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CONTENTS 76Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

@hostelvending /hostelvending

Interviews4 / Miguel Ángel Royo, head of the Study Area of ​​the

National School of Health of the Carlos III Institute.

We talked about the responsibility that producers and distributors have to include healthier products in the offer aimed at minors, contributing to improving their health and reducing obesity rates.

36 / Juan Miguel Floristán, president of AFHORFRESH, Spanish Association of Washed Fruits and Vegetables

The fourth range is a food sector that grows year after year. Vending has not yet found the formula to integrate its products and Juan Miguel gives us the keys to why.

Empresa8 / Mobiloso enters Movistar stores with its

mobile phone accessories vending machine

The company has reached an agreement with the telephone company to test its accessory machines in the company's mobile stores. The objective is that consumables and miscellaneous items can be sold without having to wait in long lines.

Specials30/37 How fourth and fifth range dishes fit together and

its quality in automatic sales and distribution

We take a tour of the options that vending can find in fourth and fifth range products to offer something different to the most demanding consumers who are looking for something more than a snack in the machines.

46/49 Fátima Sarmiento, Head of the Surgenia Trends Observatory, talks about design

We know that the color of the container, the material in which it is presented, its shape, illustrations, photographs or texts play a very important role in making this selection. The location in which the vending machine is located is also a factor to take into account.

Fairs42 / All the images of Vending Paris 2014, a fair

in which you could see a lot of product

We leave you with the most outstanding snapshots of the French vending event that on this occasion was held jointly with two other large fast food fairs, which allowed us to see a lot of variety in the offer.

Mondelez elected


international for the


vending said-

touch that deStacan

for Your big screen magazine hostelvending

Noticias54 / Vending is presented as a necessary asset for

Fair Trade Cities

In Spain there are eleven localities distinguished as Fair Trade Cities, small towns or large provincial capitals, which support a different, more respectful and fair way of producing and trading. All of them meet a series of requirements, criteria in which vending contributes its grain of sand

56 / Yves Mersch presents the new 10-euro banknote at the headquarters of the European Central Bank

the new banknote will enter into circulation on September 23rd. In these nine months, the ECB expects all the equipment and machines that work with cash to be adapted to its characteristics. In his intervention, Mersch has recalled the implantation program.

60 / The cap on card commissions opens a new horizon for vending

Only a change in the commission policy that the large banking operators apply to card purchases can help the proliferation of these systems in automatic sales whose margins are low and suffer from the high rates that are applied.

9 / Smart packaging revolutionizes the loading process for coffee and other solubles

It has been developed by the French Fisapac and its operation could be seen in detail during the last edition of Vending Paris. These are bag-like containers that allow replacement without the refilling process, thus ensuring complete traceability of the product.

10 / Coges reaches an agreement with the GTI distributor to progress in the French market

Coges closed its participation in Vending Paris 2014, a fair held in February, with two important agreements that reinforce its commitment to the French market, both for vending and catering. In addition to presenting its flagship products and launching the Coges Online system.

16 / Express Vending introduces VE Connect smart technology to the European market

The English Express Vending has become the official provider in the United Kingdom of the VE Connect platform, a totally innovative system that allows vending machines to connect to the Internet. VE Connect is presented as a revolution for vending due to its interactivity and its communication capacity.

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vending responsable / hostelvending

4 / vending / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014 responsible vending / hostelvending

5 / vending / hostelvending

In the absence of a specific regulation that limits and specifies in detail and definition what can be sold or not in a vending machine depending on the location in which it is located, the only thing that remains are the commitments acquired. -ridden by the industry, the much-used concept in the food industry of self-regulation.

There are aspects that are widely covered by national and European legislation, but many others totally devoid of guidelines. In vending it is very evident as it is a distribution segment with less impact than, for example, department stores, and in advertising much more according to the data.

And it is that the effectiveness and responsibility of companies in this context of self-regulation has not prevented the figures of a problem such as obesity, which has ceased to be anecdotal to become a true pandemic in developed societies. ladas, increase year after year.

They do so among the adult population, but what is more worrisome, among children, harshly exposed to the maelstrom of large food companies and their aggressive

marketing and promotional programs.

Public health experts have been warning of the disastrous evolution experienced in recent years and, although it is true that the figures have managed to stabilize, the key to reversing them and reducing the number of cases has not yet been found. affected both among the child population and among adults.

To find out more about what is being done well and not so well to tackle the health complications caused by obesity, we have spoken with Miguel Ángel Royo, head of the School's Study Area

National Health Institute of the Carlos III Health Institute.

involved for years with healthy eating and

With numerous studies related to advertising aimed at minors, last summer he published the results of an investigation carried out in 2008 in which he and María Ángeles Martínez-Huedo analyzed the degree of compliance with the FIR agreement. -mated three years earlier by ane-da and the Ministry of Health for the acquisition of a series of commitments related to vending and infant feeding.

The results of the study were not very favorable neither for vending, nor for the operators' association itself. However, from then until now, six years later, some things have changed, especially with the approval of the Food Safety Law, modifications that in his opinion are not enough and he refers to the data: "in Around 30% of the child population is overweight and a third of them are obese, that is, around 10% of the child population is obese,” he says.

the ven-ding is certainly not the only culprit. It is part of the food environment that surrounds young people and there it contributes its grain of sand to the collective imagination they receive. traditional related-

"We need responsible vending for the most vulnerable public"

Minded with an unhealthy eating style, it still cannot be said that automatic vending is an ally of fresh and natural products.

it tries, but it is not and this results in the negative assessment that experts have of its involvement in the school environment.

The motivations that led Miguel Ángel Royo to promote the study were clear. On the one hand, to know the general state of the food supply in the vending schools and, on the other, to see what was the degree of compliance with the agreement.

“Obesity is an epidemic and has become a priority for the WHO in terms of public safety. in our country the figures were getting higher and in 2005 a series of international policies were established in which it is recommended to carry out follow-up and monitoring of food environments”, he points out.

vending machines were an element to take into account and their fame was much more well known. “The first thing that caught our attention about the result was that the presence of machines in primary schools was rather scarce. we did not have data and when a commitment of this type is acquired between an association and the Ministry to address the conditions of the vending machines, we expected a greater offer, with entity that justifies the agreement”.

in public schools there were practically none and in private schools, only 9% had machines of this type.

“The second thing that surprised us was that there was no knowledge of the agreement in the schools that were the target of the agreement. We did not locate the guide that was going to be developed or those responsible for the centers

They knew nothing about her ”, specifies Royo.


- None of the schools that had machines reported being aware of the aforementioned agreement.

- most of these machines did not comply with the rules of the agreement in terms of their location, the messages posted on them, or the nutritional value of the options offered.

- all the machines were in private schools. Thus, the agreement is fulfilled in primary schools, although only in public ones. however, as said agreement did not refer to secondary schools (that is, it left the door open so that these machines could be located there), it is not surprising that one in three public secondary schools yes count on this kind of machines.

The purpose and effectiveness of this agreement is clearly evident, since the problem was rather small, since there was little vending offer in these centers - nothing to do with what happens in other countries with more culture vending as in the case of the United States, where by the way the regulations have been tightened to eliminate unhealthy food from the machines-, and it was not known to comply one hundred percent either.

the field study was carried out in 2008 and things have changed. not too much to be honest in vending in schools since it is still not present in the centers or with a minimal incidence, however, the effort for the offer to include other types of pro-

products, apart from choco-latinas or pastries, is causing a certain transition as established by the regulations, although it has not been developed according to regulations.

the one that was announced as the law that was going to put an end to sweets, salty snacks, industrial pastries and soft drinks in cafeterias and vending machines in schools and institutes, prohibiting the sale of food and drinks with a high content of trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, salt and sugars, still has a long way to go, hence we turn again to self-regulation.

"Vending machines is an open line of research and we continue to work

in the subject. We are immersed in a new study in which the objective is to analyze how the food supply in general is aimed at children. We are talking about vending machines, school cafeteria and all food supply that moves in the environment where children learn, including in any case the nutritional quality of what is offered”, Royo specifies.


self-regulation has advantages and disadvantages. The main problem when we talk about childhood obesity is that the drawbacks have such an impact on the health of such a vulnerable segment of

Around 30% of

the child population

til you are overweight



we speak for

as much as 10% of

Spanish children

» ease of access to vending machines can be a problem when

those on the other end of the chain are children. YOUR NUTRITION IS AN INVESTMENT

vision of the future and, currently, there are no limitations or clear demands on the


Miguel Ángel RoYo, National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute

Aneda explains his position at the time, when the results of the

study and certain media attacked the vend-ding again, the association of automatic vending machines came out in defense of the agreement although without giving too many details due to changes in the management and steering committee of the association and the lack of access to the data from then.

"During the two years it was in force, I understand that the pertinent reports were made, although we do not have any documentation on direct contact with the Ministry", the group emphasizes the collaboration it currently maintains with the Community of Madrid, participating in the development of its obesity prevention and control plan.

"aneda, committed to this matter, is aware of the importance of issues that affect health and nutrition and, therefore, will participate in those projects that help promote and achieve objectives on these issues", being open to any initiative that includes a specific action plan aimed at vending machines to control the supply of products.

The association also makes reference to the recently published White Paper on the sector, a very useful publication for industry players, although it does not specifically address this matter, and on the other hand includes a series of recommendations related to healthy vending.

“Regarding the limitations in the schools, obviously the current legislation must be complied with and the automatic distribution sector advocates such compliance”, says Yolan-da Carabente de Aneda.

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vending responsable / hostelvending

6 / vending / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014 responsible vending / hostelvending

7 / vending / hostelvending

the population that mistakes cannot be made. “It is not a question of being a defender or not of it. it is a matter of what the evidence tells us. And what it tells us is that in the past, like tobacco and alcohol, it hasn't worked. Also at present, in relation to food and children, it is being shown that the objectives that were pursued are not being met and this is what the scientific evidence tells us ”, he laments.

Miguel Ángel speaks very clearly on this subject and refers to the need to “establish very specific objectives and commitments and a deadline to meet them”. This is the first requirement for self-regulation to work, not just good intentions. If these established premises are not reached, “the system is not capable of functioning and we must go to another level with a specific regulation by the government in which everything is very well defined”.

And it is not just a question of vending, but rather of the food industry in general and, above all, of its communication skills in particular. advertising is presented in these areas as

a rival more than an ally. taking a look at the results of the paoS code, it is true “that obesity is not increasing, but it is not decreasing either”.

we are stagnant and in fairly high figures and the fault lies not only with marketing, but "multiple doctors and levels influence -family, environment, school, food supply, advertising techniques, economic resources, etc.- that must be dealt with together."

At present there is an offer of "more energetic products than in the past, there are more processed and it has to do with how local, regional and national governments legislate and apply these regulations or develop support measures for families to that they acquire more healthy habits, have more resources and access to this type of food”.

“We cannot affirm that obesity does not decrease because of just one of these aspects or that a specific intervention works or not. but what is clear is that the measures that are being taken are not tackling the problem, ”he says.

what is being done is not being enough and that

we can affirm it. “We have a code of advertising directed at children and compliance is reasonable in many respects, in others it is not. but beyond that, the new PAOS code does not include the essential recommendations of the WHO regarding the quality of the products offered ”, he warns. And it is that the nutritional quality of the advertised products aimed at children has not been regulated. Any product can be advertised as much as you want and as often as you want, so exposure to products with a high energy content, and less healthy for children, continues to be very high, contrary to the latest recommendations. made by the World Organization for

Health, attitudes that are already applied in countries like the United Kingdom, where there are products that cannot be advertised directly.

the head of the study area of ​​the national health school of the carlos iii health institute is emphatic in this sense, "the product that does not meet the nutritional requirements established with healthy criteria should not be able to be advertised and promoted in the sales channels that they normally use”.

confirms that obesity has been classified as a disease by the WHO and already has effects on children who suffer from it, effects that have to do with increased risk such as suffering from type 2 diabetes, a disease that until now was unknown in childhood, osteoarticular problems, social relationship problems, eating disorders, cardiovascular risk, etc.

The costs generated by obesity are very high. Although it is not easy to calculate them exactly -there are studies that offer approximations-, labor, health and social costs make it a very dangerous disease that reduces life expectancy and performance in all these areas.


education is an important part of the solution but it is not enough. “This is verified when you ask children about food. They know which ones are healthier, the level of knowledge is good, but what is later put into practice is very different ”, Royo has verified in the different studies that he has carried out.

not only do you have to know what healthy products to eat, it is also important to know

how to cook them to make them attractive to children and how to access them. “they have to be healthy and enjoyable, it takes time to cook, subsidies to help consume healthy products, educate parents so they know how to cook them, how to handle children when they don't want to consume certain products or prevent them from asking for others…”.

It is clear that competing with advertising is impossible for parents and if, on top of that, it relies on famous people, trustworthy because they are related to healthy lifestyles -example of athletes announcing industrial pastries-, the task becomes little short of a chimera. “If the entire environment pushes the consumption of less recommended products,

able, parents can't fight alone. The school, the environment and the food offer are very important and this is where the vending machines come into play”.

If everyone assumes their share of responsibility, it could be addressed with guarantees. "The industry must commit to producing other types of food and the sales channels to include them on their shelves," she stresses. The issue is that "the measures that could have the greatest impact are not being taken, progress is being made very slowly, more determined steps should be taken in the measures that could have more influence at the population level."

recovering the Mediterranean diet in its essence is another of the objectives. by dint of using

the concept seems to have been deteriorating. the rhythm of life drives us to eat an increasingly less balanced diet and not because it includes olive oil is Mediterranean, a frozen pizza is not a Mediterranean diet, nor is eating fruit in syrup as if it were fresh, “Every time we move further away and consume prepared products, with more fat and less rich in fiber and micronutrients”.

Following a healthy diet is conceptually quite simple. It is fundamentally based on vegetable and fresh products: fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals. And if possible whole grains. this would be the first of the characteristics and the basis of the diet.

Second key. the fewer sugars and refined cereals the better. Sugar-sweetened drinks, simple sugars and added sugars, pastries, sweets, pastries, products high in sugars and poor-quality fats should be minimized or eliminated. processed products consume them as little as possible.

you also have to avoid red meat and its derivatives, rich in saturated fats. all sausages, for example, whose consumption is very high.

Lastly, it is very important to drink water regularly, that it be our source of hydration and that other liquids are exceptional.

from here each one can prepare their healthy diet.


tion does not work.


greater involvement

of the administrations


regulation and help


Obesity can be defined as the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, which can become a serious health hazard. the underlying cause is a positive energy balance, which results in weight gain, ie calories consumed exceed calories expended.

When is a child considered obese? A child is considered obese when his

weight exceeds 20% of their ideal weight. The probability of being an obese adult when

When an obese child has been, it is different according to the age of onset of said obesity, being 40% when obesity begins between 6 months and 7 years of life, and 70% for those who began with obesity between 10 and the 13 years. this difference is explained by the fact that the cells that store fat multiply especially at this stage of life (from 10 to 13 years).

What kind of diet do we have today? Current lifestyle changes include

and in the modification in eating habits,

where the diet is characterized by being unbalanced and excessively caloric. In general, children eat more food than they need and their diet is rich in fats, simple sugars and consequently in calories, with a predominance of meat, pre-cooked foods, sweets and insufficient consumption. of vegetables, legumes, fruits and fish.

Children often buy food for themselves. What effects does it have?

One of the changes in consumption habits observed in recent years is the economic availability of children, together with an unlimited supply of products that are a source of 'empty calories' (industrial pastries, candies, snacks, sugary drinks... .). Added to all this are the strong marketing campaigns undertaken by large companies that sell fast food associated with highly appetizing collectible toys for children, so that the usual attendance is massive at these types of restaurants where the denomination -Common nador is an unbalanced meal due to its excessive fat and caloric intake.

When a child exceeds 20% of their ideal weight, they are considered obese.

• childhood obesity

many children and


The breakfast, a

of the meals more


day, direct

involved in the


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8 / company / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

9 / company / hostelvending

Mobiloso makes the leap from public spaces to the company. After consolidating with its mobile accessories vending machines in places like the Barcelona Metro or Renfe, the firm takes its proposal to Movistar stores with the installation of three units in the Catalonia area on a trial basis. The machines, in which you can buy everything from headphones to chargers or covers, will be installed for six months and if the project is convincing, they will expand throughout the rest of the country thanks to the agreement reached with Telyco, Movistar's official distributor.

With extensive experience in the mobile accessories sector, Mobiloso has made a series of modifications to its initial project for sale in stores based on a machine from a well-known Italian manufacturer.

"We give the possibility for the customer, as he can do in the stores themselves, to handle the items, check their characteristics, before the purchase, which, on the other hand, is done completely automatically", explains Sergio. Mahler, manager of the company.

The main advantage provided by the machines in these points of sale is the agility that it provides for customers' purchases. waiting and queuing to buy a memory card or a simple cable to connect the phone to the computer

They go down in history thanks to this system that includes payment by credit card.

Up to a total of 50 accessories can be sold on these machines, which are widely accepted in public spaces where they are already installed.

Mobiloso, which also operates these points of sale in shopping centers, carries out a task that includes all aspects of this innovative vending: from the physical transformation of the machines, the acquisition of accessories according to the latest market trends to the operation replacement daily.

Along with this irruption in specialized stores, the company continues to negotiate its landing in new public places related to transport and also in locations such as hotels. “It is a product that works very well in tourist areas and we are already negotiating the installation of machines, adapted to these places, so that establishments can offer this type of service to their guests”, Mahler tells us. Alternative vending to drinks and food continues to make its way as a convenient, fast and satisfying sales option.

Innovations in packaging have opened up a new world of possibilities for vending. better preserved products for longer, glasses that warn of the temperature of the coffee, shock-resistant bottles, lighter packaging to reduce manufacturing and transport costs... and now a new format for loading coffee machines.

It has been developed by the French Fisapac and its operation could be seen in detail during the last edition of Vending Paris, where it was presented as part of the table-top Kiss coffee model system developed by the company for the office coffee market. Service.

in ze Bag is the name given to this new product loading container that its creators announce as the concept that will revolutionize the industry

vending, as has been the case with single-dose capsules.

We don't know if these bags whose anchoring system is compatible with most machines on the market will go as far. It can be used to store both coffee and any other type of soluble or powdered product.

The system presents important advantages. the material allows the preservation of all the qualities of the product in a lasting way and increases food safety because it does not require direct handling. In addition, it is presented as an alternative to achieve a lower impact on the environment and as a resource to more directly control sales statistics.

The control of the product is total from the moment it leaves the factory until it reaches the con-

sink, thus ensuring traceability in the distribution chain. In the same way, it makes it possible to identify the authenticity of the ingredients and the product by creating a closed distribution circuit. With these characteristics, it is closer to the benefits offered by single-dose capsules than current bulk product formats.

Fisapac's smart bags eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination of the product in its cargo handling and opens a new channel for the distribution of gourmet products, allowing operators to have one more sale option with higher margins.

The system's remote control makes it easy to activate and deactivate in the event of problems or a food safety alert. It is only necessary to install a module in the machine that allows the placement of two bags, of the same or different product, and that is equipped with a high-precision dosing system. System communication occurs through rFid technology. Plug and play connections make installation easy. The module only requires a 24V power supply and an RJ45 connection.

Mobiloso enters Movistar stores with its vending machine for mobile phone accessories

Smart packaging revolutionizes the loading process for coffee and other solubles

the concentration of companies dedicated to the sale of bottled water for the office and the general public and the determined turn of these to combine their offer with a quality coffee service is a clear strategy among large companies companies in this industry.

During this year we will see important developments in this sector, mainly focused on new acquisitions such as the one carried out at the end of last year by Eden Springs in the United Kingdom. in an attempt

For becoming the main OCS operator in the country, it was acquired in December with Kafevend, a renowned supplier of coffee vending machines.

It is one more acquisition by Eden Spring, which already began the year with the absorption of coffee distribution companies in the business field such as Vendo-matic. this time it is also done with the assets of a renowned company that invoices more than 20 million pounds a year and that envisions sustained growth

thanks to the supply of renowned brands. With a strong customer base ranging from SMEs to large multinationals, Kafevend has a strong reputation within the OCS for high quality of service and for offering flexible supply options for its coffee-in-place solutions. of work.

eden Springs expands its portfolio of services and does so with a partner who knows the field very well. It had already become strong in the United Kingdom with the distribution of water sources and now it is taking a further step to position itself at the forefront of the OCS in a market with great potential such as the British. It is undoubtedly a measure focused on strategic expansion.

Eden Springs trusts the Office Coffee Service to grow during this 2014

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10 / company / hostelvending

Coges closed its participation in Vending Paris 2014, a fair held in February, with two important agreements that reinforce its commitment to the French market, both in vending and catering. In addition to presenting its flagship products and launching the online telemetry system, the payment method manufacturer sealed its alliance with Sharp electronics France, gti and the Mézièrres de Santerre repair center.

With the first of the firms, Coges plans to develop a specific POS system for the French market, capable of reading cashless payment methods in canteens, stadiums or schools, among others. The flexibility of the engine system, combined with Sharp technology, aims to offer new solutions tailored to the specific needs of France.

In the second case, the agreement with GTI and the Mézièrres de Santerre repair center was announced by Stpéphane Metzger, Head of Sales for Coges France. “coges has shown a strong commitment to the French market with these agreements to respond on the ground to the needs of the country. we have an appropriate structure, thanks to the technician cedric Foliot, and quality products, adequate to the requirements of french vending”, he stated. "I have seen these days in Paris that commitment and professionalism have been rewarded with great confidence and interest, this shows me that we are on the right path to continue growing", he declared.

Along with these important innovations, coges presented the new models and functions of the coges engine system, as well as the renewed Mifare reader, completely redesigned, with a modern and elegant style and updated functions. Along with this reader, the company also unveiled fob Mifare, a cashless support.

Following the “one cashless for all” philosophy, cogeS also presented the free coges online telemetry system. The new product, accessible through the company's website, allows customers to check the status of the vending machine from any device, mobile or landline, connected to a telephony system.

coges metrics. Through online coges, the administrator

dor can know, among other data, the cash received or the method of payment, as well as export them in a format compatible with the free software Kdati or with any erp. with this new product,

coges aims to make it easier for its customers to resolve anomalies more immediately, as well as reduce lost sales. In addition, due to their telematic nature, they will also be able to reduce the number of inspection and maintenance visits.

Coges reaches an agreement with the GTI distributor to progress in the French market

coges took advantage of its visit to the international vending fair in paris to announce the launch of the new free telemetry service coges online, accessible from the web page created by the company

coges online is a website with restricted access, which allows to know in real time, from any mobile or fixed device, the status of the vending machines connected through a coges telemetry system.

With this tool, the administrator can quickly see the most important accounting data, such as cash received, sales made with cashless keys, the breakdown of sales by price line or the payment method have been used by users of the machine.

all data can be exported in a format compatible with the software

free Kdati or with any erp. even the alarms detected by the

distributor can be viewed with a simple glance at a screen, in order to intervene more quickly and resolve the anomaly, reducing the loss of sales. coges online allows the operator to always have their network of distributors at hand, which reduces the number of inspection visits and maintenance and optimizes fleet management.

It is compatible with Coges Engine systems with a telemetry or LAN expansion module and previous generation Coges systems connected to a Comunica telemetry module or the new Comunica 2. To access Coges online you simply have to perform a request to the sales manager or send an email to the general sales department of the company.

New free online telemetry service

• when you activate your online telemetry service

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12 / company / hostelvending

It is time to take a look at the number of large companies in the food sector that have an important relationship with automatic sales. One of them is Nestlé, which last February presented the accounts registered in 2013 in Switzerland.

Of the large figures, it should be noted that net profit reached 8,200 million euros, which represents a small setback compared to 2012, 2% less, despite the fact that the turnover did grow by 2 .7% until reaching 75,460 million euros.

Analyzing the results of the brands most closely related to vending and distribution and coffee, we see the uneven path followed by Nestlé Professional and Nespresso. While the former has been seriously affected by the decline in consumption outside the home, especially in Europe, the latter continues to report benefits thanks to its good performance worldwide.

The drops in turnover generated in Europe by Nestlé Professional have been somewhat offset by growth in emerging markets and the positive evolution of personal solutions.

for its part, nespresso showed benefits

sales higher than those of 2012 in europe and accelerated its growth in the american continent supported by the new grand crus launched during the year and the continuous innovation brought to the equipment and services that have allowed the expansion of the brand and the opening of 48 new boutiques throughout 2013.

the rest of the brands as a whole endured the pull in europe to grow slightly in the rest of the markets. well marks

such as nescafé dolce gusto and those related to the sweet sector were key in this sense, as well as the growth of ice cream in markets such as France and Russia, the acceleration achieved by brands such as Wagner and Buitoni, the double digits of nescafé gold in russia, the area next to the united kingdom where KitKat behaved best.

Nestlé's CEO, Paul Bulcke, stressed that 2013 was “challenging” and 2014 is likely to continue along the same lines. "I hope that our results in 2014 will be similar to those of last year, outperforming the market, with greater weight in the second semester, with an increase close to 5%, as well as an improvement in margins, earnings per share at interest rates, constant changes and the profitability of the capital”, he affirmed. "Our response has focused on increasing support for brands, driving innovation and making sure that our prices respond to the needs of consumers,"

In short, as a large multinational, the decreases were offset by the results in the growing markets, which allows Nestlé to maintain global figures at the same margins as in 2012.

Nestlé Professional shows decline in out-of-home consumption while Nespresso continues to grow


billing generated

In Europe they have been seen,


compensated with him



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14 / company / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

15 / company / hostelvending

the british express vending has become the official provider in the united kingdom of the ve connect platform, a totally innovative system that allows vending machines to connect to the internet.

Awarded various prizes and designed by the American Vendors exchange with the collaboration of Intel, Ve connect is presented as a revolution for vending. the machines stop being a mere sales tool to become interactive spaces and true means of communication.

Ve connect was presented in the American market in 2012, but it is now when it crosses the pond to enter the European market. The system is based on a large 46-inch Full HD screen that completely transforms the front of the vending machines and turns them into interactive windows in which the consumer, in addition to selecting the product, can access their information and even use the social networks. It even has the ability to pass 3D images.

With a powerful content management system, the application allows you to control a group of machines jointly or independently to adapt the content to the locations in which it is located, from business messages to advertising, games or exclusive applications.

the advanced technology that it incorporates,

As it could not be otherwise, it accepts, along with the traditional forms of payment -purse and wallet- other more evolved ones, either by credit card, mobile applications, nFc technology, qr codes , etc.

This type of resource goes along the lines of involving users more and communicating with them directly, in addition to completely changing the concept of automatic point of sale. the system even equips the machines

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of a small camera for the recognition of customers with the aim of

adapt the contents that can be offered and advise you even in the acquisition of products.

The integration of social media occurs through the connection with networks such as Facebook or Twitter, winks to the user who can also give gifts to a friend through the system itself and for which it is available. of a wide variety of loyalty programs.

Of course, it is a system that does not limit the range of

products that can be sold. everything has a place in this state-of-the-art system. from snacks and cold drinks to fresh and healthy food, consumables, pharmaceutical, sports items, etc.

the large screen is synonymous with striking design in any environment in which the machine is installed. In addition to the modern image it provides, its ability to offer a changing or moving showcase multiplies the options for transmitting messages or brand image.

Bahlsen sets his goal to grow this year in our country in vending. the german biscuit company includes the automatic sales and distribution channel in its diversification project, making a clear commitment and taking its operation in germany as a reference, where they have been working the product in vending machines for some time. This look at the sector makes it directly a new brand for vending, although it does not necessarily involve the design of specific products. The company founded in 1889 takes advantage of the formats of several of its products to gradually introduce them into the snack catalogs of the main operators.

"We have realized that our format in bags with mini cookies, which we already marketed in the distribution channel,

modern vision, it is perfect for this channel”, explains its marketing director in spain, adriana gómez.

the 100 and 125 gram bags are the ones chosen to be inserted into vending trays. “The products that initially fit would be Leibniz Minis -mini butter cookies, in its two versions with and without chocolate-, Choco Friends -mini waffle rolls covered in chocolate-, Messino Minis -mini biscuits with jam filling orange and covered in dark chocolate-”, specifies Adriana.

Its snack bags are a small part of the great offer that Bahlsen has, including assortments of cookies, cakes, biscuits, wafers, etc. In principle, the company is going to focus on the three mentioned by the marketing managers.

ting, varieties that can be well adapted to impulse consumption and that can be aimed at a very heterogeneous public.

at Bahlsen they are convinced that they will "work very well" in this channel. They are so sure of this that in their forecasts they point to around 50 tons for this year, a not inconsiderable amount, since it would mean the sale of approximately half a million bags of cookies. The entrance to the channel is carried out with a first agreement with Alliance Vending.

Express Vending introduces VE Connect smart technology to the European market

Bahlsen directs its cookies towards vending with sales forecasts of 50 tons


46-inch screen and

full hd that transforms the

front of the machines and


all technical information and software updates at the click of a mouse. This is what we can find on the portal promoted by Saeco to improve its after-sales management service. Its name is “Saeco ieS” -Saeco information eco Sys-tem- and it is a system designed to work in web environments and in real time.

It is accessed through the web, entering personal login credentials, with a

Username and password. Once verified, the tool allows you to configure the vending machines and later manage the configurations through a USB port, in a simple, comfortable and effective way.

In addition, it offers all the information on the products, from their technical characteristics, installation and user manuals and technical assistance to prices. it also allows access to the order website

of spare parts, where the operator will also find the updated exploded views of the Saeco range.

It is available in different languages ​​and its system is articulated through a database designed to work in web environments and designed to achieve maximum flexibility. it is structured to classify the information in a detailed way and create links between the different elements.

the portal constitutes an open window for the client to the Saeco corporate environment, in which specialized personnel, with exhaustive knowledge of daily work, have been working and are working to update all the information.

Saeco enhances the IES system for the online configuration of machines

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Between smart bracelets, smar twatches, eye trackers, the latest models of the main mobile phone manufacturers and the interventions of the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg or one of the founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, we have been able to find important technological innovations for vending at the Mobile World congress held in Barcelona.

one of the ones that has caught our attention the most has been the one presented by nostrum Ven-ding, a chain dedicated to homemade takeaway food that has fifty stores throughout the country and with vending spaces in companies, which has presented a system that allows you to make purchases at vending machines through a mobile phone or the well-known and futuristic google glass.

It is not new that you can reserve a dish in a machine and make the purchase without cash, however, it is the formula promoted by this company with the technology devised by Boira digital and, of course, its link to sunglasses google, a display device that allows connection to smartphones or access to the internet.

the technological system that supports this initiative is the proppos Fast Vending application, compatible with google glass and also available for ioS and android. It is based on the control of the vending machine through the mobile device, being able to manage the entire purchase process, product selection and payment in a comfortable and safe way.

the machine is equipped with a qr code that must be

Scan with your mobile to access the entire catalog of products included in the machine. the selection can be made instantly and the payment is made in a single click, without cash. with google glasses you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket.

proppos Fast Vending has been developed in collaboration with

tion of Soft for you, gpe Ven-dors and prodelfi and uses globalpayments and Sap technology.

the system is eye-catching and we may not see it on the street on a regular basis with google glass, but as a mobile application it will begin to be used in all the machines that nostrum has in offices, companies and universities.

Google Glass brings a new look to smart vending

the total automation of the collection process. This is the proposal of Sistemas de Venta y control, Siteco, which promotes the installation of vending machines in all kinds of public and private venues with a large influx of people to expedite purchases and ensure direct management of the money that moves. With these collection and ticketing machines, "not only will you have full control of billing, thanks to the different programmable accounting that our machines offer, but you will also avoid any type of money leakage and optimize the work of your employees , since no one will have to dedicate themselves to charging customers, but only to process orders”, they explain from the company based in Vitoria.

Siteco's proposals are based on a very simple system that takes the customer to the vending machine to select the service they want to access and proceed with the payment. Once done, the machine prints a ticket printed on special paper with the acquired right and the user goes to the place where they must show it or exchange it for what they have purchased.

It is an intermediation that exclusively automates the moment of the transaction, making it safer and more reliable for all parties. the main advantage is the elimination of employee intervention in the collection process.

In addition to cash payment, these machines can also be operated with

chip or rdfi cards, since there is a wide range of possibilities around them and the new payment systems.

Depending on the volume of customer input, Siteco has three different machines that adapt to the capacities of the business. from a small system that can be placed on a base or a counter, integrating the use of self-service in practically any environment, to a large machine that also allows you to manage other services such as reservations in real time.

This last proposal is covered with the Kiosk payment System model that allows total customization both outside and inside thanks to the software it incorporates.

Siteco promotes "smart charging" through ticket vending machines

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for your company

Beverage Solutions It is a matter of time before the authorities in Europe follow the example of the United States and require the display of nutritional information on all products sold in vending machines. There are many ways to satisfy these obligations, with the technological resource being a possibility that also offers another series of services that make vending a channel of greater value for the consumer.

In our country there are companies that have anticipated these trends and have developed systems that, in addition to information, provide interactivity to the machines. eureka Vending has achieved this through a screen that, with specific hardware and software, allows offering all kinds of details about the item as well as utilities such as the programmed order by the customer or the control of the sales stock.

We can already see the first displays in use in the Fresh model that eureka Vending sells, European-made machines that are specially designed for the sale of packaged fresh products. "Any store can take advantage of the characteristics of this system, although we have observed that it can be much more useful for those shops that sell products such as meat, fish, sweets, etc., items whose identification from the outside of the machine can be be more complicated”, says ramón Menéndez, commercial director of eureka.

It is not a mere advertising broadcasting screen, but an access point for the customer where they choose what they want

know about the products on sale, in such a way that you can see a priori its composition and characteristics, which is perfect for, for example, people with food intolerances or to explain in a convenient way -Note that the ham supplied by the machine is Iberian, recebo and guijuelo.

It is a tool for the consumer in which other services that technology allows can also be offered, such as qr codes for the customer to download recipes to cook with the products, enter the establishment's corporate website or can reserve a specific product and indicate a collection time. This is possible thanks to an intelligent management kit that is enabled through the Internet connection and that serves both for

give these extra services to the client such as for the control of the machine and its sales, incidents, telemetry, etc.

If what worries you is the investment involved, from eureka Vending they offer different formulas and also ensure that the machines do not become too expensive, the acquisition of which can cost a little more than a basic model. from leasing to purchase, the company makes it easy to offer in the budget both customization

of the model with the corporate image of the establishment such as the initial programming of the products for sale, the start-up and initial advice.

the first of these machines will begin to work in orense and very soon we will also be able to see this screen system in the coffee machines.

Eureka Vending provides interactivity to fresh produce vending machines

apliven becomes an authorized distributor of two new companies for spain and portugal. To its already extensive catalog of references, it adds articles from two renowned brands in the field of automatic sales and distribution. the company based in cornellà de

llobregat formalizes the agreement reached with ducale and iarp.

the iarp group has extensive experience in the commercial refrigeration sector, including a section dedicated to vending with different models of machines both for sale and for

product preservation. Its laser line stands out, equipment that stands out for its energy efficiency and versatility, with two models of different capacities and identical features.

For its part, Ducale is a company with extensive experience in the hot beverage segment, with a large variety of machines that it complements with exclusive models for the sale of a variety of products. from now on, the products of both will be closer to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Apliven becomes official distributor of Ducale and IARP for Spain and Portugal

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Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

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from the experience of the operator to the dedication of the distributor. the firm tuVending24h, promoter of the Badu-lake stores, completes its range of products with the incorporation of new consumer references.

After achieving total acceptance of its TexMex proposal, the firm opted for special proposals for its sandwiches, hamburgers and pizzas. “We wanted to continue innovating within the products that sell the most,” explains Eduardo G. lefler, commercial director.

24-hour vending not only has to print more quality to its offer, but it must cover a more attractive variety, taking into account the heterogeneity of the customer. Thus, in the Badulake catalog we now find names such as the carbonara chicken sandwiches or breaded chicken with cheese, the chicken hamburger with cheese or its star product, the barbecue toast, with cheese or special chicken. to them are added the serranitos, the burritos or the drinks.

“in total there are 16 references that allow us to centralize the offer so that the operator can resort to a single distributor and thus centralize the orders, facilitating the work”, says lefler.

the new products are made with a special milk bread to be introduced in the microwave, a variety designed for this type of channel and consumption that "allows it to be soft and tasty, with a texture very close to sliced ​​bread," he clarifies. They are products prepared to be kept refrigerated in a machine for 21 days.

the format adapts perfectly to all types of vending machines and very soon they will also provide added value thanks to a new silk-screen printing that the company is working on together with FaS Machine.

As a novelty, the company has a special offer for first orders, purchases that can be made in the traditional way by telephone or through its website

Badulake 24 hours expands the range of products with toasts, pizzas and sandwiches

Suzo Happ expands and does so through the acquisition of new products. On December 31, the payment method company made official the addition to its catalog of options for the market

of vending developed by cra-ne payments innovations, the result of the merger with Mei.

Specifically, for the European market, Suzo Happ has acquired the currenza c2 line of purses, while for worldwide marketing it has done the same with the Bill-to-Bill recycler.

In the first case, the American company has the exclusive rights to sell the model, so Crane will stop selling the Currenza C2 in the European market. For its part, together with the banknote recycler itself, Suzo has included in its acquisition all the assets, technologies and patents that

incorpora.crane will ease the transition

of services to the full integration of the two product lines into the Suzo-Happ operating structure, which has also incorporated the human team that was in charge of the marketing and technical service of these models in order to to provide as much support as possible to new customers as well as existing ones.

“The complete acquisition of these technologies, recognized in the sector worldwide, represents a very important milestone for our company and our expansion projects.

supply pressure in key markets,” said James Brendel, CEO of Suzo-Happ.

from the company they ensure the maintenance of the quality of these products, whose modular design and capacity to facilitate the configuration of the services allow the operators greater freedom to adapt them to their needs and obtain more benefits without the investment Initial that these types of articles require.

with the currenza c2 coin mechanism, the company certifies its largest participation in the vending market to which it intends to contribute its experience in cash handling.

Suzo Happ expands into vending with exclusive products from Crane Payment Innovations

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Will we drink coke made at home from a pod or from a vending machine in the next few years? Maybe not the most drunk soft drink in the world, but certainly the juices and energy drinks owned by the multinational. coca-cola will invest 1,250 million dollars in the purchase of 10% of green Mountain coffee roasters, an acquisition with which it is intended to promote the joint development of the business of cold drinks from capsules.

Both companies have reached an agreement that will unite them for the next 10 years to introduce this new beverage concept in homes around the world and investigate

on new formulas to get more out of the Keurig platform owned by green Mountain coffee.

The coffee producer plans to start marketing its Keurig cold system for the production of juices, soft drinks and sports drinks with single-dose capsules starting next October, a project in which Coca-Cola is willing to participate .

“With Coca-Cola as a strategic partner for the development of our Keurig cold system, we believe that there is a unique opportunity to accelerate its growth in the cold beverage segment by providing consumers with an innovative formula.

to make their own preparations by pressing a button”, said Brian p. Kelley, general manager of green Mountain, who highlighted that this relationship perfectly combines the strength of the brand image that the

multinational soft drink company, its distribution capacity and its marketing strength with the innovative beverage repair system that Keu-rig. for its part, with this agreement coca-cola finds a new space to continue introducing its product into homes. “This deal demonstrates our creative approach to partnering and our ability to identify and stay ahead of the consumer trends driving the industry,” said Muhtar Kent, president and CEO of the coca - cola company.

In principle, the objective is consumption in homes, but of course it is a form of product distribution that can fit perfectly in the OCS, for example, and also in vending, revolutionizing the market with a proposal that already exists -SodaStream has it- but that has remained as something residual.

The purchase of that 10% of the company still has to receive the approval of the competent bodies, which is expected by the end of next March if the regulation allows it.

Coca-Cola moves into the cold drink capsule business with the purchase of 10% of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

two coffee monsters shake hands again. green Mountain coffee roasters and lavazza will collaborate once again, this time to push the pods global. the K-cup system for Keurig will integrate the Italian flavors of the Italian manufacturer for years to come.

both companies plan to launch the pacos of lavazza's classic and premium varieties such as gran aroma, classico, gran selezione and perfetto this fall. In principle, it is an agreement that only North Americans will be able to enjoy, although it is expected to be commercialized in the Canadian market in 2015.

The capsule packs can be purchased through the website of the two companies, but it will also be available through the usual sales channels, including professional operators dedicated to consumption outside the

home. The two companies began their relationship in the

2010 and extended it two years ago with the launch of the Keurig rivo model, an innovative platform designed exclusively for the North American espresso market.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Italy's leading coffee brand to offer consumers the authentic flavors of Italian coffee at the push of a button,” said Brian P. Kelley, president of gMcr.

“Like the espresso packs for the Keurig rivo, lavazza's K-cups will combine the brand's steadfast commitment to quality and passion for the coffee experience with the convenience and consistency expected expected from our system.

Green Mountain Coffee capsules will bear the Lavazza seal

• green mountain coffe roasters & lavazza

Mondelez international will manage the contents of its network of vending machines equipped with interactive screens with the international BroadSign software. This has been the choice of the multinational that plans an initial deployment of 1,500 machines in the coming year equipped with digital displays.

diji-touch vending machines stand out for their large touch screen, equipped with led monitors, Microsoft Kinect motion sensors and nFc readers. Prepared to reproduce HD images and to generate 3D figures of the products for sale, they are models specially designed to offer complete nutritional information on the items, which contributes to generating a longer residence time in the machine and thus increasing sales, such as It has been verified in the first tests carried out.

This offer of complementary information that is given to the consumer at the time of purchase, presents new opportunities to squeeze the performance of these machines whose screens allow the placement of advertisements of the products for sale, as well as other advertisements with which income can be incorporated.

the latter is the option that will be controlled by the BroadSign software, "selected as the best option" for Mondelez's needs as it "takes advantage of and develops the interactive features that define the diji-touch network by creating connections unique relationships with consumers and products," said Michael Miller, director

of Foodservice Marketing in Mondelez. the network of diji-touch machines increases-

It will determine the level of interaction of Mondelez's multi-channel campaigns. For example, in the promotion of Oreo cookies, one of the company's most popular brands, consumers are invited to draw a smile on the outline of a cookie before purchasing.

"BroadSign prides itself on its cons-

introducing so many innovations to the digital Sinage industry and that's why we're delighted to support the diji-touch vending network," said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales for Broad-Sign. "These interactive machines completely change the traditional consumer experience and our software is a safe bet for improving future interactions".

Mondelez chooses BroadSign to manage its network of interactive vending machines

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Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

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a product perfectly adapted for sale through vending machines and a channel in need of a more varied offer in the healthy field. Anela Fruits vending and desserts form a perfect pairing, or at least that is how Blaufruit sees it. After a first contact with the sector last year, this 2014 introducing its compotes in the sector is a key objective in the expansion of the company.

“We believe that it is a product that can fit perfectly into automatic vending because the consumer is asking for it in other places and they will also want to have it in the machines”, says Teresa Farré, founder of the company.

healthy vending is bidding hard but there are still many places to be conquered. The products with the highest turnover and the most profitability for operators continue to be the most traditional, the ones that consumers are used to finding in machines. but

It is this same consumer who supports having a healthier diet and taking better care of their health, looking for other types of more natural products in supermarkets and nearby stores, so if they are also approached through other channels they will end up getting used to it. to access them this way.

Blaufruit is convinced of this by the experience they have had in entering large supermarkets and public spaces, such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes. “At the beginning it took us a lot of work, they were rather reticent, but once we managed to start working on specific points, the proper functioning of the product was demonstrated and the competition began to take an interest and thus we have managed to enter the big chains. nas of distribution”, points out Farré.

the same cycle they expect to follow in the ven-ding. “We are going to strengthen contacts. We already have a person in charge of it and we are also going to Vending Paris with

our proposal because it seems that the international market is somewhat more receptive”, he explains.

The product with which these Catalan fruit producers have ventured into vending is a dessert made from 100% natural fruit, with no added sugar, no dyes, no preservatives, and is suitable for celiacs and diabetics, recommended for all the family and for the little ones when they start eating fruit.

Presented in a 100-gram container suitable for vending, with a spoon included, it is sold in two flavors: apple and pear-apple-apple, although they have a wider range that will continue to increase this year, although still not adapted to the automatic sale with that format that includes cover to be able to take it anywhere. It is recommended to consume cold and its twelve-month expiration allows it to move perfectly in a channel such as sales in spaces with less turnover.

a comprehensive change of everything that is externally in line with the internal transformations that the company is undergoing. cali-dad pascual is the new name of the Leche Pascual group which, together with the denomination, has a new image and motto. the president of pas-cual, tomás pascual gómez-cuétara, presented these novelties, the result of the strategic plan undertaken by the company to transmit the values ​​of always -integrity, closeness, passion, innovation and quality- through a different message headed by the slogan 'you, our reason for being'.

“This change is a natural evolution of the previous identity. Pascual's products and services will remain as up to now and thanks to this innovation we can better express who we are: a family business, with a consolidated and differentiating set of values, a benchmark in the food sector", according to Tomás Pas-Cual .

in the temporal equator of the Horizon 2015 strategic plan, thanks to which "the company will have a solid position in a new competitive, economic and social environment without renouncing its values". to accompany this strategic commitment and reflect the new focus, the company has developed a new corporate identity under the name of pascual quality.

The company's strategic plan and management model involve the development of three major strategic lines. the first focuses on sustainability and long-term development in spain of pascual's key segments. Thus, the company will consolidate its leadership by positioning itself in products focused on health and nutrition, in which it is already present through its main brands: Leche Pascual, Bezoya, Bifrutas, ViveS-oy and Caffé Mocay.

the second Easter line in Horizon 2015 seeks to reach agreements that put

Assets considered non-strategic gain in value to consolidate financial stability and meet their commitments.

And the third strategic line continues the international opening of Pascual, developing businesses in key markets with clear growth potential in collaboration with partners with shared values. already tangible examples are the alliances underway for long-life yoghurts and vegetable drinks.

Tomás Pascual, has summarized that "with our Horizon 2015 plan, Pascual is currently a solid company, capable of meeting its financial commitments and focused on growth and stability, thanks to a strategy of national leadership and international development". He highlighted that the company's strategic plan aspires to create shared value for people and society as a whole.

Blaufruit reactivates the marketing of its natural desserts for automatic sale and distribution

Calidad Pascual is the new name of the Group that also has a new image and slogan on its products

It's everything a Chocolate Drink can be

... now also in delicious

White chocolate

You will always want your next Van HoutenBarry Callebaut Sweden AB

Böketoftavägen 23 • 268 77 Kågeröd • SwedenTel. ES +34 622397949 • Tel. SEE +46 418 450 350 •

13-6038 VH Institutional Ad 105x297 ES.indd 1 1/15/13 1:30 PM

Azkoyen has been chosen as the best supplier of Vending systems by one of the largest purchasing groups in the United Kingdom. niVo -national independent vending operators- with more than 280 associated vending operators has awarded coffetek, a brand of the azkoyen group in the british market, as the best supplier of vending systems of the year 2013, a recognition -to which is added to the one that the brand obtained during aVex 2013 in the awards of the British Vending industry as the best supplier of vending equipment.

on this occasion, the operators associated with niVo, including companies as important as ltt, apogee, cambridge Vending, connect Vending or nVcS, have been able to vote for the 16 manufacturers and distributors of international equipment of official vending machines of the group, opting for coffetek.

it is a special recognition

Essentially important, since it is granted by the operators themselves, company clients, who have models such as zen, Vitro, Vitale, palma+ and Mis-tral+ in their machine parks and who have been able to verify the performance and reliability of Azkoyen technology. One of the main reasons for this award is due to the launch in 2013 of a complete range of vending machines for hot drinks with Azkoyen's espresso technology.

this vocation for innovation aimed at satisfying the needs of operators is, without a doubt, one of the values ​​that have led to the recognition of coffetek as the best manufacturer of vending machines.

It should be noted that the number of vending machines in the United Kingdom exceeds 450,000 units with sales of 2 billion euros and 5.4 billion transactions per year. It is the fourth largest market in Europe.

The company Coffetek, from the Azkoyen Group, chosen as the best provider of vending systems in the United Kingdom

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Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

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pepsico. trusts in the Latin American market and in a special way in the capacities of Mexico, a country in which it will invest 5,000 million dollars in the next five years, as the company announced during the World Economic Forum that last week held its annual meeting in davos. The bulk of the investment will go to strengthening its food and beverage division, "one of the most attractive markets in Latin America thanks to the growth of the middle class and the great business opportunities that this entails in the medium and long term”, they assure from the multinational.

pepsico. has a long history in Mexico, a key country in its growth plans and in which it has invested very aggressively in the

recent years as part of its plan to strengthen its presence in emerging markets.

Already in 2012, the business in this country represented 35% of Pepsico's net income. therefore, the interest in continuing to strengthen consumer channels in this market is evident. “Mexican consumers have been enjoying Pepsico brands for more than a century. and we still see great opportunities to continue expanding our business in the country. We have great confidence in the future of Mexico and we believe that this investment will add value to our company, our customers, and our shareholders as a whole," said Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi-Co, during the announcement. . part of this investment will be used to finance around 4,000 new jobs

work, but above all in developing new products and promoting leading brands in the beverage and food segment. To this end, it will expand production capacity in the country with new sales lines and infrastructures, including the implementation of new technologies to improve penetration in retail sales, including vending.

nooyi also advanced the intention of the multinational to expand its collaboration with local farmers. The idea is to invest in sustainable agriculture programs that benefit the company and also the producers in their performance, while improving the conservation of resources and boosting demand.

the announcement is of great importance for the country that in the last

For many years it has continued to open its doors to large companies as a strategy for growth. In this context, another large company that announced its intentions to continue injecting money was Nestlé, which also confirmed its plans in Davos, estimating that it will invest up to 2018 at 1,000 million dollars, including the construction of two factories.

Gullón cookies faces 2014 with important projects. The first of these is to continue growing with the contribution of new hires. the biscuit company announced yesterday its intention to increase its workforce by 9% with 80 new hires throughout the year, thus reaching a thousand employees.

In addition, it has reported that the final investment figure for the past year was 44 million euros, placing it in first place in the ranking of Spanish agri-food companies, according to the specialized magazine Alimarket.

The commissioning of the new Vida plant, which began production in 2013, has led to a significant increase in the Gullón workforce in recent months. If last year closed with more than 100 new jobs, the company from Palencia expects to end 2014 with a very similar figure.

“the creation of jobs at a time as difficult as the current one, in which the trend in the Spanish business sector has been to reduce staff, is a direct consequence of the profit reinvestment policy that gullón has carried out carried out in the last decades”, stand out from the company. Following this maxim, which is a personal commitment of the president, María teresa rodríguez Sainz-rozas, and which has the support of the board of directors and the management team, gullón has reinvested close to 300 million in the last ten years.

the 44 million euros invested were allocated to

completing and maintaining the gullón ii plant and commissioning Vida, the latest expansion of the industrial plant in which the company has been working for three years. The Vida plant, which put its first two production lines into operation in 2013, one for the manufacture of biscuits and the other for pancakes, will have at least one new line this year.

In addition, next to this new plant, a new industrial and office complex was built that will house production and maintenance teams as well as the new laboratories, a space to which Gullón dedicates significant efforts given its clear commitment to products. cough in the health sector, a segment that leads in Spain.

If the gullón workforce is going to reach a historic figure in 2014, the same will happen with the billing. Continuing with the sales growth rate of over 10% per year for the last two decades, the company estimates that it closed 2013 with sales of 250 million euros, which would mean 15% more than last year - 2012 closed with 216.8 million-.

This notable increase in sales will have occurred thanks to the growth in exports. for gullón, exports have been the main engine of growth now that domestic consumption is weaker. in 2012 gullón's foreign turnover reached 35%, a figure that could be around 40% in 2013, reaching a business volume of around 100 million euros.

Galletas Gullón announces hiring after growing 15% in turnover

Pepsi will invest 5,000 million dollars in Mexico

Burning yourself on your morning coffee will go down in history. Either because we are asleep or because of the capacity that current glasses have to insulate the temperature of the liquid from the outside, who has not taken a sip of the drink and has stopped perceiving flavors throughout the day.

Surely it has happened to you at some time and although it is not as serious as the more than 150,000 cases of burns from takeaway drinks that are registered and reported to insurers in the US, it is a situation that can be better avoided.

cBS interactive has created a new lid for single-use cups that allows differentiating the temperature of the content through colour. is a mechanism that

It is already used in the food industry, especially in that related to children, and now it is making the leap to vending coffee.

The so-called “smart lid” allows you to identify at a glance if the liquid can burn or not. Starting at 47.7 degrees Celsius, the material it is made of reacts by changing to an intense red that returns to the original when it drops below that temperature.

This special plastic is made by a

company from colorado, in the usa, although the design and production of the lid itself is produced in sydney, australia, where it is already on the market. for the European and American market it will still take a while to arrive in a massive way, but it can already be obtained through the web.

the lids are made of polystyrene, a material that is somewhat more difficult to recycle than other plastics, but which is accepted in the main markets for food use as it is free of Bisphenol a and cFc.

Smart lids to warn of the temperature of the coffee from the machine

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28 / company / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 company / hostelvending

29 / company / hostelvending

Coffee is one more source to obtain the liquid that the human body needs on a daily basis and if we are also concerned about its origin, there is nothing better than looking for an organic variety that guarantees the origin of its cultivation.

Organic coffee is a line of business to be promoted by companies. Aware of this, Cafés Candelas has decided to expand its range with the new Selectum espresso capsules, compatible with Nespresso-type coffee machines, which add to the offer that it already had in packets of beans and ground coffee.

This variety of coffee has a certification that guarantees that it has been produced following processes that respect the environment and obtained through an ecological agri-food production system that guarantees the quality of the product.

organic natural coffee

de Cafés Candelas has the European Seal of Organic Agriculture. This certification guarantees the consumer a raw material produced according to organic farming standards, as well as a controlled product throughout its manufacturing, packaging and marketing process. In addition, this type of agriculture supposes a series of benefits for the environment, since it encourages the development of systems

more responsible production with the natural environment and helps to preserve the fertility of the soil.

The organic Selectum espresso capsules from Cafés Candelas are marketed with the new image, a 10-unit square case in which the green color is the main protagonist, combined with a pattern that evokes the natural nature of the leaves of the coffee tree. new brand images

Candelas and Selectum espresso coffees occupy prominent space in the case, thus contributing to its positioning and recognition on the shelf.

This variety joins the line of organic coffee that Cafés Candelas has been selling since last summer in a 1-kilo package of natural coffee beans and in a 250-gram package of ground natural coffee. With this new product line, the Galician company makes available to consumers a type of high-quality coffee with the guarantee of organic origin.

Cafés Candelas goes one step further in its social responsibility policy, since organic natural coffee joins the recently launched fair trade line. With these product ranges, the company aims to contribute to a more responsible and sustainable production and marketing of coffee, while offering consumers a high-quality product with added value: social and environmental commitment.

Organic coffee Selectum Espresso also for the capsule format

Borges Mediterranan group grows and achieves positive economic results despite the unfavorable consumer climate. It does so by increasing the profits obtained in the past year by 25%, to reach 13.3 million euros.

The company identifies in the improvement of management, the commitment to innovation, the commitment to vertical integration at source via agricultural plantations and internationalization as the keys to the company's results, which has taken advantage of its good progress to continue diversifying . This has been done with Capricho Andaluz, the world leader in the sale of single-dose oils and vinegar-stones.

Sales this year have reached 610 million euros. In this way, Borges Mediterranean Group focuses on its strategy based on quality products and added value such as extra virgin olive oil and its own brands, with the agricultural support of its plantations in California, Extremadura and Granada. the total tons traded stands at 316 thousand tons.

the proper functioning of the international market is among the explanations for this progress. Borges Mediterranean group already exports 79% of its sales, experiencing strong growth in markets such as Brazil, India and China, from

recently established and for which the company is making a strong commitment and in which it already has 95 of its own employees working.

Along with this ability to continue conquering markets, Borges has succeeded with the launches he has carried out in recent months, registering growth of 54% and 30% in his two most recent launches of new products. : zero popitas and balsamic creams. It is in full execution of a three-year industrial investment plan of 20 million euros to increase storage, production and packaging capacities and technological improvements.

Internationalization and new launches allow the Borges Group to grow 25% in profits and job creation

Barry Callebaut confirmed on February 19 the acquisition of the entire Biolands group, of which he had already owned 49% since 2008. Since 2000 the Swiss company had bought the entire production of a model that was It has exported to countries such as Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast through local partners.

“The complete acquisition of Biolands brings hundreds of farmers committed to sustainable cocoa production to Barry Callebaut,” said Daudi Lelijveld, vice president of the company's sustainable cocoa division. “Biolands has always advocated quality cocoa, price transparency and fair trading practices since it began working with cocoa farmers in Tanzania over 13 years ago. We look forward to working with farmers to find pragmatic and scalable solutions to address knowledge gaps,

materials and financing that today limit the ability of African farmers to improve their productivity and make the most of their livelihoods”.

The acquisition of Biolands fits perfectly into the chocolatier's plans to lead the production of sustainable cocoa and establish direct alliances with the

associated producers in cooperatives. In March 2012, Barry Callebaut launched the 40 million Swiss francs 'Cocoa Horizons' program to increase agricultural productivity and the quality of organic cocoa plantations in Africa and Asia over the next 10 years.

Barry Callebaut takes over Biolands to dominate organic cocoa from Africa

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30 ❙ hostelvending

IV and V Range / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

31 ❙ hostelvending

IV y V Gama / hostelvending

data provided by the market. in 2013, when the total number of

food grew by 1.9% and fresh products by 1.5%, the iV range fruit and vegetable category grew by 4.4% and that in global terms we are still far from neighboring countries where that the fourth and fifth range is fully consolidated.

Based on data, it is clear that it is a market that must be taken care of from the vending, but it is also based on results. experiences like ibervending

they reveal it. the catalan company has just signed an agreement with the british court whereby it has installed homemade food vending machines in its canteens for catalonian workers.

The objective is to replace the kitchens and implement this modern catering system through the automatic sales channel in all the company's work centers. It is in the evaluation process, but in ibervending they trust the capacity of this automatic catering service for their progression.

"We have taken advantage of the 'know-how' of our restaurant company to provide the same quality and work system to vending," explains Alex Font, the firm's commercial manager.

This translates into an offer of homemade dishes, elaborated

daily meals, in which the nutritional value and the healthiness of the menu are taken into account, as a consequence of this service that is offered to hospitals and educational centers. "What is being cooked this afternoon is tomorrow in the workplace vending machines, with a simple packaging system that ensures a useful life equal to that of food in the fridge at home" adds Font.

neither controlled atmosphere, nor pasteurization, nor any other process interferes with the quality

of the final product that is placed in a vending machine for its refrigerated conservation and that later only needs a microwave to be consumed.

The proposal was launched in August of last year and after its preliminary tests in companies close to iber-vending, the company has opted for its exploitation in a

mass. the use of food from

Convenience responds to the need to reduce the effort and time spent preparing food. Convenience is related to multiple aspects, not only with the time spent in the kitchen, but also with the time and effort used in the purchase, storage, preparation and consumption of food, for this reason selling-ding fits better than other sales channels as it is capable of each and every one of these factors.

the difference between the beginnings and the present is the leap that has been made in quality. vending has always been associated with a very specific type of food and changing its image is not easy for the industry. Candy and pastry machines have not gone down in history but are now complemented by a more varied offer that can accommodate the same advances that have occurred in this food industry of ready meals and semi-prepared foods. -two.

quality is not incompatible with a food being first, second, third, fourth or fifth range. In the five categories we can find basusa or healthy, rich foods with a high content of essential nutrients for our lives. As with everything, the right thing to do is to choose the products you want, whether to consume or sell, and to vary the diet as much as possible.

In producers for vending we see this evolution very clearly. The companies that provide their products offer an abundant variety that goes from the most traditional and simple proposal, to high-quality food, even in sandwiches. neither the bread nor what


from the vending machine

The ready meals market

the acquisition of a new company grew by 2.4%

Food culture is the trigger that has allowed the proliferation of fourth and fifth range foods in our country. the consumer, given the complexity of accessing fresh products often due to work or availability issues and the need to find simple solutions that allow the acquisition of quality food already prepared to eat anywhere and at any time. any time, demand a complementary offer that makes life easier.

The industry has been working for decades to meet this trend, providing increasing quality and integrating technological processes in production, packaging and labeling, as well as in distribution, logistics and marketing processes.

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vending is trying to integrate into this trend by force, requesting specific products or adapting to what the big distribution brands offer. It is a segment that can grow and, more importantly, one that can be trusted given the

is a segment



It's more important


trust given

counts the





responds to the

Need to

decrease the


In the preparation

of food

quality is not at odds with

that a food be first class,

second, third, fourth or

fifth range

to the table

the value of the ready meals market continued its upward trend in 2012, standing at 2,375 million euros, 2.4% more than in the previous year, 2,375, according to data collected by dBK.

The increase in demand for dishes for consumption at home and the launch by companies of new references in the main segments of activity explain this favorable evolution, in a context of intense adjustment in private consumption.

both the sales of frozen dishes and those of refrigerated dishes experienced a growth close to 3%. Thus, the frozen food market reached the figure of 915 million euros, which represented 38.5% of the total. In this segment, the increase in household consumption of meat and pasta-based products stands out.

for its part, the value of the refrigerated dishes market stood at 890 million euros, reaching a share of the total of 37.5%. In this segment, the increase in the consumption of tortillas stood out, as well as meat products, pasta and rice, among other varieties.

Lastly, the segment of other products was valued at 570 million of 37.6 euros, 0.9% more than in 2011, with good performance in the consumption of canned meat.

First range: They are fresh foods or those that we find in their natural state, at most subjected to a certain degree of conservation such as drying, fermentation or salting. They have the best reputation and it is essential that they form the basis of anyone's diet.

second range: this includes products that have been subjected to certain thermal conditions for better conservation and packaging in containers, in most cases glass or tin. These are commonly called preserves. In their preparation, the food products are cleaned, peeled, chopped and dipped in a coating solution, usually a saline solution, and packaged.

third range: These are frozen products below 18 degrees. The cooling process is used to try to preserve the maximum of the characteristics of the product in its fresh or natural state. Very few properties are lost

fourth range: food, mostly fruit and vegetables, which have been processed for cleaning, cutting and packaging for consumption. It is also intended that the product retains its initial properties, so it hardly undergoes any treatment other than the one handled. They usually have an expiration of between one week and ten days.

Fifth range: They are pasteurized products and packaged in a modified atmosphere, ready to eat and that are sold refrigerated. for its ingestion, a previous heating is required for a short period of time. They are already confined.


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IV and V Range / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

33 ❙ hostelvending

IV y V Gama / hostelvending

What is inside is the same in a sandwich that is made to be stored on a shelf for a year than the one that is prepared to be consumed in a maximum of one week and that also comes from the creativity of a prestigious chef.

It is true that the advantages of these convenience foods have their counterpart. Some machine meatballs don't taste the same as the ones your mother prepares, nor a reheated dish than the one your grandmother serves you at the table freshly made. the flavours, textures, appearance, aromas of an industrially prepared dish are not the same as the same dish when our grandmothers made it, no matter how much the companies

try. but what will happen when

Let's forget how the dishes tasted when our grandmothers prepared them? food and gastronomic culture is based on custom and as some foods and a way of preparing and consuming them enter the diet and others disappear, the palate becomes customary and ends up giving as good something that in principle caused rejection.

If, as is currently the case, the proposal is perfected to give quality food, eliminate less healthy substances from it and provide a balanced diet, it is easier to balance the scales.

PLACE VS OFFER all companies that

we have consulted coincide in pointing out the route that the fifth range has in the vend-ding and the need to concentrate the offer taking into account the place where it is installed and the public to which it is directed. It is not the same to install a machine in a place like a university where the purchasing power of the consumer may be somewhat lower, than to do it in a large company.

"It depends a lot on the type of vending, if it is captive or public, etc., you have to understand that not all points and end customers are the same" and you have to adapt the offer to them, taking into account both the price and the standards of quality that one and the other are going to demand from us, says Aurelio.

“The sandwich is becoming one of the main consumer references in vending machines, but many operators continue to see it as a burden rather than an opportunity to convert the machines into something more than an option for the snacking. The short useful lives of our products make it difficult to extend them to any location, but it is true that this freshness is what the market is currently demanding”, says Miranda.

the distinction is much more evident if we restrict the offer to prepared dishes. public vending is not its goal, quite the contrary. the offer is highly designed for localized spaces. You can eat a sandwich on the street, a salad even too, but some meatballs is more complicated.

In addition, elaborate dishes that require a certain touch of heat need an oven or microwave at hand and


by the consumer and for this reason we are aware that an attractive presentation of the product generates greater confidence and, at the same time, greater sales. it also provides us with a differentiation from the rest of the market and the consumer is already beginning to identify our packaging with the Ñaming brand”, emphasizes the manager of gastro lunch.

“our intention is that the consumer appreciates the guarantees of our products through the image. Currently, we are working with the operators to communicate news on the machines through POS actions. with this we managed to bring life and freshness to the vending machines”, he stresses.

The denominations of Bocadis also show a totally different appearance than in their latest line of products, the deluxe ones, playing with the image but above all with the name of the person who has helped them compose these new sandwiches, the chef Fernando Canales. , owner of the Bilbao restaurant Etxanobe, which has a Michelin star and 2 soles in the Repsol guide, among other qualifications.

This is a very particular case and it is clear that the entire offer cannot be demanded, but it is not bad to keep it in mind in theory. sandwich vending should aspire to be better, integrating more natural products and processes that affect it. The external image is important to transmit this jump, but it is not the only tool. aurelio aranaga, manager of Bocadis identifies another factor to take into account in the price.

quality is paid for and we see that every day in the products and brands we consume. If vending wants to advance, contrary to the trend that has been defended up to now by a large part of the industry, automatic sales and distribution must also be able to accommodate products of a higher range, more expensive because the quality and the requirements so allow.

“the fear of breaking the price barrier is something difficult to transfer to the end customer”, says aurelio who is satisfied with the evolution of his deluxe products in the vending market. “Understanding that the big vending companies should push prices up and not the other way around” because the public that buys at a vending machine is fully prepared to consume gourmet products.

Once again, here vending is just one more channel that can have products of any range within it, without any complex. Aranaga believes that price is one more way to transmit that quality to the customer and although the slogan "quality is not expensive", the truth is that when we talk about such small margins, from one euro to five euros, the difference should not mean an obstacle.

"You have to transfer it to the consumer and one of the levers is the price, sometimes because we are in some absurd price wars we detract from the products of the sector from coffee to snacks," he claims.

The inclusion of brands on the shelves of large stores provides knowledge of the product that benefits vending. Although supermarkets are direct competition for the acquisition of fourth and fifth range products in a thoughtful and meditated purchase, their availability is a showcase that automatic distribution can take advantage of.

“In the case of our sector, it is essential that the brand has a significant presence in the rest of the points of sale. Unlike other food products, the consumer demands greater quality guarantees from sandwiches, as they are products with fresh raw materials, not heat-treated or acidified. The fact that the consumer locates our product in other brands, such as supermarkets or gas stations, gives them greater confidence. It must be taken into account that a sandwich is a substitute for lunch, lunch or dinner, it is not just a snack, so the consumer comes to demand higher quality and guarantee”. Jorge Miranda believes so, whose products -Ñaming- can be found in both the retail and convenience channels.

Being in these channels is important and taking advantage of the strategies that can be developed in them represent an opportunity. vending cannot offer the same at points of sale, however, it can learn and undertake different and creative promotional actions there. “That is our intention, that the consumer appreciates the guarantees of our products through the image. Currently, we are working with the operators to communicate news on the machines through POS actions. With this we managed to bring life and freshness to the vending machines”, explains Miranda.

Regardless of how novel the inclusion of the fourth and fifth range in automatic sales was at the time, vending in its most classic version has always resorted to a product such as sandwiches and sandwiches that, regardless of whether they are framed in 'fast food' it has that characteristic of handling and, in some cases, packaging for subsequent heating, which also makes it part of the fifth range.

the offer within this segment has grown and diversified, gaining in variety, but above all in quality. “Currently, vending operators already have machines and infrastructures that are adapted to the necessary temperature for this type of product. In order to continue advancing in the development of sandwiches in the vending channel, it is necessary to make room for products with more added value in order to build customer loyalty", explains Jorge Miranda from Gastro Lunch, one of the companies that has most innovated in terms of image and proposal.

There is quality in sandwiches and sandwiches for vending, but does the consumer know it? This industry has never distinguished itself by knowing how to publicize its virtues and in this case it is no exception.

“We are in the trend, but we still have work to do so that a consumer values ​​the option of eating through the machine to the same extent as in any hotel center. quality, freshness and communication are key to changing the appreciation of consumers”, says Miranda.

quality and image must feed back. the consumer will be more aware of the excellence of the product as the standards increase and also become known. on the other hand, there will be more publicity and communication traffic if what is offered is worth it.

the appearance must be consistent with the product. content and container must be one so that the idea to be transmitted to the person who stands in front of a machine is clear and provides at a single glance all those characteristics that will later be appreciated with the palate.

hence the bet made by the packaging. It is not only your responsibility to preserve the integrity of the product, but also to bring the quality of the food to the eyes. “At Ñaming we have always given great importance to the image that we transmit to the consumer. We sell products with a high perceived risk

The vEnd of sandwiches


The public its quality and its

ability to communicate

value of the product

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IV and V Range / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

35 ❙ hostelvending

IV y V Gama / hostelvending

a location that guarantees the proper use of these machines. It is the bet that is being made in large companies, with or without a canteen for workers, an automatic catering whose main novelty is to provide higher quality, homemade products, with fewer preservatives and more natural.

“the demand for this service is growing in companies -captive vending-, but it still has an incipient level of penetration. among the reasons for this growth we can distinguish concern for healthier habits in the work environment; the disappearance of canteens and cafeterias in companies due to cost reduction or reduction in the size of the company, which prevent the presentation of this service at a reasonable price; and the concentration of the working day, with less time to eat. This is a trend that surely appears to stay because public catering is also beginning to

offer this type of product to take away and complete its offer locally”, says Enrique Palacín, director of Vending at Serunión, one of the most important operating companies in our country that also has extraordinary experience in the restaurant sector. collective and the cate-ring.


If in the iV range salads stand out above other proposals, with a significant growth in packaged fruit, in the V range the scheme is reproduced thanks to a greater demand for healthy and natural dishes.

Today's consumers who do not have time to cook or have access to fresh products are much more demanding than decades ago when fifth-range products entered supermarkets. does not settle for anything, in fact, the lifestyle itself

It drives you to demand a healthier diet that can compensate for the little time you can dedicate, for example, to exercising.

Meals with-

filling that can cover the needs of lunch but at the same time that they do not provide excessive caloric content or combine too many fats to give them flavor. Palacín sums up perfectly what the offer is capable of covering: “mainly salads, pasta and rice. We are also introducing traditional dishes such as stew, peas and legumes, among others”.

“A very interesting movement is being seen in the sector towards automated restoration. in fact, there are more and more manufacturers that consider vending as their own channel with which to satisfy the new needs of restaurants outside the home. This causes product innovations to increase and formats to evolve to adapt to this new consumer. a consumer who has the need to eat food prepared following healthy and cooking standards

we must not stop innovating. Taking this premise into account, there are two fields in which to evolve. on the one hand, in the product, its manufacturing and packaging processes to aspire to that quality in which the entire food industry is involved in its attempt to continue conquering consumers.

in the opinion of enrique palancín, vending, by definition, is a channel for promoting individual consumption. “The greatest difficulty faced by vending is the adaptation of product formats and configuration.

tion of existing machines in the markets. As we are service companies, we make available to customers products manufactured by third parties on machines that we did not design, so we can only make small adaptations. This is the main handicap, so it is mainly the product manufacturers who have to see vending as their own channel of access to the end customer instead of as an addition to the horeca or large distribution channel. not all of its formats are adapted, so that is where part of the

solution for our channel to adapt to new environments and consumer habits: single doses, attractive pac-kagings, expiration dates adapted to the rotation of our sector, etc."

for this, the channel must be attractive for this industry, so much so that it justifies the investments that designing specific products requires. Many aspects that the industry has been demanding for years come into play here. More visibility, better communication with the consumer, a clear commitment to this type of iV and V vending

range, a turn towards the healthy...

of course, also in much more operational issues, such as distribution and logistics systems that allow better treatment and transfer of these products, exhaustive stock control, expiration dates, etc.

In short, the vending sector must continue to offer a greater variety of healthy food and ready-to-eat products that facilitate the consumer's day-to-day life, providing practical and varied solutions for our Mediterranean diet.

a traditional one, with a tight budget due to the new economic situation and in the shortest possible time to be able to have more “leisure” activities at the end of their work day”, highlights the manager of the vending segment of Serunion.

Outside the home, citizens want to consume proposals similar to those they would do at home, neither very sophisticated nor excessively expensive, and vending comes back here as a channel that has adapted well to the guidelines. “We are convinced that providing a healthy and natural catering offer through automatic machines is a strategic objective for the main companies in the sector, which is why we hope to increase our turnover significantly in the coming years. the operating company, in addition to

Giving this service, which always entails some associated consumption such as a soft drink, water or coffee, is transmitting an image as a provider of value-added services, which improves its positioning both for the consumer and for the person in charge of the location”, declares Susana Fernández, marketing director of the ian group, one of the producers that has most clearly and openly opted for vending as a channel to market its prepared dishes.

“That the worker does not feel obligated to always bring food from home because they know that they have a wonderful alternative at their workplace, or that if for some reason they cannot go out to eat they have that option, it is a highly appreciated service that it receives through its vending operator”, maintains

Susana. the leap in quality given in

this type of product is perfectly reflected in this brand whose prepared dishes have

been distinguished on several occasions with prizes awarded by the consumers themselves. “Thanks to the exclusive and patented process, wheelbarrow has achieved the quality and taste of a homemade product in its more than 40 dishes of the Mediterranean diet and all of it in individual format and without preservatives. furthermore, they do not require any adaptation to the automatic vending machine. This fact, together with the fact that they do not need to be refrigerated for conservation and that they have a one-year expiration date, make it a very easy-to-manage product for operating companies. In addition, all its references for this channel have the cover incorporated. His delicious recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean diet and are made with the best ingredients, guaranteeing their freshness, quality and safety”, he recalls.


they are in demand






time do not contribute

a content




home, they ask


were you home, no

too much


and neither



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36 ❙ hostelvending

IV and V Range / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

37 ❙ hostelvending

IV y V Gama / hostelvending

-At what point is the national market for IV and V range fruits and vegetables currently? what is your analysis?

The iV gama fruit and vegetable market is in good shape and has very good prospects for the future. In recent years, fruits and vegetables have been one of the food categories and also the fresh section that has suffered least from the decline in consumption. In 2013, when total food grew by 1.9% and fresh products by 1.5%, the iV range fruit and vegetable category grew by 4.4% (source: Kantar).

We must be cautious in this analysis since since 2008 we have been experiencing a drop in consumer confidence which, together with a real loss of their spending capacity, has reduced consumption outside the home to the benefit of retail.

there is a clear trend among consumers towards convenience and health products, which will undoubtedly boost the consumption of fourth-range fruits and vegetables to reach figures similar to those of neighboring countries, which are higher .

-What are the preferences?

ces and consumer trends for fresh cut fruits and vegetables?

the heart of the iV range continues to be the salads. In the last 5 years the consumption of sprouts, which until then was irrelevant, has carved a niche with very significant growth, becoming one of the most used references in the restaurant channel.

Concern for comfort and health has given rise to new uses and moments for consumption among which the vending market will appear in the future.

In addition to sprouts, there are currently three types of products that are undergoing significant development: complete salads, cooking vegetables and fruits.

The salad trays also incorporate proteins, "toppings" and sauce, which makes them a complete dish and they are presented in a bowl with a fork, which allows them to be eaten anywhere. This also facilitates the consumption of salads outside the home by new consumer profiles.

vegetables for the microwave and skillet add new possibilities for the consumer.

pain for its practicality. And in fruit, the appearance of

new formats and new varieties will help its development. Until now, it is still a category that is having a little more trouble taking off, in a fruit-producing and consuming country like ours, but why shouldn't fruit follow the same consumption patterns in our environment? nearby?

-Where do you think the new product trends will go? Organic production? More complete formats?

Respect, care and protection of the environment is something that is already being worked on by the productive sector and throughout the entire value chain, manufacturing and distribution.

the manufacturers of IV range integrated into Fepex not only limit ourselves to complying with the legislation, since the beginning of the 2000s we have been applying more restrictive regulations, included in the guide of Good practices for the production and commercialization of IV range Fruits and Vegetables, compliance with which is audited by independent companies every year.

And as one more piece of this protection and development of

our environment we produce locally.

I think it would be very convenient to spread the content of the guide more widely and which are the companies that comply with it, in order to sensitize both large-scale distribution and the Hospitality industry as well as important consumers that has to produce, manufacture and distribute iV range products in a respectful way to fully preserve all the properties of the products. it would also be advisable for the rest of iV gama manufacturers that at the moment do not follow the guidelines of the association adhere to it and audit all their processes.

-This is a sector in which there is a lot of talk about innovation and technology, especially when talking about packaging and conservation processes, what is the latest in what progress has been made? There is a lot of research related to more ecological materials that contribute to extending the useful life of food, new techniques, etc., but much remains in the laboratory. Is it a matter of profitability for companies?

In recent years, manufacturers have made great efforts both in terms of investment and the application of new techniques, both in agricultural production and in improving manufacturing and innovation processes in order to expand the range of products and improve its quality, which has resulted in a very positive response of loyalty and expansion of the number of consumers.

investments made in our processes and specifically in the use of packaging with a lower impact on the environment may not have an immediate impact on the account

of results, but if they reduce our ecological impact they are profitable for us.

-Above all, work is done to maintain the flavor and natural properties of the raw material. Why do we detect that the average consumer still has some suspicion towards the 4th and 5th range? What are they already doing and what else can the producing companies do? Is it still perceived as a lower quality product?

the iV range has reached Spanish homes so that-

give yourself The consumer is more demanding every day and today more than two thirds consume it frequently. I don't think it can be said that there are generalized doubts about its quality.

For manufacturers, the fight for product freshness is extremely important. Every day we ensure that the product reaches the markets earlier, in better conditions and that they are

keep as long as possible. And all this using a single additive, cold.

technology helps us to maintain all the properties of our vegetables, their flavor and freshness. the technology applied to cultivation, harvesting, processing and packaging does not add anything, it only allows the product to be preserved in better conditions.

-the main channels to

Those who target these products are distribution, wholesalers and Horeca, when is there a clear commitment to vending? Is it perhaps too small a market or could it be interesting?

Vending operators have two great challenges in order to distribute iV range products that, let us not forget, have a short life, so they must adapt both their machines with a strict control of positive cold and, not least They need to improve their logistics. If they overcome both challenges and with the help of us manufacturers, I predict that the now small Vending market for the iV range will have great development in the future.

We manufacturers are preparing for this future and we already have salad and fruit formats adapted to this Vending channel.

- Do you think that vending can take advantage of the proposals of your sector to expand a healthier diet? And to be considered a restaurant area as legitimate as any cafeteria or restaurant?

Of course, vending cannot and should not be left out of the opportunity offered by this trend. Its proximity to consumers will allow it to extend its range of products in the line of convenience and health.


"The challenge of vending operators for the distribution of fourth-range products must go through strict control of the cold and the improvement of logistics"


“In the last

years, fruits

and vegetables has

been one of the

categories of


and of the section

of fresh

what less

He has suffered



"for the

manufacturers is the

fight for the

freshness of the

product is

very important


product arrived

every day before

to the markets,

at best



The most of the time

possible. and all of it

using a single

additive, The cold”

“El vEnding

he can't even


out of the


what does this provide


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38 ❙ hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

39 ❙ hostelvending

pva / associated vending providers

In the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the data collected by our group, associated vending providers, the sale of vending machines projected a growth of 18% compared to the same period of the previous year in number of units.

with 6% more registered in the third, they add two quarters in positive which allows us to speak of certain signs of recovery, although the falls of the first and second quarters are not compensated.

the data for the last three months of the year point to a total sale of 3,300 units, which allows closing 2013 with 12,400 new machines on the street.

the closing quarters are not usually, as a general rule, too generous, but in this case and with the national fair of the sector involved, the situation has been very propitious.

As usual in this indicator, the coffee family accounts for most of the sales. in the third quarter, the machines in this segment represented 53% of the market, followed by the snack family, which occupies 33% of them.

It should be noted that in the case of the family that concentrates most of the commercial movement -coffee and hot drinks-, 68% of

the machines are 'Free standing' models, and espresso represents 92% of the machines sold.

The snacks family continues to be 100% dominated by spiral machines, and 79% are machines with temperatures below 5 degrees.

Payment system sales represent a market that continues to be quite dynamic. In the last quarter, 11,800 devices for vending machines were sold, which means a market growth of 31% compared to 2012.

A segment like this allows us to check how the industry is evolving, since it has been a period in which cashless systems have led purchases by

part of the companies. They outperform the changers, with 39% of the market compared to 30%, detecting an increase of more than 13 points with respect to the third quarter.

ticket readers have represented 25% of sales in this period and selectors 7%.

PORTuGALin the neighboring country, the year has

evolved in an inverse way for the vending industry. the end of the year projects a

46% decrease in the market with sales of 350 units during the period, of which 74% correspond to coffee machines and hot drinks, and 25% to the snack family.

It should be noted that in the case of the largest family, coffee and hot drinks, 82% of the machines are table top, and espresso represents 96% of the machines sold.

in the period, 2,400 payment systems for vending machines have been sold in portu-gal, which means a growth of 31% compared to 2012.

the market continues to be led by cashless systems with 57% of sales, followed by bill readers with 34%.

The vending industry manages to increase sales by 18%

pva / associated vending providers

FIRST QUARTER the market of the

sales of automatic machines decreased by 35% in the first quarter of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012.

Just over 2,700 machines were sold in the first three months of this year, with coffee vending machines dominating with 54% compared to 33% for snacks. in the case of the largest family, that of coffee and hot drinks, 55% were free standing models, with espressos representing 87% of the machines sold.

on the other hand, in the snacks family, 98% are spiral machines and 74% are vending machines that work with temperatures below five degrees.

The quarterly report also reveals a decrease in the specific market for means of payment, although less than that of vend-ding, since it stands at 27% fewer machines sold. In this market niche, cashless systems and coin changers dominate with 37% and 29% of the share, followed by bill readers with 19% and selectors with 15%. It is worth highlighting the 3% of the selectors, the only family that behaved positively in these first months of the 2013 financial year.

SECOND QUARTER of the 35% registered in the first three months of 2013,

There was a 7% decrease between April and June, in relation to 2012. Of the 2,700 units that were sold in the first quarter, it has gone to 3,800, with the coffee family once again registering the best performance.

coffee has represented 49% of sales, with the free standing ranges being the best outlet with 58% of the new machines on the market and espresso representing 83% of those sales.

hot drinks are followed by snack vending machines with 36% of sales. As in previous quarters, this family continues to be dominated by spiral machines. 98% of those sold work with this traditional mechanism. In addition, 79% of them incorporate refrigeration, with temperatures below 5 degrees.

in the first quarter, 12,200 means of payment systems were sold in spain, which means a market growth of 30% compared to 2012. the period has been led by the lec-

ticket brokers and change purses with a 30% share in each of these families, followed by cashless systems with 26% and selectors with 14%. It is worth noting the growth of 134% of ticket collectors and 133% of banknote readers, mainly due to the forced adaptation to the new 5-euro banknotes.

THIRD QUARTER sales grew

They sold 6% in our country with the sale of 2,600 units between July, August and September, in a quarter that is traditionally quite weak.

the family of machines belonging to the coffee and hot drinks industry continues to lead sales levels, accounting for 53% of the market. Café vending is the cornerstone of automatic vending and despite the fact that public tenders are increasingly lower and companies take very good care of their investments in services, it continues to enjoy better health.

Within this family, it is worth highlighting the fact that 58% of those marketed in this third quarter belong to the 'free standing' variety and espresso accounts for 90% of them.

behind the hot drinks machines are the snack machines, with 31% of the units sold. In this case, 97% of the machines continue to be spiral machines and 74% of them with temperatures below 5ºC.

Between July and September, 7,700 payment systems for vending machines were sold. the period has been led by bill readers with 35% and changers with a 30% share in each of these families, followed by cashless systems with 27% and by selectors with 14%.

It is worth noting the growth of 20% of ticket readers, which indicates a significant change in trend.

Evolution of the sale of machines and means of payment during the year 2013

Belonging to a collective like pVa offers numerous advantages. the group is open to all agents in the sector, from manufacturers to distributors, any company that is a supplier of products for vending has a place in this project that was created with the aim of representing and defending the interests of the industry before the administrations and competent bodies and promote actions that benefit them. Among the services we provide to our associates are: - Access to quarterly statistics for the sector. - Participation in the analysis and debate of the regulations that affect the sector.

- access to the management of the recycling of machines with ecolec.- active participation in the promotion projects of the sector.- participation in the organization and development of Vendibérica.- Specialized legal support.- inclusion of logos and brands in the elements of promotion of pVa.- inclusion of logos and brands and a link on the pVa website. Being part of associated Vending providers allows you to convey your needs and proposals to those who are responsible for managing them, as well as sharing experiences. ties and projects with the rest of the associated companies that currently number fifty.

More information:



Proveedores Vending Asociados (PVa) summons its partners to the general assembly scheduled for next Tuesday, April 8, at 11:00 a.m., and which will take place at the IFEMA facilities, Parque Juan Carlos I, South door, in Room S12 floor -1 of the South building.

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40 / trade shows / hostelvending

fairs / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014

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41 / trade shows / hostelvending

fairs / hostel vending

VENDiNparis - paris

The union of three trade fairs in one has been noticed in this year's edition of Vending paris. A large and highly varied public paraded through the Versailles porte facilities on February 5 and 6, attracted by the novelties of three sectors that share characteristics and challenges.

among so much offer and due to the proximity of the last edition and also of the next one, the

Proposals exclusively related to automatic sales and distribution were somewhat diluted, but in return they approached other segments with a long journey, such as snacks and Italian food. The French market, like the Spanish one, has been strongly affected by the consumer crisis affecting families. According to data provided by NAVSA, in 2013 sales fell by 2.5%, a

decrease that places the overall figures at 1,950 million euros accumulated among the 637,000 machines that are installed throughout France.

how to deal with these consumption problems, identifying the causes and

providing solutions, has focused the purpose of the novelties presented this year, mostly aimed at a more demanding consumer who, in addition to finding the usual offer in machines, demands a higher quality and also more natural product. and healthy.

in France, only 1,500 machines comply with these new standards, based on the data provided by the association.

Less vending and more product: Vending Paris in pictures

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42 / trade shows / hostelvending

fairs / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014

43 / trade shows / hostelvending

fairs / hostel vending

the last phase of the commercialization of fairs is always the most complicated. Completing all the exhibition space that is made available to companies is not usually easy, but in the case of Venditalia 2014, the organizers hope to achieve it without further complications.

Two months after its inauguration, the most important international vending exhibition in Europe has already contracted 90% of its space, exceeding expectations. It will be held again at the Milan Fair from May 7 to 10 and the great turnout will once again allow it to be

a world benchmark in the industry where the news that should mark the beginning of the recovery will be announced.

The recognition of Vendi-talia 2014 as the most important international showcase for the automatic sales and distribution sector, is evidenced by the new increase in foreign exhibitors, an increase that is also observed with respect to the participation participation of new exhibitors in the next edition.

“despite the crisis that is plaguing the entire economy, including the machinery sector

vending companies, vending companies have not lost the strength and courage to fight”, says lucio pinetti, president of confida and Venditalia. “We expect a large number of exhibitors and visitors and we are sure that the quality and variety of the proposals will surprise visitors”, she says.

Venditalia, more than a fair, is the meeting place for the vending community and an opportunity for the Italian industry to show one of its points of excellence: "our companies are internationally recognized for leading the

quality and innovation and be increasingly projected towards the future”.

A special space within the event will be dedicated to this same future, in which the exhibitors will present their vision of the evolution of the industry: the most innovative proposals that are far from traditional vending machines.

The 2012 edition ended with 314 exhibitors from 25 countries around the world, an increase of 16% compared to the previous edition, 150 accredited journalists and close to 20,000 visitors.

when just a few weeks ago Vending paris 2014 came to an end, a benchmark fair in the sector that brings together thousands of visitors in all its editions. Companies that have no news to present at the beginning of the year have a second chance to impress the French market, specifically at the Forum Vendor Show that will take place in Monad from September 18 to 20, 2014.

After its creation in 2003, it has been held biannually with considerable follow-up. However, business needs at a difficult time such as

This has made the meeting acquire a new format and start to be convened in even years. the dates have been chosen taking into account the most appropriate period to present innovative products for next year.

the show promotes a space for the exchange of content and contact with an exhibition area and an extensive program of conferences that emphasize market opportunities and trends.

automatic vending and manufacturers of specific products form the bulk of the list of exhibitors that have already confirmed their presence. Firms

such as Bianchi, Barry callebaut, Blender, aztek, coca-cola, Huhtamaki, nri France, Saeco, nemeko, n & W global Ven-ding, nestlé or rheavendors are common in the Monegasque salon, although more and more related firms with the ocS and the water sources that come to this fair in search of relevance.

This year, with the aim of increasing the number of visits, the organizers have scheduled free appointments to mobilize new companies interested in automatic distribution, especially those related to cafeterias, chains of restoration, the

hotels etc likewise, in these months until the appointment the international agenda will be strengthened, a good opportunity for Spanish companies that seek local partners or want to expand their product offerings.

the most outstanding innovations will find their prize at lMda Vend'or, while the conferences and speakers are yet to be specified for future dates.

In short, the Forum Vendor Show is one more event to expand the commercial capacities of companies and find out what is going on in neighboring markets.

VENditaLia - milan forum VENdor show - paris

The response to Venditalia's call does not disappoint; contracted 90% of the space

Forum Vendor Show, the second opportunity to enter the French vending market

the caffè culture Show, one of the few events dedicated to the uk coffee industry, returns for its ninth edition to london's olympia on 14 and 15 may.

an extensive training and information program joins a large exhibition with more than 230 participating companies to bring the latest news to the professional and attract new clients to a sector of great economic importance worldwide.

The main novelty of this year is the importance that is going to be given to the craft market. there are more and more customers who want to know where the products come from

products that take and opt for those that have an origin outside the large production chains.

the london exhibition will make an effort to attract as many local producers and independent companies as possible, supported by the search for that excellence and quality that is assumed in smaller production systems.

Along these same lines, the caffè culture Show will dedicate a special space to bakery products and sweets, also prioritizing the artisanal line of this rapidly growing industry in the British Isles. peter sidwell a well known baker thank you

After his appearance on television, he will give a seminar on trends in this segment. there will also be equipment and product companies for this sector.

Lastly, the event will focus on 'Street Food', which is gaining more and more weight in the food industry. richard johnson, one of the most accredited voices in the united kingdom for this sector, will share her experience and her vision of how the business will continue to evolve worldwide.

There will be a wide representation of vending coffee with important companies in the sector, but above all a lot of producers and distributors.

If the 2013 edition of the international Host Show was spectacular due to the participation of exhibitors and visitors, the 2015 edition is planned in the same terms.

With the opening of the first period for the reservation of spaces, nearly 600 companies have already confirmed their participation in an event that will be held in Milan and that will coincide with the Universal Exposition, which during the month of October will attract nearly 20 million visitors to the city since it will take place from the 23rd to the 27th.

the different facets of how the world

is fed is, in fact, the theme of the next universal exposition which has been titled 'feeding the planet, energy for life' and, of course, there will be many points in common with all levels of the food sector.

According to research carried out by Sda Bocconi, promoted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, the universal exhibition will create 191,000 jobs, of which 102,500 in the province of Milan, 26,600 in the rest of Lombardy and some 62,000 in other parts of the country.

Throughout the 2012-2020 period, employment will focus on tourism and restaurants, followed by services and industry.

In the run-up to the event, meanwhile, the largest employment sector will be construction, compared to the six months during which the expo runs, when tourism and catering take over as the top employment sectors. .

for the companies whose activity the hospitality fair is aimed at -professional catering, bread, pizza, pasta, coffee-tea, bars, equipment, etc.- the opportunity and visibility is even greater. the organizers of Host 2015 They are already working so that the next edition has a special resonance.

The Caffè Culture Show returns to the Olympia in London with an eye on artisanal Nearly 600 companies confirm

his participation in Host 2015

Caffé CuLturE show - Londreshost - Milan

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44 ❙ hostelvending

ARTICLE / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

45 ❙ hostelvending

ARTICLE / hostel vending




We go to a snack or drink vending machine with different attitudes.

quenching hunger or thirst may seem the most common, but within that motivation


to capture their interest or achieve repeat purchases. know these nuances





Humanist values ​​and eco awareness mainly define this group of consumers, who are associated with attitudes of participation, activism and commitment to environmental problems. This profile shows their activism and responsibility towards the environment in which they live also through their consumption.

In the products, this personality seeks information about its origin, its production process and its environmental impact, as a guarantee and guarantee mechanism in the purchase choice. Similarly, it monitors the recyclable aspect of the packaging, the origin of its ingredients, manufacturing processes or waste, evaluating its consistency with the environmental commitment.

the taste or appearance of the product is less important, since the value lies more in what it represents. For example, when it comes to materials, this group appreciates recyclable packaging or packaging with an ecological appearance. They also reflect a significant reduction in packaging, use of more

light or reuse of others already manufactured. In terms of colors, there are shades related to

with nature that show their connection with it and the vocation to preserve it, such as brown, gray, green tones or other tones associated with recycling. In illustrations or photographs, we find images that link to the place of origin of the ingredients; and in terms of texts, information that supports the commitment or environmental awareness of the company or its production or distribution process.

Where can we find this consumer profile? the most common places are next to markets, in some office or public administration buildings and in certain university faculties, next to parks or areas with hiking trails.

Comprehensive health care is the main value for this group, becoming something natural and playful. the classic care coexists with an evolution of this concept, characterized by a nuance that is identified with the statement: “caring can be fun”. that is to say, less strict care, more natural and integrated with the day to day.

this personality seeks the functionality of the Products and their ingredients. The functional products are located in this group, both those called “with”: omega 3, bifidus, vitamins,…; such as those called “without”: those without sugars, fats, gas, …

Their preferred packaging does not focus exclusively on transmitting the perception of what is healthy. Efforts in design evolve in materials, colors, shapes or graphics from a markedly medicinal aesthetic and try to soften, aiming to reflect the pleasure of taking care of oneself as a less strict attitude and more integrated into daily life, consistent with new habits. appeared in society.

as a consequence, the design resources in terms of colors and materials include clean tones or transparent or translucent materials, such as glass or plastic; colors in the range of greens, blues or violets. all of them transmit calm, health, hygiene and personal care. In terms of graphics, minimalist or naturalist aesthetics appear with vegetable resources in illustration or relief that highlight the ingredients in an integrated way. Regarding texts, we find references about positive feelings and balance between the body and a healthy life.

We can find this profile of consumers in gymnasiums, workplaces, meeting rooms or congresses,...

» attitude 1:



We know that the color of the container, the material in which it is presented, its shape, illustrations, photographs or texts play a very important role in making this selection, since they are the first impressions that the consumer will receive and that will facilitate or not their attraction to the product. The location in which the vending machine is located is also a factor to take into account.

the permanent research of Surgenia, an Andalusian design technology center, allows us to interpret the values ​​they transmit

colors, materials, texts or illustrations and identify with which consumer profiles they connect the most. In parallel, it analyzes the profound changes experienced by societies, the motivations and values ​​of consumers, which helps to understand those attitudes that influence when making a purchase.

And which one is it

are these different attitudes

dEs? We present some of

them >>

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46 ❙ hostelvending

ARTICLE / hostelvending Hostel Vending • nº 76 March - April 2014

47 ❙ hostelvending

ARTICLE / hostel vending

the personality that characterizes this attitude is in opposition to mass consumption, in search of a high degree of elaboration and personalization. it is also opposed to the “luxury in the basics” that we saw in the artisan sumers and the minimalism of the Simplifiers. His maxim would be “simple is boring”, since this personality pursues experiential and playful consumption,

given that his interest is oriented to constant novelty and originality. His taste for limited edition products stands out due to their exclusive character. Their way of consuming has motivations far removed from physiological or nutritional needs and rather close to a capricious or ostentatious attitude and a dreamlike and superficial shopping experience. It is a very social and hedonistic consumption.

As for colours, the most relevant for this group stand out for their heterogeneity and for being the most intense, cheerful and innovative. For this, it is necessary to take into account the great speed with which they are renewed, as well as their link with other fields that influence them, such as fashion or interior design, given their decorative nature. the colors are also useful to distinguish between the wide range of flavors or sizes that are normally offered to this type of profile. as a general indication, it is easy to find shades linked to exotic fruits or makeup. some shades that are identified as the most relevant in the future are sherbet yellow, turquoise blue, magenta, jade green and coral. It is also worth noting the “regal” tones: shiny gold, silver and black. Finally, as a base color on which to mark the con-

fret and attract attention usually white predominates. in terms of textures, materials such as plastic, cardboard

or metal with reliefs that allow experimentation. in the typefaces, the curved, decorative or fantasy families are framed, among others, whose legibility is not the most relevant factor. Regarding texts, we find suggestive messages, compliments or invented words that allude to new sensations.

We can find this profile in shopping malls, leisure centers, recreational salons, beauty salons, open shopping areas, airports or stations, next to areas of bars or restaurants, tourist areas,...

another universe of analysis is characterized by going against the usual or the guidelines established in advance: a transgressive, vindictive and non-conformist attitude. the personality that is associated with their food consumption more linked to experimentation than to food per se.

we call this aesthetic group “loS alternaliMentarioS”, its ingredients correspond to those that are more intense, spicy, acid or bitter and aesthetically reflects its transgressive vocation.

Colors appear in their packaging that have as a common characteristic being dark tones or that present contrasts of vibrant colors (black, red, green or very dark blue). As for materials, those that are cold (metal, glass) and/or with rough textures stand out. From a graphic point of view, aggressive images or illustrations, broken or heavy typefaces and, in general, little visual harmony are identified. The same occurs with regard to texts, in which reference is made to extreme flavors, experimentation with new sensations or acceleration of the rhythm.

This profile can be found in sports stadiums, concert halls or bars, workplaces with a high level of stress, some libraries or study rooms, some institutes or universities, bus stations,...

» attitude 5:



Summarizing this analysis, allows to appreciate the value of the design and its usefulness

to select and direct products to consumers, with a strategy consistent with their personality, responding to their new needs. Connecting with the consumer emotionally removes the purchase decision from merely economic aspects and builds loyalty. This is where the design and aesthetics of the product's packaging help shape its global image. Surgenia carries out this research with the aim of being up-to-date with consumer knowledge and as an expert in design tools and their capabilities, providing vending companies with the necessary information to carry out a product selection that optimizes the effectiveness of the sales channel.

The personality associated with the following group is characterized by a latent attitude in our days that seeks to recover the taste for tradition in consumption, as opposed to globalization. he seeks emotion and affectivity in the products, as well as the experimentation of authenticity and the flavor of the local. For this personality, the prestige that knowledge brings and the taste for appreciating the ingredients are also important.

as a consequence, these consumers are fed with an attitude of enjoyment of original ingredients, flavors and smells, evocative of tradition or any emotionally charged memory. they are also fed with curiosity and a desire to learn in the distinction of nuances.

brings together witnesses of artisan products, but with a renewed aesthetic. Until now, when an agri-food product was handmade, graphic, material or typographic resources were used to design its packaging: checkered cloths, wicker, lace, labels with manual typography or other resources that were traditionally used to to evoke the concepts of ruralism and crafts as a metaphor for the very artisan nature of the product and the care in its preparation. We have identified that these design resources in many cases are remaining in obsolete archetypes and do not provide differentiation. new packaging designs begin to appear that evolve the concept of

craftsmanship and transmit a new aesthetic. In colors we find shades linked to ingredients.

basic colours, such as brown, ocher, reddish, white or black. along with them other more contemporary colors appear, such as violet, pink, purple tones or other variations on “traditional” colors. In terms of materials and images, we see that illustrations or photographs appear on the plastic or cardboard that recreate other textured materials such as laid paper, blackboard, lace, wicker, mud or carved glass. the texts help convey the craftsmanship and authenticity through the history of the company, legends or curious details that make it special.

We can find these consumers in exhibition centers, theaters, some hotels, administrative offices linked to culture,...

Another profile is the one associated with a personality opposed to complexity and sophistication: a minimalism devoid of artificiality, which supposes a return to the simple, the basic, the practical and usable.

because? There are people who are very short of time and lack interest in complicating themselves and do not for that reason give up quality. they are interested in returning to the simplicity of products and their own consumption. Their motto is "Simple we like more" and they seek the practical essence and the elimination of the accessory complexity of the product, its usability, comfort, frankness and honesty.

In this line, simplicity and minimalism are mainly demanded. However, what is practical and simple does not have to be aseptic or bland and that is where the most evident aesthetic trend is observed. Faced with neutral designs, simple but attractive packaging and messages with intelligent humor are imposed, with the aim of interacting with the consumer, being closer and creating empathy.

Regarding the most relevant characteristics of packaging design, in terms of shapes and textures, a search to eliminate as much as possible the complexity of opening or closing stands out. in terms of colors, cheerful and warm tones are identified, such as red, green, blue and yellow. In the messages, short and clear texts are used with sans-serif or handwrite fonts. If we analyze the graphics and texts, we see that easy-to-understand illustrations or photos are used, all with the aim of transmitting direct, simplified and even everyday discourses, which, instead of convincing, seek to speak the same language frankly with the consumer.

We will find this consumer profile in various locations, but following a criteria of medium-high profile sociocultural level, such as universities, specialized work centers, libraries,...

» attitude 3:



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news / hostel vending

48 / news / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 news / hostelvending

49 / news / hostelvending

To date there are only two machines with these characteristics in the world, one in Canada and the other in Helsinki. the third will be in Barcelona, ​​but it does not arrive as a single location, but with a project behind it with which they intend to put a hundred of them into operation.

It will not be easy to achieve, since 60 of those 100 machines will be driven by Bbank, while the remaining 40 will be operated by a community of Assets, the figure chosen by the company to get the participation of investors in this adventure. so that for many it is still beyond all understanding.

To participate in the 'Máquinas Bitcoin Bbank' Assets community, the investor assumes the purchase of a Bitcoin -whose value, it must be said, fluctuates daily- in exchange for a 1% share of the income that get the machine. The model for the exploitation that is used is that of the franchise.

“the machines will start working

in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia in this first phase, installed above all in high-traffic shopping centers and professional associations, a possibility that is still being studied", explains Pablo Borrell, marketing director of pay Maq.

For the moment, the machine only offers the possibility of buying virtual currency, although in the future it will also allow the reimbursement of amounts. As always, what vending brings is the facili-

ease of access to charging devices, putting this product on the street and contributing to its visibility.

It acts in the same way as an ATM, but it acts as an automatic vending machine “similar to the one for soft drinks, only that what is sold are virtual coins”. therefore, the regulation is subject to the same conditions that are established for a traditional vending machine

Along with the visibility and ease of access provided by the machines, the main objective of both Bbank and Pay Maq itself is to extend its use outside the network. "We are working on the adhesion of businesses that allow the use of bitcoin as a payment currency," says Borrell, a formula that would speed up transactions. There are already large firms and shopping centers that are studying the possibility of including it as a form of payment, but the truth is that it still generates some mistrust.

It must be made clear that right now bitcoin is a merely speculative product that does not present any stability and therefore generates many doubts for the future. However, many other goods are handled in these same speculative markets and the advantages make the difference. Much emphasis is placed on the savings in commissions that it entails in relation to payment systems and transactions accepted by banks, a characteristic that has also caused great rejection for being a channel for fraudulent activities.

The first bitcoin vending machine in Spain is installed in the city of Barcelona

there is no regulation in this regard either and it is not known if in the end it occurs in what terms it will be done. The European Union has already warned of the legal insecurity of the users of this currency, clients who, on the other hand, must know it well to use it, since the most common profile of the buyers of this currency is people with knowledge computer scientists and property speculators.

Taking it to the street through vending machines is a great leap and that is why information and ease of use are key to its success among the general public. At the moment the machine allows the activation of a bitcoin account, essential for the purchase, and the purchase of the currency itself, being the third channel that allows it together with transactions between individuals and the creation itself of the coin

And it is that bitcoin is manufactured through the computer in a complex system devised by its creator or creators -since it is not yet clear who owns the system- who established a system that allows the issuance of 21 million bitcoins. Currently there are about 12 million of them and their production is becoming more and more complicated, so the pace is slow.

It is already a currency of use, but will it be the one of the future?

the virtual currency for

Your Excellency, bitcoin,

land in the world

material. he does it through

of the first machine

Dispatch that is installed

THE In Europe, a model

created by pay maq for

bbank what next 22



commercial diagonal sea

from Barcelona.

to date there is only

they had two machines of these


you give all over the world,

one in Canada and one in


Just a few days ago we learned about the project launched by pay Maq and Bbank for the installation of the first bitcoin vending machine in our country.

The initiative entailed an important novelty since very few cities have the privilege of having a vending machine of these characteristics, although there are. Specifically, we have located two others, Boston and Albuquerque, which are competing to be the first US city to have this automatic sales service.

On the one hand, there is the company Libertyteller whose creators insist on affirming that they were the pioneers in the United States, placing a terminal at the South station in Boston. in front is the lamassu firm that on february 18 announced the start-up of its machine in the nob hill neighborhood of new mexico, near the university campus.

The possibilities to acquire bitcoins are multiplying and are approaching the ordinary citizen, still unfamiliar with this virtual currency that still does not know very well what possibilities it can reach.

develop. For the moment, what is clear is the increase in its value since its creation, a characteristic that is attracting investors and entrepreneurs who decide to promote initiatives like these through vending.

The purpose of the machines is to facilitate the access of the consumer in general to this system and also to make it more visible to arouse the interest of large companies and businesses in an attempt to adhere to them by giving them the possibility of making purchases with this currency.

You can already buy a multitude of products with bitcoins, from services such as food delivery to credits to play online poker, although there are still more detractors of the system who consider it another example of a bubble with programming to explode in the future.

Bitcoin vending machines multiply

There are many examples of how vending is related to solidarity actions and these days we have found one more. Ahorro Corporación has been using vending machines for several years to send financial resources to different NGOs.

The company, one of the main investment service groups in Spain, decided to create the 'Solidarity Savings' program in 2011 with the intention of channeling the aid that it already provided to different groups through a transparent program and in which the company workers were directly involved. Since then they have used the annual revenue from the snack and drink machines that they have installed at their headquarters

Madrid -eleven in total- to distribute it among the projects presented by its employees. Ahorro Corporación usually gives a deadline to present the candidacies of the initiatives in which they intend to collaborate with the money raised, they explain to us from the communication department. then several of them are chosen as main ones to receive a more significant contribution, while the rest also get a share.

this year, 'not a single undiagnosed dravet child' from the Dravet Syndrome Foundation has received 7,000 euros; 'rickets and disability', to help children in Madagascar, 6,000 euros; and 'fighting resistance to treatments in breast cancer', from criS against cancer, 4,000

euros, as outstanding actions. The rest of the collection will reach

The 30,000 euros that have been accounted for in the last year from the vending machines has been divided among the other five projects at a rate of 2,600 euros each. It must be said that it is the company that assumes all the donations using the vending as a channel to establish the funds to be allocated annually. It is also a quite creative way of involving its workers in solidarity actions and, why not say it too, of giving another meaning to the consumption that takes place within the company, turning each soft drink or bag of chips into a contribution to groups in great need of funds.

Vending channels the social responsibility of Ahorro Corporación

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Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 news / hostelvending

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In Spain there are eleven localities distinguished as fair trade cities, small towns or large provincial capitals, which support a different, more respectful and fair way of producing and trading. all of them meet a series of requirements, criteria in which vending contributes its grain of sand, seeing itself benefited by the promotion and impulse actions that are carried out from the administrations.

We have already discussed the role that public bodies have in promoting a change in the trend in automatic sales and distribution, and initiatives such as those of the town halls that are part of this network of cities are key to the integration of fair trade. in the ven-ding. "Vending companies have well internalized the fact that fair trade has a future, but it is true that there are still few initiatives," says Kepa Miñambres, the person in charge of cooperation at the Getxo town hall, which has just renewed its certification as a city of these characteristics.

And it is not a question of profitability that prevents more operating companies from joining commercial projects

fair. "The difference is not in the coffee itself, but in the benefits and service provided regardless of the product. The big brands support marketing with coffee pots, spare parts for the machines, etc., something with which they do not The NGOs, which are the ones that usually market these products, can compete”, explains Miñambres.

A small leap in this sense of the groups that promote the sale of fair trade products, without straying from their ultimate goal, would mean a great advance and surely the adhesion of more companies.

At the moment they have the support of certain administrations to encourage their inclusion in vending, support that materializes in public tenders - now many town halls value the inclusion

sion of these products-, requesting the collaboration of the companies directly or promoting bilateral relations between establishments and marketers.

This is the case of the department directed by Kepa, which organizes conferences and courses for companies and promotes joint events, as well as facilitating contact between the parties. An example is the campaign 'Getxo wakes up with fair trade coffee and cocoa' launched last year and in which around thirty hotel establishments participated, including vending operators who have their machines in the town hall.

In total, four of them are adhered to and add up to meet the criteria required for fair trade city certification, despite the fact that the award contracts did not specifically request it. "When the project was launched, they were already awarded, it has been direct work with the company and their willingness to collaborate that has made it possible to include fair trade products in the machines", clarifies the person in charge, who already anticipates that in the next calls it will be a criterion included in the specifications.

Vending is presented as a necessary asset for Fair Trade Cities

The conditions for obtaining a public contract are changing and with them the vending offer. the institutions set new standards for automatic sales, now more oriented towards healthy eating, respect for the environment and the origin of the products.

It is easier to observe these trends at the local level, however, they are also becoming a requirement in large squares, especially when it comes to coffee. fair trade is the protagonist in many of these contests, a line that is already marketed by a good number of companies and that meets more sustainable criteria without losing quality.

one more example of this “responsible attitude”

responsible" by the administrations we found it in the town hall of Villena in Alicante that in the local government meeting on Monday, January 20, approved the technical specifications that regulate the allocation of municipal spaces for the operation of drink machines and food.

It is the first time that the conditions for accessing these contracts are regulated in the municipality, a town of almost 35,000 inhabitants that has a good number of vending machines in different public buildings. The intention of the consistory is to install ten machines under the award system through public tender and for this it has presented the bases that

they can be consulted after their publication in the official bulletin of the province.

In an advance of what will be the keys to take into account to grant the contracts, the councilor for citizen participation, Mercedes Menor, has advanced the obligation that the coffee "comes from fair trade", a measure which must be complemented with a good economic offer and the proven energy efficiency of the machines, with the aim of saving something on the electricity bill that the city council figures at 900 euros for the consumption of the vending machines

The municipal offices of Villena are open to all companies in the sector, although it is also true that it clearly limits the product offer, but it will undoubtedly be an opportunity for operators that have decidedly committed to fair trade.

Public vending requires fair trade coffee in awarding contracts

It is truly difficult to give exact data on the number of purchases made through cashless systems in vending machines worldwide. In order to have a real idea of ​​the penetration of these payment resources, we must analyze data country by country and, within these, company by company, to get as close as possible to reality.

Today we do it with the results provided by VendScreen, a platform provider that has thousands of devices deployed throughout the United States and Europe. the company that with its product revolution won the award for 'Best technological innovation' at the ceremony

monia interBev' awards 2012 has published an infographic in which it provides a summary of the sales patterns recorded in the usa.

The data confirms the trends preferred by consumers who, today, are much more familiar with payment methods that do not require cash to make their purchases, either through credit cards or through other much more advanced technologies. advanced.

manufacturing companies structure their innovations taking these tastes into account, launching cashless products almost ahead of the more traditional systems of purses and wallets. for his part,

Operators are beginning to opt for machines that allow this possibility in view of the collection data that they achieve in comparison with other less advanced models.

As corroborated by VendScreen, one in four payments in vending machines throughout 2013 was made through cashless systems. each one of them registered an average billing of 76.26 dollars a week, with an average spending on each purchase through a credit card higher than that of cash, 1.71 dollars compared to 1.16 for the transactions carried out. -zadas with coins or bills.

These are numbers extracted exclusively from the database of the company that sells a device with a touch screen and a payment system. Overall, the American company managed monthly purchases worth more than a million dollars throughout the year, which gives an idea of ​​the volume it handles.

The possibility of analyzing this data at any time, interpreting it and making the best decision to make sales spaces profitable is just one of the great advantages provided by these cashless payment methods that coexist in the day-to-day life of any consumer with cash. vo that, according to the data, it continues to be the most used medium and therefore should not be neglected. It is about finding the most successful formula to be able to combine both media and not lose a single sale.

One in four vending machine purchases is made cashless in the United States

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Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 news / hostelvending

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the new banknote will enter into circulation on September 23. In these nine months, the ECB expects all the equipment and machines that work with cash to be adapted to its characteristics. In his speech, Mersch recalled the collaboration program that has been launched with manufacturers and suppliers of banknote processing machinery, as well as users and customers, so that everyone is informed and The problems that occurred with the entry into circulation of the 5-euro note do not occur in practice.

the 5-euro ticket was put on the street on May 2 and at the end of 2013 there were still vending machines and cash-collection machines that did not accept the new bill.

they do not want the same thing to happen and for this reason they are providing more facilities for access to information. Another thing is that in practice, as we have already pointed out on occasion, those ultimately responsible for the machines update the devices in a prudent and sufficient period so that consumers, already with the ticket in the

hand, have no problems. now is the time to

that manufacturers and providers of means of payment get to work on updating the software, a process that, as we have been told, is relatively quick. Contrary to what happened with the 5-euro bill, specialists will have a sample to work with in their own facilities “so everything is streamlined”. between programming and testing, calculate that in a month and a half or two they could have the updates ready, so that by April the operators would have the opportunity to start testing them in a real way.

there will still be many months to spare for the

Machine owners incorporate them into all their equipment. The majority of them,

the most modern, and which have already undergone adaptation to the 5-euro bill, do not require more investment than the software itself and the work of going machine by machine for the new programming. It is usually a simple process that can also be left in the hands of the means of payment companies.

the new banknotes

europa series are the result of the advances made in the field of banknote technology since the introduction of the first series more than ten years ago, and incorporate improved security features. In addition to the hologram portrait of Europe and the watermark, the new banknote is made from a more durable material so it will need to be replaced less frequently, thus reducing its costs and environmental impact.

Regarding the possibility that they are made of plastic, as suggested by the United Kingdom, Mersch indicated the intention of the ECB to study the results obtained with the tests, but for the moment it is ruled out.

The Bank of Spain summons users and manufacturers of vending machines in April to analyze the adaptation to the 10-euro bill

Following the recommendations made by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Spain has activated an entire information campaign for the introduction of the new 10-euro note on the market.

The objective is to achieve a transition without complications and with all the guarantees of the different sectors involved in the treatment of cash as well as of the users, a proposal for which different initiatives have been launched.

In addition to the training activities undertaken to date, Banco de España has chosen to open the debate and, above all, supervise the procedure for updating equipment by companies. To this end, it has established a schedule of meetings over the next three months with each and every one of the groups involved.

cados.el of vending and automatic sales

On April 10, it is called to delve into the technical aspects that influence the adaptation of each machine, according to its type, facilitate the exchange of information and respond to the needs and doubts of companies.

The agenda for these meetings is marked by the presentation of the ticket itself and its new security features, the new software or hardware -if applicable- needed to adapt the treatment equipment, the options that offered by the Bank of Spain itself to access the available resources and, finally, a debate on the experience gained with the 5 euro banknote of the europa series introduced last year.

companies can now request their participation in this conference that will be held in Madrid. They can do so through this link or by contacting the Banco de España directly.

The Bank of Spain summons users and manufacturers of vending machines in April to analyze the adaptation to the 10-euro bill

The banknote will be put into circulation on September 22

Yves Mersch presents the new 10-euro banknote at the ECB headquarters

desde el pasado 14 de enero está a dis-posición de los fabricantes de medios de pago los nuevos billetes de 10 euros perte-necientes a la serie europa. tras su presenta-ción oficial un día antes en la sede del Banco central europeo por parte de Yves Mersch, el proceso para la configuración de equipos acaba de comenzar.

The banknote will be put into circulation on September 23, the date on which both the ECB and the Bank of Spain expect most of the equipment on the market to be ready. What is most worrying is the adaptation of the vending and payment machines installed on the street, devices that last year presented some problems with the renewed 5-euro bill.

The objective is that it does not happen again and there are not even isolated cases of vending machines that do not accept the new series, which is why a closer information campaign has been launched for both manufacturers and equipment owners. and consumers.

for weeks you can access very comprehensive content on the parties

characteristics of these new banknotes, their history, their raison d'être and the needs they raise through the ECB and Banco de españa websites. In addition, it is now when the manufacturing companies can have the test notes with which they could already work at the Banco de España facilities.

The Banco de España offers manufacturers, distributors and users of cash machinery the possibility of requesting the delivery of banknotes of the new series to carry out tests at their own facilities or in places where the machinery is in operation. Signature will be required

authorized person, of a guaranteed loan agreement, which includes confidentiality, custody and security rules that preserve the integrity and control of the new ticket until the date of its issuance.

From the Bank of Spain they assure that they will carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the entire process and for this they have contacted the companies directly, from which they request both the number of machines to be adapted and the progress of the adaptation.

Now all this availability of information and access to the new ticket must be translated into devices and updates for the machinery and its final installation by the operators and managers of the points of sale. The main stumbling block continues to lie on this last step, and it is also the most important because it is the one that is in direct contact with the consumer.

The means of payment companies remember that the lack of adaptation has a direct impact on the collection of the machines and that the investment required is not high compared to the losses that could be generated.

(Video) Download pdf file for Items Transfer to all Forms at a glance

to learn in a press conference in which the main


there are still


margin for the


The Banco de España organized



tive to publicize the



The new 10-euro banknotes are now available to manufacturing companies

last january the new 10 euro banknote was officially presented at the headquarters of the european central bank, located in frankfurt. Yves Mersch, a member of the ECB's Executive Committee, was in charge of presenting it at a press conference in which the main security features included in the new member of the Europa series were shown.

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Clear messages that, by dint of repeating them, penetrate the population. This has been the purpose of the Healthy Living Habits campaign promoted by the Spanish consumer agency, Food Safety and Nutrition, which is now preparing for its second edition since it was launched last year.

In order to communicate the importance of a balanced, varied and moderate diet and the need to complement it with the regular practice of physical activity, the administration needs the collaboration of food and drink companies, a participation that once again Being very active on the part of the big distribution brands and, of course, the main vending providers.

Bimbo, Calvo, Campo-Frío, Coca-Cola, Peñasanta Food Corporation, Danone, Deoleo, El Pozo Alimentación, Ferrero, Galli-na Blanca, Grefusa, Grupo Lactalis, Grupo Leche Pascual, Hero, Kellogg´s, Mon- delèz, nestle, nutrexpa, orangina Schweppes, pan-rico, pepsico, pescanova, unilever and Wrigley have included these messages in their campaigns broadcast on television, which will find continuity throughout 2014.

As reported by the Ministry of Health in a recent communiqué, the campaign reached during the

last year a level of recall of 55% of the population with more than 27% of people stating that they have read the legends placed in the television advertisements of their brands and products. monthly follow-up surveys reveal that the campaign is highly rated for being easy to understand, sensitizing and useful. the campaign is guaranteeing a minimum of six impacts on average per person and per day.

A certain awareness is perceived as the campaign has progressed, reaching the best results in the last quarter, which reinforces the importance of the sustainability of the actions in the field of health promotion.

the second part of the campaign, which will run until december 31, 2014, is the result of the recent renewal of the collaboration agreement between aeco-san and the alimen-tum Foundation. as a novelty in this second year of life, a new section has been included on the website carried out in collaboration with the Higher Sports Council and the Youth Sports Foundation, in which elite athletes They will verbalize messages promoting healthy lifestyles through a series of videos that will be presented progressively.

Food and beverage advertising will reinforce healthy lifestyle messages in 2014

the policy of cutting and rationalizing public bodies undertaken by the government reaches the Food Safety and Nutrition Agency and the National Consumer Institute, which merge to create the Spanish Consumer Agency, Food Safety and Nutrition.

This decision, announced at the Council of Ministers held on January 17, is not intended to be just a name change, but rather responds above all to the objective of reducing costs and making available public resources more efficient. The government has estimated the savings from this merger at 360,000 euros, which, according to the Ministry of Health, will not have an impact on the work, quality and effectiveness of the services that both entities have been providing.

Both the Food Safety and Nutrition Agency and the National Consumer Institute shared a mission in terms of protecting the health and safety of consumers and users and, although each

one of them had specific areas of action, both worked in the field of food and both had lines of work of an administrative, analytical and research nature "that could complement each other", they explain from the government.

The merger of both autonomous bodies makes it possible to address the protection of consumers and users from a single administrative body under a single direction that guarantees unity of criteria, hinders dysfunctions in the fulfillment of tasks and makes gains in efficiency and efficiency of the management of the general state administration. there will also be a single dialogue for companies, consumer organizations and administrations.

the agency will also strengthen the presence of spain in all decisions that have to do with food safety and consumption within the european union. the three national reference laboratories, the

national food center, the European reference laboratory for Biotoxins, in Vigo and the arbitration laboratory for consumption. It will be chaired by the head of the General Secretariat for Health and Consumer Affairs, currently Pilar Farjas.

aeSan was created in 2001 with the mission of guaranteeing the highest degree of food safety, as a fundamental aspect of public health and promoting the health of citizens as well as ensuring that they have full confidence in the food they consume and have access to adequate information to be able to choose.

for its part, the national consumer institute exercises the functions of promotion and promotion of the rights of consumers and users within the area of ​​competence of the general state administration. It is a body that until now was dedicated to defending the general interests of consumers and generating information on the rights and procedures in these matters.

The Food Safety Agency and the Consumer Institute merge into the same body

opposing or collaborating. fast food and vending are related in a multitude of ways and each time with more sophisticated results. The latest example that has also attracted the attention of the media around the world is the Burrito Box, a machine that sells this typical Mexican food dish.

It has been installed in a service station in Santa Monica, California, although the company's intention is to reach 25 points of sale in the next two months.

The particularity of the Burrito Box that distinguishes it from similar models and from the classic machines with precooked food is that it is made at the moment without the need to heat it up in a microwave. the meat is steamed thanks to a patented mechanism, allowing the product to come out juicier and stand out with

guarantees of reheated dishes. In addition, they ensure that they work with car-

It is not fresh, not frozen, so the quality of the final burrito is higher, getting as close as possible to a homemade preparation.

the machine gives you the opportunity to choose between five different varieties of burrito, depending on the meat you prefer, and also the sauces you want to add. It is advertised as totally natural meat, from organic farming and therefore free of products used to fatten animals artificially.

The Burrito Box prepares the roll in just 60 seconds, during which time the screen it incorporates broadcasts promotional or entertainment videos. It accepts card payments despite being a fairly cheap product, barely 3 dollars.

some local media, even some specialized blogger, collect statements

nes of people who have tried burritos and the truth is that the opinions can surprise more than one.

If the idea works, I don't think it will take us long to see in our country an equal but shawarma that seems to be more successful than the Mexican option.

Fast food and vending are in the Burrito Box

All the legislations advance towards the achievement of more ecological refrigeration equipment, a turn towards more efficient technologies and components that are generating the odd adaptation problem for automatic sales.

In the end, as in everything, the investment capacity is an essential aspect for this transformation and the economically strongest companies are the ones that first achieve objectives such as the one set by the new European directive on the use of HFc's.

An example of this that we have just stated is found in Coca-Cola, which on January 22 confirmed the installation of one million machines equipped with refrigeration equipment free of hydrofluorocarbons. at the end of 2009 the company announced its intention to use new formulas to keep its drinks cold in vending machines, a program that aimed to replace all units by 2015 as agreed with greenpeace.

It is difficult to reach the target set, since the company owns more than 10 million of these machines. For now, it has managed to replace a tenth of them, avoiding the emission of 5.25 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. “This milestone marks significant progress in the company's effort to eliminate the use of HFc refrigerant in devices.

coca-cola thinkers, vending machines and refrigerators worldwide”, says the company.

It maintains its goal of having all vending machines and refrigerators refrigerate beverages with more efficient technologies by the end of next year, which will prevent the emission of 50 million metric tons of CO2 in 10 years, an amount equivalent to annual emissions from more than 10 million vehicles.

Up to now, the multinational has invested 100 million dollars as confirmed by Jeff Seabright, Vice President of Environment and Water, of the Coca-Cola Company. “We have significantly reduced our carbon footprint. Through investment in research, development and marketing we have moved towards the use of low consumption, HFc-free refrigeration technologies and more efficient energy management systems. We have made sustainable cooling the cornerstone of our work to protect against climate change.”

In 2013, Coca-Cola installed approximately 230,000 units of HFc-free equipment, reaching that million units worldwide. Although these new machines are making their way around the world, Europe and Japan have been the market leaders to date mainly due to their legislation.

Europe and Japan lead the installation of Coca-Cola HFC-free vending machines

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The difficulties that arise when it comes to blocking minors' access to tobacco vending machines are behind the ban on sales through this channel in countries such as the United Kingdom, Israel or Finland. The responsibility that establishments acquire, and more specifically the staff who work in them and who must control who buys through remote devices, becomes a heavy burden that could be avoided thanks to new technologies.

Identity verification systems for vending are considered a fairly reliable solution that avoids problems in both cases, devices that are common in countries like Italy, but have not caught on in other places, such as the case of our country.

where we will soon be able to see them will be in the Netherlands, where the manufacturer Wurlitzer has reached an agreement to install in its

tobacco machines the machine access control system patented by ageviewers. The announcement of the alliance was made after verifying, by the Dutch institute Trimbos, that in the country there are more than 10,000 obsolete vending machines in which hundreds of thousands of packs of cigarettes are sold annually to people who do not have the legal minimum age.

With the new machines this will not be possible and will allow these types of machines to be kept on the street in line with stricter legislation and the programs promoted by governments to reduce tobacco consumption among the youngest.

with the new vending machines equipped with ageviewers, the park will be modernized facilitating the location of units equipped with a device that requires the introduction of the personal identification card or dni to be able to buy tobacco.

In the case of Italy, for example, consumers can only buy the product if they insert their health card or tax code, after which the device checks the age of majority before dispensing the tobacco. furthermore, these machines are only located in places licensed to sell cigarettes.

chip card identifiers are currently the most reliable, although there are already machines being tested, with good results, that use more modern identification methods through cameras that avoid having to use personal documents in spaces public, thus reducing the risks of falsification or copying.

For the moment, these advances remain for a later evolution, as well as the obligation to integrate these sales control systems in our country.

Identity verification systems, the only way for tobacco vending companies to survive

The dried fruit and snacks market closed the 2013 financial year with an increase of 3.1% in its value in relation to the previous year, a growth that is not due to the rise in consumption, but rather to the costs of the material cousin.

This is the main conclusion of the new study on 'Sectors' published by dBK, a subsidiary of informa d&B, which estimates the total amount of this market at 1,995 million euros, which occupies a small space within automatic sales. as a product of easy location and high rotation in the machines.

growth is moderate, the same as in 2012 when it increased by 3.5%, and it remains

clouded by this main cause that the study identifies, since a stagnation in the prices of raw materials would mean a decline in the market due to this drop in consumption.

dBK differentiates different segments within this industry, being that of nuts the one that experienced an increase of 5% in 2012, driven by the repercussion on the final sale prices of part of the increase in the cost of raw materials, coming to concentrate this segment 37.2% of the total market.

the rest was distributed in 33.4% to the snack segment, which obtained a growth of 4.4% in value, and in

29.4% for French fries, which only increased 0.7%.

"Continuous innovation in flavors and formats has allowed the snack segment to maintain a trend of moderate growth in recent years, while that of chips has shown the advanced maturity of its demand," says the consultant.

forecasts for 2014

They point to a better behavior of consumption in terms of volume, although the expected moderation in the prices of raw materials will result in a lower growth of the market in value, which could be between 1% and 2 %. nothing to do with the numbers that are handled in other countries such as the united kingdom or germany.

The sector of nuts and snacks grows, that of chips stagnates

The reduction of salt in processed products is advancing among the big food brands. In a shift towards healthier trends, large companies are beginning to fulfill their commitments with the administration by putting on supermarket shelves and vending machines made with less sodium chloride.

A few months ago, the general director of public health, quality and innovation, Mercedes Vinuesa, confirmed it before the World Health Organization, now she does it with one of her field studies, the ocu that at the end of last year surveyed the with-

had more than two hundred products to verify the evolution they have had in the last three years.

Therefore, they have repeated the analyzes carried out on a wide variety of products such as chips or bread, most of which are included in the usual diet of an average Spaniard. "comparing the data from both studies, in 14 brands we clearly observe this tendency to reduce the amount of salt, although, despite this, it is still left over, and it is the white brands that have made the least effort to reduce it", points out the consumer organization.

among those that have made the most efforts

do highlights the work of Gallina Blanca, which has managed to reduce the quantity by 34%. other brands such as Maheso, carretilla, pala-cios, la cocinera, Buitoni and Knorr have also made an effort to improve the quality of their products and reduce the amount of salt.

the ocu only highlights the reverse path followed by a company. This is the case of Casa Tarradellas, which "not only did not reduce the amount of salt in its products, but also increased it by 18%", according to the OCU in its report.

The association congratulates the companies that have made the decision to reduce the salt content, however, it continues to highlight among its advice the elimination of the diet from the consumption of prepared or processed foods due to its higher proportion in relation to homemade food .

at the end of last january the environment committee of the european parliament approved a total ban on the use of fluorinated gases in the manufacture of new refrigeration and air conditioning systems from the year 2025. no device from that date may include them as a cold method.

Specifically, it did so on January 30, the day on which partial exemptions from the European system of CO2 emission licenses were also approved, exemptions applicable to intercontinental flights.

such that take off or land in countries of the European Union.

The arrival at this point was inevitable since the negative impact that these products have on the ozone layer has been verified-not a reality assumed by the industry that has been working with the European administration to try to make the transition be as traumatic as possible both for the liquidation of stock and for changes in manufacturing processes to include new systems.

in principle, at least it has been achieved

longer since this total prohibition is delayed from 2020 to 2025, a five-year margin for manufacturers to find alternatives to lower the cost of equipment equipped with the new refrigeration formulas so that their entry into the market does not mean an economic impact as negative as initially expected.

Already last December, the committee of permanent representatives of the council of the european union approved reducing by two thirds the emissions of fluorinated gases into the atmosphere from the community territory and prohibiting their use in equipment. all the countries supported the new legislation that will now allow a little more time for the elimination to be more phased if possible.

White hen. the brand that most reduces the salt content of its products

The PE grants vending until 2025 for the elimination of fluorinated gases


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End the waste generated by vending. The Autonomous Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona is clear: the products of just one person are not sustainable. Campus volunteers have launched this initiative that seeks to eliminate cups from coffee machines by promoting the use of their own cups brought from home by students.

"Coffee machine cups are for single use, the environment is not." this is the motto of the environmental program oh My got! -glass in Catalan- with which an information campaign has been launched to reduce the amount of waste generated each year and, in the same way, reduce production and the abuse in the use of raw materials.

The starting point is the possibility given by the coffee machines installed on campus to introduce your own cup or glass that avoids having to resort to plastic or cardboard cups every time you go to the service and also a saving of approx. -

only five cents, according to the volunteers.

It must be said that not all glasses fit in the mouth of the machine from which the coffee is served and that there are also more ecological products and glasses made with recycled and more easily recoverable materials. However, they are not an alternative for the Foundation, which is seeking greater involvement from campus users.

“Today, the use of disposable cups of any material is the main environmental problem on the uaB campus, since it is an abuse of raw materials and a constant and daily source of waste that, moreover, is difficult to recycle, since it they are deposited in the garbage without prior separation ”, report from the group that wants to put a stop to the concept of a single use.

in contrast, they defend that for reusable cups an amount of raw material is needed six times less than the

required for single-use cups. In the same way, "with the use of reusable cups, the amount of gases emitted that contribute to generating the greenhouse effect is divided by three," they say. In conclusion, the benefits of changing behavior patterns when using disposable materials and using alternatives is a good tool towards sustainability.

The center points out that "at the uaB, nearly a million single-use cups are used each year in coffee machines, which means 2,555 kilos of propylene plastic and a volume of waste equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools".

We'll see if the initiative catches on with the students, since one of the advantages of vending is the comfort it brings to the coffee service, facilities that must be given up voluntarily by making an effort on the part of the consumer who not only has to carry their own container but also have to have a space to clean and store it.

Ready meals are products that have joined the vending family with relative success for the consumer, an acceptance that has been jeopardized by recent cases of meat fraud -introduction of unidentified horse meat- detected in Europe.

With the aim of eliminating doubts about these articles, the industry has been taking specific measures such as the agreement reached a few weeks ago by Confecarne, the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries and the Spanish Association of Dish Manufacturers prepared, but it is now the European Parliament that has decided to take action on the matter.

To begin with, in the plenary session held on January 14, the MEPs demand a series of measures to increase controls in the production chain, starting with the labeling of the origin of the meat used for this

elaborated and reinforcing controls. It is a non-legislative resolution, so now they should start working on conclusive regulations, so the process, as almost always happens in Europe, could take too long.

The European Parliament has expressed its concern about the growth of food fraud, which is aggravated by the complexity and cross-border nature of this chain, together with the essentially national nature of inspections, sanctions and enforcement measures. tion.

“The first problem is the lack of comparable data, which means that it is difficult to get an exact picture of the problem, but we know that we are talking about fraud involving billions of euros”, pointed out Esther de Lange of the European PP. Unlike the US, the European Union still does not have a definition

common food fraud. fraud cases are the bad apples that spoil everyone's image and destroy consumer confidence, he added.

The report presented by the MEP was approved by 659 votes in favour. the text specifies the need for a common definition of “food fraud” and asks the commission to strengthen the role of the eu food office. likewise, it calls for a common struggle by proposing the generalization of DNA tests on food.

MEPs are calling for more extensive inspections of frozen food and a bill to make labeling of processed meat and fish mandatory. They also consider that the member states of the European Union should establish more forceful economic sanctions so that the infraction does not compensate the profits, as is currently the case.

Objective: eliminate the glasses from the vending

Europe requires labeling on the origin of meat in prepared dishes

Only a change in the commission policy that the large banking operators apply to card purchases can help the proliferation of these systems in automatic sales whose margins are scarce and suffer from the high rates that are charged. apply.

In addition, a review of the rates facilitates the integration and promotion of new formulas for commercial distribution in general, and of course for vend-ding. Hence the importance of the report prepared by the European Parliament's Commission for Economic and Monetary Affairs voted on last Thursday and which will apply to both cross-border and national payments.

the commission is committed to limiting rates, even allowing member states to establish lower ceilings than the minimum agreed by euro-pe. the decision is made to reduce the 10,000 million euros that small merchants pay each year for these fees and that prevent it from being reinvested in technology and products.

“these charges are not transparent and differ between eu member states”, deepening inequalities, according to the official statement. They are paid directly to the banks to which the Visa and Mastercard networks belong, which together control the bulk of the credit card market.

credit and debit fees, and are normally charged to each transaction and the services offered.

The proposal is that for payments the fees be limited to 0.3% of the value of the transaction, while it is lowered to 0.2% in the case of debit cards or a maximum of 7 cents in this case if the value is minor.

These would be limitations that would enter into force twelve months after their publication, not as up to now when a period of 22 months was established.

In addition, the commission highlights the possibility of choice that companies would have, although the truth is that it would also excessively limit the offer of cards to be admitted when in

Currently, the trend is to maintain the main card networks so as not to lose any sales.

Undoubtedly, further improvement can be made, although for the moment this will be the proposal voted on in the next plenary session of the European Parliament.

The cap on card commissions opens a new horizon for vending

On January 6, the ruling of the Constitutional Court that completely ruled out the possibility of selling tobacco through vending machines in tourist establishments was made official through its publication in the Official State Gazette.

This puts an end to the conflict that arose after the approval of article 12.4 of Law 11/2001, of June 15, on the organization of commercial activity in the Balearic Islands, drafted by the Balearic Islands Parliament Act 25 /2006, of December 27, of tax and administrative measures, in which this possibility was contemplated as an alternative measure to face the losses that its total prohibition of this type of business had entailed.

The state's highest court considers the allegations presented sufficient to consider the appeal of unconstitutionality and, therefore, not allow this exception that was paralyzed at the same time in the

that the legal procedures began. In practice, it will not affect any operator or company, since with the presentation of the appeal, the suspension of the article was taken as precautionary measures, therefore no vending machine had been installed. tobacco in these shops in the last seven years. The sentence refers to the differences that exist between accommodation and tourist trade and that in the Balearic law they were equated so as not to contravene article 4 b) of law 28/2005 of prevention of smoking that establishes that "tobacco product vending machines may only be located inside premises, centers or establishments where smoking is not prohibited, as well as those referred to in letters b ), c) and d) of art. 8.1”.

The latter, according to the regulations in force at that time, were: “b) Hotels, hostels and similar establishments; c) Bars, restaurants

Restaurants and other closed catering establishments, with a useful area for customers or visitors equal to or greater than one hundred square meters, unless they are located inside centers or premises where smoking is prohibited. In accordance with the provisions of art. 7; and d) Party halls, gaming establishments, or for public use in general, during the hours or time interval in which the entry of minors under eighteen years of age is not allowed, except in open-air spaces”.

The government, through a press release, announced compliance with the court's decision, although it announced that it will continue working to achieve a solution for these businesses. “We have opened another way. It is a complicated lawsuit because it would mean another modification of the anti-tobacco law. However, we are taking the appropriate steps”, pointed out the general director of commerce and business.

Tourist businesses will not finally be able to install tobacco vending machines

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news / hostel vending

60 / news / hostelvending

Hostel Vending • nº 76 march - april 2014 news / hostelvending

61 / news / hostelvending

Automatic sales and distribution is full of small initiatives related to the promotion of products and new lines of business aimed at specific consumers. It happens in large distribution, where spaces for organic, lactose-free or gluten-free products are increasingly occupying more shelves. at least they are differentiated, an exclusivity that is beginning to be seen more frequently now in vending.

At we have already brought you examples of this current of healthy vending or vending companies specialized in the sale of certain products for people with food allergies, projects that are based on ambitious ideas from entrepreneurs but that are sometimes somewhat diluted. two for lack of support or organization.

in italy, aware of this need to unify criteria and value these very particular projects, the national association of celiacs launched a program focused on eating away from home to identify the shops and establishments that prevail in their offer gluten-free products.

here the automatic sale has found a way to reach its potential users, adhering to the project. The first to do so was Buonristoro, which since joining the initiative has identified its machines with its own 'glutifree' sticker, ensuring that its instant products, instant drinks and snacks are gluten-free.

cattelan vending machines es la segunda gran operadora que se comprome-

te with the Italian association for celiacs to direct its offer in the vending machines towards these consumers who, normally, find it very difficult to access gluten-free products on the street.

Through the association's website, companies have the opportunity to locate their machines so that any Internet user can have a detailed map of the vending machines installed where they can find gluten-free products.

In our country there is also a similar project promoted by the Federation of Celiac Associations that identifies the establishments where we can find gluten-free menus with a badge. However, no vending company has joined yet.

The US government is preparing a new legislative reform that will affect vending machines. After the imposition of a more complete labeling in 2010 and after transforming the snack and pastry vending machines of schools and educational centers into machines with healthier products, during this 2014 the devices will be forced to offer a more complete nutritional information of the items for sale.

The news has gone around the world after the Food and Drug Administration, the department in charge of food safety, announced its inclusion in the Health reform law that is directly promoted by President Barack Obama and whose main objective is to tackle the obesity problems that affect the North American population due to bad eating habits.

According to the FDA, what is intended with this measure is to help consumers make a more and better informed decision about the products they eat. with a more complete label and in which all the calories and ingredients of the products are detailed.

products, legislators expect a change in consumer habits, something that has been shown to be ineffective by some studies. Being informed about the high caloric content of a product does not in itself cause it to stop taking it.

However, the measure whose final wording will be known in the coming weeks will affect almost 11,000 companies in the sector that operate 20 or more machines, small companies that will have to make a significant investment to adapt them with information screens that allow the user to access this required information, new labels or alternative systems. These are the data provided by the National Association of Vending Machines, which calculates an initial investment of about 2,400 dollars for these companies.

They would have a one-year term to adapt all the machines on the market, without it being known yet if they will be forced to present the nutritional information in some specific way or it will be the operator himself who decides how to do it according to his economic possibilities leaving the way free to creativity.

With the so-called intelligent vending and the new machines that are presented at the main commercial events, everything seems easier. It is simply a matter of adding information and making it reach the consumer through the touch screens that they include. For the classic machines that flood the North American market, the solution does not seem so simple and less cheap since including a display and the necessary software requires a significant investment that, of course, is not recovered in the short term, especially if the objective is to consume less of those products.

We will see how the standard is finally drafted and what options the US administration offers operators, but it is certainly hard news to start the year. Can you imagine a similar legislation in Europe? It is not unreasonable to think so. There are already voices within the European Union calling for more information on product labeling and more attitude from food companies and their distributors to promote healthier and healthier products.

Vending machines will be required to include nutritional information on their products

Vending for celiacs acquires entity

The large companies that base their business on selling over the Internet also think of vending as a classic channel to reach the public. because it's not all about looking on a computer screen and pressing a button to buy a product, amazon has tested the marketing of its e-book through vending machines.

This is a one-off initiative that attempts to take advantage of events of a diverse nature or specific locations.

cas to install a machine and get the most out of it.

They respond perfectly to the 'pop up store' concept that has become so fashionable in recent times and that Amazon began to explode in November. It is a full-fledged vending machine in

where we can find both the Kindle Fire Hdx reading device and different accessories for ebooks.

One of the machines could be seen a few days ago in Las Vegas during the celebration of the International CES 2014, one of the most important technology fairs in the world, and both its design and its operation place it at the forefront of vending .

With a very colorful showcase in which to see the product and a large screen to navigate and find out all the details of the purchase, the machine allows purchases by credit card and becomes a physical space that brings a little closer to amazon to its competitors who do have specific stores to promote their gadgets.

In any case, for now it is still easier to buy a Kindle online than in one of these vending machines, in addition to offering guarantees that vending does not yet reach.

Amazon takes advantage of vending to promote its electronic book

If only a few months ago we talked about the decision taken by the Paterna town hall to start charging a fee to ATMs and vending machines installed on the street, it is now the municipality of San Vicente de Raspeig, in Alicante, the that copies the initiative to make cash during this 2014.

On January 1, the tax for the special use of the local public domain with automatic vending machines and the Tax ordinance regulating it began to be applied, a tax that was approved by the plenary session of the consistory on October 30 and which will affect all those machines that provide a service on the facades of buildings, having direct access to them from the street.

the tax rate makes a quantitative distinction between the type of machine to be installed. Thus, for the ATMs of the banking entities, it establishes a higher annual fee that reaches 459.90 euros, while for the rest of the vending machines the amount remains at 229.25 euros. the rate for the special use of the local public domain by the automatic vending machines will be managed by register or registration, and must

make the payment of the annual installments of the rate in the period determined by the administration.

For the formation of the register or registration, the operators will be obliged to present a list of the automatic vending machines that they manage and that give access to the public highway, with expression, at least, of the name of the street where they are installed and the number of the public road. the council will carry out an exhaustive control over all the machines in the locality, and must be informed of any changes in this regard.

As is the case in most municipalities that choose to impose a rate of this type, the main objective is to open

a new source of income, although it is also justified with the intention of equating automatic sales with the obligations of other types of businesses such as cafeterias.

However, in the specific case of this Alicante town, the new rate contrasts with other decisions

related to taxes taken by the government team of the popular party, such as the freezing of the vehicle tax and the iBi or the reduction of up to 28% of the fee for the installation of terraces by bars, restaurants and cafeterias that As of this year they will be affected by the square meters and the category of the streets.

New year, new rates for vending

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62 / products / hostel vending

products / hostelvendingHostel Vending products • nº 76 March - April 2014 products / hostelvending

63 / products / hostelvending

With the experience gained in the United States, Danone decided to conquer the snack market with Danio, a high-density yogurt that comes in a 150-gram format instead of 125 to increase the feeling of satiety. dad. The objective is to take over the food market between meals, a consumption niche that according to their data is booming

due to the change in the trends of Spanish households, somewhat more optimistic regarding the increase in demand.

this is the opportunity that danone was waiting for to complete the extensive offer that they have for snacking, where both Actimel and Yolado are already installed. danio is not going to replace any of them, but

that is going to be added and will try to match the 7,000 million dollars in sales reached in the usa. The increase in market share is sought through the promotion of novelties and also through its pricing policy. The new product comes out with a recommended retail price of one euro, an amount that is featured in the company's main campaigns.


necta has developed the tango model within its Snack & Food range, a machine that stands out for its flexibility, for offering better performance and for its value for money.

The machine can be configured in a multitude of different ways, allowing the operator to have the most suitable batch of products for a

specific location, thus being able to offer a large number of snacks, cold drinks and fresh food, in a combined way.

The manufacturer refers to the good performance of the refrigeration unit which, together with the LED lighting and the perfect insulation of the cabinet, allow substantial energy savings, obtaining the A+ class energy consumption certificate according to the EVa EMP 3.0 protocol.

the design also plays in its favor, highlighting a metal user interface, combined with black elements, a 128x64 pixel graphic screen, a capacitive keyboard and a large refrigerated display case.

n & W gloBal Vending

Bahlsen sets his goal in vending to grow this year in our country. the company founded in 1889 took advantage of

chas the formats of several of its products to introduce them gradually in the

snack catalogs of the main operators.

the 100 and 125 gram bags are the ones chosen to be inserted into vending trays. “The products that initially fit would be Leibniz Minis -mini butter cookies, in its two versions with and without chocolate-, Cho-co Friends -mini waffle rolls covered in chocolate-, Messino Minis -mini biscuits with filling of orange marmalade and covered with

dark chocolate-”, specifies adriana.los biscuits, waffles and chocolate cakes

Bahlsen are prepared in a balanced way so that your moment of pleasure is also a healthy moment, in which you only worry about enjoying the best flavor. For this reason, we select each raw material and take care of the production process so that our products provide essential nutrients in the right amount, respecting the balanced diet of the whole family.


Danone sets out to conquer food between meals with Danio

mini biscuits to snack on as an aperitif

Tango promotes more variety of products and offers

Smaller and more manageable for installation in any small space in an establishment. this is how zerocig's electronic cigarette vending machines are, a california-based company specializing in the sale of these products.

The machines are equipped with advanced technology, including a high-resolution screen for displaying the products and management software that allows monitoring all the activity of the machine remotely. It also highlights its system for verifying the customer's age, forcing the identification of the buyer through his ID.

It can be installed on a surface or by fixing it to the wall with the only requirement of having a connection to the electrical network

close. The system has a 32” touch screen that offers consumers information about the products, available flavors and pipette kits, and is equipped with payment methods that also allow purchases through cashless options such as credit card.

It supports up to three different sales channels and has the capacity to store up to 250 electronic cigarettes.


a less traditional container with the capacity to store the herbs in all their essence. This is the option cafento has chosen to launch its new selection of teas and infusions under the Montecelio brand. In total there are ten high-quality varieties, inspired by some of the most traditional recipes in the world. The main novelty is the packaging that,

In the shape of a pyramid, it has the advantage over the square ones of containing the plants in branches, so that they preserve their essential oils, preserving to a greater extent their flavor, aroma and healthy properties. furthermore, in comparison with the infusions available directly

Completely on the branch, the pyramids are more comfortable, as they do not require a filter or teapot for their preparation. the new Montecelio teas and infusions are marketed with crockery, a menu and specific thematic tables for each of the varieties.

cafento opts for the pyramidal container for its selection of teas and infusions of the world


not only has the name changed. Easter milk group, now

paschal quality, also brings renewal to its products starting with its pasteurized yoghurts. the brand has just relaunched them with a new recipe, new identity and new packaging with the aim of conquering the national and international market. it achieves a less acid flavor and a more natural aroma, as well as a creamier texture.

the new yoghurts do not contain gluten and have the Halal certification seal, so that they can reach a wider range of consumers.

The new Pascual Yogurts also debut a more striking image, with its own personality, with more vivid and modern colors, a rounded container, more manageable for the consumer. In addition, it incorporates product information in several languages, including Arabic and Chinese, which allows the product to be brought to any corner of the globe.



reduced format for e-cigarette machines

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products / hostel vending

64 / products / hostel vending

Stracto, the brand of coffee capsules and coffee infusions, expands its offer with three new infusions, thus balancing its portfolio, which now has five coffee options and five infusions. Peppermint Green tea, rooibos with orange -decaffeinated and decaffeinated- and fruit infusion are the three new Stracto capsules, compatible with the brand's coffee machines, which use the renowned caffitaly System, with hundreds of millions of capsules sold worldwide. world.

the new capsules are already available for the retail, vending, ocS and home channels. They can be purchased in more than 3,000 establishments throughout the

ña and on the website

After consolidating in the Horeca channel, Stracto is presented in the national capsule market as "the espresso for those who know the most about coffee". Sponsored by Luigi Lupi, considered one of the best baristas in the world, the Stracto brand offers five varieties of coffee, made with the best origins in the world. all the capsules have a dose of eight grams, the adequate amount for obtaining an optimal espresso according to specialists, paying particular attention to the degree of grinding and roasting.

Stracto also offers five varieties

from teas and infusions and has a wide range of coffee machines designed to respond to all types of customers and needs, regardless of the amount of consumption and users that are expected.

Last October, Stracto and the Sandra Ibarra Solidarity Against Cancer Foundation reached a collaboration agreement, the first fruit of this alliance being a Solidaria Stracto coffee maker. a part of the income from the sale of this coffee maker is earmarked for Foundation projects.


de'longhi and nespresso stay one step ahead of the professional barista and launch the lattissima pro model on the market, the latest evolution in the range of the italian manufacturer that has achieved good penetration in different markets thanks to the alliance the cappuccino production system patented by the company and the ease and variety of nespresso capsules.

Once again, quality and design come together in a coffee machine, whose previous model, Lattissima Plus, has been placed among the five best sellers in

North America. With the aim of continuing to advance in the US market, this model was created and went on sale last February.

the lattissima pro design combines italian style and top quality materials with the latest technology on the market, including the aforementioned cappuccino brewing system at the touch of a button and “latte macchiatos” allowing you to choose the amount of cream in the preparation .

With this model, consumers can choose between six types of pre-programmed thicknesses and the amount of milk from a sophisticated and very simple touch control panel. with the capsules

nespresso grand cru, available in 22 varieties, the coffee preparation options are innumerable and increasingly closer to the quality provided by a professional barista.

It reaches 19 bars of pressure and is equipped with an automatic capsule ejection system for each service. among the 6 programmed selections are the varieties of ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, hot milk and hot water for the preparation of infusions.

It is equipped with LED lighting for energy saving and the milk foam regulator, and combines an automatic cleaning function.


stracto expands its offer of capsule infusions for venDing and ocs

The De'longhi cappuccino system and nespresso capsules go up a notch with lattissima pro

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Feb 23, 2023

What software can unlock PDF? ›

The top-rated PDF password remover is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, which allows you to remove passwords and restrictions on PDF files. PDFelement can help you add a password to protect PDFs from opening, printing, or editing, while it can also help to remove the password protection from PDF files for good.

What is the password for locked PDF? ›

Use the File > Properties menu and then the Security tab to find the Security Method option. Choose Password Security and then select the option in the new window called Require a password to open the document. Enter a password in that text field to create the document open password for the PDF file.

How do I remove a lock from a PDF on my Iphone? ›

With the document open, do one of the following:
  1. Change a password: Tap. , tap Document Options, then tap Change Password. Enter the required information, then tap Done.
  2. Remove a password: Tap. , tap Document Options, tap Change Password, then turn off Require Password. Type the old password, then tap Done.

What is the owner password to unlock PDF? ›

In Adobe Acrobat PDF, the owner password is known as Permission Password. A PDF owner password is a password that is used to restrict documents in PDF files. In Adobe Acrobat, the owner password is known as the change permissions password.

How do I convert a PDF to a Word document? ›

How to convert PDF files into Word documents:
  1. Open a PDF file in Acrobat.
  2. Click on the “Export PDF” tool in the right pane.
  3. Choose Microsoft Word as your export format, and then choose “Word Document.”
  4. Click “Export.” ...
  5. Save your new Word file:

Why can't I edit a PDF for free? ›

The PDF document is encrypted with password protection. You may be using a PDF reader that only allows you to preview files, not edit them. The PDF was created using an outdated or ineffective program that makes editing the file difficult. The editing software you are using is too complicated.

Can everyone edit a PDF? ›

Some cloud-based file sharing services allow everyone to view and work on a PDF at any time — as long as they've been given access. This kind of collaborative editing lets everyone see the results of their work in real time. However, without proper communication, the work process can easily get confusing.

Can I edit a PDF form on my phone? ›

Use Adobe as your Android PDF editor.

Whether for work or personal use, the ability to edit PDFs on the go from your Android device is a convenient timesaver for you and those you collaborate with. Explore what more you can do with PDFs on your Android device using Adobe Acrobat online services today.

Does Google have a free PDF editor? ›

Free PDF Editor - Google Workspace Marketplace. Fill up your PDF Forms quickly online for free. You can select files from your PC or Google Drive. This service is absolutely free of charge.

Does Google have a PDF editor? ›

Open the PDF with Google Docs. Locate your PDF within Google Drive, then right-click and select Open With > Google Docs. Edit your document. Once your file opens in Google Docs, you can now start to make edits.

How can I edit a PDF offline for free? ›

PDF Editor Software with Offline Access
  1. Apryse PDF SDK. 4.3. Changing the way the world works with documents. ...
  2. PDF Studio. 4.5. (54) ...
  3. ABBYY FineReader PDF. 4.7. (293) ...
  4. Adobe Acrobat. 4.7. (2.1K) ...
  5. iLovePDF. 4.7. (1.2K) ...
  6. Smallpdf. 4.6. (604) ...
  7. Nitro. 4.5. (497) ...
  8. PDFelement. 4.3. (389)

How do I edit a PDF on my Iphone? ›

Choose the Camera or Document button, then search for the PDF you wish to attach and edit. Choose the attachment, then the gray arrow icon. Choose the Markup button to edit the PDF. Tap the + button to add a signature, text, and more.

How do I download a PDF that is not downloadable? ›

How do I download a PDF that cannot be downloaded? If there is no download button when you open a PDF file on a browser, press Ctrl + P and then choose to print the file to PDF. In this way, you can save the file as PDF.

How do I download text from a PDF? ›

Save the whole document as a text file
  1. Open the PDF saved to your computer using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.
  2. Click File > Save as.
  3. Click the 'Save as type' drop-down list and select the file format you want to save as (e.g. Word. ...
  4. Choose where on your computer you want to save the file and click Save.
Jul 1, 2022

How do I download a PDF to my iPhone? ›

On your Mac, open Apple Books. Then find your PDF file in the Finder or on your Desktop and drag the file into your Library. Your PDF will be available in the Books app on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac, as long as you're signed in to the same Apple ID and have iCloud Drive turned on for Books.

How do I extract text from a PDF download? ›

With the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can extract any text from a PDF document into a simple text file. And it's simple: just upload your PDF and let us do the rest. After you provided your file, PDF2Go will use OCR to get the text from your PDF and save it as a TXT file.

How do I open the PDF that I just downloaded? ›

Select Adobe Acrobat (or your preferred PDF reader) from the list of available options.
  1. If an options window doesn't appear, or if the PDF opens in another program, go back to the File view and right-click on the PDF.
  2. Select Open With and choose your downloaded reader.

How do I download a PDF from Google? ›

pdf file on Chrome:
  1. On your computer, open a Google Doc.
  2. At the top, click File. Print.
  3. At the left, next to "Destination," select Save as PDF.
  4. At the top, click Save.

How do I download a PDF from Chrome? ›

You can choose whether PDFs download or open in Chrome when you go to a site.
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. Click Privacy and security. Site Settings.
  4. Click Additional content settings. PDF documents.
  5. Choose the option that you want as your default setting.

How do I get the contents of a PDF? ›

A copy & paste approach is the most practical option when dealing with a small number of simple PDF documents.
  1. Open each PDF file.
  2. Selection a portion of data or text on a particular page or set of pages.
  3. Copy the selected information.
  4. Paste the copied information on a DOC, XLS or CSV file.
Jan 18, 2023

How do I convert a PDF to a text file? ›

PDF to Text – Convert PDF to Text Online for Free
  1. Drag your file into the PDF-to-Text converter.
  2. Select OCR if needed, or choose “Convert selectable text.”
  3. Wait while we convert your file in seconds.
  4. Download your file as a fully editable Word doc!
May 15, 2023

How do I download a PDF to my computer? ›

To save a PDF, choose File > Save or click the Save File icon in the Heads Up Display (HUD) toolbar at the bottom of the PDF. The Save As dialog box is displayed. Choose the location where you want to save the PDF and then click Save.

Why does my iPhone not download PDF files? ›

If you have greyed-out files on a PDF on your iPhone, it's likely because your device doesn't support the file type. You'll need to open the PDF using a different app if you want to view it.

Can I open a PDF on my iPhone? ›

In the Books app , you can open and save PDFs that you receive in Mail, Messages, and other apps.

How do I download a PDF from Safari? ›

The example shown will cover how to save a webpage open in Safari as a PDF document.
  1. Open Safari and browse to the webpage you wish to save as PDF. ...
  2. Click on the Safari option bar at the top-left of your screen and go to “File” and “Export as PDF”
  3. Select a name and a location and click on “Save”

How do I extract text from a PDF on my iPhone? ›

How to Extract Text from a PDF Using OCR on iPhone
  1. Make an image selection over the text you want extracted:
  2. Tap on the image selection to bring up the annotation popover:
  3. Tap the Text Recognition button: Wait for the text to be recognized: ...
  4. Tap the Smart Copy button to copy the extracted text.

How do I extract text from a PDF on my phone? ›

How to Extract Text from a PDF
  1. Step 1: Upload the PDF. Login to our OCR tool and select a PDF file to upload. ...
  2. Step 2: Add Parsing Rules. Before separating text from the PDF, add rules to automate and speed up the process. ...
  3. Step 3: Export and Save Your Text. That's pretty much it.

Why can't I copy text from PDF? ›

If you can't copy text from PDF, it's most likely because the Content Copying option is disabled. You'll need the password for the PDF to unlock that feature. If you don't have the password, there are ways to bypass that.


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