head to the deli and fry sliced pepper Jack cheese.If you don’t want the hint of spice you can use Monterey jack cheese instead.

Jalapeño Peppers– You can leave the seeds and white membrane for spicy queso blanco, or remove seeds and membrane for mild heat.You can swap with green chilies if you don’t want jalapeno.

Evaporated Milk –You will use 1-2 cans of evaporated milk. I prefer a thicker sauce so I used one can.

How to Make

Full steps and measurements are in the recipe card featured below on how to make Queso Blanco dip.

4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (4)

Step One:Start by taking your cheese and dicing up into cubes.

Step Two:Place cheese in a skillet on the stove. Pour in evaporated milk and the diced jalapeño.

4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (5)

Step Three:On medium low heat cook the dip or until the cheese is melted and fully incorporated. Stir often or it will burn.

Step Four:Cook for a few minutes and it will begin to thicken the Queso Blanco dip.

Serve with your favorite tortilla chips, corn chips, veggies, or even pour over burritos and more.

Pro Tip For Success

  • Heat low and slow to melt cheese, or it will burn.
  • If you want a thinner dip, add more evaporated milk.
  • Use cheese from the deli not pre-packaged sliced cheese. Those varieties of cheese are more oil based.
  • To thicken just let dip simmer a bit, while stirring. It will thicken pretty quickly as it simmers.
  • If you cook in crockpot I recommend using alinerfor easy cleanup. Directions for a crock pot queso blanco dip are in recipe card.
4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (6)

Storing Leftovers

If you happen to not eat all the dip right away it can be placed in an airtight container with lid and stored in the fridge. The blanco queso will last 2-4 days in the fridge.

Just know the cheese dip will thicken after being in the fridge. You can add a splash of milk to thin it up if you would like.

Since this is dairy based, you will find it does not freeze well. The texture will alter and be curdled and separated once it thaws.


Skip ordering from the Mexican restaurants and learn how to make this cheese lovers recipe at home with simple ingredients. Here are common questions for this delicious recipe.

How do you mellow out jalapenos?

Slice your jalapeno in half, and then use a spoon to scoop out the white membrane and seeds. Then run the pepper under cold water to remove excess oils from the pepper. This will helps tame down the spice of the jalapeno dramatically.

Is this the TikTok queso blanco recipe?

This is a TikTok queso blanco recipe I found while watching. The recipe I found didn’t have measurements so I adapted it to work for what I wanted.

What can I use instead of jalapeno?

Reach for a can of green chiles in replace. Do a 4 ounce can, and drain off the juice. Buy the mild, or medium for spice. Then stir in, and it will flavor your cheese dip really nicely.

What type of cheese is queso blanco?

White cheese is used for making Queso Blanco. Depending on the recipe you will find the variety of cheese will vary. I used White American and Pepper Jack cheese to make this dip.

4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (7)

Craving More

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4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (8)

Created by:Kelsey

White cheese

CourseAppetizers and Snacks


Servings8 -10 servings

Queso Blanco is a white cheese sauce that is creamy and carries a little kick of spice. This Mexican cheese sauce is one that wins everyone over. Best part of all this is a 4 ingredient Blanco Queso dip that is quick to make.

Prep Time5minutes mins

Cook Time10minutes mins

Total Time15minutes mins


  • 1/2 pound White American deli sliced cheese
  • 1/2 pound Pepper Jack deli sliced cheese
  • 1 small jalapeno diced
  • 1 can evaporated milk 12 fluid ounces
  • Chips optional


  • Start by slicing up your deli cheese into cubes and place into a saucepan.

  • Add in the diced jalapeno, and then pour in the evaporated milk.

  • On low heat you will begin melting down the cheese, stirring often. It is important to heat low and slow or it will burn.

  • Once the cheese dip is melted, you can cook it for a few extra minutes, and this will thicken the sauce up, if you want it thicker.

  • If you find you want the Queso Blanco dip thinner, you can add extra evaporated milk in. Just open a second can of milk and pour it in.

White Cheese Crockpot

  • Add all the ingredients into a slow cooker.

  • Set on low and place lid on the white cheese dip. Let it cook for 1 hour.

  • Open lid, stir with a whisk, and place the lid back on and cook for another hour or until the dip is nice and melted. Mine took around an hour and a half to melt fully.

  • Same with this, you can add extra evaporated milk to thin the dip if you find you don't like the thickness.



Double Recipe –Feel free to double or even triple the recipe. Just use a large enough pan to melt down all the cheese and milk.

Jalapeño –I removed the seeds and white membrane to make this Queso Blanco mild. But if you want it spicy leave in all or some of the seeds.

Storing –Store leftover white Blanco cheese in an airtight container for 3-4 days in the fridge. Then eat cold or warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop.


Serving:1gCalories:344kcalCarbohydrates:7gProtein:19gFat:27gSaturated Fat:15gPolyunsaturated Fat:9gCholesterol:79mgSodium:504mgSugar:4g

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4 Ingredient White Cheese Recipe (9)

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What are the 4 ingredients of a basic cheese? ›

Milk, salt, starter culture, and rennet are the four basic ingredients of cheese, but it is the cheesemaking process and how the ingredients are brought together that determine the finished cheese type, says Foor.

How is white cheese made? ›

One-third of milk is heated to 80 °C. Table salt is added into remaining two-thirds of the milk. The two parts are combined together, rennet is added, and salted milk is left to coagulate for 2–3 h. The coagulum is pressed and the fresh cheese is ripened in salted whey for >3 months.

Why is evaporated milk used in queso? ›

Evaporated milk help keeps the dip from separating and turning clumpy as it cools. Chile — I use canned green chiles, but you can also use jalapeno. Make sure to remove the seeds, so the dip is not too spicy.

How do you thicken cheese sauce without flour or cornstarch? ›

Egg yolk can also be a good thickening agent if you don't have cornstarch or flour available to you. What is this? Some chefs even prefer using egg yolk to thicken cheese sauces. The method for doing this is really similar to using the cornstarch and flour option.

What do you add to milk to make cheese? ›

Most types of cheese only need two or three ingredients, milk, cultures and rennet. These simple ingredients will ripen the milk, form curds and whey and add flavor to the finished cheese.

What are the 4 main types of milk used in cheese making? ›

Pretty much any milk can be used to make cheese but there are four types of milk that are most commonly used: cow, sheep, goat, and buffalo.

What is white cheese made of? ›

White cheese is primarily made from cow's, but also goats, and sheep's milk, and it is produced all over the world. Traditional white cheese is produced in the same way as feta. The salty taste comes from the brine. Denmark has a long tradition for exporting white cheese to the Middle East.

Which vinegar is used for making cheese? ›

Ingredients used to make white cheese (queso blanco): table salt, whole milk, white vinegar, distilled water.

What does white cheese contain? ›

White cheese is nutritious and healthy in every way. This food is high in calcium, fat, and protein, as well as high in vitamins A and B12. It also contains zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. Furthermore, it contains a variety of other nutrients, including fat and protein.

What does adding evaporated milk do? ›

Evaporated milk gives body to smoothies, thickens up and sweetens coffee, and adds nuance and richness to creamy soups and chowders, not to mention savory sauces and even oatmeal. If you don't have much of a sweet tooth, you can also use it in place of sweetened condensed milk in plenty of desserts.

What is the white cheese at Mexican restaurants made of? ›

Queso Manchego

Spanish Manchego is made with sheep's milk while Mexican Manchego is cow's!

What does cornstarch do for queso? ›

No, you should buy a block of cheese and shred the cheese yourself. Bags of shredded cheese have cornstarch in them to prevent the cheese from sticking together, which will mess up the creamy texture of this homemade cheese dip.

What is the best thickener for cheese sauce? ›

Use cornstarch or all-purpose flour.

You can thicken cheese sauce further by adding more flour or even using a couple of teaspoons of cornstarch. In a small bowl, dissolve the cornstarch or flour with a cup of water.

Why did my queso turn out grainy? ›

The main reason cheese sauce curdles and becomes grainy is because it has been overheated. High temperatures cause the proteins in cheese sauce to denature and start to clump together. A lot of acid has been added to the sauce. Acid can also cause cheese sauces to curdle.

What milk makes the best cheese? ›

Whole milk is the best choice for making cheese because it's high in fat and protein. It's a good option for making soft cheeses, such as cream cheese and cottage cheese. It contains about 3.5% fat, which is what gives it a creamy texture when cooked.

Do you stir milk when making cheese? ›

TIP 9: STIRRING METHOD: A cheese maker method of stirring is to do 'top-down stirring'. This stirring method is performed by pulling the milk from the top down to the bottom and back up to the top of again. An up and down gently action that helps to distribute your ingredients evenly in the milk.

Why do you boil milk before making cheese? ›

Why do cheesemakers heat milk? Cheesemakers heat the milk, whether it be raw or pasteurized, as the first step of the cheesemaking process to create a desired temperature for lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to thrive.

What grade milk is used to make cheese and butter? ›

Grade B milk (also referred to as manufacturing grade milk) does not meet fluid grade standards and can only be used in cheese, butter and nonfat dry milk. More than 90% of all milk produced nationally is Grade A, and much of the Grade A milk supply is used in manufactured dairy products.

Can I make cheese with store bought milk? ›

When making cheese, it is important to start with fresh milk from a healthy animal. Store bought and raw milk can both be used to make cheese at home. The benefits with raw milk are the cultures and enzymes already present, which add complexity and character to cheese.

Can you make cheese with 1 percent milk? ›

You can use any kind of milk you like, 2%, 1% etc. However, when you use whole milk, you will get a bigger yield of cheese and the texture will be creamier. You will get a lot more farmer cheese from a gallon of whole milk than you will from a gallon of skim milk.

What are the 3 main components of cheese? ›

There are three main components for making cheese: the milk, a coagulant, and bacterial cultures. Cheese is made mostly of milk, whether from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo or a blend of these milks. A coagulant is a substance added to milk to help solids form out of the liquid portion.

What is the basic of cheese? ›

While there is some variation and individual choice within each category, there are four basic ingredients usually used to make any cheese: milk, starter culture, coagulant, and salt.

What are the three C's of handling cheese? ›

The “three Cs” of cheese handling are clean, cold, and covered.

Why do you heat milk to make cheese? ›

Why do cheesemakers heat milk? Cheesemakers heat the milk, whether it be raw or pasteurized, as the first step of the cheesemaking process to create a desired temperature for lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to thrive.

Can I make my own cheese? ›

Yes, you can make cheese at home—and the easiest way to learn how is to start with a few quick, easy, and delicious recipes like ricotta and mozzarella. Here are the types of cheese you can make at home with simple ingredients and basic home cheesemaking equipment.

What is white cheese called? ›

Traditional White cheese, produced in the same way as FETA, is made all over the world using cow's milk. This is a similar brined, white cheese as “feta”. Outside EU often made partly or fully of cow's milk, and sometimes called “feta”- inside EU this is called white cheese or “salad cheese”.

What is 4 blend cheese? ›

This fine-cut blend contains a combination of Sargento® Monterey Jack Cheese, Sargento® Mild Cheddar Cheese, Sargento® Queso Quesadilla Cheese and Asadero cheese. Sargento® 4 Cheese Mexican adds an authentic smooth, creamy flavor to enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and all your favorite Tex-Mex entrées.

What is the strongest cheese in the world? ›

One of the unique features of chhurpi is that it has a very low moisture content. This makes it very hard to bite into, but it also helps the cheese stay edible for months, or even years, when fermented for six to 12 months, dried and stored properly in animal skin.

Is Velveeta real cheese? ›

Velveeta may look like cheese and taste like cheese, but it is technically classified as a "pasteurized process cheese product." Originally, Velveeta was made from real cheese, but that is no longer the case.

What cheese is all natural? ›

Popular types of natural cheeses include unripened (e. g., cottage cheese, cream cheese), soft (e. g., Brie, Camembert), semi-hard (e. g., Brick, Muenster, Roquefort, Stilton), hard (e. g., Colby, Cheddar), blue veined (e. g., Blue, Gorgonzola), cooked hard cheeses (e. g., Swiss, Parmesan), and pasta filata (stretched ...


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