About the institute - Endocrinology Mladen Sekso (2023)

In 1959, Mladen Sekso founded the endocrinology service at the KBC "Sestre Milosrdnice", which gradually grew into the current Institute for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.

Department of Diabetes, Clinical Institute "Mladen Sekso"

Leader:dr. sc. Maja Cigrovski Berković, endocrinologist and diabetologist


Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas, endocrinologist and diabetologist

Contact : tel.01 3787 623i3787 649

The main activity of the Diabetes Department is the constant care of patients with diabetes. The department is professionally and technically trained for diagnostics, therapy and education according to the highest international standards. The clinical department has 9 beds, and if necessary, it is possible to use apartments. Admission and hospitalization of patients with diabetes is organized through the polyclinic or through the emergency service.

Patients who have been examined in the polyclinic and for whom the doctor has set an indication for hospitalization for additional treatment are admitted according to a pre-arranged weekly admission schedule. During hospitalization, in addition to diagnostics and therapy, special attention is paid to patient education. During treatment, our patients undergo intensive education in the Education Center, where our doctors and nurses conduct education from Monday to Friday, throughout the year.

According to the experiences of the Virginia Mason Center from Seattle, USA, education is carried out in small groups (10 participants) in which, at the same time, patients, nurses and young doctors are educated together. The head of the Education Center is Ph.D. Velimir Altabas. Prim. Vesna Goldoni, M.Sc., is the head of the Department and a doctor with the most experience in the treatment of patients with diabetes.

Department of Endocrinology, Clinical Institute "Mladen Sekso"

Head of Department:dr. Bozidar Perić


Dr. Davorka Herman Mihečić, internist, special interest: gonadal diseases and infertility

Contact : tel.01 3787 649i01 3787 623

The capacity of the department is 8 beds, there is a possibility of accommodation in an apartment. The department cares for endocrinology patients who have been recommended for hospitalization during treatment in the endocrinology polyclinic or have been referred from local hospitals. Over 800 patients are treated annually. The most common endocrine diseases for which patients stay in the ward are pituitary tumors, thyroid diseases and cancers, tumors of the parathyroid glands, and tumors of the adrenal glands. Patients are mostly being prepared for a planned surgical procedure or endocrinological testing is performed after surgery. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are most often carried out in patients who are previously registered in the Endocrinological Polyclinic or are directly ordered from local centers in the Republic of Croatia or, less often, in neighboring countries.

Department of Endocrinological Oncology, Clinical Institute "Mladen Sekso"

Department head:dr. Gorana Mirosevic

Doctors: Ivan Kruljac, MD

Principal Sister of the Council:Bacc.med.tech Milena Gabrić, 01/3787127

The capacity of the department is 9 beds, an apartment can be used if necessary. Within the Department of Endocrinological Oncology, there is a group of doctors who deal with tumors of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, neuroendocrine tumors and tumors of the adrenal gland. All decisions regarding the treatment of patients at the Department of Endocrinological Oncology are made at the council, a meeting of doctors from several specialties gathered with the aim of treating a specific disease.

The amount of information and new knowledge in medicine has increased drastically in the last two decades. Therefore, teamwork in medicine has become inevitable. One of the forms of teamwork is the council, a meeting of doctors from multiple specialties who collaborate to solve a specific problem. In the treatment of patients with tumors of the endocrine glands, there are several approaches and methods of treatment, the choice of which is not always simple. For this reason, within the Department of Endocrinological Oncology, a council was organized in which several doctors from different specialties participate, depending on the disease and type of tumor diagnosed in an individual patient. The council is held every Tuesday starting at 12 noon.

Council of the Department of Endocrinological Oncology

Council leader: Prof. dr.sc. Milan Vrkljan

Expert coordinator of the council: Dr. Ivan Kruljac

Associate doctors:

Neurosurgery: Dr. Vatroslav Čerina, Dr. Darko Stipić

Surgery: Assoc. dr.sc. Mario Zovak and M.sc. Jakša Filipović-Čugura

Urology: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Borislav Spajić

Otorhinolaryngology: Prof. dr.sc. Vladimir Bedeković, Ph.D. Davor Vagić, Dr. Davor Solter

Oncology and nuclear medicine: Academician Zvonko Kusić, Prof. dr.sc. Ksenija Kovačić, MSc. Nina Dabelić, Dr. Jasmina Marić Brozić and Dr. Ljubica Vazdar (Tumor Clinic), Dr. Davor Kust

Radiology: Dr. Hrvoje Ivan Pećina, Dr. Nenad Babić, Dr. Gordana Lovrenčić-Prpić

Gastroenterology and hepatology: Ph.D. Marko Nikolic

Pathology: Dr.sc. Monika Ulamec

Gynecology: Prof. dr.sc. Krunoslav Kuna

Ophthalmology: Prof. dr.sc. Zoran Vatavuk

Educational Center, Clinical Institute "Mladen Sekso"

Head of the Center:Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas

Head nurse of the educational center:Bacc.med.tech Milena Gabrić

Contact: Telephone01 3787 161, 3787 304

The youngest part of the Institute for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases "Mladen Sekso" is the Education Center, which was established in 2011, in the newly renovated part of the Institute's polyclinic. This center is an attempt to respond to some of the challenges faced by today's Croatian medicine and society, namely the unavailability of relevant information on endocrine and metabolic diseases, some of which are widespread in epidemic proportions. The center is intended for health education of patients, and for deepening the previously acquired knowledge of medical staff in the fields of endocrinology and diabetology, and metabolic diseases.

In addition to classic, individual instruction on a diet suitable for an individual patient, on the use of specific diagnostic and therapeutic aids (e.g. in the treatment of diabetes), instruction was also organized in small groups during five working days on topics in the field of care and treatment of diabetes (some of The topics that are emphasized are the differences in the approach to certain types of diabetes, treatment by lifestyle changes, the use of drugs in the treatment of diabetes, the importance of self-control, possible complications of diabetes, and their prevention and treatment). Considering that this is a very dynamic field, the topics will change over time and be adapted to the new requirements of both patients and the profession.

The lecturers are employees of our Institute - both doctors and nurses, as well as guest lecturers from other institutes of the KBC "Sisters of Mercy" Internal Clinic (Institute of Nephrology and Dialysis, Institute of Cardiology). The weekly courses are intended for both patients and interested medical personnel, information and applications are available on the phone number 3787 127 (bacc. med. techn. Milena Gabrić), with a note that the education is free.

Day hospitals

Within the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases "Mladen Sekso" there are two day hospitals: a day hospital for diabetes and a day hospital for pituitary diseases and clinical neuroendocrinology.

Patients with newly diagnosed diabetes and patients with long-standing diabetes and developed complications that are not satisfactorily regulated are admitted to the day hospital for diabetes. Individual education on proper lifestyle and lifestyle change, education on nutrition, self-control, drug therapy or insulin administration is carried out. Complications of diabetes, glycemia are controlled and treated, and correction of therapy is made in agreement with the medical staff. Patients come to the hospital every day (from Monday to Friday), perform the prescribed tests and carry out physical rehabilitation (exercises of the whole body), along with daily regulation of glycemia.

The day hospital for pituitary diseases and clinical neuroendocrinology receives and treats patients with tumors of the hypophysis and tumors of other endocrine glands. Hormonal treatment is performed, endocrinological functional tests are performed, and additional imaging methods are performed. In some patients, hormone replacement therapy (for example, growth hormone therapy) or octreotide treatment is used. In the day hospital, endocrinological tests are performed, which can be divided into stimulation tests (in the case of a deficiency of a certain hormone) or suppression tests (in the case of elevated hormone values).

Currently, our Institute, in cooperation with the ednocrinology laboratory, performs: bromcriptine test, sulpiride test, TRH test, LHRH test, ITT test, 5-hour OGTT, 3-hour OGTT, 2-hour OGTT, sandostatin test, renin basal and after stimulation with fursemide, overnight blockade with 1 mg dexamethasone, 5-hour dexamethasone infusion, concentration test, and two-hour fasting urine test.

Dr. Gorana Mirošević, specialist in internal medicine, bacc., works in day hospitals.

honey. tech. Milena Gabrić, ms Eva Volarić, ms Katica Gojak, ms Marina Meštrović.

Polyclinic of the Clinical Institute "Mladen Sekso"

Head of polyclinic: Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas
Head nurse of the institute: bacc.med.tech. Jasna Žanko

Phone 01/ 3787161
Phone 01/ 3787304

The basis of the work of the polyclinic are the outpatient clinics. There is a general endocrinology outpatient clinic attended by all doctors of the Institute. In addition to the general endocrinology clinic, there are clinics for: diseases of the adrenal gland, thyroid gland, diseases of the gonads and infertility, calcium metabolism, pituitary diseases, diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy. The first examination is usually carried out in the general endocrinology outpatient clinic, and then, depending on their illness, patients are referred for follow-up examinations in one of the "specialized" outpatient clinics. A number of dynamic endocrinological tests are performed in the ambulatory for functional tests. Annually, 22,000-24,000 examinations and about 1,000 complex and simple dynamic tests are performed at the endocrinology polyclinic.

Nurses at the polyclinic:Zlata Španić, Vera Černauš, Štefica Kolman, Ana Đuretek, Martina Meštrović, Kata Gojak

Clinic for diseases of the adrenal gland: Dr. Davorka Herman Mahečić

Clinic for thyroid diseases:

Prof. Ph.D.Sc. Milan Vrkljan

Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas

Ph.D. Gorana Mirosevic

dr. Davorka Herman Mahečić

Ph.D. Maja Cigrovski Berković

dr. Bozidar Perić

Parathyroid clinic: Dr. Maja Filipović-Grčić

Clinic for diseases of calcium metabolism: Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas

Clinic for pituitary diseases: Prof. dr.sc. Milan Vrkljan
dr. Jelena Marinković Radošević

dr. Lora Stanka Kirigin

dr. Mateja Strinović

Neuroendocrine tumor clinic: Prof.dr.sc. Milan Vrkljan

dr. Ivan Kruljac

Diabetes clinic:

Ph.D. Maja Cigrovski Berković
Prim.dr.sc. Velimir Altabas
Ph.D. Gorana Mirosevic
dr. Ivan Kruljac
Prof. Ph.D.Sc. Milan Vrkljan

Outpatient clinic for gestational diabetes: Dr.sc. Gorana Mirošević, Ph.D. Maja Cigrovski Berković

Clinic for gonadal diseases: Dr. Davorka Herman Mahečić

Clinic with obesity: Dr.sc. Gorana Mirosevic

Clinic for functional tests: Ph.D. Gorana Mirosevic


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