The best ice cream in Warsaw (2023)

The best ice cream in Warsaw (1)

From Dalla Gelato

st. Leszczyńska 4

Thanks to a small ice cream parlor in Powiśle, you don't have to go to Rome to feel the taste of sunny Italy! Although this is only the first season of Dal Dalla Gelato, everything indicates that this place will become a hit among Varsovians. A beautiful interior, a mini garden and friendly service, and above all a wide selection of excellent ice cream - these are sufficient reasons to stay here longer. Dal Dalla Gelato proves that people with passion are the key to success. The local maestro - Luca - proudly emphasizes that his ice cream is made according to traditional Italian recipes and is made only from natural ingredients. Milk and cream come from Polish dairies, seasonal fruits from domestic crops, nut spreads and chocolate from Sicily. You will eat Luka's original compositions, but also ice cream classics - we were delighted with every flavor we tried! It was difficult to choose favorites among such strong competition, but we really enjoyed the local pistachio, milk with cream and salty caramel. If you like chocolate, be sure to try chocolate sorbet - we haven't eaten so good in a long time! For fans of refreshment, we recommend lemon or blueberry, for those looking for adventure - Aperol Spritz ball. The consistency of all the ice creams was thick, velvety and perfectly creamy. You will pay PLN 6 for a scoop of one of the classic flavors. If you choose something original compositions - PLN 7.50. We will definitely come back soon, especially that the flavors will change seasonally, and new sweets will appear in the offer.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (2)

It'll be all right

ul. PuŁawska 23/25

Argumentfromin, ktfromThey convinced us to systematically visit the craft bakery It's Good, there were always a lot, but recently we found another one. In addition to delicious bread, sweet or savory buns and cakes baked according to recipes from around the world (check the ranking of the best bakeries in Poland >>) recently can be found here rfromalso amazing ice cream. The owners of the premises - Dagmara Rosiak, known as Głodna Daga, andher partner Borys aka Lord Bejker– they entered into collaboration with Bartek zLodfromin Specialty. The result is delicious, creamy ice cream made with the highest quality ingredientsfromw, without chemical fillers and unnecessary additivesfromw. Information about the exact composition has been placed next to each flavor, so you can be sure that the selected item is what we expect. Most of the products are based on fresh milk and cream, but there are also flavors based on vegan plant drinks. It is in vain to look for additional sugar - it is completely unnecessary, the bolody itself is deep in taste. Prfromwe lovedzarfromwno classic tastefromw - strawberries and pistachios - as well as more original ones, such as yoghurt with rhubarb and a surprising skunkfromhandful of bread. Milk ice cream flavored with salty caramel has been enhanced with a nutty note from wheat-rye-spelt bread, whichfromry can be purchased at the bakery. It is worth noting that this flavor is the only permanent one in the offer, others will followwhat are youthey change. There will always be nut propositions - pistachio, peanut butter, salty almond - as well as raspberry, strawberry and mango-passion fruit sorbets. We've heard that the ones that taste like milk in a tube are a recent hit! If you haven't had the chance,frombelodfromin zIt will be fine, necessarily naddrfrombe behind! A portion of ice-cream goodness costs PLN 7 here.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (3)

Flaminia ice cream shop

ul.Anny German 18

This small, year-round ice cream parlor in Żoliborz is a family business - it belongs to the family that runs the Trattoria Flaminia restaurant opposite, one of the 27 Polish restaurants that can boast a certificate of originality of Italian cuisine. Both in the trattoria and in the ice cream parlour, traditional Italian recipes and ingredients straight from Italy are the basis, and their availability determines the shape of the local menu and the choice of ice cream flavors. In Gelateria Flaminia, the basic offer is written on the board - other variants, available seasonally, are already described directly in the refrigerators. We tried the classics: pistachio, which tasted perfect, istracciatella, in which pieces of dark chocolate were perfectly crunchy. Both flavors were very good, creamy and sweet respectively. Due to the fact that the premises are quite cramped, the astolicas outside are located in the rather pleasant surroundings of the Baum cube, we strongly encourage you to go for a walk around Sady Żoliborskie with a portion of ice cream. A portion consisting of one flavor costs PLN 6.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (4)


ul. Pubench 7/9

st. Korkowa 159

al. Armii Krajowej 28a

Operating for the second season, the Soffini ice cream parlor certainly deserves the attention of ice cream connoisseurs. Strolling through Warsaw's Mokotów, it is definitely worth visiting this small place, because it has much more to offer than it may seem at first glance. Ice flavors are here all over mefromif that were not enough, they will runwhat are youthey change. You can try both original compositions created by the owners and classic flavors. Ice cream produced byą tuznatural ingredients afresh cream, fruit, chocolate or nuts straight from Sicily are used in their production. The quality of the products translates into flavor - the cream, salty caramel and chocolate ice cream we selected captivated us with their depth and creamy texture. Our greatest appreciation, however, gained less classic proposals, and we were most delighted with the sensational sorbet with a flavor offromnames. Already after the first bite, we forgot the exhausting heat. We were also tempted by ice cream flavored with date, gingerbread cherry or prune - tiny pieces of fruitfromthey nicely diversify the texture of these ice creamsfromIn addition to Mokotów, Soffini also has branches in Marysin Wawerski and Wołomin. We guarantee that it's worth it, especiallye i ofertais constantly changing.You will pay for a portion of 80g here6 zPLN, for 500 g - PLN 25. And if you want to enjoy ice cream at home, you can also buy takeaway.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (5)

Serene ice cream shop

pl. Covenants 5

Although this is only the second season of this colorful place, the shortage of customers cannot complain. That's right, the bolodi are really good here. During our visit, we had the opportunity toprfromTry both the classics - cream and peach - as well as slightly more sophisticated flavors: "I'm green" sorbet and a surprising gorgonzola. Gorgonzola, initially sweet, after a while gave a slightly spicy and extremely interesting aftertaste, reminiscent of the famous cheese. Amateurs of original connections should catch up immediately! On the other hand, the "green for me" sorbet created on the basis of herbs, refreshing and light, is a proposal for those who steer clear of sugar and count calories in every scoop eaten. It tasted extremely healthy! But the ice pleasures in Poczesna do not end with ice cream for people. Feel free to come here with your four-legged pet, and if that wasn't enough - serve him a special peanut butter flavored ice cream. Female Figa, our tester, was satisfied - so we can recommend her to other Warsaw dogs.

You will pay PLN 6.50 for a standard portion, and PLN 5 for a small one. The restaurant offers additionally paid sprinkles and isothermal packaging for those who want to take the ice cream home.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (6)

Roszka's ice cream shop

st. Andersa 37

Let's start with the boldest - we think they have it herethe best cream ice cream in Warsaw. Prepared with 36% cream, they are creamy, slightly sticky and wonderfully ... creamy. But we will also get fancy flavors, such as mascarpone with Jeagermeister or chocolate with spicy habanero (only for strong players, but absolutely delicious).Roskiit's a relatively new ice cream parlourMuranow, located on Andersa Street, so if you don't know it, you should make up for it. It pleases children, but inas, you can choosewafer color– classic biscuit, through red, black. Here, one portion of ice cream costs money6 PLN.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (7)

Frank's ice cream shop

st. Polna 18/20

Although weFrankclassic ice cream is available in fairies, we come here because we don't. They are our favouritesice cream in cakes. The cafe was opened by two sisters who had an adventure withice cream sandwichesthey started with WarsawNight Market. The girls were born in New York and were also educated there, and this delicacy is a classic straight from the Big Apple. Cookies come in different flavors, as does ice cream.We think it's a hita sandwich withcookie with white chocolate andraspberry ice cream. The cookies are pleasantly crunchy and buttery in taste. On the other hand, the ice cream is perfectly creamy and does not melt quickly even in the heat - you can easily drive with it through the city for a picnic in the park. Each sandwich is a cost15 PLN, you will pay a scoop of ice cream in turn7 zlotys.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (8)

Pallone Ice Cream Shop

st. Brzeska 29/31
st. Polna 30A
st. French 31

This small place near Ząbkowska had the potential to become a summer hit from the very opening, not only because of the location of numerous events organized inlocated next door to Koneser. In our opinion, the local ice cream is definitely one of the best we ate while preparing the ranking. ice cream inBallare made according to originating recipesfrom Tuscanyonly natural ingredients. (The last time we were there, strawberries were being sliced ​​at the next table). Milk, cream and yogurt come fromPolish dairies, nuts and lemons from Sicily, chocolate from Belgium, Colombia and Ecuador. Do you like chocolate flavors? Be sure to trygiandui.If you are looking for freshness, order mint ones - they are phenomenal. One portion costs6 PLN. Ice cream can also be purchased in large takeaway packages.

Ice Cream Shop at Rainbow's End

al. Liberation 15
Powiśle Power Plant, ul. Dobra 42

If a sunny day passing bySavior square, you notice the queue, it means you are there. It is worth knowing that if there is a lot of traffic, there are two queues leading to the premises - one inside, and the other outside the window. There is a chance that at the end of each of them some of the flavors will be different, so it's worth checking what's on the menu at the window and inside. Or with the help of friends cover both fronts. You can always cradle ice cream perfectly creamy, thick and expressive in taste. You can get one servingtwo flavors, so we encourage mixing - its cost is6 PLNand it is probably one of the largest portions in Warsaw. If you hit ice creamalmond, do not pass by them indifferently!

pst! If you want to make sure that you will find your favorite flavor in the restaurant, all you have to do is go to the ice cream parlor's website - information about the flavors available on a given day is constantly updated there.


The best ice cream in Warsaw (10)

Fat Cat Ice Cream Shop

st. Hoża 51
st. Youth Fighting Association 9
st. Miodowa 23

Located in Śródmieście, this ice cream shop is a bit hidden. ByfindFat CatnaHożej, look for a black and white purr tempting with the inscription "Come nalody". Here, the ice cream base, as the name suggests, must be greasy. Heavy cream, egg yolks and milk are the keys to their success. Traditionally made ice cream has a deliciously chewy, light texture and tempting additions: fruit, cookies, nuts and dried fruits or chocolate in four varieties: Sao Thome, Madagascar, Brazil, Ghana. A small portion of ice cream costs money here5 zlotys,abig 8zlotys.Regardless of the size, you can choose one flavor per portion, but in every Tłusty Kotek restaurant you can tryfromenjoy everyone's tastefromin which they tempt you. Attention - there are also ice cream sandwiches on the menu!

TIP:Tłusty Kotek serves toonitro coffeesizzling.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (11)

Unicorn ice cream shop

ul. Narbutta 38
st. Contradictory 4

Only the name is fabulous, luckily you won't find ice cream blue like a smurf. These produced on site come only from natural ingredients. We even have a choice30 flavorsthat change frequently. It is our hitcatalan creamcrunchy pieces of nuts. If you're looking for ice cream, ask for itfior dipanna. The ice cream here is very soft and melts quickly and is served in small cones, so be careful with your clothes. For children, it is better to choose a cup. Regardless of when you decide to consume, one thing will not change -waffle unicorn hornpounded in a portion of ice cream and put up a patch. You will pay a scoop6 PLN.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (12)

The Cool Cat

st. Solec 38
st. Marszałkowska 8

Although it is not an ice cream shop, we must mention this place - when we thought of our favorite ice cream in Warsaw, we simply couldn't skip this fantastic dessert item from The Cool Cat menu.Bao donut with matcha ice cream and miso caramel.If you're having a bad day and need a real sweet-and-fatfood porndirect your steps there. A donut (or bao donut) is crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside. The ice cream has a pleasantly creamy consistency, the acaramel sauce could be eaten with spoons. So sugary, uplifting madness you will payPLN 21.

Pst! Recently, you can also buy a delicious bao donut with blueberries and vanilla ice cream in Solec seasonally. In The Cool Cat TR you will find vegan version with coconut-vanilla ice cream. The price is the same as our Japanese favorite.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (13)

Baśniowa Street Ice Cream Shop

al. Polish Army 41

A characteristic element of this place is the number of flavors available. The choice of ice cream is huge - close40 options. Among them, the entire section of ice creamno added sugar(sweet thanks to natural stevia). A nod to diabetics taking care of the line. They make tulody like old times - with yolks. Theo of tastedark chocolatethey are almost black and taste like frozen chocolate mousse - one of our favorites! A small portion (60 g) costs money7 zlotys, and within it you can choosetwo flavors. However, if you love ice cream like we do, try itmean(130 g for PLN 14),big(200 g and four flavors to choose from for PLN 21) orvery bigportion (280 g and five flavor options for PLN 28). Homemade ice cream can be taken in a thermos.

pst! The local delicacy is cremino, i.e. cake ice cream. It is a variety of ice cream with creams: nut-chocolate, caramel or white chocolate, parfait and various additions.

Sucré - Natural Ice Cream

st. Mokotowska 12
st. Klimczaka 5
st. Walenych 74
ul. AND
al. National Education Commission 49
st. Rydygiera 13
st. Krakowskie Przedmieście 7

The ice cream parlor at the End of the Rainbow has competition on the other side of Plac Zbawiciela. Also, sometimes you have to stand in line for a good few minutes. But believe me, it's worth it, bosława ice cream shopSugarwon not by accident. There are almost 30 flavors on the menu, which, obviously, disappears by the hour. Every day there are 10 milk flavors, 10 sorbets and 6 vegan flavors waiting for you. If you feel like a special of the day, it's worth coming earlier. We will pay for a 70-gram portion6 PLN. The ice cream is creamy in consistency and you can feel the taste of butter on your tongue – just the way we like it. Although the place at ul. Mokotowska is the most popular one, it is definitely worth visiting other of the 6 locations.


The best ice cream in Warsaw (14)

Nitro Ice Cream

st. Winners 11

This place may come as a surprise to many. The ice cream shop onSaska Kępawe'll get chilled ice creamwith liquid nitrogen. After placing an order, you can watch the process of creating them. The moment when the nitrogen cloud comes out of the machines is spectacular and especially fun for children. Some flavors of ice cream withNitroreminds us of frozen yogurt, but we were delighted with the portion of creamy flavored ice creampeanut butterwith cookies. A small portion (180 grams) costs money12 PLN, while the larger (240 grams) costPLN 16. As part of a large portion, you can choose three flavors, so again there is an opportunity to try.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (15)

Desire Patisserie & Chocolaterie

st. Krochmalna 59
ul. Burakowska 5/7
st. Slider 3
ul. Fort SLuzew 1(Fort 8)
st. Przyczkowa 223

In the heart of the newly revitalized part of Warsaw's Wola district, the Deseo confectionery, well known to Warsaw lovers of sweets, has opened another place. In the new place, apart from the company's petit gâteau, you will find a wide selection of ice cream - perfectly creamy and delicious in every flavor version we have tasted. If you don't know what flavor to choose, don't worry - in a regular, quite large portion, you can try any two combinations. We put the inscriptions with matcha and Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey accompanied by burnt butter and we do not regret any of these choices. We will definitely come back for more, especially since new flavors appear every now and then, such as nocciola or banoffee! A small portion costs moneyPLN 14, but if you are more greedy, you can order a larger one (PLN 21). The real hit of Deseo are ice cream desserts based on pistachios, pecans, peanuts or hazelnuts. Besides ice cream, you'll find themvanilla crumbles, liquidnut pralinesown production,caramelized nutsichocolate cream. A real madness! It is worth noting that inside there is a nice coolness, and the beautiful interior - soft stylized sofas called pearl tiles - makes you want to stay here for much longer. For those who are satisfied with the icy cold, there is also a charming little garden.

TIP: You'll also get turkija nitro coffee!

The best ice cream in Warsaw (16)

Palermo ice cream shop

st. Browarna 4

If you are looking for refreshment on hot summer days in Powiśle, visit Palermo. Thisintimate ice cream shopwhere everyone should find something for themselves. You will buy here traditional ice cream and sorbets, but also vegan options. Their flavors change regularly - we were interested in classic salty caramel and vegan chocolate. The first had a great, fluffy texture, but tasted more like fudge, while the second was thick, slightly pouring andintensely chocolatey. We ate them in a regular wafer, but there is also a sweet cone to choose from. In addition to balls, you will also order ishaki ice cream desserts. You will pay PLN 6.5 for a scoop of ice cream here.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (17)

Cream Ice Cream Shop

st. Kalina Jędrusik 5

A wide range of Kremowa flavors effectively keeps guests longer. Everyone will find something for themselves - lovers of sweetswithout sugar,vegans, and those who wish toalcohol flavors. During our visit, we had the opportunity to try sugar-free zaceroli sorbet, i.e. Barbados cherries, and burnt butter flavored ice cream. However, for a long time we considered trying rhubarb brownie or roasted caramel with Himalayan salt.Lovers of the classics are reassured– in Kremowa you will easily find classic chocolate, cream or strawberry sorbet. All ice cream is made on site. Kremowa also offers larger portions - takeaway or home delivery. You will pay zkulka here6 PLN.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (18)

Kuncer ice cream shop

st. Wyszogrodzka 1
st. Mickiewicza 27
st. Azure89

After visiting Kuncera, three words come to mind:naturally, locally and seasonally. We visited the ice cream parlor during the blueberry season and it didn't escape our notice that as many as five flavors on offer were based on these forest fruits - the classic blueberry sorbet, as well as less obvious combinations, such as blueberry with prosecco. We ordered blueberry with cream and lemon with basil. The first were creamy and full of flavor, the second -intensely refreshing. It must be added that, apart from ice cream, Kuncer impressed us with wooden spoons (instead of plastic ones), a charming garden and the attachment to a local, seasonal product (you will not find tulods flavored with tropical fruits). You will pay 6 zlotys here for Zakulka, but the portion is large and definitely worth the price.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (19)


st. Rakowiecka 41B

This ice cream parlor feels intimate,neighborhood place, which you catch when going for a walk around Pole Mokotowskie. What immediately catches your eye are the simple flavours: cream, chocolate, strawberry… we decided on grapefruit sorbet and a scoop of pistachio ice cream. Their consistency was thick, velvety and perfectly aerated, which we believe is due to a special refrigerator that constantly mixes the ice cream hidden inside. Chosen by usthe flavors were surprisingly naturaland intensity: in grapefruit sorbet you could feel not only the pulp and juice of this fruit, but also the characteristic bitterness contained in its skin. A portion of ice cream here costs 6 zlotys, but it must be noted that it is very impressive.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (20)

Mermaid service

st. Bialobrzeska 4A

Serwus Syrena is an ideal place for families with children. locatednear Szczęśliwicki Parkit can be the beginning or the end of a Sunday walk. Its offer includes many different flavors: classic chocolate, pomatcha, gianduja and burnt butter. We decided on plum sorbet and Greek cherry yogurt. Their consistency was very pleasant, thick and velvety; the only thing we could wish for was moreintense flavor. If you are in Ochota, take a look here, sit in the garden and look for a moment of happiness with ice cream. The price of one ball is also encouraging - you will pay PLN 5 for a substantial portion.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (21)

Mr. Lemon

st. We feel 3D

Between blocks of flatsin Warsaw's Jelonki you will find an inconspicuous boothwhich surprises with ice cream desserts. You will try toulods flavored with coffee with foam, green pumpkin, salty pistachio, black halva,reo or a KitKat bar.We were tempted by grapefruit-orange sorbet and Piedmont nut. Both flavors were expressive, same ice cream - thick and creamy. A portion (80 g) costs PLN 5 here. If after eating ice-cream you have the strength for something more, you can also drink shakes and coffee at Mr. Lemon's. ANDfriendly servicewill certainly advise you on what to choose and what is worth trying. If you want to stay longer, right next to the booth you will find yellow deckchairs, where you can sit comfortably and eat ice cream in peace.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (22)


st. Wąwozowa 6
st. Jana Kazimierza 47

In a small ice cream shop in Kabatyflavors of ice cream– you will find about 20 of these – they change every day. What is certain is that you will always be able to try two vegan flavors - strawberry and mango sorbet. The offer includes both classic cream or vanilla ice cream, as well as slightly less traditional flavors of Knoppers, matcha or pink ruby ​​chocolate with cherries. We were intrigued by vanilla on iKnoppers yolks. In the first scoop, the aftertaste of vanilla was strong and distinct, while in the second it waslots of chocolate pieceswhich crunched pleasantly between the teeth while eating. Both versions were delicious, although a bit too sweet for us. Once you decide on specific flavors, there is still the answer to the most important question - what to eat? In a cup or a wafer? We recommend the latter option, especially since you have several types to choose from - plain, sweet or ... pink. The cost of one knob is PLN 5.5.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (23)


ul. Dereniowa 2

In this cafe you can pick and choose the flavors of ice cream. Dozens of them are available every day. Until then every daythe owners surprise guests with new proposalsor completely different versions of already known flavors. Here you will try fudge ice cream, strawberry-pistachio ice cream, raspberry ice cream with chocolate, as well as the extremely popular lavender ice cream. According to usThe hit, however, is the gooseberry sorbet– light, refreshing and slightly sour. On hot days it tastes great. But that's not all, because MOOcafe tempts with an original offer of flavors that you won't find anywhere else. Asparagus ice cream with parmesan, gorgonzola with pear, napoleon with nutella, and even sushi - these are just a few of the proposals. It is worth paying a slightly higher price for such ice cream - one scoop (80 g) in MOOcafe costs8zlotys.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (24)

Sweet shop

st. Szaserów 40

The Grochowska patisserie is a perfect place for families with children. Parents have a place to sit comfortably, little ones can play safely in the corner with toys. Colorsinterior stylized as an ice cream shopencourages long visits. The more so that in Słodziarnia, apart from cakes, cakes and frozen yoghurts, you will also eat ice cream. The choice is not very large, but certainly everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to classic flavors such as cherry, coffee or mint with chocolate, you can also try more sophisticated ones, such as avocado or mascarpone. Exactly thatintriguing avocadowe chose the dotest, adding a scoop of cherry sorbet to it. The first taste did not impress us, but the sorbet was perfectly balanced. Not too sweet, slightly sour with perceptible pieces of fruit. Such ice cream requires a special setting, so we recommend eating it in gluten-free wafers available in three colors - green, pink and black.The kids will surely be delighted. Here you will pay 4 zlotys per scoop, portions are imposed from the heart.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (25)


st. French 50

This ice cream parlor on Francuska Street is known to all the kids who go to nearby schools. Flavors change like in a kaleidoscope, and there are countless of them. Salted caramel, Snickers, limoncello, or maybe zabajone? The decision will certainly not be easy, because every day you can choose at least from36 different flavors. It took us some time before we finally decided to take limoncello and whiskey coffee. The first taste stunned with a strong lemon note. On the other hand, coffee with whiskey was creamy, sweet and had a slight aftertaste of alcohol. In addition to ice cream, you can also order ice cream desserts or shakes.Everything is prepared with natural ingredients. When you decide what dessert to eat, sit comfortably in a small garden or go for a pleasant walk around Saska Kępa. You will pay a scoop7 zlotys.

Aquarium ice cream is also available inCafe de la PostenaBielanach.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (26)

The Old Ice Cream Shop

st. Francuska 48/1
st. Chmielna 7

There is another ice cream shop right next to the Aquarium.Vege Bistro– just a moment ago this place was called – it took second place in the ranking for the best vegan ice cream. All flavors are made on site according to a traditional recipe, which was revealed to the current owner by the grandmother. Here, both lovers of traditional ice cream and those who like to experiment will find something for themselves. It would be hard to find such flavor combinations anywhere else in Warsaw - all of them sound intriguing and a bit mysterious. We were tempted by ice cream made of caramelized walnuts and almonds. They weren't too sweet and had a very distinctive, nutty flavor. On the spot, it is worth trying another original flavorOld Ice Cream Shop, i.e. marzanki. The taste resembles a combination of pistachio, vanilla and marzipan. Here you will pay a scoop6 PLN.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (27)


st. Poznańska 26

Vegan ice cream? Although it sounds unbelievable, Vegestacja managed to develop the perfect recipe based on coconut cream. However, we were more interested in other specialties - ice cream flavored with coconut cheesecake and coffee with walnut are our definite favourites. Every one of them wasperfectly balancednot too sweet, and just plain delicious. Desserts are prepared with cane sugar, as well as sugar-free options. pst! If you can't decide which flavor you want to eat, then choose a medium portion. You will pay for it12 PLNbut you will be able to try two flavors. There is also a small portion (one spatula) to choose from6 zLatvians, andlarge (three blades) behindPLN 16.5or very large (four blades) behindPLN 20.5.

TIPYou can also try Vegestacji ice cream at Youmiko Vegan Sushi at Narbutta Street, as well as at Dobro&Dobro and Słodki Bzie.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (28)


st. Abrahama 12

There is something for everyone in this neighborhood ice cream shop. There are plenty of flavors to choose fromall the ice cream looks extremely inviting. However, if you are lovers of halva, you must try the local ice cream based on it. They were really exceptionally tasty! In addition to them, we also tried black elderberry with zborówka. Slightly sour and expressive were a good break for the sweet halva. The only downside to the ice cream parlor is that there is nowhere to sit. That's why we encourage you to combine your nalody trip witha pleasant walk by the water. The nearby Balaton is a great place to rest and relax. The cost of one scoop isPLN 5.5.

The best ice cream in Warsaw (29)

Natural ice cream from the Citadel

ul. gen. Romana Abrahama 12
st. Beautiful 9a

ICE CREAM Naturalare located opposite Coolka. There are less flavors to choose from here, but the ice cream is also tasty. For those who like unobvious combinations, we recommend champagne with strawberries, mohito or orange with grapes. We tried the first one and we have to admit that the taste of alcohol was definitely noticeable. Thus, the ice cream was one of the most original we've tried. However, if you do not like experimenting, you will also find more traditional flavors here. Moreover, the ice cream shopthe offer changes daily, so it's worth dropping in from time to time to see what's going on in the fridge. One ball costs 4 zlotys here.

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