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Urban buses for a healthier Salamanca

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November 20162 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esopinion

put away the oars

Jose Luis Puerto Ángel de Arriba SánchezWriter Writer

The time will come to put away the oars.

One of these days the truck will arrive that will take the

river boats. They'll keep them in a remote warehouse stacked like dominoes, like bumper cars after the fair, like happy photos in an old cookie tin.

Then the channel will deny its width, and only the leaves of the

trees will be able to navigate its course without hours. They will be those of the poplars of the riverside; that autumn catwalk of the recurring retraction of the green to show showy coats of golden, purple, earthy tin..., and nothing, like the lack of love of the raspas of the trees.

The days of raspy wind are coming, because autumn is a propitious place for lyric, and it will sound

the lyre of the air summoning and sad like Bob Dylan's harmonica.

I will miss the boats of summer, the water walks through your kisses, the liquidity of time in your body, and that continuous rowing of wills that is love.

Yes, our Tormes river will run out of boats, but it makes me think -because love, like time, like water, is always on the run- that all the waters that you and I love in By summer they will already be in the Atlantic, and when the cold afternoon of harsh winter arrives, to which no romance wants to arrive, they will be an iceberg in the arctic on which a couple of penguins will row their ice love.

The cartoon of Marta Maruenda

The Swedish Academy has just awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature to none other than a singer, Bob Dylan. In

I don't know how many people tear their clothes off on social networks and the media.

But it is that, in our western tradition, as in other cultural traditions of the world, one of the privileged vehicles for the transmission of poetry throughout history has been, and continues to be, singing and song. Why, if not, in our literary history do our traditional ballads and songbooks have a very prominent chapter? And in that tradition, in the tradition of the dissemination of poetry through singing or song, which is still alive, is Bob Dylan, without a doubt.

It is not unreasonable for this reason that the great North American singer has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Dylan is the author of memorable hymns, which are already part of the most universalized collective imagination; As samples, we can cite, for example, "Blowin'in the Wind" (The answer is in the wind), "A Hard Rain's a Gonna Fall" (The rain that is going to fall is strong) or the famous "Like a Rolling Stone” (Like a rolled song), among other memorable hymns from the American singer.

One of the aspirations of every poet is to make some of his creations, some of his poems, memorable. Dylan has succeeded in spades. When we were teenagers, some of the American songs – when the Second Vatican Council was another sign that times were changing – were even sung in churches, during masses, with the guitar company.

Bob Dylan – as has been said with great reason – was one of the essential catalysts of the cultural revolution of the sixties,

that so much changed the landscape of society and customs around the world, and particularly ours. A cultural revolution that we know with the letterhead of “May 68”. And there, in that profound change, of which we live today and which we have normalized, lies the deepest significance of the figure and of the music and poetry of Bob Dylan.

We must not forget either that Bod Dylan, together with Joan Baez, also a singer, participated and sang in the civil rights march in Washington, D.C. in 1963; and both singers were leading figures in that civil rights movement. Where we also find the beautiful, prophetic and historical speech of Martin Luther King of "And I have a dream".

In May 2011, invited by the University of Seville (which, as we were told, when we were invited, was the only European university that had a monographic course dedicated to "Bob Dylan", for elective credits), we gave a talk at the university of the Andalusian capital on “The poetic in Bob Dylan” (we will write about it at another time). We were surprised, because the talk –and we assume that they were enrolled in the course– was attended by around two hundred university students; It shows, without a doubt, the university's success in proposing such a course and the interest of young people in a musical and literary creation that is still very much alive.

"The answer is in the wind" says Bob Dylan in one of his best-known hymns. The answer lies in time – we add apostille – because time makes exceptional works memorable. And Bob Dylan's –despite the controversies these days– is, because he says a lot about who we are, about our contemporaneity ..

The answer is in time

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November 2016 3+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es salamanca up to date

The jury, chaired by Al-berto Estella, president of the Casino, highlighted the linguistic richness of the

articles by Ana Pedrero, one of the best bullfighting critics of the moment, a reference for fans of the party throughout Spain and readers who love good journalism.

Speaking to this newspaper, Estella acknowledged "the extraordinary literary quality of the chronicles" published by Ana Pedrero at www.salamancartvaldia.es.

Pedrero is part of the team

type of bullfighting chroniclers of SALA-MANCArtv AL DÍA since 2015, a group of specialized journalists who reinforce the leadership of this digital newspaper in the bullfighting sector, due to its commitment to quality.

In addition to Pedrero, the jury has considered that the photographer Javier Cuesta receives 'El Timbalero' in the graphic modality, for an image published in a local media on September 15 with the following caption “Morante's crutch is turned into a brush and drew a task that will remain in the retina”.

Already in the social section, the jury

do has made a special mention to the footballer Sergio Ramos, for his firm commitment to defending the bulls, and for his "courage in celebrating all his trophies with hoods".

The journalist acknowledged to SALA-MANCArtv AL DÍA her joy at being awarded this prize, backed “by a grand jury” and highlighted the care she displays in her bullfighting chronicles to go beyond a cold review of the celebration.

The collaborator of the bullfighting area of ​​SALAMANCArtv AL DÍA has a long professional career as a director,

area manager or collaborator of specials in numerous media outlets in Castilla y León, including El Mundo, Zamora News, La Voz de Zamora, Tribuna de Salamanca, Cope Zamora, agencies and various publications.

She has made more than fifty proclamations about popular festivities and traditional culture and is co-author of a book on the ethnographer Francisco Rodríguez Pascual, published by the Pontifical University of Salamanca and the Tertulia Cofrade Pasión. (2009).

With the newspaper number 12 of SALAMANCA AL DÍA, of November, the leading free newspaper in the capital and

province celebrates the first year of life. A special moment for the Communication group SALAMAN-CArtv AL DÍA, which celebrates 3 fruitful seasons with its brand, after the integration of the digital websites www.salamancartv.com and www.diariodesalamanca.es, the latter with a trajectory of 6 years.

SALAMANCA AL DÍA is consolidated thanks to the constant work of an enterprising team of

communication professionals, commercials, designers, administrators and distributors, who every month bring a newspaper with interesting content to thousands of readers, consumers and companies, with already established sections such as Local, Province , Field, Culture, Opinion, Companies, Bulls, Hunting, Agenda and those dedicated to the most varied specials in which the dynamism of many of the Salamanca companies stands out.

The first free newspaper in the capital and province has achieved a

great support from readers and businessmen. Every month and in a few hours, the 35,000 copies of the free, with more than a hundred pages in full color, reach thousands of homes and the usual distribution points in the capital and province.

The structure of the communication group, with ten news offices in the province (Alfoz, Alba de Tormes, Arribes, Béjar, Peñaranda, Guijuelo, Ciudad Rodrigo, La Sierra, Las Villas and Ledesma), make this project unique. , reinforced by the information and publicity of each one of these regions.

A good and exclusive distribution

With strong social and business support, the publication of the SALAMANCArtv group AL DÍA is meticulously distributed in the business fabric of Salamanca (in all the businesses in the city and its industrial estates), in street stands public placed in points of important traffic in the city, in hospitals and health centers; in libraries, in Alfoz and in the rest of the regions through the 160 kiosks and distribution points in the province.

It is the best coverage in the written press sector, thus reaching the largest number of readers, which makes it one of the most attractive media for content and advertising promotion for companies.

This first anniversary of SALAMANCA AL DÍA is an encouragement to continue working hard alongside readers and clients. A constantly growing newspaper at the service of all Salamanca. Thanks for your support.

The richness of language in Pedrero's chronicles are a reference for fans of the party and readers in general

The first free newspaper in the capital and province is consolidated with great support from readers and businessmen

Ana Pedrero, 'Timbalero 2016' Award for her bullfighting articles at SALAMANCArtv AL DÍA

SALAMANCA AL DÍA celebrates its first year of life



The soccer player Sergio Ramos, for his defense of the bulls, and the photographer Javier Cuesta, also recognized in this edition

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November 20164 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.essalamanca


Toy libraries, spaces to learn by playing The Salamanca City Council increased the number of places by 44 percent, from 270

to 390 new vacancies, to reinforce support for the reconciliation of family and work life

More places for the municipal lu-dotecas. The Sala-manca City Council has increased

this year the number of places in the toy libraries increased from 270 to 390. The objective is to reinforce support for families and make it easier for parents to reconcile family and work life. 120 new places distributed in a group in Vista-hermosa with 30 places, two groups from the Rollo-Puente Ladrillo Socio-educational Program with 60 places and, as a novelty, a group in the Luis Vives Citizen Participation Center with 30 places .

The municipal toy libraries are located in the 8 Social Action Zones (CEAS), and are aimed at promoting the use of playful activity as a creative and socializing educational resource; provide a space specialized in games and toys, where minors learn by playing together with their peer group; promote a training process guided by the presence of educators and based on values ​​such as equality, solidarity, tolerance and respect for diversity.

The recipients of the toy libraries are boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 9, although the ages may vary depending on the needs of each area. Among the numerous activities carried out are games, various workshops and animation activities, storytelling and reading animation, visits and festive celebrations on designated dates, loan of games and toys and advice to parents on aspects related to the game, among others.

Other activities The toy libraries have two periods of operation. During the school period, from October to June, and during the summer period, as an integral part of the Summer Campaign Project that

the City Council organizes. The municipal toy libraries are

Other activities are also aimed at children and young people, such as the Summer Campaign or the celebration of Family Day on May 15. Among other actions, the Consistory also programs School Support Workshops, which were attended last year by 54 Primary and Secondary students, carries out -through the CEAS- a follow-up on the schooling of 190 girls and boys , more than double compared to the previous year, and participates in the Subcommittee of the Plan for the Prevention and Control of School Absenteeism, where another 115 schoolchildren were monitored.

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November 2016 5+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es

isabel rodriguez

Eradicating gender violence is everyone's business. It is not worth looking the other way while a single woman is a victim

gender violence scam. As a society, every November 25, International Day Against Gender Violence, should serve to renew the strongest commitment to fight against abuse. A struggle that has one of its most valuable tools in education, and hence the importance of raising awareness, raising awareness and teaching from an early age, because as Elena Hermo, a psychologist from Adavas Salamanca, explains, "attitudes such as to consider that you are above someone are forged from childhood”. Gender violence has no age, and hence the importance of introducing education on gender equality in the classroom.

Violence and abuse not only exist in adult couple relationships, but, although less known, are also present in the affective relationships of the youngest. Adolescents and young people who, on many occasions without knowing it, expose themselves and play sexist roles. More vulnerable, they also "have a harder time realizing what is happening", points out Elena Hermo, adding an important nuance in the affective relationships of young people today, and that is that "they once again give an important role to The fact of having a partner”, said in colloquial terms, “having a boyfriend is seen as a plus before others”, which has its negative side since it can lead to minimizing abuse in couple relationships. Faced with a situation of mistreatment or abuse (psychological control, insults, isolation from friends...) "does

that they endure more or that it is difficult for them to ask for help”.

Young people are also the biggest users of new technologies, and in cases of abuse or harassment "provide a different way of continuing to exercise control."

108 cases handled Since 1994, Adavas has been providing help, advice and assistance to victims of sexual assault and gender violence, without the need to file a complaint in advance. All the professional services provided by Adavas are free, such as a legal office (advice and information in confidential consultation), a psychological office, social care, a music therapy program for minors, a workshop on emotional and social growth for women. survivors of abuse and prevention, awareness and training program. In the first six months of 2016, they have carried out 336 actions and directly attended to 108 cases of gender violence and sexual violence. In 28 cases, the victims are minors; 39% of them due to situations of abuse.

Helping a victim of abuse How to help if we suspect that someone close to us is a victim of gender violence? "You have to be careful when telling her to get out of there, if we are too incisive we run the risk that she will move away from us and join the abuser more," explains psychologist Elena Hermo. It must be taken into account that in a violent relationship the abuser seeks to isolate the victim, and also "there are feelings, and wanting to believe that he is going to change because he has promised." "You have to talk a lot, and that she herself realizes the situation and, above all, that she can count on help."



The valuable tool of education to eradicate gender violence

Not only "attitudes such as believing that you are above someone are forged from childhood", but abuse is also present in the affective relationships of the youngest

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November 20166 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.essalamanca

" Rice and pasta". You only need a few seconds to mentally review what's left in the pantry. "What were you going

eat today?" “Pasta”, she replies, “although sometimes I don't eat, I'm not always hungry”. For months she had written down the telephone number of the Cajas Solidarias Social Emergency Association, but until this Saturday, any given day in October, she did not dare to cross the door. Her name could start with M for a woman, over 45 years of age, with training and an extensive job resume, until the crisis passed through her life like a tsunami. Unemployed for too many months now, she receives a benefit of just over 400 euros per month. Discounting basic expenses, she has 35 euros left to spend the month.

If we were to cross the street, we might not notice it, because invisibility also haunts the victims of the consequences of a crisis that for a sector of the population not only has not passed but has "worsened" , underlines

Javier García, president of Cajas Solidarias in Salamanca. Families that run the risk of being stranded in a situation of social vulnerability, because “poverty is inherited”. They are the testimonies, as sincere as they are hard, that are behind the figures that as a society should make us blush. "This can't happen to me." She thought so, and she wasn't the only one;

He had a job and when he lost it, he even continued training in search of opportunities in another labor sector. But there are doors that are em-

they peña not to open. It has not been easy to come here, that is why she asks us, and we respect, to leave his name anonymous.

SALAMANCA AL DÍA accompanies volunteers in the delivery of food and confirms that for a sector of the population the situation of poverty and vulnerability is even greater

Solidarity to alleviate the wounds of the crisisSOCIAL EMERGENCY ASSOCIATION CAJAS SOLIDARIAS

Collaborate as a volunteer or by donating one euro per month through the teaming group

Families with dependent children, families

single parents... They are the victims of a crisis for which, in many cases, they saw themselves

surprised, and now threatens to make them almost invisible. There is no shortage of those who admit that they would never have thought what has happened to them and

they had to go for help

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November 2016 7+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es salamanca

Severe poverty Severe poverty in Spain, which includes people with an annual income of less than 4,000 euros or 334 euros per month, affects 7.6% of the population, which translates into more than 3,500,000 of people, according to data from the recent report 'The State of Poverty. Monitoring of the poverty and social exclusion indicator in Spain 2009-2015' carried out by the European Network for the Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion (EAPN). A report that also reveals that one in 10 children in Spain is in a situation of poverty.

“There are children whose parents cannot go to the supermarket to do the

buy”, says the president of Cajas Solidarias. Families that cannot afford expenses such as heating, clothing, medicines or school supplies. "Here I have the list of what the child needs." Mother,

One of the women from the families waiting their turn to enter the food store, or solidarity supermarket, unfolds the paper and runs her finger over the list until she stops at the total, “145 euros, if I come here as Am I going to have to pay for this?” They are situations, daily in appearance, that exacerbate inequalities. From Cajas Solidarias, an association that began its journey at the end of 2013, they try to alleviate some of the wounds left by the crisis. They serve more than 450 people. “With the increase in the number of unemployed without benefits in Sala-manca, the needs and requests for help in the association are also increasing”, warns Javier García.

Severe poverty in our country already affects 7.6% of the population

Javier García, president of Cajas Solidarias in Salamanca

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November 20168 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.essalamanca

• The work of the volunteers, especially their friendly and honest treatment, is the pillar on which Cajas Solidarias is based. On a weekly basis they are in charge of distributing food among the families, a delivery that is made based on the number of members, their ages and their priority needs. When a person or family approaches the association, explains its president, the first thing is to find out exactly what their real situation is and their risk of vulnerability, also carrying out a subsequent follow-up. “We take into account the income of the family unit, the expenses generated by the house (rent or mortgage, electricity, gas, community), but also if they have any debt or loan to pay. Once the expenses have been deducted from the income, we divide the amount by the number of members of the family unit, having established a maximum figure up to which they can receive our help”. The closeness with the families makes it possible to detect other needs and, to the extent of their possibilities, they try to help. Sometimes that need happens simply to speak, to be listened to. The association also provides free legal advice, and this course will offer school support classes to children, from the age of 9 on Saturday mornings.

To complete the delivery of basic food (milk, legumes, pasta, rice, tomato...), and thanks to the anonymous donation of companies

from Salamanca and the province, they can periodically add fruit, meat or sausages to the family basket (as on this Saturday when the boxes arrive under the label Limousin solidarity and Cárnicas Iglesias). Although the warehouse shelves have been refilled after receiving the consignment of food from FEGA, from the Salamanca Food Bank, things are always needed. On this occasion, for example, diapers, wipes and other basic child hygiene products have not arrived.

Poor workersAlthough most situations of poverty and vulnerability lie behind unemployment, the crisis has drawn a new profile, that of the poor worker. As stated in the EAPN report, the rate of poor workers, who do not exceed the poverty line despite having a job due to the drop in wages and the increase in temporary employment, has passed from 11.7% in 2013 to 14.8% in 2015.

From Cajas Solidarias they call for solidarity, collaborating as a volunteer for the association or with a donation of one euro per month through the teaming group (https://www.teaming.net/asoc-emergenciasocialcajas-solidarias). More information through their Facebook page or email[emailprotected]

Cajas Solidarias Association headquarters in Salamanca The work of volunteers

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November 2016 9+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es publihogar

Winter will soon arrive, the days will get shorter, the temperatures will drop and you will have to prepare your pockets for those unpleasant gas, oil or electricity heating bills. Winter is long and that is why it is worth stopping to assess possible alternatives, tricks and ways to reduce this expense.

When choosing a system that provides heat to our home in addition to traditional water heating or underfloor heating, you can opt for other types of ecological and decorative heating such as traditional fireplaces, firewood, or those that use materials such as pellets.

If you have a traditional fireplace already installed in your home, you have the solution within your reach. They can install a heat recuperator or an insert or cassette, and that decorative fireplace that was only lit on holidays will become your great ally that will help you achieve considerable savings in the domestic economy. You only need to install a suitable heat recovery unit that meets the necessary requirements. Any metal box with a door is invalid. The appliance must have a heat recovery system and must be certified, otherwise you will not get more performance than you had with the open fireplace.

And it is that, everyone likes an open fireplace for its warm and familiar appearance, but what you surely do not know is that almost 80% of the heat generated by an open fireplace (without heat recovery or insert) is escapes through the flue and only 20 to 25% is recovered. With the installation of a heat recovery unit, your fireplace can increase its performance by more than 55% and recover up to 85% of the energy consumed.

Therefore, to make the concepts clear from now on, we are going to differentiate the three fundamental systems that exist when installing a fireplace at home.

• TRADITIONAL FIREPLACE: Considered as an open fire system, they distribute heat only in the room where they are installed. Its main component is the mouth, generally made of refractory brick, although they can also be made of cast iron or sheet steel. Refractory brick is the most required material in the construction of fireplaces, mainly due to the attractiveness it gives to the final finish, especially in those homes where a more rustic and traditional touch is desired in the decoration.

• HEAT RECOVERY: Made of cast iron that heat by natural air convention (no electric fans). The hot air accumulates in the hood and goes out to the passenger compartment where it is installed through some ventilation grills. The performance of a heat recovery unit (70%) is almost double that of a fireplace (40%), as far as heat emission is concerned. In other words, its heat loss is much lower and less immediate than in the case of a traditional fireplace, with which it is possible to achieve a better temperature and for a longer time in any room of the home.

They are characterized by having a door –made of the material in which the piece is made and glass-ceramic glass– that favors a greater performance of heat, by eliminating its continuous irradiation towards the outside, allowing a perfect view of the fire that is produced in inside.

There are several types of heat recovery for fireplaces. They can be classified based on the air inlets they have, the performance and the door opening system. The recuperators that have a second air inlet (secondary register) obtain greater control of the combustion, reduce the

firewood consumption considerably and gain yield. This log also makes daily use of the fireplace more comfortable and easier.

An important aspect of heat recuperators for fireplaces is that, for them to work correctly, it is essential that there is a good installation and connection of the device. The installation is fundamental: the measurements must be taken correctly, it must be examined whether or not the conduit is adequate to place a device of this type, etc. In short, a feasibility study carried out by a professional is necessary to guarantee correct operation of the entire installation. With a heat recovery unit, you will find a performance and energy-saving solution, whatever your fireplace may be: open, closed, rustic, designer, etc. You will always find a solution that will adapt to the measurements and characteristics of your fireplace. Also remember that with a fireplace with a heat recovery unit, you can also burn biomass briquettes, to further help you save money and at the same time respect the environment.

•INSERTABLES or CASSETTE: Cast iron fireplaces for firewood with forced air conditioning by means of 2 auxiliary fans or turbines. They can also be made of refractory steel and can be additionally incorporated into the opening of an already installed chimney. Its advantage is the supply of hot air more quickly than with a normal conventional fireplace.

An insert or cassette can be defined as a kind of stove that is inserted into the space of a traditional fireplace. With an insert you save space in relation to the stove, but at the same time it provides an optimization of the combustion performance compared to an open fireplace. The installation of an insert or cassette needs to be carried out by a professional, for the placement of the smoke evacuation tubes, which is generally done through the existing traditional chimney duct. The insert or cassette represents an ideal solution to maintain both the charm of the fire and the structure of the old fireplace.

The inserts are, normally intended to be embedded in a pre-existing decoration, they are presented in the form of a cassette that, obviously, can also be incorporated into a newly built fireplace. They are made up of a heating body surrounded by a metallic convection circuit. They come equipped with two turbines that speed up the ignition process of the combustion material, and with a thermostat that, when a temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius is reached, approximately, orders the suppression of the turbine function, with which stops the emission of heat.

They are characterized by being a closed fire system in which a network of internal ducts can distribute the heat to the different rooms of the house, becoming a true heating system for the whole house, capable of complementing the traditional distributed radiator systems. for the home We emphasize that we are talking about complementing and not replacing the heating system installed in your home. In general, they are used to heat certain spaces, but it is not convenient to use them as general heating elements. In order for it to replace a heating system, we would need a device with very special characteristics. With conventional inserts, we would subject the machinery to continuous overexertion and there would be a risk of overheating the device. And although most of the inserts are equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent overheating and the turbines from burning out, we would be quickly shortening their useful life.

Cast iron fireplaces, recuperators and cassettesHow to save heating with heat recuperators for traditional fireplaces

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Blood is not manufactured, it is donated"Donating is the most direct way to reach the heart of another person", stresses the president

of the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Salamanca, with 17,200 active donors

Donating blood is to donate life. A simple, altruistic, voluntary, universal and free gesture that is carried out in

approximately 10 minutes, the time that the blood extraction lasts. Donating is the only way to get blood, an irreplaceable element that cannot be manufactured, which further redoubles the importance of this gesture as the only way to save life or regain health for anyone who suffers from a deficit. of blood components. From each blood sample (450 cc) three compounds can be obtained:

components: red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Each component has specific characteristics and is used to treat different types of diseases. Thus, red blood cells are used above all in operations and transplants; platelets in transfusions to cancer and leukemia patients, treatment of bleeding or platelet deficiency; and the plasma can be used directly in transfusion or used to extract proteins for the treatment of various diseases.

The need for blood is per-manent -not only in cases of

urgency but also in the treatment of diseases-, and is based on altruism, for this reason being a donor, and donating periodically (every 3 months for men and every 4 months for women) is very important. This information is undoubtedly the best argument for becoming a blood donor: with one donation you can save up to three lives. "Donating is easy and does not entail any risk for the person who performs it," says the president of the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Salamanca, Rogelio Manuel Carrasco, "and above all it is a tremendous action."

extremely important because it is something that comes directly from your body, there is no more direct way to reach another person's heart", adding that blood in hospitals "is the key to operating rooms, because an important part of patients He is going to need blood or derivatives”.

Increasingly supportiveAs Rogelio Carrasco points out, "the path that donations take is increasing", but there are a series of factors that directly affect the number of donations and donors, such as aging

of the population (which reduces the number of potential donors, since the limit to donate is 65 years) and the increase in life expectancy that means that "by living longer, we have more possibilities of needing at some point some hematological derivative”.

The Brotherhood of Blood Donors has issued, up to the date of December 31, 2015, 58,039 donor cards. The number of active donors stands at 17,200, of which 10,000 are considered loyal donors (they make the maximum number of annual donations).

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November 2016 11+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es salamanca


"Donating is a gesture that costs little and helps a lot" With 74 donations, he is one of the six from Salamanca who has received the Castilla y León Award for Life

He was 18 years old the first time he went to donate blood. In his case, it was a friend, already a donor, who convinced

those who then formed the gang to donate. Since then, Antonio Sendín Marcos has made 74 donations, one away from receiving the distinction of Great Donor, the only one awarded by the Spanish Federation of Blood Donors, coinciding with World Blood Donor Day, when 75 are reached. donations, or 60 in the case of being a woman. “Donating is a gesture that costs little and helps a lot”, explains An-tonio. “The reward is that you are contributing something so important and necessary that it cannot be manufactured, such as blood”, he adds.

Antonio Sendín is also one of the six from Salamanca who have recently received the Castilla y León Awards for Life, given by the Federation of Blood Donors of Castilla y León in recognition of the generosity and loyalty of the donors and to remember the socio-health importance of altruistic donation in the Community. Other honorees have been Alejandra Flores González, Cristian López Espinosa, Rosa María Carbayo García, María Francisca Maide Iglesias and Jerónimo Bernal Manjón in the image.

Antonio Marcos Sendín, in the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Salamanca

Rogelio Manuel Carrasco, president of the Salamanca Blood Brotherhood, with the six donors from Salamanca Castilla y León Awards for Life

Requirements to be a donor • Be between 18 and 65 years old. If you are over 65 years old, and you are in good health, it is possible that you can continue donating, consult your doctor.•Weigh more than 50 kilos.•If you are taking any medication, consult it. • Ask if you have suffered from major infectious diseases, or if you have been in contact with them in the last 4 months. •Ask if you have had a vaccination. •If you suffer from any chronic disease, always consult your doctor.•Be free of pregnancy or abortion in the last 6 months.•Not having donated blood in the last 2 months, as long as you do not exceed the number of 4 donations (men). and 3 donations (women) per year.

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San Bernardo, a neighborhood full of contrastsThe Bus Station and the proximity of the Campus have provided the necessary dynamism to promote the commerce and housing rental sector, a neighborhood designed in the 50s and 60s, but always evocative

isabel rodriguez

Located to the northwest of the city, it was born around the Camino Viejo de Villamayor (today Avenida de

Villamayor), La Calleja (today Nueva de San Bernardo street) and Camino del Cementerio (today Champagnat avenue-Camino del Cementerio). In the 1930s, almost all of it was farmland, except for the Hospital de la Santísima Trinidad building and a few houses, next to Paseo de San Vicente. A little further away, the soccer field known as El Calvario, which curiously takes its name from the nearest farm.

The current San Bernardo neighborhood was known in times as the Salas Pombo neighborhood, after Diego Salas Pombo, who was its main promoter. The houses built by the Obra Sindical del Hogar were built without much future vision, building a neighborhood with no provision for green spaces, small holes in windows and doors, low ceilings and narrow streets and, in many cases, closed to the Road Traffic. Most of the houses were built between 1959 and 1964, grouped around interior squares with a small garden area. Squares that in not a few cases have suffered abandonment, and with it, the progressive deterioration of the passage of time.

Infrastructures Those were the first foundations of one of the best-equipped neighborhoods today in services (public transport, educational centers, medical center...), thanks to its location and the progressive arrival in recent decades of infrastructures such as the Bus Station or the most recent Miguel de Unamuno University Campus. Saint Bernard has become

witness the constant coming and going of passers-by and students through one of the busiest areas of the city. A neighborhood that, although with a dynamic commercial sector, has seen its population age; a neighborhood that lifelong residents share with those who stay a little longer than the school year, because San Bernardo has become, due to its proximity to the Campus, one of the most sought after places in the city for al- quilar.

Interior design With the objective, precisely, of meeting the neighborhood demand to improve the interior squares, parks and gardens of the neighbourhood, in recent months some actions have been undertaken that the Salamanca City Council has committed to that will have continuity. Thus, the streets of Cantalapiedra, La Armuña, Las Veguillas and Beleña have been remodelled, although the Asanber Neighborhood Association, and in the words of its president, José María Regueiro, believe that the actions must go further by betting for “an integral plan for the reform of the neighbourhood”.

Contrast of streets. From the recently remodeled streets in San Bernardo to those that, full of weeds, await a necessary reform | photos: alberto martin

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Asanber emphasizes the aging of the populationThe young people who arrive, especially students and renters, "are unable to integrate into the life of the neighborhood"

• Having a civic center in the neighborhood has been one of the historical demands of the neighborhood and, specifically, of the Asanber neighborhood association. The demand for more spaces for participation in this area of ​​the city will finally be met, although it will be in the shared space of the future Victoria Adrados coexistence center. The association, one of the oldest (created in 1982), organizes numerous workshops and activities during the school year in which between 300 and 400 people participate.

Although San Bernardo may appear to be a neighborhood with a young population, the truth is that it is quite the opposite, since young people, mostly students, come to the neighborhood temporarily, and

they do so “without becoming integrated into the life of the neighborhood”. The aging of the population is one of the concerns to which the association is no stranger, especially considering that this doubles the importance of having an accessible neighbourhood. Lack of accessibility of which we still find examples in streets or spaces, such as the premises that house the Asanber headquarters on La Alberca street, also in some homes, built in their day by the Obra Sindical del Hogar. "Some of these houses, of various heights, do not have an elevator," they emphasize from Asanber. "In order to condition these buildings, in addition to the initiative of the neighbors themselves, it would be necessary to have plans from the administrations that will help in their rehabilitation."

Thus, for example, they consider that it is urgent, due to the state of abandonment and undergrowth, that

landscape the streets of La Tórtola, El Gamo, La Garza and Los Cisnes.

The works carried out in these four streets, also configured as interior squares, have had a budget of 126,214.06 euros and have made it possible to make them more accessible and improve their image. In seasonal spaces with garden areas, 12 trees and 720 shrubby plants (scallions, dwarf roses, rosemary and teucrium) have been planted, as well as 16 benches and 8 litter bins. 1,360 square meters have been urbanized (including more than 300 of garden area).

The City Council's commitment is to continue progressively with the reform of the rest of the interior squares and garden areas of the neighbourhood. During these months, other actions have also been undertaken in the neighborhood, such as the renovation of the sidewalks of Villamayor and Filiberto Villalobos avenues and the lowering of the curbs of the pedestrian crossings, to which is added the recent remodeling of Navasfrías street. .

San Bernardo, free of graffiti? Graffiti is, without a doubt, one of the problems that disfigures the image of any neighbourhood, be it on the facades of houses or street furniture. Removing vandal graffiti will not be a one-day job, having started on Filiberto Villalobos avenue, and continuing through the buildings and establishments whose owners have authorized the City Council to carry out this task so that the neighborhood is free of graffiti. In fact, San Bernardo and Oeste are the two areas of the city for which the Municipal Graffiti Elimination Plan has begun, which will be extended to the rest of the neighborhoods.

• End of 2017 or beginning of 2018. These are the dates that the Junta de Castilla y León foresees to have the Salamanca Bus Station remodeled, as long as the deadlines established for its construction are maintained. execution, which will depend on the budget. An action to modernize and make more functional

the facilities of the Bus Station in demand for years, especially to solve its accessibility problems. The Bus Station, inaugurated on December 22, 1975, has turned 41 years old, being today one of the stations with the highest volume of passengers mobilized annually in Castilla y León.

The expected reform of the Bus Station

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The most ecological alternative to improve urban mobilitySalamanca has a modern, accessible and ecological bus service, also ranking among the cities with the lowest fares

The use of public transport is the ideal alternative to improve urban mobility, largely avoiding

measure traffic jams, and the most ecological solution for many of the journeys that take place within the city. In addition to being less polluting than private vehicles, it is a cheaper means of transport and saves the user time, for example when looking for parking. Buses are, today, an essential piece of mobility in cities. Hence the importance of having a public transport network that offers an optimal service and with benefits in accordance with the demands of users.

Salamanca has a modern, accessible, ecological and safe bus service, and is also among the cities with the lowest fares. 45% of the renewed bus fleet, made up of 62 vehicles, are powered by Compressed Natural Gas, placing Salamanca as one of the Spanish cities with the highest proportion of ecological buses. All vehicles are accessible, with wheelchair access ramps, kneeling kneeling system and low floor. In addition, inside they have a visual and acoustic warning system for the next stop. The installation of new panels is also being finalized, which inform the bus arrival time in real time and can be heard by blind people.

With the aim of continuing to improve the accessibility of public transport, an external public address system has been installed on the buses to indicate the line number and

destination, and its activation is through a command (cyberpass) carried by blind people.

Salamanca has 13 urban bus lines that run throughout the city (Los Cipreses-Buenos Aires, Pizarrales-San Julián, Garrido-San José, Cementerio-Los Toreses, Ciudad Jardín-Los Alcaldes, Garrido-San José for hospitals, Campus Unamuno-Prosperidad, Prosperidad-Chamberí, Los Cipreses-Buenos Aires for hospitals, Barrio Blanco-Montalvo II, Huerta Otea-San José) and two night services (north route and south route).

Salamanca de Transportes has managed the urban public transport service in the city since 1987.

ity, a service that began with 25 buses and 4 lines plus another experimental one, with 5.6 million passengers in 1988. Currently it exceeds 11 million passengers a year. This evolution, as pointed out by Salamanca de Transportes, "has been possible thanks to constant modernization and the permanent adaptation of the transport offer in Salamanca to the needs of users, always staying at the forefront in the most modern technologies applied to urban public transport, in terms of the environment, telecommunications, accessibility, means of payment..." Bus line 3 to the San José neighborhood | alex lopez / alberto martin

Currently 11 million people use this service per year

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Public transport joins forces with new technologies

To the free BUS application, all urban buses add Wi-Fi

T he urban transport of Sa-lamanca incorporates new technologies to make your journey easier and more comfortable.

use. Thus, all buses have free Wi-Fi. On all buses, under the slogan 'Connect to the Bus', it is indicated that the vehicles have Wi-Fi, the name of the network and the password. To use it, users just have to connect to the WifiST network and use the wifistgratis password.

A new free application has also been made available to users, BUS (Bus Urbano de Salamanca), operative for Android and IOS (Iphone), which allows easy access from anywhere to detailed information in real time. of the arrival time of the buses and the itineraries of the lines, as well as any incident, and configure warning alerts for the arrival of the bus. You can also access this functionality by going to the website salamancadetransportes.com/tiempos-de-llegada.

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Rates adapted to the needs of usersThe offer that includes subscriptions for children under 30 for 14 euros, and advantages with the monthly subscription to register for free in the Bicycle Loan System

Users of the urban bus in Salamanca have a wide range of passes in order to adapt

to the needs of all sal-mantines. The price of the ordinary ticket (and which is only sold on board the bus) is 1.05 euros. With the ordinary bus card you can travel on any line, at any time and any day of the week. The price of each unit trip is 0.59 euros and the first transfer (another trip on another line) is free within 45 minutes.

The special bus-bonus card allows the holder, upon payment of 2 euros, to travel on any line, at any time and any day of the week at a cost of 0.03 euro cents per trip. It also allows one free transfer (another trip before 45 minutes and on another line). The flexibility of the concession criteria has made it possible to reach a greater number of users, increasing by 76% so far this year, which translates into 11,200 people benefiting from this modality.

Monthly pass and SALenBICIThe bus-city card or monthly pass (22.05 euros) allows you to make an unlimited number of trips on any line, at any time and on any day of the week from the day of recharging to the day of next month. One of the innovations that have been added this year is that users of this pass can register for free in the Bicycle Loan System (SALenBICI).

Youth Monthly PassFor people under 30 years of age, registered in Salamanca or enrolled in USAL or UPSA, at

The most interesting alternative is the youth monthly pass which, for a price of 14 euros, allows you to make an unlimited number of trips on any line, time and day of the week from the day of recharging until the same day of the following month.

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'Opportunities' is the motto of the new awareness campaign, promoted by the Salamanca City Council and Ecoembes to raise awareness and provide citizens with new tools on the importance of recycling. Recycling more and better is the basic objective of the new 'Opportunities' campaign, based on the concept 'Each container is an opportunity to care for the environment', its correct recycling is a simple gesture with which to contribute much when it comes to conserving the environment that surrounds us.

Recycling packaging brings considerable environmental benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy, water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, the recycling of containers is not only a positive option for the environment, but it is also an economic and social opportunity.

'Opportunities' reminds us of the importance of raising awareness in the use of good consumption patterns; a responsible consumption that

be more respectful of the natural environment and save raw materials for the benefit of the environment. In today's society, where respect for the environment and civic behavior must go hand in hand, healthy lifestyle habits are promoted, such as recycling properly by correctly separating containers at home.

Recycling in SalamancaSalamanca recycled in 2015 more than 7,300 tons of glass, containers and paper, reaching similar figures to previous years and confirming that we are increasingly aware of the importance of recycling. Thus, in Salamanca 1,802 tons of packaging, 1,793 tons of glass and 3,730 tons of paper and cardboard were recycled. The glass recycling chain begins with the gesture of depositing the waste in the green container. A gesture with which the citizen assumes his key role in the recycling process and in the construction of a sustainable future for the planet.

'Opportunities', recycle more and better AWARENESS CAMPAIGN

The correct recycling of each container is an opportunity to take care of the environment

Salamanca recycled in 2015 more than 7,300 tons of glass, packaging and paper

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It has been in the news.....Rajoy presides over the meeting of the USAL VIII Centennial Commission: At the meeting of the Commemorative Commission, he encouraged the opening of the 2017/2018 academic year to be held at the charro institution and highlighted that this anniversary "is an excellent framework to consolidate the strengths of the Spanish University".

The Documentary Center of Historical Memory will have new funds: In the first quarter of 2017, the construction of the third headquarters of the Archive will be put out to tender to house the nearly 40 kilometers of documents that the Center will house, and to which will be added more than 800 volumes with the written scripts of the clandestine radio station of the PCE, La Pirenaica.

Improvements in 24 squares, patios and streets in the San José neighborhood: The City Council will intervene in almost 3.7 hectares, between Maestro Serrano and Maestro Alonso streets and Hilario Goye-nechea avenue, with a budget of half a million euros .

Tribute to Miguel de Unamuno: The Auditorium of the USAL was revived on October 12, 1936, with a round table of experts on the author and a theatrical dramatization by the actor and academic José Luis Gómez on the 80th anniversary of the anniversary

Raúl Díaz de Dios pays homage to the musical culture of the province: The work of photographer Manuel Lamas and video cameraman José Mena enhances the figure of the mountain drummer and especially 'Tío Mozo'. The video clip has been recorded in Villa-nueva del Conde.

National Police and Civil Guard, City Gold Medals: Recognition of their daily work "as guarantors of our freedom, our rights and our system of coexistence included in the Constitution."

Asunción Escribano, preacher of Holy Week in Salamanca 2017: Chosen to give the proclamation of Holy Week by the Salamanca brotherhoods. Escribano is Professor of Spanish Language and Literature at the Faculty of Communication of the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

El Mariquelo complies with tradition: A new ascent, on a very special date, because it was the thirty anniversary of the ascent to the Cathedral and that El Mariquelo wanted to dedicate to the AECC, Proyecto Hombre and Banco de Alimentos.

November* //

It will be news... Telephone 900 018 018 for victims of school bullying: Since this month of November the free telephone number, and in service 24 hours a day, is already operational. Aimed at students, fathers, mothers and legal guardians, teachers, management teams and staff of educational centers.

A new legislature begins: After more than 10 months of institutional blockade, in these first days of November the new legislature begins, with Mariano Rajoy as president and with the new structure of the ministries.

Primaries in Podemos Salamanca: Immersed in their primary process to elect the candidate who will occupy the Municipal General Secretariat. Voting will take place between November 7 and 9 and a total of three candidacies attend.

Call for a strike in Education if the revalidations are not withdrawn: The students will call a general strike in schools and institutes throughout Spain on November 24 if the revalidations are not withdrawn.

December* //

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Massive march against cancer: More than 8,000 people from Salamanca joined the third edition of the march organized by the AECC to raise funds for research into the fight against this disease. The new Plazuela de la Abogacía: Lawyers already have

its recognition in the street map, whose plaque was discovered coinciding with the central acts in honor of its patron saint, Santa Teresa.

Crime falls by more than 6% in Salamanca in the last year: The chief commissioner highlights, in the Fiesta de los Ángeles Custodios, the reduction in complaints of ill-treatment compared to the increase in theft of vehicles and their interiors.

Calle Compañía, transformed for the filming of 'Still Star Crossed': The historic center of Salamanca has once again been transformed into 16th-century Verona to host the filming of the series for a few days.

XIX Meeting of Ibero-American Poets: Meeting that included a tribute to Miguel de Cervantes, and which closed with a recital by 27 authors at the Teatro Liceo and the delivery of the X International Poetry Prize 'Gastón Baquero' to the writer Salvador Galán Moreu.

Ciudad Rodrigo will host the filming of the film 'Uno Equis Dios': One of the protagonists is –except for last-minute changes- Karra Elejalde ('Airbag', 'Ocho Apellidos Vascos', 'Ocho Apellidos Catalanes').

Preview of 'Análisis de sangre azul', by Gabriel Velázquez: In addition to being produced and co-directed by a man from Salamanca, it has been filmed in part in our province. On November 22, at the Teatro Liceo.

The world of letters, in the Plaza Mayor: A new edition of the Old and Second-hand Book Fair whose wide bibliographic offer has been enriched with a varied program around the school of yesteryear.

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2 98-124 (g/km).

* Check conditions at your dealer. Offer valid until November 30. Limited units available.

Vehicles registered in 2016 with a 4-year Star Occasion warranty.

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Raúl, how do you conquer a poet?

She does not consider herself a poet. She sometimes doesn't even consider herself a writer. We met through poetry. I had a column that I signed as Tío Paco in Tribuna Universitaria and she read it, a friend told her that I was going to give a recital and she went to see me even though she thought I was Óscar Alonso. That day I gave him a '50% cotton' poem. Well, I gave one to everyone! She then wrote to me at Tío Paco's email address and we met. Seven years later I gave her '100% cotton' giving her to understand that she had already completed the cycle.

It was a premonition (I'll explain to you the precision of our bodies/I'll ​​pluck out the haste/from your eyes) She has planted you in the land of her ancestors, Old Rhodes. My cousin, Miguel Ángel Martín, but she told me to ask you when you are going to get your driver's license. You have mounted a bla bla car of affection that brings you and takes you. Yes, between the buses and the generous friends who approach me I manage to return home.

There is always something clean, direct, generous in the clear gaze of Raúl Vacas. Unanimously considered one of the most innovative, original and surprising creators of Spanish poetry, he has dedicated the best of his energies to a child and youth audience who fervently read his strange children, his considerations on 'ESO' and that, his poems that play with language, with objects and with everything that surrounds us and can be turned into poetry. Editor, lecturer, cultural promoter, Raúl is a permanent surprise. He arrives with his suitcase of affections at a school and the teachers and teachers watch with envy how all the students are fascinated by poetry. The difficult thing is the day to day. I am the surprise factor, the one who arrives with that

suitcase and play with advantage because they don't know me. Perhaps if I am not teaching it is because I would not be able to carry out that day to day, I would have problems with the established program, with the system... I try to reconcile them with poetry. Teach the children and the boys that

poetry goes beyond poetry.

The Nobel Prize to Bob Dylan, that really is going beyond poetry. Of course, people forget that Homer was sung, what a poet pursues is to look for musicality in words. it's a prize

that can reconcile us with poetry, after all, if it weren't for Paco Ibáñez, many people would not know Machado for Serrat. It's a bit of an absurd discussion.

Your collaborations in Tribuna Universitaria were collected in the

book 'Al fondo a la derecha', now you write a column full of lyricism on Sundays, sometimes attached to the saddest reality in Sala-mancartv a day… I like the idea of ​​opening a newspaper and meeting a more or less literal artifact

Raúl Vacas, and the poet nested in the heart of our lines


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rare. I read the columns of Umbral and in them he spoke of poetry in a very poetic tone.

guy i liked I had never written an opinion column at the time of Tribuna Universitaria and it was hard for me to find the tone. When I did, I realized that it was lucky for me to talk about the things that moved me. It was like a blind date with the reader, many wrote to me by email. Remember Isabel! and when the publication finished, some parents and children told me that they had enjoyed reading my Tío Paco columns together.

Why did you sign them as "Uncle Paco"? For something my mother said a lot "Uncle Paco will arrive with the sales." I didn't know who Uncle Paco was and I imagined the Generalissimo… even once they introduced me as “Tipaco the columnist”, there must have been some mistake and I was very amused.

Poet, promoter, editor, columnist When prose, a short story, a novel? I have written short stories, remember the Workshops and my personal challenge is to write a children's or youth novel.

Children read and love poetry, however, when they get to high school they seem to push it away... And with your book 'This and THAT' you give them back their taste for poetry. How do you do it? I think it's because it surprises them, when they A book of poetry arrives with another air, it suits them very well. I consider it an invitation to write about any subject, as Neruda says, “anything can become a poem and they like that”. Also because it speaks of love and heartbreak, of a personal search. I had it at 14, 15 years old and I know that crisis with which they recognize themselves. I feel very lucky that they read me and like it.

When you went to your old school to give a talk -Carmen intervenes with an infinite smile- one of the boys said that he had liked it a lot because "Raúl Vacas is very nice and he is from here". For me it is very exciting speak in libraries, in schools, in institutes. And I also like that you say I'm from here because I'm interested in anthropology, the land. That's why I admire

poet José Luis Puerto, to Adares, who with his few studies, at street level raised a magnificent work.

Your photo with the books on the Corrillo stairs in the manner of Adares moved me. Raúl, although you are recognized as a poet for children, you are an exceptional sonnetist, your book Señal is of an admirable classic workmanship where there is no concession to play. It is true that I entered the circuit of children's and youth literature very early through an anthology and I have developed that work. The book Consume preferably has 9 editions and has placed me in the institutes. Señal is something else, it follows the themes of Miguel Hernández, love, death, life... it is a very beautiful book that was published by a bookstore in Santander and of which few were published. That book you have there, 'Process of love' was Mario's personal endeavor for Amarú and it has had more experience.

You have just republished strange children with illustrations by Tomás Jr., you yourself are very close to the object poem, the artifact, the drawing, the handmade design of books. How is your relationship with your illustrators? To Pep Montserrat, I didn't know him for Consumir, with Sara Morante in Señal it was a very beautiful job, I understand her drawings very well and she my texts, and with Tomás Hijo it's a friend's work, I write through her images, interacting tuamos

Raul. Isabel Castaño and you are the soul of La Querida, a space that we all love and that is a new way of seeing the workshop, the field, the meeting... The objective of La Querida is personal enjoyment. For us it is a luxury to have the people who accompany us and allow us to make all our crazy things come true, to meet people like Cuerda, Araújo, Raúl Tapia... furthermore, our aim is that these projects be used for the people from the area as it is done in Morille, in Monleras, in Juzbado.

Your projects towards the people are not only directed at the towns, you also participate in those of the neighbourhoods, like the workshop that you lead in ZOES.ZOES should be the reference for other neighbourhoods. before they made more

things in the neighborhoods, Carmen and I met working for the Association of El Rollo! All that social fabric was fracturing, those who are supported by creative people resist.

And for you! I also needed to feel part of that project. A writing workshop is very beautiful, we have been having one for 15 years in the Library of Las Conchas and you discover that there are many people who write, retirees who want to find that joy, with their poems, their memories. I have people whose doctor has ordered them to read, write, share... and I have fantastic people who could be publishing.

La Querida is an act of love to the

field, to creation, to Isabel Castaño whose work is not only impressive, as much as her modesty, but her public dedication to the cause of refugees. I admire her work, I admire her ability to overcome difficulties. attitudes, his attitude towards problems, his work. She got involved in favor of the refugees with her task, with the trip to Greece to the fields. She has fulfilled that process with the trip and is still there, as Luis Felipe Comendador continues with his solidarity market. Many people. Help, do, be there.

Those of us who not only read him, but who know and love him, are lucky to have a bird nesting in our hearts with the voice of Raúl Vacas. His person, his delivery, his commitment,

his beloved other half and his stay with nests and flowers in the middle of the holm oaks is a shared gift. Raúl Vacas and Isabel Castaño are the necessary proof that another way of living is possible, one in which words are stitches of affection with which to unite the scraps of verses, shared meals, books, drawings, children and articles. I hope these poems help you conjugate the verbs love and live, Raúl writes to me in my recently bought book of poems, and I think, as he says goodbye to Carmen and me, that Raúl and Isabel not only embroider them, but also make us happy, to us, in the warmth of his presence.

Charo AlonsoPhotographs: Carmen Borrego

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Doris Leasing, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature in 2007, said that “with a library you are free; is the

most democratic of institutions because nobody can tell you what to read, when and how”. Libraries that guard the thousands of stories written in the books that rest on their shelves waiting for the next reader. Libraries that are a story in themselves, like the one that on this occasion opens its doors to reveal a space full of books, not only on its shelves, but also on the tables, window sills and in every improvised space that He is free in the classroom on the first floor of the old Giner de los Ríos school, in the San José neighborhood. Among the more than 9,000 books, many of them donations, from the Giner de los Ríos Popular Library, a story of solidarity has been written for three years, a way of building a neighborhood thanks to the drive and dedication of the volunteers who maintain it. They are open from Monday to Friday.

in the morning and afternoon. The closure of the only library

present in the neighbourhood, and belonging to Caja Duero in its day, mobilized the residents on this side of the Tormes to obtain the transfer of a space by the City Council -and which has already become too small -. They also managed to get the library fund donated, as well as the bookshelves and part of the furniture, by Obra Social once the doors of the old library were closed. Fortunately, other doors were opened to establish a meeting point with books, culture and reading.

In addition to the lending of books, magazines and films, there are free activities organized by the Giner de los Ríos Popular Library throughout the year to continue being a meeting point and promoter of the neighbourhood, such as storytelling, Reading club, workshops... In the last month alone, more than 400 users have passed through this cultural space.

For 3 years volunteer hands have kept open a cultural space whose closure they avoided and today is the germ of new projects such as the community garden

Giner de los Ríos Popular Library, a place to build a neighborhood among books

BARRIO DE SAN JOSÉFrom books to the gardenPromotion of reading that they have been able to combine with other projects, such as the one that takes us from books to the community garden that they have begun to cultivate since last spring, in collaboration with Ecored, in the back of the building. A project, aimed at all residents and especially children, which arouses curiosity and awareness about natural resources and the environment between seeds. They have already planted the first vines of peppers, tomatoes or strawberries, to which garlic and chives will give way in these months, and some trees and hedges that will border the orchard. And this November it is also planned to hold a composting workshop.

Volunteers from the Giner de los Ríos Library and the community garden

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On these dates, many university students will be organizing your end-of-degree trip and, of course, you hope to enjoy a perfect trip somewhere in Europe or in one of those hotels in the Caribbean where as soon as you arrive they place an “all inclusive” bracelet on your wrist.

Going through the university brings many young people to their heads, who do their best every year to get a good grade in Selectividad and access their favorite careers. But, with the start of the new academic year, it's not all notes and new friends, but you also begin to dream of trips and getaways with friends, especially one: the End of Degree trip.

So, if you have had the responsibility of organizing the end of degree trip and you are interested in receiving professional advice and a budget, we invite you to go to VIAJES ÁLAMO and request any quote as you need.

No matter how many crises there are, veteran university students do not intend to give up an unrepeatable moment in their lives: the final trip. Despite the complicated economic situation, money does not seem to be a problem to enjoy your well-deserved rest. Nor does it seem that the usual destinations are going to give way to cheaper ones. The Caribbean is the preferred place par excellence, followed closely by the Canary Islands. Given the priorities, there is no doubt about what students are looking for to celebrate their university farewell. No cultural trips: much better beach, sun and party.

However, although the Caribbean and the beaches of Cancun or Punta Cana continue to be the most chosen destination, new destinations and new plans are increasingly appearing that are gaining popularity among university students, mainly because they are more adapted to their pockets. For example, Ibiza and the Canary Islands are beginning to stand out in the party and rest market, since they are cheaper national destinations, with more affordable prices. Also, mu-

Many students in the last courses discard the idea of ​​10 days of all-inclusive in idyllic resorts and prefer to escape for three or four days to closer destinations, whether they are large Spanish cities such as Seville and Valencia; or European capitals such as Lisbon, Rome or Paris. A trip in which parties and fun also leaves time to visit and discover new places, some even combine it with sporting events, such as soccer matches of their favorite team in the European leagues.

But this trip can be a failure if it is not organized correctly and what was going to become an unforgettable trip for the end of the degree, can turn into an experience that you would have preferred not to live.

With the experience accumulated over more than 30 years organizing study trips, VIAJES ÁLAMO recommends that you follow some basic steps that go from starting to organize it in advance -between four months and a year before-, having a coordinator, choosing the specific date, determine a specific number of destinations -three maximum- and find a way to finance the trip. It is essential to take into account from the outset the budget available to the group before starting to organize the trip. It also reminds you of the importance of planning and hiring the destination in advance to be able to "choose the desired hotel on the date that best suits you and at the cheapest possible price".

Choosing the destination is the basis of the trip and requires that

all members of the group with whom you are going to travel reach an agreement. Two profiles can arise: those who want a destination to rest, sunbathe and enjoy the party; and those who prefer a more cultural trip. Another point to take into account when hiring the trip is to do it through a specialized and reliable agency to avoid unpleasant experiences. In this sense, it is essential to have “a good travel agent” in charge of your trip, such as those available from VIAJES ÁLAMO, who advises you on the destination and helps with the procedures that the trip requires.

It is very reassuring to know that, in the event of any mishap, you can call a person (and not an answering machine that refers to another answering machine) who will tell you the procedures to follow and how to act at all times. And the peace of mind and guarantee that comes with knowing that VIAJES ALAMO complies with all legal requirements.

Once the February exams are over, it is time to carry out the end-of-year or degree trip, so those who do not already have everything ready, are already getting their batteries to organize it, since there are no official trips or initiatives of the faculties. And it is that if there is something that practically all the students agree on, it is the ideal time to do it: from February to April. Later the June exams are around the corner again.

END OF YEAR TRIPS Trips for students

You only need to choose the destination that you like the most, and that's it!

We are ready for you to enjoy the best END OF CAREER trip

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November 201624 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esmúsica

Salamanca music has a voice, accompanied by a smile as dazzling and warm as the coffee where

has summoned us And that voice that sounds powerful in concerts, capable of going up and down scales typical of a soul teacher who knows her gifts, has a close and almost childlike timbre. Victoria Mesonero, overwhelming, powerful, performer full of strength, singer who lives each song and each note, is intimate and warm closeness, full of laughter and delivery. The same one with which she addresses her second album, Invicta.

Your first album, A-Love, came out with great success in 2011 and now, your second, in 2016. What does it mean for a performer to edit an album? An album is a business card, an opportunity to show yourself better in the Job interviews. It involves a great effort, but in a field where there are no opportunities because there aren't, it shows that you are capable of presenting your work adequately.

You affirm very seriously that there are no opportunities for musicians... It's the truth, no matter how good you are, you always have to have a plan B. You have to be realistic, you can't make a living from music, and although I love music He has given everything. He has even given me my partner! we must recognize that you cannot live on it.

There is something solid and iron behind the face of this very young woman who plays with the camera, who addresses her mother with exquisite sweetness and who laughs at Carmen Borrego's suggestions. A brutal good sense and willpower that have allowed him to carry out his project "No cantes Victoria" with which he won all the awards for the best musical band, give numerous concerts and, currently, present an album in which more than thirty musicians apart from their usual group participate. A flash of steel in this smiling look with which she faces the public.

How do you choose the musicians for your band? You are the author of the lyrics and the music of the songs. How do you receive the suggestions? Do you make it very clear who is the head of the project, Victoria? They are all people I know, people with whom I have personal confidence, people who are very good at their work and who also make me feel

they lie something Of course I ask for help with the arrangements, and I listen to everything they suggest. I don't want to be the leader or the boss, but rather the person in charge of ensuring that they are comfortable in this team, and it shows if they are. The group is like a human body with its supporting bones, its heart, its arms... and its brain!

There are excellent musicians in this city. Do you think that they receive enough support from the institutions, with concert programming, for example? Salamanca is waking up again, there are more bands, more prominence of music. And yes, the local scene is being supported, although more can be supported. The

Party programming has been fantastic, although this September I missed a night dedicated to hip-hop. We must also recover the issue of the building of La Salle. Even so, let's recognize that music is supported, for example, with aid to pay the rent for rehearsal spaces.

You musicians defend the value of your work. What about leisure and business? Nothing about leisure. I assume responsibility for my projects, “No Cantes Victoria” is not a group where it goes hand in hand because I can be left with nothing after a concert, but my musicians always, always get paid. This is a company and despite my theoretical deficiencies regarding VAT and other issues, I carry out my projects.

The flash of steel. Very brief, because suddenly he bursts into a happy laugh, the same amusing gesture with which, in his promotional video, he shakes his shoulder after breaking the glass of a car with the base of the microphone. The mix is ​​captivating and moving, a girl, barely a student who reveals herself as a stage animal that bites the lyrics, interprets the tears of the soul and that in close proximity is close, transparent, full of grace . Fascinating victory.

From the stage you transmit a very strong image, also, in the promotional photos and on a day-to-day basis you are always absolutely perfect…Of course! I work with people and for people, I owe it to my students to be well. And on stage the image speaks, suggests. By the way, it makes me nervous to pose. You need to project a character on stage, but no, I don't like cameras and I'm not like a diva all day asking my mother –Mar, her mother, accompanies us with laughter and anecdotes-

Do not stop singing, Victoria "Music has given me everything, we must admit that you cannot live from it

Victoria Mesonero, singer from Salamanca

The interpreter from Salamanca, with two albums, develops her vocation as a teacher

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November 2016 25+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es music

anything. I know that my image interests people and that many suggest me

things, but it's all a matter of enjoying what you like and yourself.

And she does it with a diva posture –one of the best songs on her album- with which we laugh out loud again. The strong colors, the marked makeup, the disarming self-confidence. And that voice, that unforgettable voice on stage that tells a story, narrates, interprets... either standing up accompanying other musicians or sitting in front of the piano that reminds us that she is an outstanding student of Chema Corvo: Chema was the first one who suggested that I start a project, that I launch myself. Chema Corvo is my teacher, my friend and an exponent of the best of Salamanca. He is a benchmark as a musician, as a teacher, as a humble person.

All of us who follow you were waiting for this new album. Finally Invicta! Long process, what are the surprises? It's true that in such a long recording process everything that doesn't have to happen, does happen, you have to accept that it's so long and complicated. Perhaps having been able to work with Mario Delgado on the intro of the album, it sounds like a soundtrack and it's something that hasn't been seen until now. I like that successful mix that isn't just soul or funky, it's rhythm and blues, hip hop, reggae... it's a work full of people and full of mixes.

Victoria, but people don't buy records, although it's true that they're into merchandising! There is another way to listen to music over the Internet, without paying for it. How do you see it? Now comfort prevails, not buying the disc, but downloading it on ITUNES. I no longer print posters, for example, and I was one of those who loved designing them, ordering them, smelling them... Now people are glued to the phone and everything is displayed on the internet, but nevertheless they ask me for t-shirts, it's say They don't buy music but they do buy objects related to it! Internet has greatly facilitated the expansion of music but now we are not a few, we are zillions. Access is given to everyone on the internet, very good people, very good, that's not bad. And as for the record, I like the object, touch it, see-

lo… of course now there are other priorities and they are no longer sold, it is easier to listen to music over the internet, why deny it.

That is why you say that a plan B is needed. You are an excellent singing teacher... I really like my job as a teacher, I am very involved, I am very fond of my students. And I also have translation projects, which is a subject that I am also passionate about.

With the enormous confidence that you transmit on stage and in your daily life, I don't think you get nervous before a performance. Well, yes, I get nervous, then I go out and that's it... if you see a good response from the public, they all leave nerves and enjoy.

Mar, although there is another musician out there because of the family. Was there a musical atmosphere in the house? No one who was professional, like she is, who was already twenty years old in all this, alone, without anyone's help, very seriously. Her father played the piano by ear and listened to a lot of music with her, and she, from a very young age, was always interested in music, listening, enjoying it...

Harmony. Not only in the closeness transmitted by this singer who, even at rest, has the quiet expectation of a well-tensioned string. No one who has seen and heard Victoria Mesonero at a concert can escape her fascination for her person, her strength. Even in silence I am able to hear her and see her like an Aretha Franklin bent over her keyboard. Yet with a happy jolt comes the passionate allure of a joy-filled woman who puts aside the drama with which she sings and happily throws herself into what she loves. Her red hair falls over her shoulder and she winks at her mother with that lovingly outlined expressive look. An accomplice wink also for Carmen's camera. With her everything is warmth and that closeness with which we ask her, never stop singing, Victoria.

Charo AlonsoPhotographs: Carmen Borrego

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A stream of marvelous light enters. It starts us with intense, matte or sepia shine. Whites and blacks. To each other

its own colour. I see the faces of some. Everything I know about life I have learned by watching them, except for some liquid memories of an ancient time. They are like reflections in the water that are seen in a mirror, but I would say that I see a sick man give me a kiss and I like to feel all his affection when he keeps me in a black or just dark bag that smells of old leather . Even before, I think I have random images of a woman with big eyes, like mine, who takes me out of an envelope and looks at me. However, it is very possible that none of this is true, because my only clear memories are those of seeing myself here, mixed up with other pieces of the memory of the wrinkled hands.

After the light, come the hands, made of triangles of skin, united as if they were going to break one day, but not today, not today. The ma-

they smell like white, sweet cream. The hands are old, but they do not tremble. They are firm, determined. They always seem to know who they will pick. Hands break our disorder creating chaos. A few paper souvenirs with scenes that lasted no more than an instant are taken outside; they are taken to a world that I do not remember seeing more than as a reflection carried away by the river. I have never even fallen beyond the box. I have never left the cardboard box. Never.

Over the years, I have seen that there are many repeated faces. However, I am not in any other photo. I don't see myself anywhere else. I'm not with anyone else. But there are faces that it is as if they had been used to make mine, increasing this or that feature, giving me an urgent gesture, enlarging the eyes. I look mostly like a tall, thin, haggard man. The tall thin man is in a few photos, the oldest ones, but also

little in many. We have the same face shape and a similar way of looking. One day I came across a photo of her in which she was very young and dressed in a uniform. He was looking at something that seemed to be high up. There he did not seem sick. Another day I came across a photo of three children in shorts and I thought that the one in the center was me, grown up and happy; but it was him. I would say that even he recognized me, that the one in the other photo realized the resemblance. It would have been time to say something to each other, but at that moment the box suffered another blow and I was left in front of a photo in which a crowd raised their glasses at a long, very long table. There were three of them, young men already, defiant, laughing. Those are precisely the photos that, from time to time, wrinkled hands take out of our confinement to return them a while later. Sometimes a long time, sometimes the time of a kiss.

I have never come across a photo of a woman who looked like

me. It is what hurts me the most. I would like to know who put me on this padded seat, to know it for real and not think it was my mother as if they were someone else's memories. I would like to be in front of a photo of her so that she would tell me if I cried when taking the photo, because my gesture is to want to leave or fall a second later. I am almost sure that my mother did not become part of this family, not because there are no photos of her, but because there are no more photos of me. And I would also like to find her to ask her what my name is.

Sometimes I think my name is Jesus or Marcos. I don't have the face to call myself Jesus; so it is possible that he calls me Marcos, but I don't really know why. I have spent countless years stopped in this uncomfortable gesture, looking to the side, with a perhaps blond curl that is not distinguishable in black and white. Someone (my mother?) left me unsteady on a padded seat with no back, and there I stayed.

Now I can't fall, only seem to fall. For this reason, I have a certain face that can be understood as surprise, but which is actually a desire to know.

The hands return, breaking the lines of light. The photos he took a while ago are laid gently on me. They're upside down, so all I see is the yellowed underside of a piece of someone's past. Light stops entering the box. The time without light begins again. We move, as if they were placing the box in another place. I scroll, but I don't see anything. It could be that right now I was in front of my parents' faces, smiling, next to each other. I can imagine a thousand stories about my past and none of them are true, because my only true memories are seeing myself here, among all these pieces of someone's memory, alone among all these people who seem to love each other so much.

Miguel Angel Bad

The photo of Jesus or Marcos

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How do you define your new album DBAOTM? What do you want to convey to the public with this album? Behind the initials DBAOTM hides the title Don't Be Afraid Of The Monsters. What I want through this work is to share a stage of my life, in songs, with each person who wants to listen to me. I have never opened up so much when it comes to telling personal issues as on this record. There are 8 songs, and inside each one there is a 'monster'; from things that have terrified me for years to tributes to horror movies like 'The Witch'. When I saw it, I was fascinated and it gave me back a feeling that I had as a child: that of respect for the dark.

DBAOTM is presented as a revolution in your professional and creative career, how is it different from your previous works? It's a break from the calm songs he used to write. The style

it has evolved towards a thick, dirty pop, but with a lot of melody. DBAOTM has a mix of styles that characterize it, differentiating it from pop and the music that is currently being made. And as a solo artist, it's been a natural way to distance myself from the word 'singer-songwriter' that's always thrown around.

associates the binomial 'musician + guitar'. This can be seen, for example, in the song 'You'; There are people who have come to describe it as a 'clubber'.

How did you discover that music was the path you wanted to follow? It all comes from my childhood, but I couldn't explain it rationally. The sensation could be compared, metaphorically, with a seed that you have inside since you were born. Something that you are not aware of but that germinates over the years. A kind of entity that you cannot control, that grows inside and is asking for more each time. It's an incredible feeling. One of my fears has always been getting nowhere in life, and the song 'Nothing' talks about that monster. But the road has begun, and I will not stop no matter what.

Is it difficult to gain a foothold in the current music scene? What are the main obstacles? Of course, it is very difficult. But it's not impossible. And as for the obstacles... The biggest obstacle for me, before I began to see a bit of repercussion in the public, was thinking that playing once every three or four months was going to achieve something. Now I have learned that the fundamental thing is to play. But before that, rehearse. May your life go with it. Touch, touch and touch.

How do you see the music scene in Salamanca? Are there spaces and opportunities for young musicians? From my point of view and my experience, there are both if you look for them. It is true that there are places where the conditions are not coherent for the work that the musicians do, but there are many more places to play, in which, in addition to having good conditions, the treatment

it's extraordinary.

To record and edit this album, you have used novel formulas such as crowdfunding. Is it an interesting way of interacting with the public?

For me it has been a way of asking for help to get a job in which I have put my heart, soul and my hours of sleep. To be honest, I didn't think I was going out, but I've realized that there are a lot of people I don't know personally.

mind that supports me, and that have made DBAOTM a reality.

Apart from Salamanca, in what other cities do you plan to present your album? Right now I am closing dates in Madrid, Valladolid and Ávila, but I am also going to take DBAOTM to the North. I've never played there and I'm very excited. I have friends and family there and I know it will be an extraordinary experience.

Where can you listen to your new album? DBAOTM is already available on all digital platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon... And in November it is available in physical format. I have made a limited number of copies, and they will only be for sale at concerts and in a webstore that will open soon.

"Music is like a seed that grows inside and asks for more every time"


He returns with DBAOTM, an album into which he has put "heart, soul and hours of sleep". A more personal work, mixture of styles and "a natural way to distance myself from the word singer-songwriter"

“Now I have learned that the fundamental thing is to play, but first, rehearse

“DBAOTM is now available on all digital platforms

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November 201628 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esemprendedores

The last soda factory in Salamanca

As a consequence of new consumption habits and the appearance of new beverages, soft drinks have been

losing its traditional market. In the province of Salamanca, where more than 140 factories were registered, including some big brands, the only one that lasts is Gaseosas Molina, which has managed to survive without being absorbed by the big monsters in the sector, as has happened with almost all of them. of the more than 4000 manufacturers that came to exist in Spain.

Carbonica Molina S.A. It is a company that falls nice, because in it we see reflected the everlasting myth of David against Goliath; the story of the irreducible Gallic village, and that of so many weak people who continue to face bullies, managing to get ahead with a lot of work and a lot of tenacity. Members of the 3rd generation are already integrated into the Board of Directors of this family business.

The current patriarch and CEO of the firm, Evelio Rodríguez Domínguez, exhibits in his office a photograph dated 1934 in which the founding fathers, Evelio and Anto-lina, appear together with their uncle Juan. Evelio is willing to tell us the history of the brand, which is that of his own family, and to teach us the secrets of the soda factory. Molina is a lost surname, it was lost in the 19th century, in 1800 and peak, but we continued to be known that way, in fact, I get on the phone and answer “I'm Evelio Molina”, and my daughter also says “I'm Mercedes Molina”. It was in 1961 when we registered “Molina” as a trademark.

A few years ago the 175th anniversary of soft drinks was celebrated, and Anfabra, the association that brings together manufacturers, had the idea of ​​holding some traveling exhibitions, they asked us for some things, and we lent them photos, some bottles , machines, they made a video, and we appeared on Antena 3 Television. Our satisfaction was to be presented as one of the oldest companies.

In the hall that gives access to the different rooms of the factory, there is a small museum that houses an incredible collection of bottles; They are the story of Molina, and there are other surprising ones, such as the first of Trinaranjus, an original piece of glass in the shape of three oranges that come together in a bottleneck. It is the prehistory of the packaging that we know and consume today, and Evelio is proud to preserve a good part of the historical and family heritage. We keep the original sign of the

The façade of the first factory on Mansilla street, look, it's eighty years old. These slides were projected in the two theaters here, between the movies. We keep old formulas: Apple: 4 grms. of essence per liter of syrup, 40 grams. of concentrate per liter of syrup, is a document from 1934.

The history of carbonated drinks began in New York in 1832, when John Matthews invented a device that managed to mix water with carbon dioxide, and also add flavor to it: soda was born. One of the challenges posed by the distribution of carbonated drinks, which until now had to be mixed at the time of consumption, was bottling, since there were technical problems that prevented achieving a hermetic seal that would allow the gas to be conserved. In the first bottles there was a glass ball that was located in a compartment at the end of the neck, and the carbon dioxide pushed it upwards, thus preventing the contents from spilling. Technologically it was a boom, the bottles came from Gijón, and there was another factory in Barcelona, ​​but that ended up being banned as it was considered unhygienic.

They came from the towns with horses, with mules, and they loaded boxes of 48 bottles on them, and if they needed more for the festivities, they came with a cart of cows. It is that individuals made wine, but that pitarra wine "scratched" that you do not see, and the way to make it drinkable was to "baptize" it with soda. Look, this client still exists, he is in the Castañar, Casa Senén, of which we have known four generations, the oldest client, from the

year 34. El Torres, from Guijuelo, since the year 49; then the merchandise was sent to them by rail. Look at this other old delivery note, four dozen sodas, at six pesetas a dozen, twenty-four pesetas.

Then the war came, my uncle died in 1936, and a time came when everything was scarce, there were no bottles, and we had to go to the junk shops in Madrid to buy them second-hand, and be able to bottle. There was not even a tin to make the “crown” caps, which we call, and we used champagne bottles covered with a cork and tied with a rope. After the war, there was no sugar, saccharin was not known, and there were still no corks or bottles, then it began to be manufactured with saccharin...

After the death of Juan Rodríguez, it was Evelio's father who was responsible for taking charge of the company. After the most difficult moments of the post-war period, Evelio managed to move from a manual factory to a factory with modern and automatic machinery. From the primitive ball bottles, they went to those with a cork and sheet metal stopper, and from there to the mechanical or porcelain stopper, which marked an entire era. From distributing the bottles in baskets and handcarts, to transporting them with pack animals, and later using bottle trucks that could supply a much larger territory. The first delivery van was purchased in the mid-50s, more or less, from the Central Lechera de Salamanca. It came from Ethiopia, and the Italians had brought it to the war in Spain, M-62248, it was its license plate. The second vehicle was a Ford pickup, which if a bearing broke, you had to throw yourself in the car all day. -ller to remove the axis and be able to fix it.

Then they began to manufacture the Ebro in Barcelona -which belonged to Ford-, but you had to have influence and recommendations for them to put you at the top of the waiting list. I wrote several letters to the dealer, until we finally got the Ebro, one of those with a high nose, the first to be manufactured in Spain. Then came the Barreiros. Today we have sixteen vehicles to cover the entire cast.

In addition to the traditional soda, which in Béjar was formerly called "lemon", and

seltz in siphons, Molina bottled an infinite number of flavors, some with its own brands, and others with the brands donated by the creators of the flavors; Limorefrescante, Natural Iris Lemonade, Orange, Koki, incomparable drink, natural soft drink, for sale here, To-metucs??, exquisite orange soda, Pleasant flavor of foamy bush Pic-Nic, Beba Jumate, delicious foamy drink, Pineapple Equatorial, ideal soft drink, Ino refreshing trademark, bottled under license... The 50-60 years were the most splendor, only in Béjar there were three soft drink factories. Sarsaparilla was the Coca Cola of that time. "Citrania" was a soft drink that was widely consumed. Whoever sold you the products also gave you the brand, along with the labels and syrups. We bottled “Orange”, which is what orange Fanta is today, and lemonade. At that time, the most advanced thing was beer, but it was very expensive, and it was not implemented until well into the 60s. We served a case of beer for every hundred sodas, today it is just the other way around.

New stageAfter the death of Eve-lio, which occurred in 1965, after having spent 29 years in charge of the company, his widow, Mrs. Anto-lina Domínguez, and their eight children, decided to create a public limited company with the contribution of the entire industry . A year later, they acquired two warehouses and some land in the


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November 2016 29+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es entrepreneurs

carretera de la Estación, and in 1969 they moved manufacturing from the old plant on Calle Mansilla, and the old premises, which still belong to the family, were used as furniture storage.

Far away from Béjar, in the United States, the war between the soft-drink bottling companies had begun a long time ago, and the conflict also spread to the soft drink sector. In response to the popular 7 Up, the Coca-Cola company introduced the Sprite brand in 1961, and forced its dealers to bottle Sprite to flood the market with this product, and eliminate 7 Up. Those trade wars, sooner or later , would end up spreading to our country, and "seeing them coming", Carbonica Molina began to diversify its activity, taking advantage of its distribution network. Together with their own brands, "Molina" and "Abli", they began to distribute table wines and beer, they continued with musts, and today "He takes everything, because it is the way to keep us running," Evelio acknowledges. .

In 1973, the distribution warehouse of the Los Álamos premises, in Plasencia (Cáceres), was opened to serve more than four hundred customers from Plasencia, Malpartida, Valle del Jerte and other places. towns in the north of Extremadura. From Béjar, the company directly serves more than seven hundred clients in the provinces of Salamanca and Ávila.

In 1992 things were going from strength to strength, and given the need to expand the facilities, and the lack of industrial land in Béjar, they opted to build a warehouse

800 square meters in the annexed land. The panoramic view that can be seen from the Molina factory is a privilege for those who are lucky enough to work in its facilities. And they are also fortunate that the facilities are still standing, because in 1994, and due to poor technical planning, there was a landslide that was about to bury part of the factory.

In recent years, the company has

A considerable effort has been made both in the renewal of machinery, new bottle washing and capping machines have been installed, as well as in the updating of an advanced ERP program of all computer processes, as well as in the introduction of new processes. manufacturing systems, refrigeration equipment and a machine to manufacture PET bottles (or "ethylene polyterephthalate"), and in 2005 it installed an innovative ozonation system for water treatment.

We have been pioneers in this, because ozone was used to purify water in cities, and we have been the first to apply the system to industry.

The soda, basically, is sparkling water and additives, saccharin -never sugar-, artificial sweeteners, and lemon aroma. The other flavors that we manufacture, orange and lemon, do contain sugar, because that gives the drink more body, and we add a part of natural juice, so that it has more quality. After going through the

water treatment plant, the water comes and is filtered here, with sand, which is the best filter product; then it goes through active carbon filters, which eliminates bad flavors, and finally it goes through an ultraviolet light process. After all that, the resulting water is absolutely pure, and with everything and that, there are still some times that cause problems, because the water is very delicate, here we have a lady from Sanitation every now and then.

Jorge San Roman

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November 201630 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esagenda

21 h*

18 h*12.30 y 18 h*

21 h*

Sunday* November 2 Wednesday* November 12

Tuesday* November 4

20 h*20 h*

19 h*

20.30 h*

Friday* November 14Monday* November 10

Tuesday* November 11

Thursday* November 13

Young Russian musical talents. Classical music concert in which children and young people play capable of hypnotizing, moving and making you think. Entrance with invitation / Liceo Theater

PTV Clowns with We Melt. Hula the clown receives a letter -an ancient mode of communication- from a mysterious character who invites her to embark on a journey in which both of them could become heroes. The mysterious character sees the task as easy: they only need to save planet Earth from an enemy infinitely more powerful than them: Global Warming.

Children's theater at the Torrente Ballester Library (invitations at the Municipal Libraries).

The little pony, with María Adánez and Roberto Enríquez. A play about bullying, that painful reality in which

More and more boys and girls from all over the world are trapped; a reflection about freedom, fear and instinct

of protection; a portrait of the blindness, ineptitude and social prejudices of adults.

Tickets: 15, 20 and 25 eurosLiceo Theater

Concert by Pablo Lopez. The artist, interpreter, composer and lyricist from Málaga will present his new album titled 'The world and the innocent lovers'. Tickets: 16, 20 and 25 euros CAEM

V Cycle of Chamber Music and Soloists. Concert by the Casals Quartet with music by Mozart, Kurtág and Mendelssohn.

Tickets: 12, 16 and 20 eurosLiceo Theatre.

In Singing schools. World music. Concert with a strong didactic component, supported by audiovisual material that complements the music, with images and videos, and offers a musical journey through different cultures. M. Torrente Ballester Library Theater (Invitations at Municipal Libraries)

First concert of the season for the City of Salamanca Symphony Orchestra which, conducted by Andrés Ramos Navarro, will perform a program composed of La Pavane, by Fauré; he

concerto for oboe and orchestra K.314 by Mozart –which will feature Daniel Fuster as soloist–, and the Symphony in C minor, by E. Grieg.

It will be a benefit concert in favor of Pyfano. Tickets: 3 euros


All Girl Fest brings bands made up mostly of women to Salamanca. The garage-rock of Agoraphobia, the riot grrrl of Las Odio, the punk-rock of Estrogenuinas and the post-folk of Postcards From The Yeti are the sounds the festival is committed to. CAEM Room B Tickets: 10 euros

Wednesday* November 19

18 h*

Thursday* November 6 Whales, stories of giants. Larumbe Dance Company. Innovative and multidisciplinary show inspired by tales and legends of indigenous peoples of Mexico and Chile, in which the interactivity between dancers and 3D projections allow the viewer to immerse themselves in ancient stories told with a contemporary aesthetic and narrative. Tickets: 6 eurosLiceo Theater

The jury, with Avanti Theatre, with Josean Bengoetxea, Victor Clavijo, Cuca Clerk, Pepon Grandson, Isabel Ordaz, Canco Rodriguez, Luz Valdenebro, Eduardo Velasco and Usun Yoon.

Tickets 15, 20 and 25 eurosLiceo Theater 21 h*

21 h*

Tuesday* November 18Concert by Quique González presenting the songs from his new

album, 'It kills me if you need me', the tenth of his career. Tickets: 24 and 26 euros


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November 2016 31+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es agenda

20 h*

20 h*

Monday* November 24 Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation. Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

Storytelling for adults. Rubén Martínez Santana, Stories. Histories of the oral tradition and of Latin American authors; tales that travel by word of mouth; deep, simple stories, for fun, for reflection... Theater of the Torrente Ballester Library Invitations in the Municipal Libraries

20 h*

Saturday* November 22

Sunday* November 23

12.30 y 18.30 h*

Thursday* November 20 Children's theater with Maricuela and the play “La faldicaja. What would someone who lives in a book tell us? Someone who comes out of a box, lives in a book and showers when his umbrella feels like it raining inside... has a certain interest. M. Torrente Ballester Library Theater Invitations in the Municipal Libraries

Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation.

Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

Concert by the Symphonic Band of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León. Among other works, he will perform the overture to El Barbero de Sevilla by G. Rossini, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of his composition. Tickets: 5 eurosCAEM

Presentation of the book of short stories Los trigos tan azules, by Miguel Ángel Malo, a professor at USAL. Free admission until full capacityHall of the Word Liceo Theater

Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation. Free admission until full capacity / San Blas Auditorium

19 h*20 h*20 h*

8 pm * Wednesday * November 26

Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation.

Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

21 h*

Kafka in love, with Fernando Coronado, Beatriz Argüello and Juan Carlos Arráez. A true and complex story that ended

in a dramatic way before the impossibility of realizing the love felt by Franz Kafka and

Happy Bauer. Tickets: 9, 12 and 15 euros

High School Theater

20 h*

20 h*

Friday* November 28

Tuesday* November 25

Concert by the violinist Tai Murray and the pianist Silke Avenhaus. Tickets: 12, 16, 18 and 20 euros

High School Theater

Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation.

Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

20 h*

20 h*

Seasonal Concert Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of maestro Sergio Alapont will perform Symphony No. 2 of

Brahms and Tchaikovsky's Suite No. 3. Tickets: 12 and 15 euros


Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation.

Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

Thursday* November 27Welcome in heaven there are no borders, with the company

Imaginary Theater. A poetic vision of two characters from the street, a simple story in the key of a clown, which

He talks about everyday reality, sometimes cruel, from an innocent, poetic, absurd and tragicomic vision.

Tickets: 5 eurosTeatro Liceo18 h*

8 pm * Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. organizes school

Official Architects of León, Salamanca delegation. Free entry until complete seats

San Blas Auditorium

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November 201632 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esagenda

Lecture series Salamanca: Church and University, yesterday and today

From November 7 to 15. 20 hours. Lyceum Theater. Organized by the Domingo de Soto-USAL Chair in collaboration with Cultural Bárbalos.


Speaker: Dr. Olegario González de Cardedal, theologian, writer, Moral and Political Sciences academic.


Speaker: Dr. Ana Mª Carabias Torres. Full Professor of History at USAL. Moderator: Dr. Emiliano Fernández Vallina. Professor of Philology at USAL.

Day 8. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND THE CHURCH TODAY: Coexistence of Faith, tradition and secularism.

Speakers: Dr. José Ángel Domínguez Pérez. Vice Chancellor of Promotion and Coordination of the USAL. Dr. Tomás Durán Sánchez. Vicar of Pastoral-Diocese of Salamanca. Moderator: Dr. Antonio Heredia Soriano. Professor of Philosophy at USAL.


Speaker: Dr. Bernardo García-Bernalt Alonso. Professor of the USAL (head of the Choir, founder of the Chamber Choir, director of the Academy of

Early Music of the USAL). Moderator: Dr. Lourdes Ruano Espina. USAL Law Professor.

Minerals and Rocks: Alphabet and Words for Planet Earth

From November 24 to January 21, 2017, the Torrente Ballester Library hosts the exhibition of the USAL geology department and private collectors. Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturdays and Christmas days, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Complementary activities:

From November 28 to December 1, at 6:00 p.m.: “Minerals?…Even in the soup!: Minerals in everyday life”. Workshop for children, 8 years and older. December 1, at 8:00 p.m.: “Minerals and rocks: alphabet and words from planet Earth” Talk by Mercedes Suárez, USAL Crystallography and Mineralogy professor December 15, at 8:00 p.m.: “Discovering the secrets of interior of the Earth, by Fernando Álvarez Lobato, professor of Internal Geodynamics USAL January 19, at 8:00 p.m.: "Geology?...but weren't you going to study Medicine?".Talk by Juan Gómez Barreiro, professor of Internal Geodynamics USAL

Friday, November 4

22 hours. Master class Bollywood. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro. 22 hours. Sign language course. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro.

Saturday, November 5

22 hours. Craft night: whatsaptoper cushions. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro. 22 hours. Sign language course. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro.

Friday, November 11

22 hours. Japanese night: Sushi, calligraphy and manga. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro.

Saturday, November 12

22 hours. Game night. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro.

Friday, November 18

22 hours. Game night. CMI Julián Sánchez El Charro. 22 hours. Zumba marathon at the Multiusos Sánchez Paraíso.

Saturday, November 19

22 hours Master Class Vicky Gómez. Miraltormes Cultural Center.

Salamanca a Tope

20 h*

Saturday* November 29 Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces. Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation. Free admission until full capacity San Blas Auditorium 8 pm*

Sunday* November 30 Lecture series Architecture: New old spaces.

Organized by the Official College of Architects of León, Salamanca delegation.

Free admission until full capacitySan Blas Auditorium

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November 2016 33+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es agenda

Rediscover SalamancaGabriel Velázquez returns with 'Blue blood analysis'


The Keys to the City open the doors of 12 monuments


Decoration of walls and walls

The IX edition of the program 'The Keys to the City', under the motto 'Who has the keys?', will open the doors of twelve

spaces in the city in which fourteen interventions have been carried out. Until December 18, you can visit the Church of Carmen de Abajo, the Conventual Museum of Santa Clara, the Old Library of the University, the Cielo de Salamanca, the Hill and remains of the old Convent of San Vicente, the Convent of San Esteban, the Colegio Mayor del Arzo-bispo Fonseca, the Church of San Julián and San Martín, the Colegio Mayor de Montellano, the Colegio Mayor de Anaya and Monumenta Salmanticae.

The spaces will be dynamized with visits made by official guides.

tourism officials, brothers, friars and archaeologists; small theatrical dramatizations will also be interpreted with characters such as San Juan de la Cruz, Santa Cándida, San Vicente Ferrer, Beatriz Galindo and Domingo de Soto. There will also be time for reflection and meditation with the silent tours of the Convent of San Esteban. As on other occasions, access to some spaces requires an invitation, such as San Julián and San Martín, the Old Library of the University, the Cerro de San Vicente, the Conventual Museum of Las Claras and the Convent of San Esteban. In the rest of the places it is freely accessible. All visits will be free.

Invitations are available

bles every week in Monumenta Salmanticae (C/ Vera Cruz s/n). Hours in November and December: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Passport of the 'Keys to the City'Participants will be able to complete the passport that will allow them to enter the draw to access the Sancta Sanctorum of the Old Library of the University of Salamanca, the room where the manuscripts are carefully kept and incunabula of the institution and whose access is restricted. To do this, the passport must be filled out with the 10-space stamp.

• On November 22, the Lyceum Theater will host the preview of the film 'Análisis de sangre azul', co-directed by Ga-briel Velázquez from Salamanca and Blanca Torres from Zaragoza.

The film, which has also been shot in part in our province, and has the participation of the Salamanca City Council, Provincial Council and the Junta de Castilla y León, narrates the adventure of an aristocrat

Englishman who falls off a cliff in the Pyrenees and wakes up in a mental hospital at the beginning of the last century. The doctor in psychiatry Pedro Martínez records in his 16mm camera the evolution of this man who has lost his orientation and memory. But also, the hidden intentions of the doctor will lead him to take advantage of the arrival of this 'rare specimen' to put his evolutionary theories into practice.

• New edition of the municipal program for decorating walls and walls of the city that extends the age of the participants to 35 years. The program, framed in the III Youth Plan, is aimed at young artists between the ages of 14 and 35 and artists who have won prizes in previous calls and/or have a Salamanca City Council graffiti artist card. Those selected will receive a grant of up to a maximum of 500 euros to defray the cost of the paints and material necessary to carry out the work on the chosen wall or wall. They will subsidize a

maximum of 6 projects. The jury will value creativity, originality, quality, style and artistic expressiveness.

The application must be formalized at the Espacio Joven premises (Calle José Jáuregui, 16), presenting a sketch of your work, a list of colors and materials, a photocopy of your DNI and parental or maternal authorization, if applicable. of being a minor. For more information, contact the municipal offices of Espacio Joven, by calling 923 28 11 01 or by email.[emailprotected]

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A chest full of peace As if nothing had happened: the leaves, the water, the morning air. As if nothing else was important anymore but autumn, a chest full of peace

W hen you enter autumn you are filled with peace, the kind that is experienced in Fuentecas-taño, in La Alberca, before

to start the Path of the Roots. La Mirada de SALAMANCArtv AL DÍA comes from the photographer Manuel Lamas, a great lover of nature.

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November 2016 35+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es black and white

the mariquelo

When the tremors began, the citizens ran to take refuge inside the Cathedral, a noise moved everyone, columns, walls, and vault creaked in continuous movement. The Cathedral, despite everything, resisted, except for the bell tower that was damaged, and since then it has had a slight inclination.

In gratitude because the damage was only material, the Cabildo determined to celebrate religious acts every November 1 and the day before, October 31, the city would be notified by ringing the bells of the tower. Including the so-called 'bell of the clock', since this bell rang by itself on November 1, 1755 shaken by the attacks of the earthquake.

It is said that this is where the tradition of El Mariquelo supposedly begins. Inside the cathedral, a family had the house that was in charge of carrying out the different

ringing of bells, and they were the ones entrusted to comply with the edict of the Cabildo. A well-known family in Salamanca with the nickname of the 'mariquelos'.

This fact became a popular tradition and since then they climbed to the highest point of the tower.

In 1976, Fabián, the last descendant of the Mariquelos family, complied for the last time with a centuries-old tradition, being the last Mariquelo.

However, Ángel Rufino de Haro, nine years later, rescues that task. On October 31, 1985, he ascended to the top of the Cathedral tower dressed in the typical charro suit to play a charrada with the drum and the bagpipes, gathering the people of Salamanca at the foot of the Cathedral to see such a risky ascent.

Ángel Rufino de Haro had just become the new Mariquelo at that time.

Hope Vincent Macias

In black and white

Members of the "Mariquelos" family ascending the Tower

Typical character from Salamanca who every year, on All Saints' Eve, goes up to the bell tower of the New Cathedral to commemorate the fact that the Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755 barely affected the structure of this building.

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November 201636 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.eseducation


'My teacher is not a roll', or how a teacher can change the lives of his studentsAn illustrated album, written by Susana Rico, that extols the inspiring bond between teacher and student

The relationship between teacher and student is a potentially inspiring link that can guide, reinforce

zar and bring out the best in each child. Who does not remember most of the teachers with whom they have shared a classroom? There are many teachers who know the important role they play in the lives of their students and act from the privilege and responsibility that this entails.

'My teacher is not a roll', written by Susana Rico Calleja and included in the 'En Familia' collection, extols with a lot of ironic humor the figure of teachers, who always leave a very important mark, although no one has said that your work is easy!

“Every day our little ones spend almost as much time at school as

like at home, so that their teachers are also part of their family”, affirms the author. The influence of teachers is very broad: from the way of relating, attitudes, values, emotional interpretation of situations. They are an educational model for children and with this illustrated album we are going to discover that our teachers "are not boring". A book, from Idampa editions, for children from 3-4 years old.

AuthorSusana Rico, writer and illustrator, has been combining her work as a children's entertainer with literary creation for more than 10 years. From all her experience with the universe of children, the En Familia collection arose, a collection written with a lot of love and humor that teaches us and reminds us how important family is, how much we love it and how much we love it. The titles of this collection are 'Bepo doesn't want little brothers', 'My mom is a bossy', 'My dad is a disaster', 'My grandfather is not happy, 'My grandmother is total', 'My teacher is not a roll', 'My great-grandmother' and 'The best place in the world'. As she herself admits, thanks to the children's stories that she writes and illustrates, she has been able to fulfill her dream: to make children happy!

From all his experience with the children's universe, the 'En Familia' collection arises

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November 2016 37+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es education

Colegio de los Trinitarios, "a school of fighters"


"Don't settle, open the windows", preferential option of the educational community for this course

“Don't settle. Open the windows". “A school of fighters and fighters”. These are the slogans that

They will preside over the educational action of the Colegio de los Trinitarios for this 2016-17 academic year. In this center it is very clear that quality education is one that contemplates the person close to them and develops the teaching process in collaboration with the family environment. This can only be carried out from the commitment, the vocation and an ideology totally involved with the personal reality and capacity of the student. This is how we work at Los Trinitarios, a school close to the school and the family. Here, each person counts and that should be enough reason to bet on this center located at Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos 82, the living heart of the San Bernardo neighborhood.


E. Children's

The level is voluntary and free. It is made up of a cycle of three academic years and is studied from three to six years of age. The educational contents are organized in areas corresponding to fields of experience and child development. The purpose of this cycle is the physical, intellectual, affective, social and moral development of children. The methodology is based on experiences, activities and games, and is applied in an atmosphere of affection and trust.

E. PrimaryThis stage in our center has as main objective to promote an integral education in accordance with a Christian conception of the person that enables our students to participate actively.

in the construction of a more humane and fairer world in the field of tolerance, solidarity, mutual respect and non-discrimination based on sex, race, religion or culture, following the spirit and liberating message from our founder San Juan de Mata.

E. SecondaryIn this very important stage of the training of our students, our center offers a common basic training that aims to ensure the access of all students to learning that we see as essential for their development and socialization , as well as the creation of conditions that make personalized teaching possible, attending to the different abilities, interests and motivations of each of our students.

SUPPORT AND INTEGRATION Our center has Integration Units in which personalized education is promoted and comprehensive education in knowledge, skills and values ​​is developed, taking into account the circumstances of social disadvantage and diversity of capacity , interest and

Motivation of students with specific educational needs.

ORIENTATIONThis department's function is to support the work of the center and the teaching staff in all those actions aimed at ensuring a comprehensive training of students and the adaptation of teaching processes to the characteristics and needs of all students .

For this, it participates in the planning and development of the actions that are carried out

Extracurricular activities The center has hours reserved for carrying out extracurricular activities aimed at promoting the abilities and skills of the students. These activities include:

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Judo, English´sfun, Robotics, Basketball, Library, Storytelling, Video library, Board games, Theater, We play with numbers and letters, Think, Create and move,

AMPA ACTIVITIES Zumba Kids, Matifics, Rhythm Gymnastics

From a very young age we learn to settle for what we have. Surely many times we have been told that it is the best, because wanting to achieve distant and complicated things can end our strength, and almost always ends the patience of others. That conformism, later, when we grow up, turns us into sad people without ambitions. We have gotten so used to building with what we have that we forget that there is a world full of possibilities beyond our closed windows.

A Trinidad school is, by definition, a fighting school and a fighting school. Fighting does not have to be something negative, it is the characteristic of those who always see beyond their conformism. They fight, not the brave, but the intelligent, those who refuse to listen to words that encourage them not to make too much noise, too much trouble. Those who learn to prepare every day a future of illusion, of change, better for everyone and not only for themselves, fight. Those who are not satisfied with always seeing the same thing, always hearing the same thing, always doing the same thing, always feeling the same thing struggle.

Do not settle..., it could have come directly from the mouth of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is full of gestures and symbols that call his disciples not to settle for the usual explanations; to look for hidden treasures that give meaning to life, and to faith; to lose the fear that things are different and we feel lost. We will be evangelical and trinitarian mavericks when we begin to ask ourselves why we do things this way; we will be when we dare to say with our own words and from our own heart the rules, the prayers, the values..., that others want us to learn; we will be when

let us learn to conjugate the verb of freedom, without making mistakes and without deceit.

…open the windows, and let in fresh air, and new ideas, even things that you don't like right now, because all of that together may change your life, or at least change the way you see the world and respect others. others. Living with closed windows is very sad. Also for our school. That is why we want a school in which we begin to share. No, no, it does not mean that we leave things to others when they need them, but that we convince ourselves that nothing is really ours, neither things nor ideas, and that we will only grow when we learn to listen and let them something of what others think, of what others say, of what others believe slips through our open windows. But we also open the windows to get to know that world that we want to make better, because with the windows closed we end up settling for the beautiful world that we create inside of us, but that is not the real world. That is why “opening windows” is something so trinitarian.

And what are we fighting against? Against selfishness and laziness that convince us that it is much calmer to live as always. Against those people who say that the future is not written and that it is always black. Against the desire that deceives us and makes us believe that what we really want is to remain safe, with the windows closed and the bolts on. Against the party poopers who prefer quiet and orderly classrooms and corridors without colours; and prayers known by heart and they put their finger in our mouths when we go to the chapel or the church. Against fear. Against everything that ultimately makes us slaves. Or is it that we are not liberating Trinidadians?

The smart fight

Mica, Guitar, Skating

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The Santa Teresa de Jesús school, more "in action" than everA center that reaps extraordinary results in selectivity

Give the heart to the brain and back to the heart. This is how the proposal of education could be summarized

teresiana, which advocates the comprehensive training of its students, both in terms of academic results and values ​​training. Being passionate about the teaching task thus becomes the compass that guides the day-to-day activity of this center in Salamanca, fully immersed in the challenge of accompanying schoolchildren in the process of discovering their talent, and helping them overcome present and future challenges.

The Teresian Center thus establishes itself in excellence based on a constant search for new methodologies and innovative didactic work. Ultimately, it is about helping students to achieve not only their academic goals, but also vital ones in the face of the economic, social and cultural challenges of the 21st century.

On this solid basis, the Santa Teresa de Jesús de Salamanca School offers a comprehensive education based on values, from the first year of life to the second year of high school, also providing various complementary services: early risers, dining room, continuing students – starting in June-, as well as an extensive program of extracurricular activities that include the Aloha calculation system, Rockbotics, or sports activities such as soccer, basketball or skating, among others.

Understanding reality, to transform it In addition, in this academic year the center is more active than ever, since we are in action is the motto of all Teresian schools for the current academic year 2016-2017. Thus,

Observing reality becomes the first step for students to be capable, first of all, of understanding it and above all of transforming it.

For this reason, the center has been immersed in social improvement projects such as design for change for several years now, in which the school has been a finalist in the last two school years. Likewise, the school is strongly involved in contributing to the solidarity work of FUNDEO, the Teresian NGO that advocates for cultural and educational development.

The identity of the Teresian School The vision of the Teresian School is also translated into six identity keys that define them: a personalizing, empathetic school, based on inclusion and equity, open, with a vision of the future and interconnected and designer change. From here, there are three main strategic lines that direct its activity. On the one hand, the pedagogical, -through which they want to promote an intense educational change in the school-, the leadership, -through which they seek to be positive leaders who awaken in the students their talent and unite creative teams-, and finally the pastoral line, -that favors the spiritual development of the person, generates experiences and strengthens the Teresian identity-. Lastly, in the line of strengthening the work on values, it is worth noting the interiority school -which is developed in the infant and primary stages-, the Molokai volunteering -designed for high school students- and the participation of the center in the competition for training in values ​​and for change design for change. All of them are lines of action that unite two elements

essentials of the Teresian school: being subjects of encounter and agents of social transformation.

Plurilingualism and international baccalaureateThe Teresian formation is also especially careful with internationalization, which is reflected in its international baccalaureate program -International Dual Diploma-, as well as in the work from multilingualism -both bilingualism in English and second- do French language from 5th grade of Primary Education.

Thus, the International Dual Diploma provides its students with an American high school diploma alongside their home country's baccalaureate degree. This diploma allows access to universities in the United States and pursues three types of immersion: linguistic, technological and material.

toughness and personal responsibility. In this way, students broaden their curriculum, with the acquisition of an advanced bilingual level – a linguistic profile equivalent to B2/C1-, as well as the development of their abilities to work in multicultural environments.

Commitment to quality Since 2006 the entire organization has been immersed in a culture of continuous improvement, promoted by the Center's Management, and initiated after the definition of the Mission, Vision and Values ​​of the School. It began with the ISO 2008 Standard to later obtain the European Seal of Excellence (EFQM) 400+ in 2014. From this quality system, a constant improvement was possible both in the educational processes and in the internal services and activities. Currently, the center continues to work in this same line, analyzing

the expectations of the interest groups, the results achieved to date and the future educational challenges on which to continue working.

An effort that translates into results The results of Pau (Selecti-vidad) have always been good for the school, always obtaining honorable mentions in the university entrance exams. Some of the center's students have also achieved the highest grades not only in the province but in the entire district - Salamanca, Ávila and Zamora-. In any case, it is significant that approximately 12% of PAU students get an honorable mention (Grade higher than 8.5 in the general phase) and 95% of students enrolled in 2nd year of baccalaureate pass the PAU in June.

location and contact

Av. Raimundo de Borgoña, 41 37005 Salamanca.

Contact: Dñª. Esther Sánchez Hervás (center director).

Phone: 923 22 29 00

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November 2016 39+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es education


The Marists begin their third centenary with their eyes set on the future The school celebrates 200 years of the Order with a boost to its model of educational excellence

The Marists begin their third centenary this year with their eyes set on an exciting future. The school

celebrates 200 years of the order with a boost to its model of educational excellence and with an ambitious program of recreational and cultural activities recreating its mission, the charism of Champagnat.

Within this framework, on October 28, the Marists have celebrated “Montagne Day”: With this date begins the celebration of the bicentenary of his birth. On this day, in 1816, Marcellin Champagnat lived a founding experience that led him to decide to start a fraternity of brothers who would take care of the "Christian education of the youth". (See the story of the young Montagne in www.salamancartvaldia.es, in the Education section)

Motto 2106-17: “200… and + Live the dream!”Bicentenary for the futureAs every year, the Marists launch, also this year, their annual motto that articulates all the educational actions that take over the year's work school with the title “200…y + vive el sueño”. They want to highlight three main elements: "200", "and more", "live the dream", but with an eye on the celebration of the third centenary. Wanting to actualize his mission.

So when the “200 years” are over, the Marists see that the dream of Saint Marcellin Champagnat has come true every day, and every day it comes true wherever they are present. Therefore, this celebration of 200 years is "a moment that is considered to give thanks to God and to the" good Mother ", as they call Mary, for this reason 200 years of history, for the thousands of brothers and their commitment to the Marist mission, for so many committed lay people and for the thousands and thousands of people who, being children and young people, have been able to benefit from Marist education and presence in any part of the world”.

But it is also “…and +”; It is, in addition to this fruitful historical overview, as the Marists point out, a moment to look to the future. “The institution is two hundred years old but our mission is currently still to be done. We did not start from the beginning, but we like to say that we are facing a new beginning, before a new dawn that we want to help to be born. We do not know the designs of the Spirit but our

will is to continue being faithful to the founding charism. We want to continue looking for our site among children and young people, especially among those who may need the most help. We want to find the Montagnes of today”. This is leading them to find frontier places where they can serve today's young Montagne. They are taking a determined determination to find young people who may be neglected in places of marginalization: Syria, Africa,... children abandoned because of the war; adolescents from the marginal neighborhoods of the big cities, young people with an uncertain future from the most forgotten countries,... all of them enter now, as before, in the Marist mission.

And the motto tells us about “Live the dream”. It is a personal reference. “A reference for each one of us, who in some way can personalize that experience of the future that we want to create. Faced with these two hundred years of history, and with the intention of continuing to be faithful to our Marist mission, I, as a Marist, as a student, as a person... can formulate my dream, my personal project for this future that we want to continue creating alongside from those who may need us, and from the hand of Mary”.

In this way they want to

rare this celebration of its bicentenary of existence. You do not want to hold large celebratory events. They want to do it in their own style, they point out, of Marist simplicity. “It must be a delving into their mission, rediscovering the young Montagne of today, revitalizing the Marist mission in this third centenary that is already beginning”. They will focus on updating their 'Constitutions', for this they will start their general chapter in 2017, they will open new works in places of marginalization, they will be attentive to new realities that history always holds.

Celebration of the Bicentennial“Day by day we will celebrate the bicentennial, always open to the world of education and youth, remembering the 200 years that have passed with satisfaction, settling on them, but with our gaze set on the daily reality that is marking- paving the way to face a third centenary full of hope and at the same time make it a reality. Some children who are currently in school will be close to that centenary -they are months-old children who are in the Champagnat Children's Center of the current Marist school-, we hope that these current children can make Marcellin's dream come true ”, says brother Jesús Corral Ca-

rranza, current director of the Marist school.

“We will deepen our Marist identity. It is a moment of internal recreation. In the first place, on a personal level, updating our religious commitment that we were able to carry out some time ago. Above all is this. It is also discovering the Marist mission at an institutional level in this world so in need but full of possibilities. There will always be a Montagne. For this reason, Brother Jesús continues, the new General Chapter, which will be held for the first time outside of Rome, precisely in Colombia, will reflect on our mission and we will continue to respond to it in the future. A moment for reflection and implementation of the Marist charism in the brothers and in the laity who for many years have been making the Marist charism their own, feeling it as the patrimony more of the Church than of the brothers themselves”.

“And in this celebration there will also be moments to strengthen the identity of the Marist student. Marcellin wanted them to be “good Christians and honest citizens”. Let us think that he was in the s. XVIII. Now we would say people transforming society from a seated construction of their person. It is therefore

that Marist pedagogy is focusing on students as agents of their own educational process”. “We are betting on an update of the Marist pedagogy, points out bro. director, who has always been active, who empowers students with the necessary skills to be able to live in the new scenarios that society is creating and needing. Interiority as the basis of a spirituality that transcends the Mystery becomes essential in Marist education. We bet on it, because we are convinced that it is what these children and young people of today will need to be those “citizens”, that Marcelino told us, transformers of society”. “We want our students to be happy now and always. They have to be endowed with the skills, as they say now, necessary to face life with joy, enthusiasm and success”.

More information at: www.salamancartvaldia.es

The educational community celebrated 'Montagne Day' on the 20th, the starting point of the bicentennial

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November 201640 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.eseducation


Volteretas Children's Park, the most original birthday parties For affordable prices, children can make an unforgettable day

Don't know where to celebrate your birthday? The best option is clear: Volteretas Children's Park. Ubi-

Located on Calle Fernando de la Peña, 2 (behind the Van Dyck cinemas), this center offers original and different birthday parties, and it is not only for the little ones, children over 8 years old can enjoy parties for Pajamas, Film Birthdays, Experiments Birthdays, Chefs' Birthdays or Dart Tag Birthdays.

You want to know more?

Birthday 'Pyjama Party'Three hours of birthdays from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. A valid menu Friday, Saturday or the eve of a holiday night and with the recommended age of 8 to 13 years

The children will take pajamas, a flashlight and a sleeping bag as essential requirements.

Dinner: Hot dogs or pizza to choose from, worms, popcorn, drinks (soft drinks, juices, water), chocolate cookies, piñata and candy cake with chocolate fountain

The child who is the protagonist that day with the birthday celebration will receive a photo CD and will be able to enjoy night activities with their friends with a storyteller, activities, pillow fight or night tour, among other. All this for a price of 15 euros per child (at least 12 children. Less than 12 children €1 supplement)

Birthday of cook experimentsThree hours of play from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the afternoon or from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the morning. A menu valid Monday and Tuesday afternoon or Saturday and Sunday.

gos mornings and with the recommended age of 6 to 12 years.

The snack is based on sandwiches or sandwiches to choose from, worms, popcorn, drinks (soft drinks, juices, water) chocolate cookies, piñata or candy cake with a chocolate fountain

The "birthday boy" will receive a photo CD and the guests a cone of sweets, as well as a distribution of chefs' or scientists' hats, a cooking workshop or experiments to choose from among several

The price is €10/child with a minimum of 15 children (less than 15 children €1 supplement).

Birthday Dart tagThree hours of play from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the morning. Menu valid Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Recommended age from 9 to 12 years.

Snack: Snacks or sandwiches to choose, worms, popcorn, drinks (soft drinks, juices, water), chocolate cookies, piña-ta and cake to choose

The "birthday boy" will receive a photo CD and the guests a cone of sweets.

The activity will be carried out in groups of 12. Distribution of laser and dart tag for 20 minutes

The price is €14/child with a minimum of 12 children (less than 12 children €1 supplement.

Cinema's BirthdayFour birthday hours from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Menu valid Saturdays and Sundays at noon (Check other days or times). Recommended age 8 to 12 years. The monitors will be with the children at all times.

Snack: Hot dogs or pizza to choose, worms, popcorn, drinks (soft drinks, juices, water), chocolate cookies, piñata and cake to choose.

The "birthday boy" will receive a photo CD and the guests a cone of sweets

At 4:45 p.m. they go to the cinema to see the chosen film and at the end, the children will have a pick-up in a timely manner.

The price is €14/child with a minimum of 12 children (less than 12 children €1 supplement)

All the celebrations include karaoke, face painting, costumes, disco, bubbles and pho-tocall. The monitors of the Children's Park are at all times accompanying the children. What are you waiting for to call and reserve? 923 120 390[emailprotected]The best option to celebrate your birthday!


Calle Fernando de la Peña, 2SalamancaTelephone: 923 120 390

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November 2016 41+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es education


'Sin Más Piojitos', a center specialized in the elimination of lice and nits.

Now, saying goodbye to lice and nits in Salamanca is easy and simple. Just contact Rocío

Herrero, manager of the 'Sin Más Piojitos' center, and she will explain how to do it, with a simple and economical process at her facilities.

The infestation can cause various consequences in the child, from affecting their school performance, to causing serious damage to the body. Thus, the innovative incorporation of this totally innocuous treatment, without pesticides or chemicals, makes it possible to treat pregnant women, people with allergies and the little ones with their delicate scalp.

In 'Sin Más Piojitos' they only use natural products and the latest patented suction systems already used successfully in many countries. “After carrying out our treatment, we guarantee the absence of annoying cough lice. The parents and the people treated will only have to follow a few simple tips so that the infestation does not repeat itself ”, explains the manager.

After a week, a review is carried out dividing the hair by zones again, ensuring that the life cycle of the lice is no longer present. This process lasts approximately 30 minutes, after which the effectiveness of the treatment can be fully guaranteed.

Advice for after the treatment

After the treatment, the itching can last a couple of days, until the rest of the lice's saliva has completely disappeared from the scalp. Thus, all family members should be checked to ensure that there are no lice present. In addition, head contact will be avoided

head on until anyone infected is treated.

Already at home and in a more immediate environment, it is advisable to vacuum carpets, car seatbacks and mattresses using a bag vacuum cleaner and remove everything by depositing it outside. Also, it is advisable to wash bedding, towels and clothes with very hot water (60º), introduce pillows, stuffed animals, etc. in the dryer for 20-30 minutes or place in a plastic bag and keep closed for at least 48 hours.

At the moment in which the person has doubts or believes that he has been infested again, he should contact the Center 'Sin Más Piojitos' as soon as possible and there they will be able to indicate the best way to proceed.

Signs and symptoms of infestation • Tingling sensation from

something that moves in the hair. • Itching, caused by the re-

allergic action to louse bites.

• Irritability and difficulty sleeping; head lice are most active in the dark.

• Injuries to the scalp caused by scratching. These lesions can sometimes become infected by bacteria present on the person's skin.


Av. de Lasalle, 2837008 Salamanca Telephone: 923 13 76 47

Rocío Herrero, manager of the center 'Sin Más Piojitos'

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November 201642 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.essolidaridad

Sometimes life, without warning, winks in anticipation of the fortuitous encounter of chance with faith.

lurking behind the unexpected novelty that takes shape in the simplicity of a smile, the blush of a kiss, the sweetness of a caress, the aroma of an encounter,…. or the divine seductive gaze of faith, shed in photography by a young barefoot Carmelite nun, as happened to Dr. Sendín in 2005 when he encountered the beatific face of Sister Isabel, sweetening the encounter between blessed and galen.

Such a casual and happy stumbling block was the work of the Holy Spirit for Don Manuel that moved his soul as a good man, causing him the spontaneous willingness to glorify such a humble servant of God by building a temple in his honor in the

the deepest spiritual space in the Democratic Republic of Congo, choosing the border city of Goma as the seat of the church that this doctor from Salamanca would build there, placing in the hands of the Discalced Carmelite Father Luis Hernández Bueno, all the financial help necessary to raise together to Lake Kivu, bordering Rwanda, a temple for the thousand Catholic faithful devoted to the nun who on October 16 was sanctified by Pope Francis with the name of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity.

In that place, threatened by the Nyamuragira and Nyira-gongo volcanoes, a welcoming city for Rwandan Hutus during the 1994 genocide, originating from the worst humanitarian crisis imaginable, due to lack of water, food, pallets and solidarity; metropolis where mu-

Thousands of refugees from cholera, famine and abandonment laughed, Dr. Sendín decided to testify his faith in God and in the Carmelite missions with a church for the devotees of the Saint.

After the first financial contributions from the patron of Salamanca, construction began on the temple in 2006, and five years later the church was inaugurated by the bishop, with a Eucharist attended by more than a thousand native Christians with their colorful clothing, to praise the God they adored since their conversion, presiding over the main altar with twinned photos of Isabel and Manuel.

Community dream Gone are hours of insomnia, tireless work, community effort, shared troubles, growing enthusiasm, vigorous hope, twinned charity, plenty of faith as a charcoal burner, collective twinning and eternal marriage of the natives with the Lumbralian doctor, who Periodically he transferred the necessary dollars to make the community dream come true and the aspirations of a Christian town lacking a place of prayer where they could gather.

Great moral work of small physical dimensions compared to the loving breadth of the unreservedly detached heart of Manuel Benito Sendín and his wife Ana Mari, an accomplice and stimulus in the shadow of the project shared by both, until life gave her woman's back, without giving her the opportunity to enjoy the cardiologist's new efforts, once the last bench was placed in the Congolese temple.

Before making this Templar miracle a reality, the church of San Benito in Salamanca received the caress of our man in 1987, solving the deterioration of its entrance door, the porch and the coffered ceiling for the parishioners, with the support of

I am unconditional, generous, sincere and silent about this person who did not hesitate to find an architect and pay for the expenses derived from the restoration, agreeing to receive in return the blessing and gratitude of Bishop Rubio Repullés, on behalf of the diocesan community.

Currently, with excessive generosity, Don Manuel supports two orphanages with sixty children each, who are housed there after being picked up on the streets of Goma, like stray dogs abandoned to the hoof of life and without redemption, until that fell into the hands of the endearing Albera, a former nun who abandoned the Carmelite habit to dedicate twenty-five hours each day to the care of the little ones, with the coins that Dr. Sendín sends her periodically from the charra city.

All of this, with evangelical silence for years, until the sanctity of Elizabeth proclaimed by the Church a few days ago, forced us to reveal the testimony of an evangelically Christian man, humanly exemplary, Machadianly good and testimonial in solidarity, in a society sick with greed, lies, indifference, exploitation and abuse, saved from the unsupportive pandemic that is invading us, by people like this nonagenarian secular saint and endearing father of a large family who supports him, hoping only to see God one day, to sit down at his right hand as a favorite son for the generosity he never wanted to show the world.

Paco Blanco Prieto

Witness, generosity and commitment MANUEL BENITO SENDÍN, BENEFACTOR SALMANTINO

The extraordinary of an evangelically Christian man, humanly exemplary, Machadianly good and solidary testimonial

Manuel Benito Sendin

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Wedding Special

A wedding deserves good advice

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44 special weddings


The number of weddings is growing and your budget is increasing every year

The average cost of a wedding, for approximately one hundred guests, has been between 16,500 and 17,000 euros in the last two years, with the banquet being the biggest expense

Maria Fuentes

Love can do everything, or so they say. The truth is that love generally ends in a wedding, and that wedding can

with everything, despite the fact that it has become a date not suitable for all budgets. According to data from the Federation of Independent Consumer Users (FUCI), the average cost of a wedding for approximately one hundred guests has been between 16,500 and 17,000 euros in the last two years. Of this figure, the largest outlay goes to the banquet, which accounts for almost 60% of the budget. To this we must add the honeymoon that is around 4,000 euros per couple, flowers, wedding rings or invitations that exceed 3,000 euros and

most important of all, the costume of the protagonists. Here, the difference between the male and female sex is notable: the wedding dress ranges from 875 to 2,350 euros, on average; meanwhile, the groom's suit has an average cost of 700 euros.

Despite these economic figures, the number of weddings is increasing nationally and locally. In Spain, the number of marriages increased in 2015, with a total of 166,248 married couples, 2.3% more than in the previous year, a figure that reveals that the downward trend in the years of crisis is beginning to change.

For its part, in Salamanca, last year a total of 1,056 marriages were celebrated

August being the most demanded month. Regarding age, weddings are increasingly late, which means that maternity is also postponed. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Spanish women marry, on average, at the age of 30, and men at 33. Thus, the time to have children is increasingly delayed since the average age for motherhood rises to 30.8 years.

What expenses does a wedding entail for the guests? Depending on the geographical point where the link is celebrated, the expenses for the guests vary. The most expensive communities are the Valencian Community, Catalonia and Madrid while the

The cheapest are the Canary Islands, Asturias and Extremadura.

However, wherever it is, there are two fundamental concepts of spending: a gift to the couple and the wardrobe for that day. Regarding the gift, the theory says that the guests with their gift (almost always an economic amount), should cover what each person costs the couple. Thus, if what is intended is not to cost the couple money, at least the cost of the banquet must be covered, which has an average cost of 75 to 110 euros on average. With that amount, only the menu would be covered and not the other costs that a wedding entails, so the best figure that a guest should pay at a wedding would be between 120 and 210 euros.

Salamanca, an incomparable setting If there is an ideal city to make a day unforgettable, that is Salamanca, hence the number of weddings in the city does not stop growing every year. Its old town offers an incomparable setting protected by the Cathedrals, the historic building of the University or the Clerecía. Added to this are unique corners on the banks of the Tormes such as the Roman Bridge, which makes this the unique setting for the photographs of the newlyweds.

Outside the capital, the province of Salamanca has the best outdoor spots. The towns, nature, its charm... why did you choose?

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45special weddings


Hospes Palacio San Esteban, the unique charm of a historic and singular building. The couple who bet on this luxurious hotel celebrate their personalized wedding, both in the details, as in the menu and the wine cellar, in addition to the after party in the disco with a DJ

T he Hotel Palacio de San Esteban is located in one of the jewels of Salamanca's Plateresco: the Con-

Dominican wind of San Esteban. In this unique setting, the wedding celebration will have the unique charm of historic buildings. A careful restoration provides the facilities with the most innovative technology to achieve a luxury service.

On the day of the wedding celebration, the welcome cocktail is a detail for the guests upon their arrival and is served in an incomparable setting, the Patio de los Olivos, calm and bright with the Cathedrals in the background and , if the weather is not good, they have the Library room for their celebration, which precedes the El Monje Room, with capacity for 120 -130 people.

As the hotel management explains, they work with the aim of making each event unique, which is why the couple who bet on this hotel can celebrate fully personalized weddings, both in detail and as on the menu and the cellar.

The celebration of a civil wedding, another of the options For the celebration of a civil wedding in the facilities of the Hospes Palacio San Esteban, they offer two options: the first includes space, arrangement and assembly of thirty dressed white chairs and a table for ceremonies , including a floral centerpiece for the table.

The second option includes space, arrangement and assembly of fifty dressed white chairs or fifty wooden chairs, floral decoration in the first five rows of chairs, a ceremony table and decoration, including a floral centerpiece. The montages of the ceremony will be made either in the first

Patio de los Olivos area, or in the Library.

Details, a priorityAs a gift, a wedding cake is offered, the two-tier red velvet naked cake, but if the bride and groom prefer, they can choose a fondant wedding cake.

They have special menus, adapted for all types of allergies and intolerances, as well as a candy bar or table of sweets during the open bar. It includes five varieties of sweets, one of popcorn and two of sweets (to choose between truffles, chocolates, mini cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, mini donuts or mini pops), as well as the decoration and theme.

They offer the newlyweds a discotheque with a DJ, including the SGAE rate and the use of audiovisual equipment. The service covers the cocktail, entrance songs to the room, cake, gifts and first dance, as well as the open bar. As external services, they make entertainment, a babysitter, live music, photo booth, wedding planner service, photographer, etc. available to the bride and groom.


Arroyo de Santo Domingo, 3 37008 Salamanca Telephone: 923 26 22 96

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46 special weddings


IBB Recoletos Coco, taking care of the smallest detail in each eventIts cuisine is characterized by combining more traditional flavors with avant-garde touches in a menu that improves every year and surprises the most demanding palates

If you know Salamanca, you know the IBB Recoletos Coco hotel. Located just 10 minutes from the city center

ity, this modern four-star complex has a highly qualified staff that, with the experience that supports them, guarantees a complete wedding celebration, personalized and cared for down to the smallest detail. Its quality and professionalism are the hallmark of the house, a continuous commitment to innovation so that the day dreamed of by each couple is unique and special.

According to Alain Saldaña, director of the hotel, every year new features are added to the links, and one of its differential values ​​is its garden, facilities that make the cocktail “a spectacle in itself”.

At the IBB Recoletos Coco Salamanca Hotel, weddings can be held for up to 550 diners with different and innovative spaces with modern, elegant facilities and unique and original decoration. The hotel offers the newlyweds the Bridal Suite and has 82 comfortable and fully equipped rooms

Among the services it offers, the complete organization of the cocktail and banquet as well as the open bar at the end of the day stand out. In addition, it gives its clients the wedding car for the transfers of the big day.

Gastronomy with avant-garde touchesIts cuisine is characterized by combining more traditional flavors with avant-garde touches in an innovative menu with which to surprise even the most select and gourmet palates.

This year 2016, in their cocktails they have incorporated a corner with different types of cheese that has been a success. Innovation and traditional hallmarks to guarantee success in each event.


Av. de Agustinos Recoletos, 44 37005 Salamanca Telephone: 923 22 65 00

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47special weddings

In the middle of the Campo Charro pasture, in the middle of herds of fighting bulls, in a mansion from the beginning

from the 20th century and surrounded by gardens through which the legendary Inés Luna Terrero walked accompanied by the most famous characters of the 40s, escorted by hundred-year-old holm oaks stands the Posada El Cuartón de Inés Luna, a place of fantasy that turns into magic. with any time

The Posada El Cuartón de Inés Luna specializes in large family events such as weddings, communions, baptisms..., not in vain it has several air-conditioned rooms with capacity for more than 400 people and a garden of more than 20,000 square meters, including a charming hermitage, which makes it an ideal space for photographic reports, and all in that fantastic setting from which romanticism and an evocative vintage style emanate, an original imprint of the Belle Époque with which Doña Inés decorated her mansion.

Imperial Suit 'BB' But in addition to several private rooms, very appropriate for holding business congresses and conventions; several terraces; a permanent room for exhibitions; or the Maronite-style hermitage, unique in Spain; If La Posada El Cuartón de Inés Luna stands out for something, it is for the exclusivity in the organization of large banquets made to measure for each client, also offering all the range of products and services that this type of event requires, such as video- reports, florist, hairdresser, clothing, vintage cars, candy bar and accommodation for the couple in the imperial suite 'BB', a name in clear reference to the owner of this

Mansion. The Inn El Cuartón de Inés

Luna also offers exclusive menus at its weddings with the guarantee granted by the culinary experience of the managers of the Casa Conrado Restaurant, in Villaseco de los Gamitos, characterized by the quality of the raw materials used in its cuisine and the fusion of primary flavors with avant-garde touches that turn each dish into a unique sensation for the palate.

Along with holding large events, La Posada El Cuar-tón de Inés Luna offers a restaurant service for small family gatherings or business meetings, accommodation in 13 luxury double rooms, a guarded parking lot and the best customer service. their clients through professionals from the world of hospitality.

El Cuartón de Inés Luna, high-quality raw material in a dream environmentThis establishment has become a benchmark in the province of Salamanca both as a Rural Inn and in Management and Organization of Events, whether private or corporate


inés luna's cuartón

Capacity: more than 400 people

several dining rooms

Weddings, communions, family events, conventions

Ctra. Vitigudino - La FuenteKm 22.4 TraguntíaTel: 923 169 462www.elcuartondeinesluna.com

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48 special weddings


El Oso y el Madroño: brightness, essence and distinction on your wedding dayThe spacious halls of its two restaurants, with capacity for 1,000 people and the exclusive Los Jardines de El Oso estate forge the success of intense work to make weddings exclusive that welcome

Its flavors, roasted in an oak-fired oven and its avant-garde Castilian cuisine are, in addition to

its hallmark, a living memory in the retina of thousands of people who over the decades have been accumulating at its tables and halls. A place to enjoy good gastronomy while celebrating unrepeatable moments such as is undoubtedly one of the most important in life, your wedding.

To talk about Oso y el Madro-ño we must go back to April 1, 1977, when the opening of a restaurant with hardly any employees began timidly, and which symbolized the seed on which today a classic known and recognized by all is based. the province as an elementary place for good food in the city.

It was the illusion of two brothers, Santiago and Ramón Rivas García, who together with their respective wives, Sonsoles and Espe, have been able to convert what on that first April morning was a living room, a cafeteria and a small kitchen. na, in two restaurants with a capacity to serve 1,000 people at a time and hold all kinds of celebrations with the security offered by a good team of professionals, which currently has 25 permanent employees and another 25 on staff extra, pending the smallest detail so that nothing is left to improvisation, always led by the current manager Laura Rivas.

A recognized and impeccable track record that has been awarded several times with provincial and regional recognition within the community of Castilla y León, as well as by different national associations of restaurateurs and grills, and which has

led some of their dishes to be equally awarded in various official contests of the Board.

Undoubtedly, an ideal place to celebrate the 'yes I do' since, in addition to its spacious and luxurious rooms, Los Jardines de El Oso now joins this great family in which couples and guests can enjoy an environment a dream cared for with great care in which you can carry out your ceremony, lunch and dance with a total guarantee of success. A spacious and luxurious venue surrounded by nature that is divided into several spaces designed for the enjoyment of adults and children that adapts to each celebration to the requirements and needs of the clients and spouses, also counting on the advice of a team of experts who will put at your disposal the experience and personalized treatment that is already part of the DNA of this well-known restaurant.

And it is that in El Oso y el Madro-ño they have been specialists for decades in the organization of weddings, worrying about every detail of the cocktail reception of guests, the main menu, the dance or the decorations of the halls and the tables.

In addition to this, if the idea raised about the wedding needs more open options, they have a wide repertoire of dishes made with the best products that each client can choose to prepare their own à la carte menu.

A large complex thought, organized and designed to offer the best of its historical culinary essence and refined taste, exclusively projected so that it truly becomes the brightest and most remembered day for all without the need to make large outlays. for it.


Av de Salamanca, 6, 37300 Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Salamanca Telephone: 923 54 11 65

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49 wedding special


'El Quijote' Hostel Complex: turn your dreams into reality Several dining rooms, gardens, vintage decoration and a stage for musical performances are part of the set in organizing large family events

m. c.

The 'El Quijote' Hostel Complex is the ideal place for holding important family events.

beef. Its facilities facilitate the organization of large banquets at weddings, communions or baptisms, with a dining room for more than 400 people, and several dining rooms for smaller groups. It is, without a doubt, the ideal place for your dreams to come true.

In addition to several rooms of different sizes, adapted to the needs of each client, are added their extraordinary gardens, an ideal space to start or end any party, but what is more important, designed with care and down to the smallest detail. . Its excellent decoration invites you to carry out photographic reports and, above all, to enjoy that special, unrepeatable moment with your partner.

For this reason, in wedding celebrations, the 'El Quijote' Hostel Complex offers its clients the comprehensive organization of this type of family event, because a wedding is much more than the banquet and flowers, as Lorena Gallego, responsible for

of the wedding planner and owner of this establishment together with her husband, Mateo Nácar, in charge of coordinating an extraordinary gear so that everything runs as planned.

Lorena is, in turn, the one in charge of making everything fit. To his passion for decoration and his creative capacity, he adds a perfectionist character that translates into the care of every detail, however small it may be, there is nothing left to chance, everything is designed and prepared so that your wedding is unforgettable.

Unrepeatable eventsIn the Hostel Complex 'El Qui-

jote' have a true passion for creation, for making any event an unrepeatable moment that will always remain in the memory of those who are fortunate enough to experience it. In addition, here they interpret, materialize and stage the dream of their clients, always exceeding any expectation.

In addition to its well-kept gardens and the stage for artistic performances, there is a minibar, the Candy-Bar, a photocall, and activities aimed at children to avoid boredom during long celebrations. And in that good taste of his

owner, the 'El Quijote' Hostel Complex adds a vintage decoration in pastel and neutral colors, in addition to the release of helium-inflated balloons, ensuring –at the entrance of the couple– a truly exciting and unforgettable moment.

Catering serviceAlong with the organization of large family events, at the 'El Quijote' Hostel Complex you can also enjoy more intimate moments, in the company of your partner or your closest relatives, on Mother's Day, Saint Va -lentín, birthdays or anniversaries, always with the best service and a kitchen of select products prepared by catering professionals, a section that is especially relevant in this establishment.

In addition to adapting the menu to the demands of its clients in any family event, the 'El Quijote' Hostel Complex adds its restaurant with a daily menu and a new menu of dishes that combines traditional cuisine with avant-garde touches. , all of them made with the best raw material and at the best price.


Capacity: 400 people

several dining rooms

Weddings, communions...

Ctra Salamanca 13 Vitigudino (SALAMANCA) Phone: 923 50 00 79

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50 special weddings


Essences, flavors and distinction for the 'Yes I want' With 125 years of history, Las Cabañas Restaurant in Peñaranda and Finca El Ventorro house dream spaces thought and designed to celebrate an unforgettable wedding

Behind the hundred-year-old walls of the Las Cabañas restaurant is a good part of the social life of Peña-

randa and province. Halls, tables and corridors that treasure the events that have offered the greatest happiness during its 125 years of existence to entire generations of people, mixing the quality of a kitchen with its own essence with the best and most outstanding moments of citizens. , political and artistic class and even nobility. And it goes without saying that on the most important day in the life of a couple such as their wedding, this restaurant and its extensive and outstanding team of professionals have managed to gain such a prominent place that today they receive the 'if I want' from numerous points in Spain.

To find out its origins, we must go back to the end of the 19th century, when Peñaranda was an important communication hub between the two Castillas, Extremadura, and the market, which in his day was protected by King Juan II. An outstanding nucleus in which people who arrived in carts and mules met to sell their products. It was then that “grandma Leandra”, a good village gui-sandera, opened one more stove “because there were plenty of inns and inns, due to the important influx of merchants”. That was the seed that made Las Cabañas germinate, where delicacies such as chanfaina, amarguillos and spirits could already be enjoyed.

The red partridges or the cuchifrito tostón are some of the memories and delicacies that still survive in this hundred-year-old house, today run by the brothers Manuel Vicente Díaz, Gerardo Díaz and their mother María Hernández Alonso.

The long corridor of Las Cabañas is a museum of good work. On its walls hang distinctions and trophies that different culinary organizations have awarded to this

home. Notable among them are the Tradition and Prestige Trophy, the International Gastronomic Quality Plaque or the Best Service and Quality Trophy. And some corridors through which diners as illustrious as Miguel de Unamuno, Camilo José Cela, Torrente Ballester, bankers, artists and his Highness Mr.

Juan de Borbón, accompanied by illustrious personalities from the world of the aristocracy and the world of communication and the arts.

An emblematic establishment, located on Calle Carmen, to which, since 2006, has been added its elegant hotel in which tranquility is combined with its luxurious rooms equipped with high-tech

avant-garde technology and exquisite decoration. An ideal place for the couple and guests to rest and enjoy in what will undoubtedly be an unrepeatable day.

Finca El Ventorro, a dream weddingA dream place to which we must add what is undoubtedly the

jewel in the crown, which is undoubtedly its best-known and most requested space to celebrate what will surely be a dream wedding: the El Ventorro estate. A large and exclusive space that was born in 2008 to offer a unique and different service in such an important celebration. A place where bride and groom and guests will coexist with elegance and nature in a meticulously designed enclave and in which there is no lack of details of distinction that have made it recognized throughout the province, generating hundreds of visits every year. couples who choose it to hold their wedding celebrations.

Large hallsHalls such as the 'María' with capacity for 450 people, or the 'Petra' hall that can accommodate up to 350 diners, are added to many other rooms where all kinds of celebrations and events can be accommodated, making This venue is a unique and exclusive place to offer an unrepeatable celebration that is kept alive, in constant evolution, thus adapting to the needs and tastes of those who will already be received at its doors as husband and wife.

And it goes without saying that the kitchen is the great rudder of this great family business dedicated in body and soul to making the visit of its diners pleasant and distinguished. Menus loaded with quality and innovation that are meticulously prepared together with the couple so that from the first starter to the last dish it is a continuous surprise for the palate, combining flavors with their own character, top quality products and haute cuisine. , which generates a seal with its own name of quality, something that has made them recognized by countless couples who highlight their food, decoration, exquisite setting and outstanding service.


Calle del Carmen, 14, 37300 Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Salamanca Telephone: 923 54 02 03

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51 wedding special


Religious marriages do not reach 30% in Spain For the first time, in 2009 civil weddings exceeded religious ones

Marriage ties in Spain do not stop declining. According to data provided by the Institute

National Statistics, only one in three marriages celebrated in Spain are Catholic.

This trend became evident in 2009, when for the first time civil weddings surpassed religious ones. Last year the latter set a negative record: 44,721, 28.7% of the total.

The reasons given to

These data are many and varied, but what is evident is the loss of influence that the Church has among young people, since despite the fact that there are many who define themselves as "Catholics", the reality is quite different, and it is that only 10% actively practice religion, hence they opt for other options when it comes to regularizing the marriage.

Last year there were a total of 166,248 weddings in Spain. Of

Of these, 44,721 were Catholic (28.7%) and 738 of other religions (0.4%), compared to 115,423 civil weddings, which represent almost 70% of the total. The highest data would be that of Catalonia, where 8 out of 10 marriages are married administratively (82.6% of this type of marriage compared to ecclesiastical ones), followed by the Balearic Islands (79.3% ), or the Canary Islands (76.7%). At the other end of the table is Extremadura, with 51.7% of civil weddings.

Castilla y León registered a total of 4,063 ruptures over the past year (3,865 divorces, 196 separations and 2 annulments). These data represent a decrease of 7.1 percent compared to 2014 when 4,337 cases were registered.

Thus, specifying by provinces, Valladolid was in the lead with 937 breaks, ahead of León (812), Salamanca (657) and Bur-

go (628). Behind, Soria (101), Ávila (183), Segovia (213), Zamora (256) and Palencia (272).

According to data at the national level, 2015 registered a total of 101,357 marital breakdowns, which represents a decrease of 4.3 percent compared to the previous year. By type of process, there were 96,562 divorces, 4,652 separations and 144 annulments.

Salamanca, between the cities of Castilla y León

with fewer separations

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Mesón Castilian, personality and quality All the flavor of Castilian products with the specialties of roast suckling pig and shellfish such as prawns or prawns in a demanding kitchen that uses the best raw materials on the market

An ideal day in an incredible setting with the security provided by more than 40 years of experience.

experience in the sector. Mesón Castellano offers the couple the possibility of having a dream wedding based on two factors that they take special care of: detail and good treatment in the service and quality in the kitchen with traditional Castilian food.

The complex has many proposals that will be included within the same price of the menu: printing of personalized menus, tasting of the menu for the bride and groom and godparents, decoration, florist, bus transport, disco and bridal room for the bride and groom during the first night.

The elegant spaces of this inn provide the bride and groom with two rooms for 200 and 400 diners where they can celebrate a banquet with everything that is required for a unique and very personal wedding.

It has in its facilities an outdoor garden for cocktails, lunch and discos of 500 m2. In addition to hosting different banquets, the halls and the garden also serve as perfect places for civil ceremonies, so you can enjoy a full ceremony there without the need to travel. The place also has a dance area where you can extend the party until well into the early hours of the morning.

Stoves with flavorThe specialty that is practiced in the kitchens of the Mesón Castella-no contemplates all the flavor of Castilian cuisine with the specialties of roast suckling pig and shellfish such as prawns or prawns, among other grilled molluscs.


Valladolid Road, Km. 4

37001 Castellanos de Moriscos, Salamanca Telephone: 923 36 13 07

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Hostal Restaurante La Viña, to live the important moments If you book your wedding now, you will take as a gift one of the bridal suites and the stay at Casa Rural La Casona de Arribes, in Aldeadávila

m. c.

At Hostal Restaurante La Viña you have everything to live the most important moments of your life. If it is-

If you are thinking about getting married, the Hostal Restaurante La Viña offers you in Vitigudino large air-conditioned rooms with capacity for 800 people, although if what you are looking for is a little more privacy for the baptism of your baby or the anniversary of the grandparents, at La Viña they will offer you the space you need, always in a most welcoming environment.

Along with its extraordinary facilities, there is no ceremony, wedding or communion worth its salt without a tailor-made banquet, in accordance with what is expected of large family events, where good food is a fundamental part for the celebration a success. And they know that very well at La Viña, the Vitigudino de-cano establishment, where in addition to adapting the menu to the demands of each client, the success of its cuisine lies in the raw material, especially highlighting its beef , the traditional suckling pig or suckling pig.

Everything without leaving the siteHostal Restaurante La Viña offers you everything you need for your wedding celebration so you don't have to think about what to do after the banquet. After cutting the wedding cake, the party continues at its Planet Mercury nightclub, where you can enjoy the best music and the best atmosphere, so that the night begins to be unique, because –also– if you hire your wedding now, Hostal Restaurante La Viña gives you the bridal suite so that your wedding night is perfect, and all without the need

to move from its facilities in the heart of Vitigudino.

Although if the choice is to live that night with a little more tranquility, Hostal Restaurante La Viña offers you the stay in the Casa Rural La Casona de Las Arribes, in Aldea-dávila, in the heart of the Arri-bes del Duero Natural Park, An extraordinary luxury residence in which you will not miss anything, because you can even enjoy its pool.

Hostal Restaurante La Viña offers you a wide range of menus, adapted to all tastes and budgets, but always with the same quality raw material.

For more information and to make a reservation, call the telephone number 923 50 00 42 or come and visit us at Calle San Roque 19 in Vitigudino.

restaurant the vineyard

Capacity: 800 people

several dining rooms

Weddings, communions...

Calle San Roque 19 Vitigudino (SALAMANCA) Phone: 923 50 00 42

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54 special weddings


Finca Montecarmelos, the ideal place 5 minutes from Salamanca

All Original, gifts with personality

This new space proposed by Catering El Carmelo has different well-equipped corners to enjoy a wedding in style

Catering El Carmelo is a young company with extensive experience in its field that offers the possibility

to carry out your wedding or event with the best catering services, wherever the couple's favorite place is, and also now offers an incomparable, unique and exclusive setting: Finca Montecarmelos, a small rural complex with large capacities to enjoy a magical day.

This place has two independent air-conditioned rooms and also has an old manor house with its stables, completely reconditioned horse yard, as well as two beautiful gardens with an impressive viewpoint from where you can see the Peña de Francia on clear days. or the Sierra de Béjar among other landscapes. It also has a small chapel, authorized to hold the wedding on the same site.

Located 5 kilometers from Salamanca on the Zamora national highway, this farm is ideal for a wedding with a large number of guests. It has different corners, well equipped to enjoy a wedding in style. Everything that has been imagined can come true in this dream estate.

Avant-garde gastronomyAvant-garde gastronomy is offered but without renouncing traditional cuisine, with fresh market food cooked on site. A fantastic menu that will adjust to the tastes of each couple.

Design, customization and distribution of products with Denomination of Origin and quality for

each situation, client or moment. Thus, Todo Original, a company located in Salamanca at Avenida de los Cedros 25, works every day with the philosophy of making an important moment even more special.

Positioning itself as a benchmark in the area of ​​weddings, at Todo Original they offer an infinite number of products: invitations, gifts for guests with hundreds of models, candy bars, breakfast baskets, wooden letters, polystyrene letters, bread, figures for the bride and groom, books

signatures, accessories for bridesmaids and guests such as diadems, tiaras, jewelry, headdresses or party bags, among others.

As explained by Mª Ángeles and Lorena, company managers, Todo Original is aimed at anyone who wants to surprise with a different and attractive gift. Thus, they adapt to the couple's schedule and make themselves available to them so that if they wish, they can also visit their facilities on Saturday afternoons by appointment. The best thing is to visit this store and learn about the multitude of options they offer, a line of products that is worth it.


CATERING EL CARMELO Camino de Mozárbez, s/n 37187 - Miranda de Azán Salamanca - 675 30 10 55

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55 wedding special


Sweetestudio, the original that has become uniqueSpecialists in marriage ties, this company offers the bride and groom invitations,

wedding programs, menu card design, candy bar, signature table and personalized photocall

T he customization, design and creativity are the basis of Sweetes-studio's work. So under these three

premises, Silvia López, founded less than three years ago this company specialized in decorative products for events that, based on care and effort, has achieved its place in the market. From the most original candy bar, to a signature table with attention to detail, the funniest photocall or stamps, anything goes in the mind of this businesswoman with an imagination that has no limits and who is committed to innovation so that each wedding day unforgettable.

“When the bride and groom contact us, we put all our material at their disposal and together we decide what they want the theme of their wedding to be. Based on that, we make a personalized design that will be present in the invitations, the wedding program, the menu inside the restaurant, the thank you card, the candy bar, the signature table and the photocall that can be in the background. and die”, explains the manager.

In addition to this, in 2016 one of the products that has had the best reception has been the 'Personalized Breakfasts', which consists of the customer calling, choosing the products that the recipient likes and from Sweetestudio they move to the home for delivery. of the basket “It is a gift that is sure to be right, we bring home breakfast already made and the person always loves the idea. Under the name of 'The last single breakfast' we have already reached many homes and it is proving to be a success”, he adds.

Sweetestudio does not only focus its business on weddings, but is a specialist in all kinds of events. Throughout their career, they have also been present with their products at communions, baptisms, birthday parties,

birthdays, graduations and even bachelor parties. The truth is that it does not matter where the appointment is, nor the place chosen. For Sweetestudio-dio each person is special and deserves a unique event. Thus, this company does not stop growing in its desire to exceed the limits of originality.

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56 special weddings


'Sí Quiero', something more than a bridal shop In addition to the dream dress for that special day, they have a wide range of accessories such as veils, mantillas, shoes, costume jewellery, headdresses or custom-made underwear

T he objective of ‘Sí, Quiero’ is clearly defined: to be more than a typical bridal shop. in this corner

Located at Calle Azafranal 26, the bride will find everything she may need for that big day, and that is its differential value compared to the competition: a comprehensive service so that the bride does not just leave the store with her dream dress. , but to do it with all the accessories, all chosen to the smallest detail.

There, the sisters Mar and Isabel, provide the necessary advice so that everything goes perfectly. “Thanks to the tailor-made service, we are sure that the bride is making the right choice of dress, since we have another differential value and that is our workshop. We personalize the dress because we know that although the designs are standard, people are not, and therefore, they choose the dress that best suits them and then we adapt all the necessary changes and personalize them towards the complete transformation of what they want”, they explain.

This family business began its journey in Medina del Campo 10 years ago now, and there they still maintain their premises at Calle Bernal Díaz del Castillo 6, where they are open to the public even on Sundays if the bride requires it. In Salamanca, they have been working for a little over a year. In all this time, 'Sí Quie-ro' has managed to position itself as a benchmark in the bridal sector and for the second consecutive year they have been awarded the 'Gold Seal' chosen by clients of the bodas.net portal.

Prestigious brandsIn 'Sí, Quiero' they work with prestigious bridal fashion brands. In

its facilities offer models from Aire Barcelona, ​​Alma Novias, Adriana Alier, Luna, Avenue Diagonal, White One, La Sposa, Miquel Suay, Vicky Martín Berrocal or Ana Torres. “Most of our brands are Spanish designers, we attach great importance to that because we have great professionals here,” they add.

In addition, the Sí, Quiero staff provides its clients with etiquette advice, such as when to remove the veil, how to wear your dress, the hairstyle, which flowers combine best with the design or how to pick up the train of the dress.

Something more than a wedding dressIn 'Sí Quiero' the bride already has everything when she walks out the door, and doesn't need anything else. In the store they also have a wide range of accessories so that the chosen look does not lack detail: veils, mantillas, shoes, costume jewellery, headdresses, custom-made underwear. 'Sí Quiero Novias' located at Calle Azafranal, 26 | alejandro lopez


C/ Bernal Diaz del Castillo, 647400 Medina del Campo

Phone: 983 803 179

C/ Azafranal, 2637001 SalamancaTfno.: 923989055

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57 wedding special


The godmother, always perfect and impeccableStudio Moda has been working for more than 20 years in the manufacture of adapted and personalized suits for all types of events that require a special look

If the bride is important on the day of a wedding celebration, so is the role that the bride occupies that day.

godmother of the ceremony and it is that when a child gets married, every woman wants to be the perfect godmother and go impeccable. Everyone knows that all eyes will be on the bride, but the truth is that the godmother will always also be the protagonist.

Thus, aware of this philosophy, at Studio Moda (located at Calle Toro 71) they have been working for more than 20 years to ensure that the look of these secondary protagonists is perfect that day. As Nieves Benito, manager of the company, explains, women generally go to her with clear ideas of what they want for that day, either with an idea or with an image of another dress. Thus, the dressmaker sets to work from the beginning to choose the design and fabrics that best suit the person. “It is important that each design adapts to the tastes of each client, but we also advise them so that the image is perfect that day”, explains Nieves Benito.

Short or long? When choosing a bridesmaid's dress, it is important to know if the wedding is going to be during the day or in the evening. The correct thing is that, if the wedding is during the day, the godmother should wear a short dress and, if the wedding is in the evening, opt for a long dress. In any case, it is true that the godmothers, regardless of the time of the celebration, can afford to go long, depending on the taste and idea of ​​each one.

Whether short or long, there are basic rules in plugins. For example, the use of the hat, a highly demanded accessory in recent years, is only allowed to be worn with short suits, and these short suits, by "law", never mini-skirts, at least to the knee.

Once this is decided

If you hadn't, it would be time to go to the store, or on the contrary, if you are very clear about what you want and you can't find it, or you simply prefer to wear a unique dress made to measure, the ideal is to contact a dressmaker specialized, and in this case, Studio Moda, will know how to do it so that that day the godmother looks perfect. Their experience supports them.

Throughout their career, at Studio Moda they have also worked on making bridal gowns, and in recent years they have specialized in prom gowns or any ceremony that requires a special role for women.


Calle Zamora, 71 Entreplanta, Pta. 337002 - Salamanca

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58 special weddings


Bedunia Florist, the bridal decoration par excellence for 2017For that special day, this company proposes simple flowers, elegant in themselves that strictly adapt the composition to the dress, forming the perfect complement

Bedunia Florist, permanent innovation in the world of flowers. Thus, this company from Salamanca

He proposes clean church decorations, where the important thing is the space, the temple, the frescoes or simply the light that transmits the place.

As a fundamental premise in his good work, flower arrangements of neutral colors stand out, without stridency in shape or color, with glamorous flowers, and worked in an absolutely handmade way.

Regarding the bridal bouquets, Bedunia repeats that philosophy of floral cleanliness, without mixtures of colors that fall into controversy with the dress, either in the cut or in the color. simple, elegant flowers

in themselves that strictly adapt the composition to the dress, forming the perfect complement.

Civil ceremonies with different, discontinuous arches, full of floral design and surprise, or vintage works but with transparent arrangements, where the beginning and end of each flower can be appreciated.

Decoration for banquet tables, without competing with food. Neutral colors and shapes, use of elements that generate visual comfort, enveloping shapes that draw attention to the flavors and culinary presentations. Bedunia Florist, faithful to her style, proposes innovation with the premise of respect for the place where her floral works are housed


Calle Muñoz Torrero, 1437007 Salamanca Telephone: 923 26 87 66

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59 wedding special


El Majuelar, the best personalized products for any eventThe company has a wide range of products such as herbal liqueur, coffee, honey, lemon, cherries,

pomace brandy and pomace and acorn creams or the new chocolate cream with mint

More than 50 years of tradition characterize Licores El Majuelar, a family business

Located in the Los Villares Industrial Estate, which traces its origins to Aldeadávila de la Ribera. Despite the years, this company from Salamanca continues to surprise the most demanding palates with new flavors. Specialized in the artisan manufacture of spirits and liqueurs, it currently has a wide range of products, such as herbal liqueur, coffee, honey, lemon, cherries, pomace spirits and pomace and acorn creams or innovative chocolate cream with mint.

As explained by Eusebio García and Loli de la Iglesia, managers of El Majuelar, the vast majority of the raw material comes from their own vineyards, and they have continued to grow until they have established themselves as an example for other agri-food artisans in Castilla y León.

Personalized gifts and encouragement to other artisansBut the initiatives of these entrepreneurs do not end there, since they have also specialized in personalized gifts, with labels designed to suit each client, for weddings, communions, baptisms, retirements or any celebration, both companies and individuals. Thus, the products of Licores El Majuelar have positioned themselves as the "preferred" for wedding gifts, bottles that, of course, carry the guarantee of the 'Tierra de Sabor' brand.

In this sense, El Majuelar is an operator authorized by the Junta de Castilla y León to market this type of product and, at the same time, they are partners

of the Association of Food Artisans of Castilla y León. In fact, in addition to selling their liqueurs, in El Majuelar they support other producers in the province by distributing oils from Aldea-dávila, Herguijuela and Ahigal de los Aceiteros, honey from Las Hurdes, pasta from La Velles or cheese from Hinojosa de Duero.

Extensive marketing network El Majuelar's products are marketed in various ways. On the one hand, in the hospitality sector, in bars and restaurants, not only in Salamanca, but also in other provinces such as Valladolid, Ávila or Madrid.

On the other hand, there is the sale through large distributors, such as El Corte Inglés. They are also increasing

customers who go directly to the factory or those who opt for the internet at www.licoresartesanos.es, although the best springboard is the craft fairs or medieval markets, where

they establish new commercial contacts, in addition to promoting and selling the product. The bottles of El Majuelar are dispatched in more than 80 meetings of these characteristics to the

year, to which should be added the large national food fairs.

Undoubtedly, these years have been profitable for this company from Salamanca.


More information at www.licoresartesanos.es, on the phone 923.204.103 or at its facilities, located at Calle Guatemala 48, in the Villares de la Reina industrial estate.

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60 special weddings

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61 wedding special

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62 special weddings


Wine, the key to creating a perfect pairingAt Vinoteca La Vendimia they have a wide range of wines from all over Spain ordered by Denomination of Origin and provenance

As important as choosing the menu for the wedding is the choice of wine that will accompany it.

clothe And the question is obvious: how to choose them without being an expert in oenology, especially when you have to satisfy such a large number of guests? The enigma in Sala-manca is easy to solve, just go to Vinoteca La Vendimia, located at Avenida Campoamor 3.

It is a company dedicated to the marketing of quality wines that makes available to its customers a wide range of wines from all over Spain, ordered by Denomination of Origin and provenance, and a section dedicated to wines from import such as Burgundy, Port, Riesling, Sauternes, Gewurztraminer, Cham-pagne, etc.

They currently have more than 30 national appellations of origin. One of the objectives of Vinoteca La Vendimia is the contribution of knowledge of wines to customers, news, tastings, winery presentations, wine tourism, etc. Therefore, the relationship with customers is constant with the aim of advising the protagonists of the event in choosing the best wines.

Meeting at the Casino de Sa lamanca on November 14 On November 14 and taking advantage of the fact that they have just celebrated their 4th anniversary, this company will hold its first wine meeting 'Made in Vino-teca La Vendimia'. The meeting will take place at the Palacio de Figueroa (Casino de Salamanca) and tickets can be picked up at Vinoteca la Vendimia or at the entrance to the meeting.


Av. Campoamor, 337003 Salamanca Telephone: 923 22 67 92


11:30.- Presentation 1.-Presentation of the act by Julio González and Germán Álvarez 2.-Opening speech by Mr. Pancho Campo (Spanish wine Experience) 3.-Presentation of the website by the company Creadsa 12:00.- Opening of stands 13:00.- Cavas and Champagne tasting directed by Pancho Campo Gran Torello, Recaredo Private Reserve, Tantum Ergo Vintage, Champagne Lallier Rose (tasting cost 20 euros, and it will be for those first 30 reserves that you send via emial to[emailprotected]) 15:00.- Closing morning 18:00.- Opening 18.30.- Tasting of parcel wines conducted by José Antonio Cabins Quod Superius, Ataulfos, Quinta Milu vineyards Viejas, Valdeginés and Valdegatiles. (cost of the tasting 20 euros, and will be for those first 30 reservations you mandeis via emial a[emailprotected]) 20:00.- Live music 21:00.- Farewell and closing. Thanks to the collaborating companies. These companies are: BBVA, Simón Moretón Abogados, Creadsa, Reyes Católicos Hotel, Photography and Red Sea Travel, Carnicas Casaseca, Advertising Idea, Photocopies A 39.


First Wine Meeting 'Made in Vinoteca La Vendimia' (November 14)

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63 wedding special


Xpression Gles, attention and professionalismOffers a complete economic and personalized pack for brides that includes beauty services, skin cleansing, massage, pedicure, manicure, body scrub, test hairstyle (one or two tests beforehand) and makeup

X pression Gles, where professionalism and quality become beauty at the hands of

Raquel Jiménez, a great hairdressing professional who seeks well-being, even more so on a day as special as your wedding day.

With that day in mind, Xpresión Gles prepares complete economic and personalized packages for the bride that include beauty services, skin cleansing, massage, pedicure, manicure, body peeling, trial styling (one or two trials beforehand). and makeup.

Sitting waiting for Raquel to attend to you is like being in your living room, with all kinds of attention for all customer profiles, including children: being able to have a coffee, listening to good music, an area for games in -fantil or enjoy this pleasant space, equipped with the most advanced in the sector. A hairdresser full of light and colour, modern and up-to-date, but especially in the

better hands. Every month, customers can

Take advantage of offers and other types of initiatives such as being able to participate in the raffle for a quality coffee maker.

It is worth going to Xpression Gles where everything is attention and professionalism. Any service is at your fingertips: Brushing, hairstyles, cuts, color, highlights, visors, balayage, molding, keratin straightening, uncurling, hair and eyelash extensions, gel nails, porcelain nails, waxing in general, facial and body treatments.

On his Facebook profile he offers up-to-date information on all his offers as well as the results with his clients with constant photographs of them.

Opposite the Victoria Adrados, next to Villamayor avenue, next to the bus station, Xpression Gles is waiting for you. Undoubtedly, a new concept of hairdressing.


Calle Arapiles, 8 37007 Salamanca 923 98 92 04

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64 special weddings


Neroli Aesthetic Center, beauty and care for a very special dayClients can enjoy an infinite number of body and facial treatments, foot beauty, manicure, comprehensive waxing, eyebrow design, makeup, permanent or dye, among others

N oelia Gallego, technician in personal and decorative aesthetics, is the manager of the Aesthetics Center

Neroli, a company that opened its doors at Calle Zurbarán 1-7 more than 6 years ago and continues to grow.

In this center, clients can enjoy an infinity of body and facial treatments, foot beauty, manicure (semi-permanent, specializing in nail decoration...), comprehensive hair removal (both with hot and warm wax, and waxing laser), eyebrow design, make-up, permanent, tint and eyelash extension, pressotherapy, reiki, etc.

The treatments are designed for both her and him, and with the day of the wedding celebration in mind, the Neroli Aesthetic Center offers the bride and groom some beauty advice “so they can relax and enjoy moments of calm and wellness":

Two months before, carry out a facial, moisturizing, firming or luminosity treatment for the neck and décolleté or facial hygiene that best suits the needs of each skin. Both for him and for her.

A month before is the time to start makeup tests, to create harmony with the dress, hairstyle and decorations.

Fifteen days before, body treatments, renewers, peeling and hydration will be carried out to obtain a beautiful and uniform color, as well as luminosity on the skin.

A week before is the time to carry out an illuminating facial treatment. This year, the center offers as a great novelty for brides a spectacular treatment, POLIVITAMINIC by ANUBIS

COSMETICS. It is an antioxidant treatment that repairs and redensifies the dermis. The HYAL CEL-C synergy exerts an excellent antioxidant and deep hydration action. Vitaminized and enhanced treatment with orange stem cells. Revitalizes the functions of the skin, providing vitality immediately.

One or two days before is the time to start getting ready: comprehensive care to show off a spectacular permanent look and tinting of eyelashes or extensions, manicure and pedicure, body peeling to leave the skin silky and velvety . Finally... a relaxing massage with essences that will help calm nerves and fill you with energy.

The big day: it's time to do the perfect makeup with which the bride will look radiant and beautiful. A few last touches and show off on one of the most special and unforgettable days.

On the wedding day, makeup is also done on the bridesmaids, relatives and companions, and if the occasion requires it, makeup is done at home. In addition, the Neroli Aesthetic Center creates personalized vouchers adapted to the needs of each person.


Calle Zurbarán, 1-737006 Salamanca Phone: 923 12 23 49

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65 wedding special

Weddings are those events that every couple prepares with infinite care and overflowing enthusiasm to

May it be a day from a fairy tale for them and for all the guests. Each married couple writes their perfect story and in all of them there are always some very special and endearing characters who are none other than the little elves that run around among the guests giving joy, color and freshness to the celebration. . The company Animaciones KariKatu-ra is part, on many occasions, of writing small chapters within these stories. They are in charge of making sure that these little elves have before them the possibility of being able to enjoy the big day to the fullest, with the peace of mind of the parents that they are cared for and well cared for.

Children are a fundamental part of the wedding decoration and for this reason the companies dedicated to their care and animation are becoming more and more important. Animaciones Karikatura is one of those companies, specializing in the accompaniment, care and animation of children in family celebrations of all kinds; weddings, baptisms, communions,

etc This company offers newlyweds an advisory service to choose from an infinite number of options, as they adapt to their needs to make their fairy tale come true. They can choose between several proposals for their care and animation, from accompanying them on arrival at the restaurant during the cocktail, helping them with food and always concluding with guaranteed fun. Workshops such as face painting, mini-archery, giant soap bubbles, balloon twisting, costumes, parachute games, bouncy castle, photocall and all of this enlivened with musical entertainment, make up the pack of activities they do with children.

Photos to rememberSo that the bride and groom do not miss anything that their little guests have done, the monitors take photos throughout the event, and at the end, give away a disk full of memories that they can include in their wedding album. . In addition to this wide variety of activities, it offers many other services such as balloon decoration, magician shows, clowns, personalized t-shirts, giant bouncy castles, etc.

Animaciones KariKatura is a young company but with extensive experience in children's animations, since in the last year they have carried out almost seventy weddings and more than one hundred events of all kinds in many places, not only in the province of Salamanca, but also in Ávila, Zamora, Valla-dolid, Segovia or Madrid. They bet on originality by adapting to new trends and take great care in personal treatment. It has a large and fun team of monitors, all of them qualified and with the necessary qualifications to be able to carry out their work safely and responsibly, and they are always in a recycling process, since they have permanent continuous training.

In addition to carrying out animations at different events, Animaciones KariKatura has several toy libraries open that provide a service to reconcile work and family life and celebrate birthdays, they carry out extracurricular activities in public, private and subsidized educational centers. In short, a safe bet for the care and animation of the little ones in the different family events is Animaciones KariKatura, the entertainment professionals.


Workshops such as face painting, mini-archery, giant soap bubbles, balloon twisting, costumes, parachute games, bouncy castle or photocall make up the pack of activities carried out with children

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66 special weddings


Advertising Idea: customization of all kinds of products

They supply any article that may be on the market, trying at all times to give the best service and the best economic offer.

Idea Publicitaria is a company made up of professionals with extensive experience in the world of design, advertising gifts and

signage in Salamanca. The company has its own warehouse and workshops for marking and labeling and a retail store located at Avenida Campoamor 3-7.

This business has been operating in Salamanca since 2008 but its work in the sector goes back more than 30 years. As the manager, Ángel Hernández Maíllo, explains, they are experts in all kinds of personalization “practically any product in record time”. In addition to the products themselves, they work with the majority of importers and manufacturers of advertising items, this, together with the marking workshops, means that they can supply any item that may be on the market, trying at all times to give the best service and the best economic offer.

Throughout their career, they have worked with clients such as town halls, official bodies, large multinational companies, SMEs and freelancers who have trusted their advertising campaigns for years to achieve "optimize resources and optimize their investment".

Wide range of products Among its wide range of products, the design of t-shirts, calendars, office products, writing, electronics, flash drives, bags, gifts, decoration products, caps, fans, car accessories, computer products stand out. and telephony, diaries, kitchen accessories, personal care products, calculators, candies, folders, wallets, badges, stopwatches, glasses, games, pens, flashlights, key chains, pocketknives, toiletry bags, radios, watches, hats llas or candles


Avda. Campoamor, 3-737003 Salamanca Phone: 923 18 05 18

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67 wedding special

Getting married... and not dying trying Rocío Hernández, designer of CREADSA, LA RANA CHARRA and SALAMANCA rtv AL DÍA,

home in less than a year. The preparations, stress and nerves have already begun Rocío Hernández

I get married! Yes, yes, we are getting married! Kisses, hugs, toasts, tears... Moments

of happiness, emotion, an indescribable feeling but... And then?

CHAOS! You never know the effort behind organizing a wedding... until you get married!

Nowadays, organizing a wedding less than 1 year in advance is almost crazy. But don't despair..., take a deep breath and let yourself go..., don't panic, there will be time!

In this arduous wedding path to the altar, they will make you panic a few times, we had to change the date we wanted because the hotel was already reserved, but since the important thing is love... What more does one day matter than another... if at this point none of us are going to escape? And that's the first thing we did, book the hotel, because many times couples make the mistake of starting the house with the roof, but once you have the place, you can breathe easy.

From girlfriend to girlfriend, I'm going to tell you the secret word, RELAX! In this phase you're going to hear things like: But there are 10 months left and you still don't have a dress? You're going very, very late, and what are you going to give as a souvenir? Well, at the wedding of my brother-in-law's uncle's cousin they did this and that, the tattoo is going to be seen, you will leave your hair long, right? ... RELAX! RELAX! RELAX! Each wedding is different, each couple is different and it never rains to everyone's liking. It is your day, it is your wedding, if you want to please the zillions of thousand guests that you are going to have, you are not going to enjoy the preparations, or the days leading up to it, or even the celebration.

Surely you have already heard your parents say... but is this also done at weddings today? And it is true, weddings have evolved. Photo sessions (pre-wedding and post-wedding), pre-wedding party the day before, delivery of

Gifts between courses, surprises for the cousins, flashmob for the guests, grand entrance of the couple, opening dance, more surprises, flower cannons, lighting sparklers, release of flying lanterns... STOP, STOP, STOP!!! Whoever covers a lot does not squeeze much and as I told you before... less is more. Do not confuse the guests or there will come a time when they will not know where to look or what to attend to and the surprise factor will go from being your ally to your enemy and the guest will be uncomfortable wondering if they can finish eating the sirloin or if they will it will make a ball in her mouth because the bride and groom have begun to dance the macarena with the waiters while Burgos's cousin is throwing off fireworks while singing a sae-ta. And you yourselves will not be able to relax thinking about the next thing you have to do and you will be in a constant state of nerves, when what you had to be doing was enjoying yourself after the stress you experienced in the previous days.

Form a good army of Bridesmaids, they will not only be supporting you on B-day, they will be with you every day during these months. Delegate to them the tasks you don't manage to do, they are your eyes, your hands... you will cry with them, you will laugh and they will help you to remain calm at all times. They will be with you until the moment the party lights go out, and probably for the rest of your life.

Apart from my Ladies, I have an ally... it was an unexpected gift from a friend to sa-

blessings that he was going to become my

little treasure... THE AGENDA OF THE BRIDE, is essential, from the guest list, honeymoon ideas... to legal procedures among others and you will always have a memory of the whole journey and surely later someone will It's good to keep an eye on it... because we already know that from a wedding... Another one comes out!

Another issue that couples are very concerned about is the PROTO-COL, which even the word is ugly. Do not limit your imagination to formality, as I have said before, it is your wedding, and you have to give it your identity. My future is from ACDC and I from Camela but we will both have our moment of glory. I'm a sports girlfriend, I'm the Manolos... the ones from Friends Forever, the others I leave to Carrie Brads-haw. And if in the middle of dinner I have to get up to kiss my grandfather on the forehead, no one is going to stop me! That day you have to be in your element and feel comfortable because everything is allowed and you never say no to a girlfriend... you'll be checking it out these months and it's really cool, take advantage of it!

Another situation in which you are going to find yourself involved in these months are the wedding fairs... they are going to overwhelm you, but it is worth it, sometimes they will give you ideas, advice and services that you had not taken into account. So do not despair and hear that you will see how you had not stopped to think about why

For example, during the dance you can have a barbecue cart or a Beauty Corner where you

after guests can be touched up at any time.

And within all this fuss of coming and going, of tests, of nerves... I only wish you to enjoy it together, that you do not lose your nerves, that if it rains; wet girlfriend, lucky girlfriend, that if something goes wrong that day do not take it into account because the most beautiful day of your life awaits you and as the song says... "They say that I do when it's true" It doesn't have to last you forever."

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68 special weddings

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69province+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es November 2016

Ana Vicente and Miguel Corral

Hand in hand with the City Council of Béjar, the Provincial Council of Sala-manca shows once

plus its commitment to the La Covatilla ski resort to turn this space into a reference tourist resource for the province of Salamanca. Currently, an interesting municipal project is looming over the ski resort and another edition of the Bautismos Blancos program, which this year is expanding its offer to 1,000 schoolchildren.

The main novelty of this collaboration between the Bejarano City Council and the Sala-manca Provincial Council is called 'Covatilla 365', a comprehensive project resulting from the agreement between both institutions with which it is intended to promote and take advantage of the ski resort du -rante all year.

The intention of the City Council of Béjar, according to statements by the mayor, is that the ski resort be used during the spring and summer with alternative activities to skiing that have an impact on attracting tourists, and that break the strong seasonality suffered by the tourism in this area and thus help the economy of the region.

The development of this project will begin with an initiative for bicycle fans, it is a Bike Park, which consists of conditioning several tracks using two meters on one of the sides. In those areas it

will build a circuit with obstacles that will allow jumps of greater or lesser difficulty, depending on the slope, and through which cyclists will be able to launch from the

Canchal Negro, which you will have previously climbed with your bikes using the chairlift.

The Béjar City Council has already obtained an authorization from the Junta de Castilla y León to start this activity with the approval of the Environment.

Another of the possibilities that the Béjar City Council is studying consists of carrying out small camps in the ski resort, an initiative that has had the authorization of the Junta de Castilla y León for two years but

it couldn't get going then. This camp would be something completely different from the camps that take place next to rivers or beaches, it would have a maximum of fifty campers, who could use the restaurant and the services of the station, as well as use the top floor of the building for teachers and monitors. Regarding this activity, it should be noted that it would be launched later, since it would not give time to organize it for next summer.

Béjar Provincial Council and City Council promote the La Covatilla station The objective of the agreement between both institutions is to value these winter facilities for use 365 days a year with innovative and attractive activities

The slopes of La Covatilla will become circuits for the enjoyment of the bicycle in the summer | anna vicente

Sports tracks for bicycles in summer, paragliding and camping areas


The Counties up to date

The offer is extended to children under 18 years of age with ski and snow lessons | to. v.

The new leisure bet will create between 15 and 20 jobs The heads of the Béjar Town Hall are aware of the importance of these activities, which are already carried out in some ski resorts. In this regard, the mayor of Bejarano, Alejo Riñones, during the presentation of this initiative, recalled that the ski resort of La Pinilla, in Segovia, has even more movement in summer than in winter.

To do this, it uses the practice of sports for bicycle fans, who

It is currently very fashionable, and it is intended to be established in La Covatilla next summer, specifically on the slopes of El Cerrojo, La Covatilla and La Muchachina. This activity would create about 15 or 20 direct jobs during the season.

In addition, during his appearance, Kidneys expressed the desire of the City Council to explore all the possibilities that the station has, for which paragliding could undoubtedly be a new attraction. In this regard, he pointed out that if the results were positive it would be another activity that would be included as soon as possible.

The 'White Baptisms' will reach 1,000 schoolchildren in the province this year• Another bet of the Diputación together with the Bejarano City Council to promote the use of La Covatilla, is called 'White Baptisms', a program aimed at schoolchildren in the province and with which it is intended to encourage activities related to snow among the little ones. This year the program is extended to 1,000 places, 280 more than in the previous edition, which responds to the increase in

number of requests and the intention of the Salamanca Provincial Council to bring winter sports closer to the boys and girls of Salamanca. The goal is for this call to reach each of the towns in the province, for which the Provincial Council has increased the budget for this activity to 124,000 euros.

Also another novelty is the incorporation of a program

youth education that complements the offer to reach schoolchildren up to 18 years of age. This group will be able to choose between the ski or snow modality and those interested will have a day with 4 hours of class. The expansion of the offer and the number of places has forced an increase in the number of contracted personnel, which will go from 70 to 90 including teachers, monitors, foot keepers, etc.

La Covatilla, La Muchachina and El Cerrojo, a Bike Park in summer

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70 province + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esNovember 2016

• Currently 65 committed people work to make the most vulnerable happy.

miguel corral

For 30 years, but now more than ever, Red Cross volunteers from the Vitigudino region have been

the true guardian angels of people without resources, of the elderly who live alone with no one to listen or care for them, of families that for one reason or another have been forced to live in almost extreme poverty, a situation that is transferred –as always– to those who are less to blame, to their children, children whose parents cannot buy books or toys because they have to pay for electricity or gas, in short, people whom the volunteers of this NGO give themselves without expecting anything more in return than a smile.

Currently, the actions of the 65 volunteers attached to the Vitigudino Regional Assembly are distributed in 60 municipalities, an area that, in addition to being extensive, presents special socioeconomic characteristics due to the high rate of aging of the population, scarcity of job opportunities and dispersion, three variables that are the perfect crop for depopulation and isolation to emerge: any action here supposes a titanic effort both in economic terms and in human resources, and that is what Red Cross volunteers from the Vitigudino region know very well.

65 volunteers Given the current circumstances, the 65 volunteers distributed by groups in the towns of Al-deadávila de la Ribera, Hinojosa de Duero, Olmedo de Camaces, Lum-brales, Villarino de los Aires, Villa-vieja de Yeltes, Villar de Peralonso and Vitigudino, they are rather rare. “At the Red Cross we have been observing how the impact of the crisis

socioeconomic has meant that many people who until recently were in safe socioeconomic contexts, have become part of the people and groups served by the organization, and how this same context is responsible for a worsening importance of the situation of vulnerable people who already participated in the Social Intervention programs of the Spanish Red Cross”.

Given this context, in recent years, in addition to reinforcing our usual social response programs, "we have developed an increasing effort to offer a series of basic emergency responses, such as occasional economic responses , or the distribution of food”, but to carry out this objective, more hands of solidarity are required, more volunteers willing to make a child smile with a toy or

of putting a smile on an old man when they both sit under the skirt of a stretcher-table.

As the president of the Vitigudino Red Cross Regional Assembly, Baltasar Muñoz, points out, the main difficulty they encounter when carrying out this humanitarian work is "mainly, the need to recruit volunteers in all the groups of the Regional Assembly, but especially in Lum-brales and Villarino, and thus be able to develop the activities that we have under way”, among which those under the heading Intervention stand out

Social in favor of the most vulnerable families in the region, with first-need aid both food delivery and economic aid to be able to cover the most pressing needs, care that -on the other hand- is carried out throughout the year and that it will be maintained for the next financial year, hence the need to have at least 85 people willing to dedicate themselves to this humanitarian work, a figure that previously made it possible to meet the needs of the region.

Food aidAccording to Estela García, a technician from the Regional Assembly, the profile of families that require this type of aid usually coincides with all their members being unemployed, long-term unemployed, young people with low qualifications and unemployment, older people with family responsibilities , boys and girls in impoverished homes..., circumstances coinciding with those of many families spread over other regions of the province, aged population with few resources.

The main actions aimed at these groups consist of facilitating access to food for people in situations of extreme vulnerability, the coverage of basic needs, maintaining healthy habitability and hygiene conditions and facilitating access to schooling in its compulsory stage and school success in boys and girls in social difficulties.

Food aid through donations from associations of the co-brand, individuals and the Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund (FEGA) resulted in 2015 in 375 deliveries of food batches distributed among 50 families in vulnerable situations. In addition, 67 economic cards for food were distributed among 24

The desirable thing would be to reach the number of 85 volunteers

The management team of the Vitigudino Regional Assembly is made up of 14 people who represent each of the groups distributed in the municipalities of the area | corral

Vitigudino Red Cross launches an SOS in search of volunteers• Aging, youth unemployment and long-term unemployment, main problems in rural areas

Little Flag Day in Vitigudino | m. tinker

the arrivals a day

Urban buses for a healthier Salamanca - [PDF Document] (71)

71province+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es November 2016

families and help was provided to 6 families to pay rent and receive electricity, gas and water bills.

As Baltasar Muñoz recalled, "resources are never enough, but what we can say in this region is that we are very grateful for the collaboration of both the 439 Red Cross members in the area and the contributions made from different municipalities, the last ones from Aldeadávila and Guadramiro. So far we can not complain about food, maybe school supplies

more may be needed, but that is a campaign at the provincial level.”

Precisely, last year 26 children between the ages of 3 and 12 received lots of school supplies and 19 financial aid was given for the purchase of textbooks, actions that were repeated last September with the beginning of the course. In addition, in 2015, scholarships were also awarded for two minors to participate in the Red Cross Summer Camps.

Another of the initiatives carried out by Red Cross volunteers in the Vitigudino region is the collection and distribution of toys among children from the most disadvantaged families, for which reason starting in December the forecast of the beneficiaries of this campaign with a view to its delivery the days prior to the Three Kings festivity, as Laura Marcos, Local Development technician, recalled.

Local Assembly: Since 1986.

Partners: 439.

Volunteers: 65.

Groups: Aldeadávila de la Ribera, Hinojosa de Duero, Olmedo de Camaces, Lumbrales, Villarino de los Aires, Villavieja de Yeltes, Villar de Peralonso and Vitigudino.

Banderitas 2016: Vitigudino, Lumbrales and Villavieja de Yeltes.

Care for the elderly: In 2015, 548 elderly people were cared for with a total of 4,827 interventions through:• Continuous accompaniment-

two at home.• Socio-sanitary transfers

(medical consultations...)• Complementary Activities

(leisure activities, meeting spaces, memory workshops...)

• Support Product Loan Service (loan

free wheelchair, walkers, crutches...).

Food aid: 375 deliveries of food batches.

50 beneficiary families.

Delivery of 67 economic cards for food.

24 families received financial aid for food.

You help 6 families to pay rent and receipts for electricity, gas, and water bills.

School supplies: 26 lots of school supplies for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

19 financial aid for textbooks.

Toys: 40 minors have received a batch of toys.

10 children have received an economic card for the purchase of toys.


The management team of the Vitigudino Regional Assembly is made up of 14 people who represent each of the groups distributed in the municipalities of the area | corral

Baltasar Muñoz, president of the Vitigudino Regional Assembly | corral

Vitigudino Red Cross launches an SOS in search of volunteers• Aging, youth unemployment and long-term unemployment, main problems in rural areas

• Last year, 50 families in a situation of vulnerability were detected in the Vitigudino region.

One more Christmas they will carry out the toy delivery campaign

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72 province + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esNovember 2016

m. j. c. • The City Council of Carbajo-sa de la Sagrada has a new government team after the agreement signed by the Popular Party, UPyD and Carbajosa Independiente. The representatives of the three formations emphasize that "our will is that this agreement serves to meet the needs of the citizens of Carbajosa in all areas."

The governance agreement includes changes in the composition of the government team, which includes the UPyD councilor, Águeda Arranz, and the mayor of Carbajosa Independiente, Ángel Luis Sánchez, who will be responsible for different prominent municipal areas. In this way, Águeda Arranz (UPyD), assumes the Department of Economy and Finance; Education; Citizen participation; and Youth (she will also be the one who chairs the Youth commission) and third deputy mayor.

For his part, the councilor for Carbajosa Independiente, Ángel Luis Sánchez, assumes the position of Councilor for Urban Planning and Public Lighting and will be the fourth deputy mayor.

After the agreement between the three formations, the PP councilors will have the following powers:- Pedro Samuel Martín: Mayor: Police, Traffic and Personnel.- Teresa María Sánchez: Culture and Festivals. 1st Deputy Mayor.- Purificación Santos Sánchez: Equality, Social Affairs, Health. 2nd Deputy Mayor.- Ángel Jerónimo Manso Gil: Medio A.; Transport and Works.- José Álvarez Álvarez: Employment and local development; Cleaning; Sports and New Technologies.


UPyD and Carbajosa Independiente enter the Government team

the Alfoz up to date CASTILIANS OF MOORISH

maría josé curto

The Ministry of Education of the Junta de Castilla y León has put out to tender the expansion works of the CRA Castilla-

llanos de Moriscos that will allow the educational center to be equipped with six new school units. The budget for the project amounts to 586,000 euros and the execution period is eleven months, so its construction is expected to be completed by the end of next 2017.

The construction of these six educational units constitutes the first phase of a more ambitious project that includes three phases and that will allow the town to have a second complete school to meet the current demand in a municipality that presents a large increase in the child population of age school and that has forced the installation of prefabricated classrooms in the CRA Castellanos de Moriscos.

The mayor, Ángel Molina, has shown his satisfaction with the Board's announcement to start soon the expansion works of the school, since it is a much-needed infrastructure for the town, taking into account that "each year there are more than 30 new registrations and the birth rate doubles every year”.

Second phaseAlthough these six planned units will make it possible to stop using the six prefabricated classrooms of the CRA Castellanos de Moriscos, where around 150 schoolchildren currently study, they will not be enough to meet the demand, so the Provincial Directorate of Education has committed to

tender the second phase once the works of this first phase begin. “This second phase will not go with the initial project, since it will adapt to

current needs, so the planned units will be doubled (there will be another six) and the office, dining room and Ma-

drugadores, while a third phase will include the gym and common areas”, explains the mayor, Ángel Molina.

This new educational infrastructure will be built on the plot attached to the current school and both phases are expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Although it will not be ready for its inauguration with the start of the next academic year, the City Council is confident in which the transfer can be carried out as soon as possible, in December or January.

After the announcement of the tender for the works of this first phase of expansion of the school, the companies interested in carrying out the project have until November 15 to present their proposals.

The school will have six more units after the first phase of the works

The construction of these six educational units constitutes the first phase of a more ambitious project | city ​​hall

The budget is 586,000 euros and the end of its execution is expected at the end of 2017 / Education plans to tender a second phase of the project shortly

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73province+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es November 2016

maría josé curto

The Berta Pallares de Cabrerizos Library launches this new course of the Reading Club aimed at residents

over 18 years. It is a meeting in which attendees, who have previously read, individually, the same book or part of it, share their impressions as a group on a given day.

Nearly a dozen library users of all ages have already shown their interest in participating in this new activity that will start operating this month of November and whose meetings will be held every 15 days or three weeks, "depending on what the participants decide. We want them to be meetings in which everyone participates and gives their opinion”, explains the person in charge of the library.

In the meetings, they will talk about

about the plot, the style of the author, the characters, their relationship with other works, etc., although especially the opinion and doubts of each reader will be shared, as well as the personal experiences of each one. Thus, the different points of view of each one enrich the impressions they have had during the reading in private.

The registration period closed on October 31st and an initial meeting is now scheduled with all the people signed up to determine the operation of the club: meeting day and time, periodicity and other aspects related to the subject. "We want to start throughout November with the first meeting and for the start-up of the Reading Club we have the collaboration of the Casa de las Conchas library for the loan of the books we need," he says.

the head of the Cabrerizos library.

Storytelling program On the other hand, the Berta Pallares Library has scheduled various storytelling sessions for this last quarter of the year. The program began on October 21 with the Katua Teatro group to present 'Stories to carry in a suitcase...'.

This month of November, specifically on the 18th, Storytelling will arrive at the Carioca library with its 'Retahíla de cuentos' and to end the term, in December, there will be the girls from Unpunto-curioso, on the day 16, with two sessions: a Storyteller titled 'A very special tree' for children from 6 months to 3 years old and, later, a family storyteller titled 'The Christmas Factory' for children from 3 years of age.

Nearly a dozen residents have already formalized their registration and the first meeting between the participants will be held this November

The municipal library launches the Reading Club for adults


This activity tries to promote reading and allows delving into the literary characteristics of the authors | m. j. c.

writing•The Santa Mar-ta City Council has set up leisure gardens at the San Blas school. This proposal has been carried out by the municipal workers, in charge of putting them into operation after five days of work that have allowed the installation of eight terraces, with an extension of 24 x 3.5 centimeters and in which the Consistory has invested 500 euros.

In these leisure gardens, all the students will grow vegetables such as lettuce, chard, lamb's lettuce or spinach, which they will later see grow in an attempt to verify, as the director of the center, Ángel Hernández, says, "how they are grown the most common products from the land and are later marketed, also promoting the culture of entrepreneurship”.

The mayor of Santa Marta,

David Mingo, has highlighted that “it seemed like a magnificent idea that we did not hesitate to put into practice when the school asked us to. Moreover, we want to thank them for this initiative thanks to which they teach our children a traditional work activity in a way

different". This ini-

The initiative, promoted by the City Council, also has the collaboration of various faculties of the University of Salamanca. The Consistory, through a

joint action of the Departments of Training and Education, intends, as indicated by the Councilor for Education, Francisco Miguel García, “to make an innovative educational offer available to students. We want it to be a collaborative experience whose protagonists are the students, even if they are advised by different entities”.

The students of the San Blas school open their leisure gardens

David Mingo and Francisco Miguel García visited the orchards with the students


This municipal initiative has the collaboration of several faculties of the University

Schoolchildren will grow vegetables such as lettuce, chard, lamb's lettuce or spinach in them

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74 province + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esNovember 2016

ana vicente

Purificación Pozo has already had an intense political career since his entry as councilor to the Consistory be-

jarano in 2006. She is currently in charge of the Department of Culture, was a solicitor in the Cortes of Castilla y León in the 2011-2015 legislature, and has occupied eighth place on the PP list for the regional elections and the fourth in the Generals of 2016.

How was your arrival in politics? When the Mayor proposed it to me, I had to think about it because at that time I was working in foreign trade for a granite company in Sorihuela, I had been traveling a lot to the United States for three and a half years. , Germany, England and especially to fairs in France. I liked it and I didn't want to leave it, but I think you can't do two things well at the same time. Politics needs a lot of commitment and dedication, after all it is a service to others and Béjar is big enough to dedicate as much time as possible to it. Although I do not want to criticize my fellow councilors with this, not all of us can do without our jobs without having an exclusive paid dedication.

At first I told him to put me back on the list and I did not enter, but in 2006, the last year of a legislature that would end with the elections that gave the municipal government the Socialist Party, the resignation of the Councilor for Education and the party called me to perform his substitution. That was when I decided to quit my job and start a new journey in the world of politics, taking responsibility for the Department of Education and shortly after that of Sports, due to the assignment of Raúl Hernández.

What did it mean to assume responsibilities without having experience?At first I doubted myself and my abilities, especially when it came to Sports, but I knew a lot of people in the clubs who made my job much easier. In that first year of responsibility, I changed the delivery of the Sports Awards from the assembly hall of the Convent of San Francisco, to the Teatro Cervantes, endowing them with a magnificence and prestige that they did not have before.

What has been most gratifying for you in these ten years? I have learned everything, I have learned from everything, I am a lucky person currently leading the departments of Culture, Celebrations and Communications. Perhaps Celebrations has been the one that has brought the greatest satisfaction to me, because I am aware that we all pay taxes and from the City Council we have to know how to manage them thinking of each group and individuality, that is why I am excited to bring the festivities closer to nursing homes and organizing things for the children.

Another gratification for me is to see the theater full, I think we have reached a point where we know the tastes of the Bejaranos, and our experience leads us to program with guarantees, for preferences that demonstrate the high cultural level of the bejaranos. And so as not to detract from my merit, I will say that I have also had something to do with the education of a public that is now accustomed to quality because it no longer settles for less.

Tell us something you couldn't get for the city and you would have liked it. I don't like to say I won't drink this water, but I couldn't manage to bring a big concert like the ones

before they were held in the Municipal Pavilion and now with the new capacity regulations it has become much more complicated. And what I would have liked the most is that it would have been from 'Fito'.

In the last general elections your party has obtained three deputies for the province, you have been left at the gates, but you were already an attorney in Cortes, in 2011

What can you explain to us about these experiences? I have to be grateful for the confidence that the party placed in me on that occasion and doubly this time, because in addition to having been with options to the Regional Courts, I have also stayed one to access Congress, that means for me that I should have done well when in that legislature

Since 2011, I was an attorney, and the people in charge of my party also let me know when they asked the reason for my election.

What fills me with pride is the confidence of the party and I suppose also that of the regional president, who is Alejo Riñones and although I have never asked him, I have assumed that he was the one who proposed me. Then entering or being left out already passes into the background, although I am at the gates of Congress and any change could make me take the leap.

Tell me about some of the proposals you made as a solicitor. I had my skills in Education and Family, I managed to unanimously approve a Non-Ley Proposition on some stairs and accessibility to the patio of a Salamanca school. Small things from day to day that are not valued but to which I give a lot of importance.

Would you like to be the first mayor of the city? -She laughs and responds- I don't see myself, at the moment I only see Alejo, although perhaps I don't see him because I'm not the one who has to make that decision, it will be the party. When Alejo decides, I will be at his disposal, but not

just for that, for everything, because then circumstances will rule, as has always happened.

What political expectations do you have for the future? I don't see my future in politics because I don't worry, I take care of the day to day, work is better that way, without pressure. The rest will come as a consequence of a job well done but without setting personal goals and objectives, relying on my daughters and the personal circumstances that I have had to live through and have made me strong.

For the future of the city I am a positive woman, I believe that the city will evolve towards tourism, we are dedicated to this issue from all the councils and from the last legislature, with many projects that we hope will come to fruition. But I do not rule out that at some point a large company from outside will settle in Béjar, and I say from outside because we have already verified that there are not many enterprising Bejaranos and it is very difficult for those that do exist to offer too many jobs. We would give everything free to a company of these characteristics so that it could set up shop, and we have let a man from Bejaras who works in London know so, in case things go badly for them there.

"I don't see myself as mayor, but I am available to the party"

Purificación Pozo / Councilor for Culture

Purificación Pozo, Councilor for Culture of the City of Béjar | anna vicente

Attorney in the Castilla y León Parliament in the 2011-2015 legislature, eighth in the popular list of the last regional elections and fourth in Congress in 2016

Béjar a day

“I was born in Calzada de Béjar, in a town with a lot of history, right on the Silver Route, but the truth is that I don't remember anything from there because when I was barely two years old my parents moved to live in France, where I was born. my father in a family of Spanish emigrants. I lived in the south of the neighboring country until I was 16 years old and I returned to Spain in the 70s.

What I remember most from those years is the free education I received, in a country that was far removed from the society that was educated in Spain at that time.

My knowledge of French allowed me to give private classes in homes and academies, helping many Bejaranos to pass oppositions, and even in the CFIE, preparing teachers in this subject.

At the same time I began to give theater workshops at the Filiberto Villalobos school. This led me to the director of the Ramón Olle-ros Institute, where my husband worked as a technology teacher, urged me to become part of the Oberón group in order to get it running again.

I consider myself a multifaceted person, who does not know how to say no, restless and positive, happy with what I have achieved”.


"The city will evolve towards tourism, we are focused on this issue

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david rodríguez

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León has started a few days ago, through the

company Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones Stoa, the comprehensive restoration of the cloister of the Cathedral of Santa María in Ciudad Rodrigo, one more phase of the Master Plan of the Seo mirobrigense promoted by the regional body for several decades now.

The new action has as its objective, according to the Board, the "comprehensive restoration of the Cloister as an architectural entity". In this new phase, which will last about 11 months, work will be done on all the construction elements of the cloister to recover its stability and tightness: roofs, floors, interior and exterior walls, and the central space.

As regards the roof, the rainwater drainage system will be reorganized and the current waterproofing and roofing systems will be replaced (in the eastern gable, the wooden framework will be renewed). Regarding the walls, they are going to proceed with their cleaning, conservation and restoration, an intervention that will also be carried out on the facades and crests of the eastern elevation of the cloister.

Planned actionsRegarding the vaults, their repair, cleaning and restoration is planned; while the central space of the patio will be cleaned with the incorporation of water and drainage. As a complement, the restoration works will also affect the chapel of San Jerónimo, a space located in the northeast corner of the cloister, which is currently used as a warehouse. In this space it

they will restore the carpentry and interior walls and vaults.

The cloister restoration works were put out to tender for a price of 982,484.02 euros, which with 21% VAT ended up amounting to 1,188,805 euros. However, the works were finally awarded for an amount of 741,775.43 euros, which with VAT increases to 897,548.27 euros, which will be co-financed with FEDER European Funds in two years, 2016 and 2017. Therefore, To this, the works will cost 291,257.39 euros less than the maximum possible (24.5%). The bidding process has lasted more than half a year until the final award at the end of last October.

The reform of the cathedral will require an investment of almost 900,000 eurosIn the 11 months of work planned, the cloister and the chapel of San Jerónimo will be restored

Significant drop The company that has offered this amount to carry out the restoration is Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones Stoa, a Valladolid company specializing in the restoration of historic buildings, among which are the Collegiate Church of Covarrubias de Burgos, the church of San Lorenzo de Sahagún (León), or the church of San Eutropio de El Espinar (Segovia).

Within the process of adjudication of the works, it must be explained that Construcciones y Rehabilitaciones Stoa was the company that received the highest score when evaluating the projects prepared by the six companies that entered the competition. Meanwhile, in terms of economic offers, that of this company was the 3rd cheapest (the lowest offer was 771,980 euros, the company that proposed that amount incurring in reckless low).

Closed to tourism Carrying out the works in the cloister will especially alter tourist visits to the Seo mirobrigens, since it must remain practically completely closed to the public.


At the end of last October, the construction company began unloading tools and material | David Rodriguez

The loss in the contest stood at 290,000 euros, a significant amount without being reckless

The courtyard will be cleaned up with the addition of water and drainage | David Rodriguez

Ciudad Rodrigo up to date

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raul blazquez

The union of the Peñaranda hotel industry is in the phase of rethinking its future after the last

events experienced, especially with the arrival of the X Concurso de Pinchos, an event that marked a deep gap between the current board of directors of the association and a broad core of its members.

As SA-LAMANCA AL DIA has been able to know, the fracture between the current Board of Directors of As-hospe and the partners is in a dead end and awaits an assembly in which they decide both the continuity of the entire management team as well as the partners who, after it, decide to remain associated, a situation that is complicated given the willingness of some of its representatives to leave their posts due to a large extent to the significant discontent caused after the Withdrawal of a large part of the participating establishments in the latest edition of the Pinchos Contest, which reduced the route from 13 to 8 contestants.

Precisely, this event, located as one of the classics within the frenetic pre-Fairs and Festivals activity in the city, has been involved in controversy due to the disappearance of the programmed circuit of a large part of the establishments that were habitable. -current since the first edition, among which are practically all the members of the Board of Directors, which meant that some of the partners were the ones who took the reins to carry out the well-known gastronomic contest , thus reducing

considerably the number of participants.

This situation has been the trigger of a significant discontent among the collective, which currently

It has 45 establishments in the city and is positioned as one of the main motors of the

promotion and the local economy, generating that today there are many who consider their departure from the association, something that the current board of directors will try to stop since in mind they keep numerous plants that go through the promotion and regional and provincial development of the Peñarandina hospitality activity.

Pedro Antonio, president of the Peñaranda Hoteliers Association, explained that his intention is to “keep me in office for at least two more years. I have many plans and approaches to energize and reinforce the sector, which go through a reinforcement of the union within the 'From the Cradle to the Grave' Route or the creation of

a web page, an idea on which we have been working for some time, and in which, in addition to offering the best of ourselves, we can include a job bank and a distinctive area of ​​our products and services”.

The head of As-hospe points out that "if we do not innovate the sector and create a path towards the future, we will stagnate and that could be our downfall", and adds that "the Peñaranda hospitality industry has power, desire, strength and imagination to continue being a benchmark that we must not only maintain but promote, and I know that we can all achieve it together, now is the time to move forward”.

The Peñarandina hotel industry will heal its fractures by looking to the future

The hotel industry is one of the most important sectors in the economy of Peñaranda | raul blazquez

Reinforcing the sector within the route 'From the cradle to the grave' will be one of the objectives

Bracamonte up to date The first theater initiation workshop is underway

r. b.• The Rágama City Council finalizes the preparations to launch a theater workshop for residents of all ages. The aim of this initiative is to promote and stimulate public expression skills through different stage exercises and short theatrical recreations.

There will be eight sessions of 90 minutes each given by the Lombo company and which will foreseeably take place on Saturdays, starting this month of November. In total there will be 15 people who will form the weekly work groups. The workshop will end with the staging of a small play that will be offered free of charge to all residents.


Final preparations for the living nativity scene

r. b.• Santiago de la Puebla finalizes the preparations to carry out its IV Living Nativity Scene that will take place during the last days of December. Dozens of residents will come together again to transform the town into the Belén de Jesús for a few hours, whose epicenter will be located in the Plaza Mayor.

Artisans, shepherds and merchants will once again generate an original stamp that in last year's edition brought together hundreds of curious people, becoming one of the most striking Christmas events in the Peñaranda region.


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kiko robles

D amian Nieto is 64 years old, retired and has found a meteorite. That's the story of this

neighbor of San Esteban de la Sierra who owns a stone clearly out of the ordinary. Almost twenty years have passed since he found it in the vicinity of the town, but it is now that its owner has decided to show his find to the public and make an appeal to the whole world to learn more about it. finding.

Fruit of curiosity The stone has been in Damián's possession for years. The neighbor himself says that it was the result of a walk in search of interesting places: “Years ago I used to go for a long walk with Joaquin Berrocal, the creator of the route of the cave wine presses, looking for wine presses, curious corners or simply enjoying of our environment. On one of these outings, about five kilometers from San Esteban, I came across a solitary cherry tree, one of those that grows in the middle of a field. As I found it curious, since near similar trees I have found interesting things, I returned another day and digging next to it I found the stone, it was full of earth and it did not look good, but it was only touching it and understanding that due to its weight it was something out of the ordinary. The first thing I thought is that it is a meteorite because I am a big fan of documentaries. I have never seen such a strange and heavy stone”. Besides the

larger stone, he found remains of a smaller one, which he has also kept over the years.

Surprising density During all this time, Damián has kept the find in his house, knowing that it has some value, at least sentimental. But it is now, when he has more free time, when the need to expand data and check if his meteorite theory is true has arisen: “I have worked on many things, in the fields, in construction, in a slaughterhouse in Guijuelo I was there for a long time, now I am retired and I have vision problems and I would like to have it examined. So I can know if I'm right and it comes from space or if it's a known type of material and from here. But I am sure that this type of material is not found on Earth.

Striking size The stone is striking, its size is quite restrained, measuring 22 centimeters on each side and 15 centimeters high, but what really stands out is its weight, around 9 kilograms, which suggests a much higher density. higher than the stones in the area and closer to some type of metal. In its shapes there are also areas that look similar to if it had been burned, which according to Damián could be proof of its origin from outside the planet. The intention of showing the stone to the world is to make it known so that it is interested in it some geologist or some other kind of scientist who

can do the pertinent tests to demonstrate the origin of the stone, and thus be able to prove or refute Damien's theory about whether it comes from outer space or if it is some type of rare metal that by chance appeared in the vicinity of the town and thus unraveling the mystery of the curious case of the 'meteorite' from the winery.

The curious case of the meteorite from the wineryDamián Nieto claims to have found a stone from space in the vicinity of San Esteban de la Sierra

After keeping the stone for almost 20 years, Damián wants the world to know about his discovery | photos: manuel lamas


The stone measures about 20 centimeters on a side and weighs almost 9 kilograms.

the Sierra up to date

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k. r.

Guijuelo City Council took a step forward in one of the most ambitious and important projects in the

villa in recent years with the start of construction work on the sports complex that will house the villa's heated pool. The works began on October 25, ending with a long period of delays due to the existence of a transformer from the Iber-drola company on the plot, which had to be transferred to another adjacent plot. Once the problems were solved, the company Aqualia FCC began the construction work preparing the land, thus beginning the period of 18 months to complete the work.

The mayor, Julián Ramos, personally supervised the start of the work and pointed out the importance of offering a service that has been

suing for the neighbors and that will be exclusive to the region.

Almost a thousand square meters The sports complex to be created is located at the end of Guardia Civil street, on the site that was previously occupied by the Regional Slaughterhouse. In its place, a new building will be erected that will have 919 useful square meters. The center of attention will be the pool, measuring 25 meters long and 12.5 meters wide, with a depth of between 1.1 and 1.5 meters. Covered and heated, it will allow the practice of swimming throughout the year. In addition, the complex will have a gym that will offer multiple sports proposals.

Opening in summer 2018The opening forecasts for the sports complex point to 2018 as the year in which the residents of

the villa will be able to enjoy the facilities. One aspect that the Consistory has emphasized is making it easier for residents of the town who are registered, who will receive discounts on rates. Although the prices are not definitive, the first estimates have been offered, with a family subscription costing 48 euros per month. For two people 37 euros and retirees and young people can use the pool for 27 euros. Prices that will be higher for those not registered.

Security for the nursery The complex will be built next to the municipal nursery and for this reason security measures have been extreme, creating a safe zone of 5 meters around the work and the installation of a protective fence in the courtyard of the center is planned educational.

The works will last 18 months with a budget of 2 million euros

kiko robles

Guijuelo has since November 1 the fourth employment workshop in its history. After the actions carried out in the future municipal shelter, it is time to improve the green spaces of the town with different works that will be carried out in the La Dehesa park, the largest in the town. Among all of them, the preparation of the ground for the creation of an amphitheater that will host performances of all kinds in good weather stands out.

The workshop, which is entitled 'Installation and Maintenance of gardens and green areas' and 'Auxiliary activities. Conservation and improvement of forests', will run from November 1 to July 31, 2017.

Female majorityThe selection process of students and teachers for this new training and employment action began on October 13 and three days later the list of eight students and two teachers, a coordinator and a trainer, who will make up the workshop. It is the case that only one of the students is

male, the rest being women who obtained the best scores. The Dual Training and Employment Program, which replaced the Workshop Schools, Employment Workshops and Trade Houses, is an offer of the Public Employment Service of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, which consists of the carrying out alternating training and employment actions to improve the placement of participating unemployed people, with subsidies co-financed by the European Social Fund.

Workshop actionsAmong the main actions that will be carried out will be the cleaning and clearing of the gardens in the recreational areas, as well as the planting of shrubs and ornamental plants, maintenance of urban furniture, revision and incorporation of systems drip or sprinkler irrigation, phytosanitary treatments, including the application of herbicides, the adaptation of the land for the creation of family gardens. Highlighting, finally, the adequacy of the land for the construction of an open-air amphitheater.

Julián Ramos (1st left) visited the beginning of the works that occupy the site of the old regional slaughterhouse | kiko robles

The heated pool will be a reality in the summer of 2018

The employment workshop at La Dehesa park begins with 8 students and 2 teachers

Current state of the La Dehesa park, where the workshop will take place | k. r.

Guijuelo up to date

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isabel rodriguez

Combining mural art, creativity and nature to turn the municipal pediment of Juzbado into the complete

jo sports, on a large canvas of more than 600 square meters. The artistic intervention undertaken is a new commitment by Juzbado to enrich his urban landscape and manage to merge, without any discordant notes, with the landscape, one of his most important natural legacies. There is another nuance that is present in each brushstroke of this spectacular mural, and that is that when it comes to capturing the design, the ideas and contributions of the residents of the municipality have been taken into account. The new image that the pediment already sports, visible due to its location from the Ledesma highway, bears the signature of the artists and muralists Joaquín Vila and Pablo S. Herrero.

An artistic intervention that has required high-level work, due to the dimensions of the space on which it has acted. Mural painting that confirms that art can be in any corner and that a few brushstrokes can give any environment personality and, at the same time, harmonize its elements. In the case of the pediment, the mural covers the three exterior walls, and its design reflects the hallmarks of Juzbado.

The initiative of this artistic intervention that has the support of Enusa responds to the premise, shared by residents and the City Council, of making Juzbado a welcoming place that combines values ​​such as the promotion of natural resources, culture- them and artistic. Juzbado is no longer just an 'Open Book', it is also an outdoor art space, as reflected in the spectacular mural that includes the

trajectory of the municipality linked to letters, landscape or tradition, through the representation of the most representative fragments and iconic images of Juzbado.

The mural has aroused curiosity since before it was completed, both from residents and visitors who have been able to see how it progressed

the work and how, in just a few weeks, a wall with a nondescript appearance could be totally transformed into an artistic canvas. From now on there is one more reason to visit Juz-bado and explore its streets and corners. In fact, as a result of this artistic intervention, some residents have been interested in the idea of ​​giving a new image to the facades of their houses.

Juzbado's 'Open Book' opens its pages to a large artistic mural This intervention, undertaken by the artists Joaquín Vila and Pablo S. Herrero, is captured on a canvas of more than 600 square meters into which the municipal pediment has become

Some neighbors think about giving their houses a new image

Ledesma up to date

The mural has aroused curiosity since before it was completed due to its gigantic size | isabel rodriguez

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MORE INFORMATION[emailprotected]

605 471 234

The Pellematic Smart XS uniquely combines a pellet boiler, including hot water (about 230 liters at 40°), the hydraulic group for a heating circuit and a solar system. The set is

You can install it attached to the wall in just 0.9m². The Pellematic Smart XS can be combined with a solar system. With solar panels, heating is ecological and more money is saved. Regulation ensures that solar energy is used optimally.

The boiler will turn on automatically when there is no sun. The Pellematic Smart XS offers all the comforts of fully automatic heating. Maximum flexibility in the design of pellet storage, with numerous alternatives. Empty the ashtray 1 to 3 times/year.

Cleaning, ash removal and automatic ignition. Segmented combustion plate, combustion chamber sensor and negative pressure monitoring guarantee low emissions, constant high efficiency, and optimal adaptation of the power to the heating demand of the home. Efficiency at its highest level. The new generation of condensing technology gets more out of every kilogram of pellets. Up to 15% more efficiency as standard with every Condens model

The Pellematic Smart XS occupies only 0.9 m², including all the elements of the boiler and solar. Installation can be done in a corner, since the heating circuit is connected at the top and the smoke outlet at the back or side. It can be entered through doors of 80 cm.

November 2016+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es publienergía

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CD. Promises of Villoria, the great family of sportsFor eleven years, this Club has welcomed hundreds of children from all over the region, true fans of football and basketball • Every day they have fun and make friends throughout the province while they learn to respect their opponents , a whole class of coexistence that helps them forge themselves as people

Youth soccer team of the CD Promesas de Villoria | rep. graphic: Víctor Sánchez Prebenjamín soccer team Children before starting a match Basketball team Cadete masculine

Prebenjamines children's soccer team on the bench during a match Cadet soccer team

victor sanchez

Nine at night arrive in the C.D. Villoria promises. The benches where the players prepare

Before jumping onto the pitch, they serve as the venue for an interview with the person who embodies the soul of the club, in which boys and girls from all over the region learn to play football and basketball. Just as he worriedly explains that they need more players, some smiling six-year-olds end the interview by bursting into the locker room and approaching their president and coach to tell him how they ended up in the game they played during training. . Joy takes over the room and erases the concern from the face of Juan Ramón Ramos, who looks at the interviewer and with a face of illusion and full happiness says “See? This is what is truly important, that they have a good time”.

Since the C.D. Promises from Villoria, hundreds of children have scored goals, dribbled and scored baskets at the club. Joys and disappointments have followed one another throughout the league days, but this has always remained in the background. The hours of fun, the new friends and the valuable lessons of respect and coexistence learned through sport are the great banners that coaches and managers can boast of. In addition, conciliation with studies is the main objective of those responsible, who always strive so that school chores are not left aside.

Start of the soccer league One more year, the start of the soccer league has been frantic, the basketball league has not yet started. Season after season the concern is repeated to know if they will have enough players to serve

the teams of the different categories go ahead. Juan Ramón Ramos explains that the shortage of staff may be due to the high commitment that football demands from children and parents, who have to travel every day to take them to the matches. He emphasizes the enthusiasm with which these little footballers attend each training session and match to enjoy their passion, which is undoubtedly worth the cold hours and the trips that their elders have to endure.

The Club's commitment is to ensure that all those who want to can play, for which reason

they forget about the great luxuries and try to charge the lowest possible fee, something expensive before the big ones

expenses they have to deal with. It would be impossible for them to move forward without the collaboration of the town council and companies. In addition, in the coming days they will hold a raffle to raise funds among family and friends.

Above these problems, the good atmosphere that is breathed in the football field and pavilion of Villoria in each training session and match stands out. Neighbors, parents, grandparents and uncles come every weekend to cheer on their loved ones, forming a true family united by sport.

Soon there will be a raffle to raise funds and continue sowing illusion

Junior Men's Basketball Team Women's Children's Basketball Team Prebenjamín and Mixed Benjamin Basketball Team

the Villas up to date

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CD. Promises of Villoria, the great family of sportsFor eleven years, this Club has welcomed hundreds of children from all over the region, true fans of football and basketball • Every day they have fun and make friends throughout the province while they learn to respect their opponents , a whole class of coexistence that helps them forge themselves as people

Youth soccer team of the CD Promesas de Villoria | rep. graphic: Víctor Sánchez Prebenjamín soccer team Children before starting a match Basketball team Cadete masculine

Prebenjamines children's soccer team on the bench during a match Cadet soccer team

Junior Men's Basketball Team Women's Children's Basketball Team Prebenjamín and Mixed Benjamin Basketball Team

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November 201684 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.esCAMPO


Irregular and with fluctuations. Once again the potato sector has deflated as the campaign of

start. It started off strong, with high expectations, but the passing of the weeks has introduced elements of uncertainty in the market, but above all for producers, the weak part of the chain, but also for the rest, intermediaries, distributors and consumers.

One of the producing triangles par excellence in the Spanish market, the region of Las Villas, especially in the municipalities of Cantalpino, Arabayona and Villoria, has seen how prices have decreased since the first weeks of September.

The current campaign of potatoes faces the final stretch. "A campaign that, if it had to be defined in one word, would be atypical, and that has been marked by time," says José Blázquez Celador, manager of the 'Aranpino' cooperative, a benchmark in the sector, in a statement to SALAMANCA AL DÍA .

The farmer already knows that the results of his harvest depend to a large extent on the weather conditions that occur throughout the crop cycle, and this campaign has been conditioned from the beginning by the winter rains, he explains. .

Blázquez Celador remembers that our grandparents sowed potatoes from San José (March 19) and at the end of April, they practically finished planting. “This year it has lasted until the beginning of June, since the large amount of rain that fell during the previous months delayed all the preparation and planting work. But in addition to conditioning the

planting, these adverse weather conditions have also influenced the development of the crop and its marketing," he points out.

Evolution of the campaign The manager of Aranpino reviews for this newspaper the evolution of the campaign, in which the late sowings have caused a drop in crop production, in such a way that the yields are lower than those of past campaigns. He adds that "potatoes, like any crop, have a minimum period of development, and this year that period has not been covered in some varieties, since the start-up date cannot be extended, due to the risk they pose to the tuber, the first autumn frosts”.

According to the person in charge of the potato cooperative, all these factors are what allow us to explain

the high prices that potatoes have had, especially up to the middle of the campaign. Season starts with high prices have occurred and they are not so rare, comments Blázquez Celador, “but they are maintained during the first week of start-up and then drop sharply until stabilizing. This year that period of high prices has been maintained until the first weeks of September”.

Profitability is maintained Fortunately, even today prices are above production costs, with which the farmer obtains an economic return from the crop. “Something that does not always occur; just look at the disastrous 2014 campaign, and the regular 2015 campaign, which had put the potato sector for fresh consumption, on the verge of

precipice”, he addsThe law of supply and demand is the

that marks the prices of any crop and in this case, "is the one that allows us to explain the evolution of the prices of this campaign."

As the planting took place over a longer period of time than usual, the start-up has been very staggered, and up to the middle of the campaign the demand exceeded the supply, with which the prices remained high. As of mid-September, supply and demand began to equalize, and the price began to drop. The downward trend has been maintained, fostered by a greater product offer and by speculative maneuvers in the market.

In summary, an atypical campaign, due to planting dates, price and yield, concludes Blázquez Celador.

The potato campaign faces its final stretch with deflated prices "This year the farmer will not make gold either", highlight the managers of the Aranpino cooperative, a privileged thermometer in the sector at a national level

Good weather marks the start of potatoes in this season finale | drafting


“This campaign will give a bit of oxygen to a dying sector”

In the opinion of José Blázquez, manager of Aranpino, "the general public, outside the sector, has in mind that since this season is being exceptional in terms of prices (quotes in the Lon-ja de Salamanca have set maximums) farmers this year they are going to “make gold”. For this reason, he emphatically affirms that “this is a topic that is far from reality, since this campaign will serve to give oxygen to a sector that was economically dying. The traditional saw teeth suffered by the sector had given us a historic and ruinous 2014 campaign and a regular 2015 campaign”.

In the opinion of this specialist, high prices, in the short term, are good for the sector as they provide a life-saving supply, but in the long term they are counterproductive as they have traditionally caused an increase in the planted area, which causes (more supply than demand, and beginning of a cycle of low prices).

Blázquez is clear that what the potato sector for fresh consumption needs is price stability so that every year the farmer obtains a return, even if it is small, and ensures the large investment that this crop requires . And that also “allows the rest of the links in the chain to have their margins. Until it is achieved, it will be a sector subject to great fluctuations in prices, which are not good for anyone, neither intermediaries, nor distributors, nor consumers, and of course producers, who unfortunately are the weak part of the chain".

Jose Blazquez Celador

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November 2016 85+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es field

Miguel Corral and Kiko Robles

Olive production in the province of Salamanca, stationed mainly in the areas of Las Arribes

and La Sierra, has experienced in recent years an increase in the number of hectares dedicated to this crop, with new plantations and the recovery of others that were abandoned.

The modernization of the oil mills, when not newly created projects and totally business characteristics, have contributed to the fact that farmers have thought of the olive grove as a resource for their family economies at a time, moreover, in the one that the production of olive in the province was turning into something residual in many municipalities.

At present, the vision of the farmer towards this crop has changed and it is now when the work of a few years ago, with the planting of new crops adapted to modern tillage systems and the use of machinery, begins to give its results. fruits even in not very good years for the field like the current one, a circumstance caused by several months of drought. It has even been possible to reduce the productive differences as a consequence of this cyclical property that is attributed to this crop.

Forecasts Thus, in Las Arribes the harvest will be below a normal year due to the lack of water during the summer and autumn, which has also caused a certain delay in the ripening of the fruit. In Al-deadávila, the main mill in the area, around 700,000 kilos of olives will be collected, 35% less than the previous year, mostly of the Manzanilla variety.

Following the order of importance of the mills, in the Aceiteros del Águeda SAT, in Ahigal de

For the Aceiteros, 30% more olives are expected than in 2015 due to the increase experienced by farms in this area of ​​Abadengo after the land consolidation was achieved. Finally, in Villarino it is estimated that around 100,000 kilos will be harvested from mid-November. In this lo-

quality the star variety is the cor-nicabra as opposed to the manzanilla.

Olives in the Sierra The Peña Lobera mill, in Sotoserrano, began the olive harvest campaign for oil in the first days of November. However, the lack of rain and

the shortage of personnel will mean that the harvest does not reach 500,000 kilos. The president of the society, Vicente Martín, indicates that the collection each year is less: "Each campaign is less abundant than the previous one, on this occasion I do not think we will reach half a million kilos, which is very far from the million and a half that we collected ten years ago. However, we are eager to get started as we have installed new machinery for processing the oil. Something necessary, since every time people are older and fewer young people go out to the field to collect”.

According to forecasts, more than 200,000 kilos of olives will remain unharvested in the area of ​​operation of this mill, between the south of the province of Salamanca and the north of Cáceres. Despite the reduced harvest due to lack of water, a healthy and ripe fruit is expected, which will make it possible to make Extra Virgin olive oil.

Drought reduces the olive harvest in Las Arribes and La Sierra

The modernization of harvesting methods has facilitated the increase in olive production | corral

The forecasts before the beginning of the harvest point to 30% less than in 2015, with about 700,000 kilos in Aldeádavila and about 500,000 in Sotoserrano.

The oil mill for Aceiteros del Águeda began on November 2 | corral



Manuel Domínguez, mayor of the town of Vilvestre, one of the municipalities with the longest olive growing tradition in Las Arri-bes, pointed out that "this year the harvest is less than last year, although it varies by area, there are some that have more olives and others have less, but I think the kilos will be less than in 2015”.

In this regard, the councilor added that in Vilvestre "we will be around 50 or 60 thousand kilos, although it is too early to say because it has not yet begun to collect." The beginning of the collection in Vilves-tre is estimated in mid-November to end at the Constitution Bridge in December.

For her part, at the Ahigal de los Aceiteros mill, Loli Sánchez Egido, assured SALAMANCA AL DÍA that the 2016 campaign is looking better than last year due to the increase in farms and crops: “We will spend from 250,000 kilos in 2015 to about 350,000 kilos. We begin to grind the olives certified as organic on November 2 until the 11th, and from that date on, the conventional one. In organic we will grind between 20 and 25 thousand kilos of olives”. The end of the campaign is estimated at the end of November.

Manuel Dominguez

Loli Sanchez Egido

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November 201686 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.escaza y pesca


A few days ago I was taking an autumn walk through the fishing area of ​​the council and the Pradillo bridge, known as the bridge of the train track, where formerly the trains of the Ruta de la Plata and Portugal. It had rained and one of the wonders of nature was taking place, which is the creation of new life, winged ants came out of their anthills to colonize new lands and create new settlements or anthills where they could continue to grow. repeats every year and they serve as food for the fish and animals that inhabit our environment, but in my dialogue with the fish that were choking on so much food in order to survive the harsh winter that is so close and from whose dialogue they begin- I will try on another occasion, is that the human species and all forms of life have always tried to survive.

It fills our heads that some are invasive and exotic species, to try to justify the messes that humans commit trying to tame the world with the fashions of the moment. There have always been wars, miseries and famines despite the fact that this

country said that the sun did not set in their domains, so all species of animals, plants and of course the human species, try to survive even if it is killing and destroying other living beings that have they live in this place.

We have changed agriculture, livestock, the course of the rivers, our way of life by building huge concrete blocks, roads, dams and other works for the benefit of civilization, but unfortunately animals and plants cannot bear the such drastic changes that we are experiencing. To say that a living being is an invasive exotic species is to demonstrate a brutal ignorance of the reality that we have had to live, or is it perhaps in our own ignorance to say and decide which species can live or which species cannot?

Let's be respectful of nature, fashions pass just like history, we know that there were dinosaurs and other forms of life, as a fisherman I am sorry to say that in the waters of our beloved Tormes there is not a single fish that I learned to fish from. the hand of my grandfather and father, the art of angling and respect for nature. Live life.

Exotic and invasive species?


By Jose Ignacio Hernandez

miguel corral

It does not matter if it is small game, big game, hair or feather, the month of November has in the

field to hunting as a protagonist. Gone are the months of sleeplessness to take care of what was left of mother in the preserves, and this month is the time to collect what nature has put, this year, a little more than the previous one, which was not very difficult for having been one of the worst seasons

of the last decades. The general trend is that the

At first, the partridge bred in an acceptable manner, but later the pellets gradually disappeared as a result of predation and drought, although the first day some new pellets could be shot in those places where the queen of the minor defends himself.

On the contrary, the hare is in one of its best moments. Despite the fact that he has been saving many bowling for several years now,

This year it has also been possible to verify that he grew up well and that in the first days they were also seen.

As for the rabbit, the shorttails do not recover in those places where they are hunted. They only appear as pests in those points where the lack of control through hunting and the absence of predators have maintained stable populations, increasing each year until it has become a problem for some farmers.

Contrary to the rabonas, the bobtails are hardly seen in the bush

partridges, hares and rabbits

The first day of the season did not go so badly for some fans of Las Arribes | corral

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November 2016 87+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es hunting and fishing

Hunting among friends in VillarinoThe mythical stain of the Teso de San Cristóbal, in the middle of Parque Arribes, resulted in five slaughtered pigs


m. c.

Hunting makes even greater sense than the mere act of hunting when we enjoy its practice surrounded by

friends and about places from which, to any corner that we direct our eyes, memories emanate. Precisely, those same sensations are the ones that approached me in Villarino de los Aires after months and months without being able to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies, but the day would finally come when the desire to live hunting again was fulfilled. -rum, and no need to kill.

It was last October 8, hunting in the Teso de San Cristóbal, one of the mythical spots of Las Arri-bes and that this year was not foreseen in principle, although the damage to the vineyard caused by the wild boars affected the that the board of directors chaired by Jesús Castellano changed its mind and decided to give away the hunt, some 200 hectares located under a large megalithic hill that make up the Tormes valley, here you arrive four kilometers before its mouth in the Duero.

The meeting point was the Paradero de la Villa, a good place for fans of home cooking. Those who would come to enjoy a great day of hunting in all senses, hunting, friendship, sportsmanship and good food, although to put a but: the scarcity of shotguns, just over twenty for a stain that required at least twice as much. But at the end of the day, someone has to go, as many would say and so it happened.

Few shotguns The rehalas belonged to Manolo and Jesús, good dogs and they gave a good voice until almost the end of the hunt. But before, in 'La Villa' there was coffee, a shot and, most importantly, the reunion between friends and the birth of new friendships, between the latter two Portuguese from Bragança, municipes, who wanted to know how people live in Las Arribes the hunt.

After the registration of the shotguns, it was verified that the number was insufficient to cover all the positions, not even half to tell the truth, for which reason it was agreed to omit them.

Draw the lottery and fill the positions most loved by the pigs, a circumstance subject to observation but also at random. Not surprisingly, almost all the pigs jumped, although not in the most ideal conditions, since the terrain, in addition to being broken, was full of forest, with barceos and terraces that served as cover for the pigs.

With the first barks, the first detonations coming from the Esbedal army were also heard, this a few minutes after the release. As the hunt went by with rehaleros, dogs and scouts towards Vendemoro, Tormes above, the barks and shots followed one another from different positions, the Fuente los Frailes stream below and also next to the dogs.

ñascales del Teso on its Northeast slope, at least two of which this writes, the first in the bulk between the boats and a second that sowed doubts about the fate of a medium-sized sow due to the great distance of the set.

In the end, a bush hangs amused with five pigs in the meat joint, smaller than large, although the important thing in this case -besides the beautiful sets- is that the hunt served to prevent for a while the damage that The pigs were infringing on the vineyards in this area, positioning themselves here as a tool to control the populations of a species that seems unstoppable given the abandonment of the countryside and the absence of predators.

The finishing touch to the day would be a succulent barbecue with pork rib, loin head and roasted chorizo, all washed down with DO Arribes wine, and soft drinks, coffee and a shot of brandy, paid at the neckline at a rate of €5 per beard . Good hunting.

Hunting served here as a control tool for a species that seems unstoppable

At the end of the hunt, an exquisite barbecue would round off an excellent day of hunting | corral

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Valdefresno, alchemists of Atanasio - Lisardo

The story tells what happened, and is, therefore, an incessant start over. Many afternoons of glory in

the memory. Today, an undeniable reality plagues the fighting bull if we talk about Atanasio-Li-sardo blood, and that is that it is an endangered breed.

Thus, 40 kilometers from Sala-manca and located in the prestigious Campo Charro, the stamp of the bulls of this blood blacks. There, in Valdefresno, the cattle graze. In Tabera de Abajo, a municipality that does not exceed a hundred inhabitants, surrounded by oaks and holm oaks, in freedom, in its essence, where life is breathed and an in-

winter that refuses to arrive. A print of dry branches,

faithful reflection of the passage of time. A daily struggle to survive that comes from the hand of the brothers Nicolás and José Enrique, sons of one of the greatest references of this cast, Nicolás Fraile, who died just three years ago when he was giving way to a 2014 that had just landed. A farmer, a gentleman.

Today, these two brothers follow in the footsteps of their father, adapting to the demands of the times and never losing the search for breed and bravery that he demanded of his bulls. “When we are asked about evolution, the answer is simple: livestock evolves towards its origin, always clinging to what we have experienced, which is to maintain that mix that today is in danger of extinction. The cattle ranch is in a very good moment, and we know that the bulls attack, demanding but they comply. We have just concluded a season with which we are satisfied in terms of the behavior of the bulls and the

result. Eight bullfights, two of them fought by the figures, and they have worked. Looking ahead to the next season, they are already taking an interest in them and we are continuing to work along these lines”, they explain.

As happens to all ranchers, the base of each season is Madrid. Valdefresno has been fighting in the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas for 23 years. These bulls have led to some of the victories that have brought success to matadors such as Enrique Ponce, with 'Lironcito', a demanding bull that the right-hander fought in his apotheosis in Las Ventas on May 27, 1996. One of the bullfights The most complete that Valdefres-no dealt with in Madrid was in 2002 with the right-handers Pepín Jiménez, David Luguillano and José Luis Bote. A bull fought by Se-bastián Castella on May 18, 2007 also stood out, and that positioned him then as one of the figures of the moment. Serious, harmonious, well-done bulls. Supreme seriousness. Valde-fresno, the fight for the survival of an encaste in which they believe.

Maria Fuentes

Nicolás and José Enrique Fraile, owners of the cattle ranch, at the entrance of their house | angular paul

The current situation that the Fiesta is going through is a complex issue that cannot and should not go unnoticed by farmers. In the opinion of the Fraile brothers, bullfighting should work not only to raise the best bull, which is obvious, but to make this work known and transfer this reality to society.

“Bullfighting has been complicated by internal factors of the bullfighters themselves but above all by external factors. The animalist current is spreading more and more, even encouraged by certain political groups.

cos, although not only they are to blame. When we talk about internal factors and we talk about those responsible for this situation, we must do it in the first person, because many times we bullfighters themselves have not been able to explain it and we have not been able to open it up to society and inculcate it, something that it must become an essential task”, they explain.

The Festival, in his opinion, is “so important” and “so great” that it will not disappear, it is enough to pamper it and defend it “from the inside out”.

"Making bullfighting known to society must be an essential task"

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89November 2016+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es bulls

Valdefresno bulls graze on the Tabera de Abajo farm | photo report: Pablo Angular

Valdefresno, alchemists of Atanasio - Lisardo

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90 lucky points lottery


56,233, the most beautiful numberLucky points where you can buy tickets for 5 euros: SALAMANCArtv AL DÍA, Imprenta Mundo Gráfico, Cocina 10, La Mariseca (Lottery Administration), DrMaczana, Juguetrix, Bol Plax,

Kilometer 1, Xpression Gles Hairdresser, Juanpe Kiosk, Anaya Mall, DiLidia Restaurant and Creadsa

And if it touches? This year, the Communication group of SALA-MANCArtv AL DÍA caresses luck with the number of

Christmas lottery 56,233, the most beautiful. The newspaper has acquired the entire issue, more than 33,000 euros, whose sale, through 5-euro slips, will be carried out at the newspaper's own newsroom, at Carretera de Ledesma 63, and at the headquarters of the firms sponsors and collaborators: SALAMANCArtv AL DÍA, Imprenta Mundo Gráfico, Cocina 10, La Mariseca (Lottery Administration), Dr. Maczana, Juguetrix, Bol Plax, Kilometer 1, Xpression Gles Hairdresser, Kiosco Juanpe, Comercial Anaya, Mesón D' Lydia and Creadsa. These are points of high traffic, including several located in the neighborhood of San

Bernardo, (bus station area, campus, hospitals, etc) and also establishments in the center and others in the suburbs.

The ballots will also be distributed in other places in the capital and province, in this case in collaboration with the 10 information delegations of the communication group.

On 3 and 6, the history of the newspaper SALAMANC Artv AL DÍA has chosen 56,233 by including among its figures the numbers 3, which are the years of life of the newspaper brand, and 6, since 6 years ago Diario de Salamanca was born, digital with which it merged three seasons ago to relaunch a

communication project consolidated in the capital and province.

Each person from Salamanca spends an average of 60 eurosThe Christmas Lottery Draw, which will take place on December 22, puts 165 million tickets up for sale, that is, 5 million tickets more than in 2015. The issue amounts to 3,300,000,000 euros, and 70% are distributed in prizes. This year, an additional 70 million euros will be distributed in prizes, reaching a total of 2,310,000,000 euros.

The First Prize, El Gordo, will distribute 4 million euros to the series; the second prize of 1,250,000 euros for the series; the third-zero will distribute 500,000 euros to the series. The two fourth prizes will be

They will be 200,000 euros each for the series and finally the eight fifth prizes, 60,000 euros for the series. The amount of the tenth is still 20 euros.

In 2015, the consignment in Castilla y León was 232,088,000 euros, which in number of bills translates into 1,160,440. This year, the forecasts of Lotteries and State Gambling point to similar figures. In fact, in 2015, it was the first community in terms of spending per inhabitant in the Extraordinary Christmas Draw. Expenditure per inhabitant in Sala-manca was 64.27 euros.

In 2015, in Spain, sales reached a total of 2,583 million euros, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year.


-SALAMANCArtv UPDATE: Carretera de Ledesma, 63

-Mundo Gráfico Printing: Carretera de Ledesma, 61

-Kitchen 10: Paseo de la Estación, 151 and Calle Venezuela No. 6 (Aldealengua highway exit)

-La Mariseca (Lottery Administration): Plaza del Liceo / Calle Toro, 32

-Dr. Maczana: Arapi-les Street, 44-Juguetrix: Villa-mayor Avenue, 64

-Bol Plax: Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos, 64

-Kilometer 1: Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos, 47 / Calle María Auxiliadora, 20

-Xpression Gles hairdresser: Calle Arapiles, 8

-Kiosk Juanpe: Plaza de Burgos, 34

-Comercial Anaya: Avenida Juan Pablo II, 27, / C/ Ála-mo Salazar, 13, in Alba de Tormes and C/ -Hoces del Du-ratón, 66-70. Pol. Ind. Montalvo II

-Mesón D'Lidia: Ctra. de Ledesma, 108

-Creadsa: Carretera de Ledesma, 63

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91lottery lucky points


La Mariseca, 35 years spreading luckLocated in the Teatro Liceo, it is one of the most emblematic administrations with the longest tradition

Each tenth of the Christmas Lottery, behind each chosen number, carries an extra dose of illumination.

sion and, why not, of dreams that we would like to fulfill if this year we were graced with the luck of the first prize, El Gordo. And if there is a place where they spread enthusiasm and luck throughout the year, it is in the La Mariseca lottery administration, one of the most emblematic administrations with the longest tradition in Salamanca, a place that you are going to carry a tenth, accompanied by the friendly and close treatment that they offer to each one of those who enter in search of that number that will bring them a pinch of luck.

'There is a Christmas lottery' 'And if it falls here?' The motto of the Christmas Lottery, the illusion that has already begun to be spread all over the world, including Salamanca, because since last In July, tickets can be purchased for the extraordinary draw on December 22, a draw that will distribute 2,240 million euros in prizes. It is also announced by the posters for 'There is a Christmas lottery' that the administrations have already posted, and although it may seem early to acquire the tickets, the truth is that even from Easter Week the first requests are received. In Salamanca, it is especially the tourists who, taking advantage of the visit, do not hesitate to take a number in their travel suitcase.

Open since 1981In La Mariseca they have been sharing luck for 35 years. In 1981 La Mariseca, lottery administration number 8 in Salamanca, today located in the Liceo Theater, opened its doors. From the center of the city, and run by Antonio Hoya, it continues to distribute prizes among all its customers. In 2014, for

For example, La Mariseca distributed part of the Fifth Prize of the Christmas Lottery. And if she falls again this year here? In 2015, Castilla y León was the first community in terms of expenditure per inhabitant, being 64.27 euros in Salamanca, an expense similar to that foreseen for this new 2016 draw.

Lottery Administration number 8, La Mariseca, run by Antonio Hoya | alejandro lopez

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92 lucky points lottery


Cocina 10 and Salmántica, top-level quality and design within everyone's reachThe experience of this group in the kitchen and bathroom furniture sector "makes us have many clients in different areas of Spain", say its managers

Cocina 10 and Salmántica are part of a reference group in the kitchen and bathroom furniture sector. His

commitment to quality and top-level design "at an unbeatable price" make it one of the companies that its customers trust the most.

Cocina 10 is complemented by top-level brands, always looking for the best for the user's kitchen. Its managing director, Jorge Pérez Hernández, stresses that the quality of his group of companies "is summed up in the fact that we can offer an indefinite lifetime guarantee in our kitchens and this is achieved by using the best raw materials, some strict quality controls and our own very expert and professional assembly team”.

Its long history in the kitchen and bathroom furniture sector has made it possible for this company of Salamanca origin to have been able to gather many clients in different areas of Spain over time. "We work mainly in Castilla y León, Extremadura, Madrid, Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and the Basque Country," they explain from Salmantica.

Quality is a hallmark of the house and in each assembly they ask the client to complete a rigorous questionnaire aimed at improving its quality. Cocina 10 and Salmántica have implemented the UNE 175001 quality standard, in order to improve work and be able to offer customers a service that meets their expectations and “feel satisfied for having chosen our establishment and our products”.

To strengthen its proximity to customers, Salmántica and Cocina 10 have launched an extraordinary promotion with "appliances

free” when you buy your new kitchen and also, with free financing. The advantages of Cocina 10 and Sal-mántica, according to its managers are:

ExperienceOur experience is a degree and that will help you choose the best option for your kitchen, follow our advice.

Our own manufacturingWith more than 1,000 different models we can design and manufacture your kitchen à la carte, with the style and finish you want.

Adaptable kitchenAll our furniture adapts to your space, however small, large or irregular it may be. Everything is possible.

Measurement and budget without commitmentWe come to your home to take measurements and advise you on-site, then you will have a detailed design and budget.

Exclusive design The Cocina 10 and Salmántica products have been created by our designers, they are different kitchens, with their own style.

Personalized attention We put at your disposal a whole team of kitchen and bathroom experts who will advise you at all times.

3D projects We make you a completely free 3D project so you can see how your kitchen looks, can you imagine?

Guaranteed minimum price We guarantee the minimum price of our products, you will not find them cheaper anywhere else.

FinancingWe finance your kitchen for up to 36 months without interest (upon request and authorization). Pay comfortably.

Reforms Leave everything in our hands, we have a comprehensive reform service so you don't have to worry about anything.

Free transport and assembly Our own assembly team, highly specialized, will take care that your kitchen is the way you like it.

After-sales service Our after-sales service is completely free and will ensure that your kitchen is always like the first day.

LOCALIZACIÓNCocina 10Paseo de la Estación Nº 15137004 Salamanca(Zona C.C. Vialia)Tel.: 923 207 085 www.cocina10.esSalmánticaCalle Venezuela, 637003 SalamancaTel.: 923 181 352www.micocinasalmantica.com

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DrMaczana repairs your mobile in one hourQuality and reliability to which is added the speed in the repair service for phones of all brands and with the maximum guarantees

Speed, maximum guarantee and reliability. Three premises that have accompanied DrMaczana since its opening:

Apple specialists who offer an innovative service that allows their customers to have their mobile phone repaired in just one hour. It is undeniable that, in the midst of the digital age, mobile devices are much more than a communication tool, especially in the workplace. A breakdown in the mobile can be a serious setback. At DrMaczana, an establishment located on Ara-piles street and which opened its doors a year and a half ago by Raúl Dos Reis and David Lumbreras, they are aware of the new demands of mobile device users, such as recover your repaired mobile with full guarantees in the shortest possible time.

Changing your mobile device when it suffers a breakdown or breakage is no longer, far from it, the only alternative. In fact, for a few years now, more and more mobile phones, tablets... have been repaired, a cheaper option that allows the useful life of the device to be extended. A repair is in many cases enough, but logically if it is done with full guarantees, like the one offered by mobile repair shops like DrMaczana.

Whether due to breakdown, breakage or failure, DrMaczana offers a fast and professional technical service in the repair of mobile phones of all brands, computers and video consoles, recovery of wet mobile devices, revision of all kinds of breakdowns. To this we must add releases and sale of accessories for all mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, computer...).

Offering the best attention, with a friendly and close treatment, also translates into providing the best solutions in repair of

mobile telephony adapted to the needs of customers. At DrMaczana you can forget about the nerves and worries that can invade us when our phone or smartphone breaks down, generally at the most inopportune moment, and we are temporarily disconnected from the virtual world.


Calle Arapiles, 44 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 61 98 58Doctor Maczana

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94 lucky points lottery

El Ventorro, centennial Iberian flavor and family IBÉRICOS DE ALBA

Since 1920 and with the experience of 5 generations, the Reyes family has been making Iberian products

roberto jimenez

Almost a century ago the flavor of today was born, the delicacies of El Ventorro began to glimpse

his future at the hands of Lino Reyes and Matilde Gómez. At that time, since there was no drying room, the sausages were smoked and then transferred to the cellar to finish their artisan curing process of their products.

With the 90s, Carlos Reyes takes over from his parents. By then, he was already backed by his Commerce studies in Madrid and specialized in the production of high-quality pre-cooked products.

Past, present and future in the family Lino Reyes and Justi are currently the main values ​​of the company and the promoters of the brand in recent years. His concern for discovering new flavors and textures has made El Ventorro and its products a benchmark among leading chefs of the current gourmet cuisine in this country.

Raúl and Manuel Reyes are the future of the company and are in charge of

two of shaping its evolution. Like their parents, they have inherited from their family the concern to discover new forms of gastronomic expression, marketing and positioning of new brands.

International product With a history spanning five generations and endorsed by a large number of customers in Spain, as well as France, Germany and Italy, where the company has brought its products with notable success.

Since its inception, El Ven-torro has pampered the craftsmanship of its products. With effort, dedication and a lot of work, their sausages currently preserve the flavor of their origins.

Innovation, evolution and diversification are its principles and the fundamental axis of its current strategy. Its traditional production process has made El Ventorro' a clear benchmark in the gourmet sector. Its commitment to the customer and its quality require a constant process of R+D+I, which makes its products a true delicacy for kings and on any table

be a treat for the palate.

Reference raw material in haute cuisineCurrently, El Ventorro has faced an interesting and valued business expansion project and a thorough renovation of its corporate image to continue competing in quality, price and image in different international and emerging markets.

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95lottery lucky points

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96 lucky points lottery


Juguetrix, a whole magical world full of fantastic toysQuality and variety in a wide catalog that brings together the best brands in the sector with educational, creative and educational toys for all ages

A whole world of toys for all ages, "from teethers for the little ones to

toys for the older ones. At Juguetrix, located on Avenida de Villamayor, you will not only find all the toys you can imagine in its wide and varied catalogue, but also the quality and innovations of the best brands in the sector. Fun, didactic, educational toys, collectible items. The best toys, adapted to all ages (from 0 months of age), and for children to have fun, learn and acquire new skills through play, a tool to educate children in the easiest and most fun way. the little ones in the house. Dolls, stuffed animals, construction games, puzzles, craft games, board games, radio control...

And, together with the most traditional toys, the most technological and those related to children's drawings preferred by the little ones, such as the Paw Patrol, one of the most demanded, as explained by Juan Manuel Cid Blanco and Cristina González. , owners of Juguetrix. What children see on television or in the movies, if it has a toy, it will surely be the most sought-after gift for their birthday or to include in the next list of the Three Wise Men. And if you look for it in Juguetrix, you will find it.

For just over a year and a half, Juguetrix has opened its doors to a world where imagination and creativity have no limits. Her store, decorated in detail, is an invitation to awaken smiles among the little ones and to let out the child in all of us. "It's important to keep up

in all the novelties”, points out Juan Manuel, both from the main toy firms and from the “white brands” for those looking for a more economic detail. Thus, on its shelves you can find all kinds of toys, adapted to all tastes and preferences. At Juguetrix they can help you find that toy or piece to complete your collection, because they also accept orders.

Quality, good service, close treatment and the best advice to find the perfect toy adapted to each age. These are the premises of Juguetrix, an establishment where you will find plenty of reasons to learn while playing.

Juan Manuel Cid and Cristina González, in Juguetrix | alberto martínA wide catalog of toys in Juguetrix | alberto martin


Av. de Villamayor, 6437007 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 60 80 09 Juguetrix Salamanca

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Bol-Plax, experience and direct customer service in the sale and repair of bags

Bags, suitcases, umbrellas, belts, wallets... and many other leather items, accessories

and gifts at Bol-Plax, one of the oldest establishments located in the San Bernardo neighborhood. And, as Antonio Sánchez recalls, the store he runs opened its doors on Avenida Filiberto Villalobos in 1975, where he moved from the workshop he had on Calle Villares. More than 40 years offering the best customer service and, above all, witnessing the many changes that have been taking place in a neighborhood that "I feel a part of". As soon as you approach its shop window, and cross the threshold of the door, one realizes that Bol-Plax has managed to maintain the essence of neighborhood stores, small, cozy establishments, where friendly and close treatment has become become a premise to offer the best customer service.

In addition to offering a quality service and a wide catalog of articles and accessories for men and women at affordable prices, Bol-Plax also includes a specialized service that is difficult to find today, and that is that here customers can make arrangements of your bags and suitcases, both leather and plastic. And it is that Antonio Sánchez, meticulous in his work, is capable of recovering, and leaving as new that bag or suitcase that we thought was lost after suffering some setback or damage.

Neighborhood stores, fortunately, have nothing to do with department stores, since they preserve and maintain a store concept, many of them in the heart of the neighborhood itself, which easily adapts to the needs and

customer demand. Having been in the San Bernardo neighborhood for more than four decades is what has allowed Bol-Plax to cultivate a relationship of trust with its customers that translates into better service and attention.

Extensive catalogueBags of different styles and colours, large and small, betting on a classic style and above all on comfort, what women demand the most when choosing a bag for both day-to-day use and for special occasions. Bags to which are added suitcases, purses, umbrellas, gloves, belts, bracelets, necklaces, watches, wallets, purses, accessories, original gifts... All this, and much more, at Bol-Plax, your store in the neighborhood of San Bernardo.


Located on Avenida Filiberto Villalobos since 1975, to quality is added a wide catalog of suitcases, backpacks, men's and women's belts, accessories and original gifts.

Antonio Sánchez, owner of the Bol-Plax store in Salamanca

Bol-Plax, open for more than 40 years in Filiberto Villalobos

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Km 1 Driving Schools, the widest training offer for driversSpecialized training center where courses related to the automobile and all types of transport are taught for professionals and novices

More than twenty years offering the best and widest range of training for experienced drivers.

lan the trajectory of the Km1 Driving School, founded in 1992, and which currently, in addition to teaching courses to obtain all driving licenses (including trucks, trailers, buses), is a specialized training center where courses are taught related to the automobile and all types of transport, from goods to passengers, including dangerous goods. The firm commitment to training, not only for novice or professional drivers, but aimed at all drivers in general, translates into a training offer that includes efficient driving courses (for companies and individuals). or on driving safety (skids, ABS, anti-slip systems...) to know how to behave correctly at the wheel in certain situations. To facilitate attendance at the courses, many of them are scheduled on weekends.

Driving optimally is not only a matter of technical knowledge, but also the attitude we adopt behind the wheel, without losing sight of your safety and that of those who travel with you. Hence the importance of receiving the best training from the moment one decides to get a driver's license. Both the theoretical and the practical part are essential to acquire the knowledge that allows us to carry out safe driving. From Driving School Km1 they emphasize the importance of attending theoretical classes and not limiting yourself only to the tests when preparing the theoretical exam for the driving license. The theoretical classes, including

In addition to the intensive courses, they are taught at Km1 with face-to-face teachers, complete training with online tests.

Subsidized training Km 1 Driving School offers subsidized training courses and continuous training throughout the year. In fact, investing in training is one of its priorities. The courses include obtaining and renewing the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) in its different modalities, training to engage in the transport of merchandise and passengers, ADR (Dangerous Goods), Forklift and forklift operator , Transport of live animals, Professional Construction Card (TPC prevention of occupational risks), Operator of public works machinery, Road Safety Technician... It should also be noted that they teach courses on safety in work at height and courses on the correct use of the tachograph to avoid sanctions.

Trailer of the Driving School Km 1 in the practice circuit in Villares de la Reina | alejandro lopez


Calle María Auxiliadora, 20 37004 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 12 18 80 Driving schools KM. 1

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'Santa Cruz Mundo Gráfico', the latest digital printing technology


Among the services it offers is the production of all kinds of cards, posters, wedding invitations, flyers, stickers, brochures or magazines.

Maria Fuentes

Santa Cruz Mundo Gráfico is a company from Salamanca with more than 40 years of experience in the sector

which has the latest digital technology in printing services and also works with offset printing.

Its origins go back to the Santa Cruz Graphics company, although for a year they have been working under this new brand, the result of the merger of two important reference companies. “We are known for the personalized and familiar treatment of our clients and for the continuous modernization of our facilities and machinery to be able to offer the best service at all times”, explain managers Marco and Alberto.

One of his latest acquisitions has been the purchase of an automatic label printing machine.

non-adhesive, which makes them benchmarks in this area since it is a very little exploited service even in Salamanca.

In addition to this, among the services they offer, the production of all kinds of posters, wedding invitations, cards, flyers, stickers, brochures, magazines, leaflets, triptychs, checkbooks, delivery notes, invoices, stands out. type of business stationery, envelopes and rubber stamps. A wide range of products under the reference of quality and speed in the delivery of orders, always at the customer's service.

The acquisition of a self-adhesive label printing machine makes 'Gráfica Santa Cruz' a benchmark in this area in Salamanca | Adrian Martin


Ctra. de Ledesma, 6137006 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 244 961 Mobile: 665 243 823


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Muebles Los Ángeles, experience and the highest quality adapted to the family economyIn this establishment we work with four essential premises for the client: maximum loyalty, rigor in compliance, closeness and total professionalism

His career in the sector has turned this veteran store on Paseo del Rollo into a benchmark for furniture.

lily and decoration in the capital, the province and many places in the national geography that require their services. And he does it in a special way because of something that is being lost in the domestic economy and commerce: his long experience and the highest quality adapted to the family economy.

Muebles Los Ángeles works with four essential premises: maximum loyalty, rigor in compliance, closeness and total professionalism, according to its managers, to which hundreds of clients from all strata and sectors return again and again to furnish. houses and companies.

Quality furnitureDespite almost five decades of experience, the professionals who carry out their work in Los Angeles, managers and employees, strive every day to offer the best service, "the most complete selection of quality furniture" .

"We have pieces with a traditional, classic spirit, with excellent finishes and innovative colors," explains Manuel Salvador Martín, one of the representatives of the family saga that has promoted this space specialized in furniture for life, attractive and very useful in your environment.

Extensive catalog and totally personalized designs Muebles Los Ángeles is distinguished by offering its clients the possibility of totally personalized designs. “We can say that we make the furniture that each user imagines with the same quality and at the best price”, they emphasize.

The best national and international furniture is available to customers in this store. This extensive catalog includes modern, classic and contemporary living rooms and bedrooms (also for youth). Likewise, they have all kinds of sofas, among which the best Chaise Longues stand out exclusively at incredible prices.

High specialization In the auxiliary furniture section, Los Angeles has a wide range of chests of drawers, lockers and shoe cabinets.

The furniture is made by the best specialists and in the case, for example, of the mattresses, they take care above all those that improve the well-being and health of the users, with brands of absolute guarantee.

The Salvador Martín brothers passionately explain their work, because it is part of their life, their way of seeing things, based on rigor, seriousness, quality and the best treatment. Customers for decades, grandparents, parents and grandchildren, entire generations have passed through Los Angeles, a furniture classic in Salamanca, adapted to the conditions and catalogs of yesterday and today, always at the forefront of performance.

Maximum confidence But above all, they are professionals who listen, who are interested in their clients, who care about improving the living conditions of families. It is worth going to see his store and talk with real furniture experts. Absolutely trustworthy professionals. Furniture exhibition in Muebles 'Los Ángeles' | Adrian Martin


Paseo del Rollo, 2137003 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 24 24 00

We have pieces with a classic traditional spirit, with excellent finishes and innovative colors | Adrian Martin

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A world of flavors at the 'Juanpe' KioskAs well as the wide variety and quality of the products, there is a varied confectionery, the most interesting publications on the market and the best customer service.

To the wide variety of products that can be found in the Juan Pedro Rodríguez Kiosk, with

Known in the neighborhood as the 'Juanpe' kiosk and which has been opening its doors every day in the Capuchinos neighborhood for more than 12 years, these days the traditional flavors of buñuelos de viento, made by Confiterías Santa Lucy. And it is not the only artisan flavor to be won over as soon as you enter, because here we also find fresh bread, cakes, homemade sweets, desserts and cakes, the most varied confectionery. Flavors to which must be added those of a lifetime of a kiosk, candies, chewing gum, lollipops, chocolates, ice creams, chocolates, candy lollipops, gummies, candies, cookies... Candies of the more sweets.

And if it is about finding a newspaper, magazine or the most interesting periodicals on the market, they will surely be on the shelves of this kiosk. Local, regional, national and international newspapers. Here and there. Even the free monthly newspaper SALAMANCA AL DÍA. All the magazines of interest can be found here.

Service and professionalismTo the quality and the most varied offer is added the closeness, good service and professionalism of 'Juanpe', which has allowed it to be one of the best-known establishments and with the most traffic in the area. A great kindness market at the service of clients whom he knows in the Capuchinos neighbourhood, one of the youngest and most dynamic in the city.

The spacious establishment is located in Plaza de Burgos (number 34, ground floor), one of the largest open spaces in Salamanca dedicated to leisure in the north of the city. It is the 'Kiosk' of 'Juanpe', good service and good attention.


Plaza de Burgos, 34 bajo37006 Salamanca Phone: 923 244 887

Juan Pedro Rodriguez, owner of ‘The Juanpe Kiosk’

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November 2016102 + info: www.salamancartvaldia.eshostelería

Bar stories: La Salchicheríat. s. kovác

“In all creative work there is always a discreet share of looting”. The sentence, pronounced around 11 o'clock

the morning and in the context of a conversation, echoed concavely in the bar. The three protagonists of the debate (a waiter and two customers) had been exchanging topics related to the trade of eating and drinking for some time. All the argumentation concluded with that statement: "In all creative work there is always a discreet share of looting." After that, silence. The silence and a series of gestures that she could describe as uncomfortable. One of them moved his jaw rhythmically while trying to imitate a smile without much luck. The other, for his part, looked at the wine bottles as if trying to decipher the chain of meanings. And the author of the phrase? Well, the waiter closed the debate and turned his gaze to me: he had ordered a coffee with a skewer of moussaka.

There is something unique about coffee in the morning. I explain myself better. Make an attempt to inhabit the same bar in the morning and in the evening with the sole purpose of confronting the behavior of your characters. That people are more lucid in the morning is obvious that I will avoid mentioning. That he has a greater need to share is, on the other hand, his main characteristic. And at this point, any topic is valid to start the ritual: the weather, the political situation or fusion cuisine. Anyone who wants to can join the debate that is starting. Because tomorrow's bars are made for that. To socialize. La Salchichería does not cease to comply inexorably with that law.

La Salchichería is a bar nestled in the heart of the Plaza del Oeste that is accused of being atypical. The reasons are the most varied. If it has a lot of light, if it is small, if it is expensive. There are even those who venture the theory that it is a bar more typical of Malasaña than of the Plaza del Oeste. I have been in Salamanca for less than a year and do not think that I am surprised by the critical capacity of many of its citizens. Nothing of that. What I really admire is the rigorous gesture that they outline when they present a judgment. We Slovaks are colder and also why not simpler. From a bar we only expect that there is a drink and a person willing to serve it.

Conceived as the combination of a hotel establishment and a place to house art, I must admit that La Salchichería has a particular charm in the morning. From the day I first entered, I occupy a table not too far from the bar. I want to be close to the conversations.

Do not think that I do it out of a severe pathology but because I am always willing to listen to some eminent phrase. The ecosystem that inhabits this bar is vast. A gentleman has just sold me some scented candles to collaborate with an association for the disabled. Near the door that opens onto Wen-ces Moreno street, a blue-eyed character gives a singular lecture about the tannins of the Toro wine that the waiter has just served him. Closer to me, a salesperson elaborates his modest discursive exercise for the sole purpose of selling his product. And while the scene unfolds, I drink my coffee and think that my mother should try the moussaka that I'm having for breakfast.

My mother is a simple person. Above she had said that we Slovaks are. Almost seventy years old, a widow and raised under communism, she got used to living in a limited way since she was little. So much so that my childhood was woven of stories of scarcity that eluded adjectives. These circumstances and others that I omit to transcribe made me develop a remarkable instinct for cooking over the years. In our last telephone conversation, I told her that I had tried a moussaka as good as the one she prepares. Yes, I said “so good” because she didn't want to create expectations or undermine her not well-concealed pride. She simply had to travel to Spain. For my part, she would take her to La Salchichería.

The arrival of the mother My mother arrived in Salamanca in June. I showed him what a tourist is shown: the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the façade of the University. Of course, I avoided the painful hobby of inviting her to look for the frog. I am convinced that in Sala-manca there are more uplifting things to do. For example, going to bars.

Before we entered La Salchichería, I decided to show him around the building. I remember that at that time the exhibition was set up: “The motherfucker system show”. She asked me to translate the statement for her and I found myself in a problem. How to translate that locution to an older woman? I made a serious gesture while she told him that we should interpret the title of the exhibition as “the show for our mothers”. She stared at me without understanding anything. I tried with no better luck to argue that this was modern art and that I did not pretend to understand the link between the title and the paintings on display. Judging by the way she questioned me, it goes without saying that she didn't like the show. She even asked me if the author was a child. What she did show interest in was the building. She stayed a long time watching

the first floor and trying to re-build the original distribution of the house. When we went up to the second, he was surprised by the looseness of the space. At the moment when she leaned out of the elevator shaft, I told her about the concerts in that tiny space and she did nothing but laugh. It's time to go downstairs, I told him.

At 11 in the morning we are located at a table in the bar. While I explain how the hotel business works in Spain, the waiter serves us two coffees with two previously ordered moussakas. The time has come and I wonder how he will react. First, he watches it carefully and moves it using his fork. He then he executes with conviction the

gesture of taking a portion and taking it to the mouth. Surprise gesture. I remember the first thing she said was something like she was a moussack but she didn't look like it. Immediately afterwards, she declared, not without a certain discomfort that seemed to her superior to the one she was elaborating on herself. I nodded to her statement diplomatically. He didn't want to undermine her pride. What I do remember clearly is the assessment she made. She opined that she found it a creative way to prepare the moussaka. Instinctively, I replied that “In all creative work there is always a discreet share of looting” [“kreativita je diskrétne rabovanie”]. She looked at me and outlined a smile. A subtle smile. As if she had just heard an enduring truth.


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José Mari Galleries, quality at the best priceThinking of customers above all else is the maxim that guarantees a trajectory of more than 30 years, with six stores in different areas of the city

Quality, professionalism and the best customer service are three of the keys that guarantee the trajectory

for more than 30 years in Salaman-ca de Galerías José Mari, a family business that, with work and dedication, has established itself as a benchmark in the sector, currently having six stores in different areas of the city (María Auxiliadora street, Comuneros avenue, Guerrilleros street, Paseo de San Antonio, Wences Moreno street and Torres Villarroel avenue).

The commitment to quality is synonymous with maximum guarantee and con-

guarantee, and this is faithfully reflected in the extensive catalog that, in addition to being renewed each season, brings together the main brands in the sector (Abanderado, Calvin Klein, Dims, Manterol, Nenuco, Natura-na, Pierre Cardin, Reig Marti , Princesa, Punto Blanco, among many other firms). Selection of the best products and seasonal novelties to which are added the most classic and which continue to be in demand year after year. At Galerías José Mari they follow another premise, and that is to provide the highest quality at the best price, "thinking of our clients for

above everything”. Pajamas, lingerie, underwear,

baby accessories (also for bath and crib), tights, stockings, tights and socks; household linen (duvets, sofa covers, sheets, cushions...), school uniforms and accessories, work clothes, swimwear... All this and much more can be found in each one of its stores and also on the Internet, through the online store that allows its catalog to be brought closer to customers and, above all, to provide a convenient, easy and fast sales service, without having to leave home.

Everything for your babyThe José Mari Galleries catalog includes products from 0 years of age, paying special attention to the essentials of the newborn kit (with a wide selection of baby accessories, as well as pajamas, clothing, crib clothes , stroller... ). And so that future parents have everything ready, and as a gift that continues to set trends, at Galerías Jose Mari they prepare the perfect layette for you. A proposal that is completed with the possibility that they offer their clients to send the baby's basket to any part of the country.

José Mari Galleries, in María Auxiliadora street, one of the six stores they have in Salamanca. | alejandro lopez


C / Guerrillas, 9-1137004. Salamanca.

Telephone: 923 221 939 Avda. Communards, 20-26

37003. Salamanca. Telephone: 923 187 749

Pº San Antonio, 537003 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 213 701C / Wences Moreno, 2

37003 Salamanca 923 255 900

Avda. Maria Auxiliadora, 2037004 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 220 789 Avda. Torres Villarroel, 46

37005 Salamanca Telephone: 923 124 297

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EME stores, the largest exhibition of antiques and collectiblesThe deposit system is a pioneering concept, in addition to a clear commitment to the quality of each of the pieces included in its extensive catalog

Quality, experience and a pioneering commercial concept in Salamanca. It is the letter of introduction

EME stores, a project promoted by businessman Jorge Moya. EME Stores is a depository specialized above all in antiques and collectibles, and where we can also find jewelry, books, lamps, numismatics, painting, furniture, ceramics, porcelain, watches..., as well as others medium or high level items that can be purchased at very interesting prices. The deposit system goes beyond the classic concept of antique dealers and the traditional purchase and sale of second-hand objects, since in these cases "the percentage that the customer receives is very low". With the deposit system, explains Jorge Moya, the client can obtain up to 70% profit on the value of the piece ceded for sale. The selection of the quality of the pieces that are exhibited in EME Stores is one of the keys to guarantee the trust of customers.

Tiendas EME has also been able to make a firm commitment to endow the establishment, which covers more than 220 square meters and is located on Gran Vía 30, with an innovative and groundbreaking image compared to classic antique stores. Well-lit, open, accessible spaces, with attractive shop windows, a pleasant musical atmosphere and a staff whose main priority is to guarantee the best service to its customers, both depositaries and buyers.

Online storeTiendas EME is a project in continuous growth. In addition to having sales representatives in different countries (Chile, the United States,

two, Norway, Germany, France or England), also has collaborators in other cities such as Santander, Madrid, Valencia and Malaga.

Since last June they also have an online store, bringing customers a wide catalog of products and deliveries within 24 hours.

Tiendas EME, began its journey in November 2012 by opening a humble warehouse business on the top floor of a store on the Gran Vía in Salamanca. It had 57 square meters of surface area and a single member, its manager, as staff. The investments in innovation and the orientation and specialization of the business have allowed Tiendas EME to be, to this day, a benchmark in the sector.

EME stores in Gran Vía Salamanca | alejandro lopez


Gran Via, 30 37001 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 27 12 15 EME Salamanca Stores

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Movilfrog, your mobile repair and sale store with the maximum guarantees. It offers landline and mobile registrations, changes in telephone company and mobile phones at kilometer 0, perfectly checked, guaranteed and at the best prices.

Mobile phones and smartphones have become essential today, not only

because the new technologies have changed the way we communicate, but because, in many cases, they are essential due to the valuable information they contain, beginning with the contact list of family members, friends, clients... The statistics confirm it. Mobile phones represent more than 80% of the electronic devices present in our day to day. What to do if the mobile has suffered a breakdown, failure or breakage? Repair it, thanks to services such as those provided by Movilfrog, your repair and sale shop for mobile phones, tablets and accessories (speakers, headphones, cables, gadgets, chargers, memory cards...) located in the Fountain Square. The best mobile repair service and with the maximum guarantees. Services to which add the registration of fixed and mobile lines from all companies, and if you are looking to change telephone company, at Movilfrog they advise you and carry out a personalized study to find out which one is best suited, in terms of prices and benefits, to the needs of each client.

In a booming sector, and with a lot of competition, quality, professionalism and good service are the best letter of introduction for stores like Movilfrog, where we can also find one of the latest innovations in mobile telephony and that applies the concept of kilometer 0. As Eva Maestro explains, these are phones with little or almost no use and with full guarantees that the product works correctly. Mobiles perfectly reviewed and guaranteed, with the best pres-

tions, and whose only difference with a new phone of the same model lies in the price, since interesting discounts can be obtained.

State-of-the-art Christmas basketAnd one more reason to go to the Movilfrog store, and it is its particular Christmas basket, a state-of-the-art basket that replaces the traditional nougats and sweets with a tablet and numerous accessories (from a Bluetooth speaker new beatle to a mobile car holder, tablet case, mobile gloves, selfie stick, waterproof case...). Undoubtedly, a most practical and innovative gift for the lucky winner of the basket.

Eva Maestro, at the Movilfrog Salamanca store | Alberto Martin

Movilfrog store, in the Plaza de la Fuente | Alberto Martin


Plaza de la Fuente, 2-3, 37002 Salamanca

Telephone: 923 06 55 15 Movilfrog Salamanca

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November 2016 107+ info: www.salamancartvaldia.es advertising

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kiko robles

Since last October 15, in Guijuelo they talk about soccer. The pairing of the club with everything

a great one, such as Atlético de Madrid, has convulsed both fans and members of the butcher shop as well as the rest of the town's residents, who applaud the sporting achievement and see how the name of Guijuelo is on everyone's lips. The president of the club, Jorge Hernández, is one of the people from the town who is happiest with the crossing, but also one of the busiest, preparing what will be the most important game in the club's history.

How are you living this moment from the board of directors? With satisfaction and pride. It is an award for the work and dedication of all these years. It is not easy for the team to remain in Segunda B season after season. A very nice prize, and one that will help the town to advertise. It's good for everyone and the ham is going to sound on dates close to Christmas, which is still a prize for all the companies that have been collaborating for years. That they receive something in exchange for the great effort they make.

Last year the "jamoneta", in this Atlético de Madrid. The Guijuelo has always found something lately to be visible. I think that the Guijuelo with the ham sector is well known in many places, but football can help the world talk about us. The shirt had a huge impact, and now we have been in the media for many days and now we have the two games ahead of us in which we will be in the limelight. And what about the "ham" last year, because it was the result of hitting the coconut, of looking for solutions and it was beneficial for the club, which had

financially bad in recent years. But whether for sporting or marketing reasons, it is true that we have been greatly improving the image of Guijuelo for two seasons.

Did you imagine as a child being president of a club playing with a Primera? When I was a child I didn't think about being president or anything. But it is true that after nine years as president, when you have been in the world for a long time, you do dream of such a situation. And that makes me think of all those who have been here before in the history of the club, who also have their prize with this Cup game.

Do you have many years ahead of you in command of the Guijuelo? I don't know, this burns, tires. It seems not, but it's an important category and it's complicated, but if people continue to support us, both financially and helping in the management, dedicating a few hours, then we can continue working for the club. Now, for example, with the Atlético game, we are working hard for the match.

Is there a limit for this Guijuelo who always finds a way to take a step forward? Being in Second B is already a prize. There are eleven seasons in Segunda B and it is currently the team that has played the most consecutive seasons.

Having provincial capitals with teams in lower categories. But this is football and that does not understand numbers, we have touched the top of the table on many occasions and there is the promotion phase that we played against Leganés, who beat us by one goal, and now they are in First division. Perhaps the good part of football is that not everything is money and not everything is mathematics and that each year is a different season. Here due to infrastructure, due to our fans, we are not prepared for the Second Division, but hey, football puts each one of us in his place and in the end it will be the results that determine if Guijuelo should be higher or lower in national football.

What is your advice for the fans in this sweet moment? That they encourage the team as much as they can, that they trust the people who are there, that we have always stood up and will continue to do so, we are people of the town , they all know us, that there is no personal interest, and that they encourage friends, family. Perhaps we have that but we could be more in the games, with more atmosphere and perhaps it would be easier for the team and the public could carry them on the wings. This year I miss that a bit this season, but it's still early, because we've just started and the tie against Atlético will surely attract new members.

Do you dare to predict a result of the match? It's complicated. The other day I was watching Cultural, which is perhaps the best team in the category, against Real Madrid and we all saw how they were passed over. We have had a rival that is nothing less than the second best team in Europe so I dare not give a result, it is a day to enjoy football, try not to

Many put us in the home game to be able to go to the Calderón with the illusion alive and that it is a party for everyone.

The date of the first leg against Atlético could be 29 or 30

November or December 1. While the second leg, to be played at the Vicente Calderón, will be on December 20 or 22, although it could be brought forward in the middle of the month.


Jorge Hernández, president of the Club Deportivo Guijuelo, next to the Torreón, a Guijuelense monument that forms part of the shield of the pork chowder group | kiko robles

“Soccer is more than money and mathematics” INTERVIEW WITH JORGE HERNÁNDEZ

The president of Club Deportivo Guijuelo shares the moment of illusion that is lived in the chacinera town with the famous tie against Atlético de Madrid in the Copa del Rey

We have been greatly improving the image of Guijuelo for two seasons

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The biggest question raised by the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey against Atlético de Madrid is the field where Guijuelo will receive the mattress team. The club's board of directors is working to obtain all possible details so that the match can be enjoyed with security guarantees, enjoyment of the members and benefit for the team.

The options are basically reduced to two: adapting the Guijuelo Municipal Hall with additional stands and security measures so that it accommodates the maximum number of people possible; and move the match to the Helmántico stadium in Salamanca. Opinions are divided in the town, among those who believe that the prize should be lived in the town itself and among those who point out that the Municipality is not prepared for an event of this magnitude.

The president of Guijuelo, Jorge Hernández, points out that there are many details that the Municipal needs to polish. The Spanish Football Federation has requested that the power of the field's artificial lighting be measured to guarantee a guaranteed broadcast on television. Despite this, Hernández has

stated that the decision has not yet been made: “We are the first to want to make a decision as soon as possible, but now the Federation has told us that it has to measure the light, because a minimum power is required. We have a month ahead of us and we don't want to rush making a decision for which there is no going back. We are talking with the Federation, with Atlético de Madrid. This week, let's see if we can make the decision on Wednesday.

We continue with the intention of holding an assembly so that the members can give their opinion on the venue for the meeting, but we want to be able to present at that meeting all the possible data on the two options. Many additional issues have arisen that require a lot of attention, such as field safety or the installation of bleachers. There are many things and once we have everything tied up in the two fields, it will be possible to compare them in a position to make a decision. The board of directors had a first meeting in which each member presented their opinion, but we want all those who have supported the club

have a say in this." Up to three companies have been

studied the Municipality to determine how many localities could be added. One of them would be capable of installing 4,900 additional seats, which added to the current capacity of the Municipality would leave a capacity of about 5,500 people. However, it is the most expensive option, with a cost of 121,000 euros. “The cost is very high. The club does not have liquidity for it, and a sponsor would be needed to be able to face it. Hernandez added. To all this we must add the security conditions that would increase significantly compared to a normal league game.

The Helmántico stadium continues to be the other great option. With its nearly 17,000 seats, it would guarantee accommodation for fans from Guijuela, a large representation of Atlético supporters, and would leave space for many soccer fans from the entire province of Salamanca. In addition, the distance from Guijuelo is minimal and the connections with Madrid would be improved to allow more public to arrive from the capital.

Jorge Hernández, president of the Club Deportivo Guijuelo, next to the Torreón, a Guijuelense monument that forms part of the shield of the pork chowder group | kiko robles

The first team experienced the Guijuelo ham-flavored draw | Oak trees

Although many fans prefer to receive Atlético at the Municipal, the capacity does not exceed a thousand seats | Oak trees

Municipal or Helmantic

salamancartvaldia.esThe digital newspaper of all Salamanca

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Rafael Herrero CEO of Salamanca Al Día and Grupo Creadsa

When you want to realize time has gone and does not come back. Childhood vanishes, youth passes very quickly and now, in maturity, in a

blink of an eye, I find that my daughter is thirteen years old and my son fifteen; His childhood is being left behind to make way for another stage, not better or worse, but new and different. We are so submerged in our day to day, in getting the business / work forward, that we completely forget what the day gives us. It takes more time to live, breathe, enjoy; we must fill our days with new experiences and sensations, travel, vary hobbies, learn new things; In short, generating new memories, although I know from experience that it is not easy.

The other day I read an ancient story that spoke of a wise man who, because of his knowledge and fame, irritated the king. One day the monarch decides to meet the wise man they talked about so much. When he saw him, the first thing he asked was his age, because of the belief that wisdom is achieved over the years.

How old are you? The wise man replied. - I don't know. The answer angered the king, because he interpreted that the

sage was laughing at him. And he yelled at her:

- How dare you tell me you don't know how old you are? Are you making fun of me?

The wise man replied serenely: - No, sir. It happens that, in my opinion, the years that

I have are the ones I still have to live and not the ones I have lived; those that I lived passed, I no longer have them; those that I will live are an unknown. Therefore, I do not know for sure how old I am.

I love playing with my children, but many times due to lack of time and fatigue, it becomes complicated. That is why I take advantage of every experience that I come across or that is offered to us. Thanks to Pyfano, on the last Sunday of September we had a gathering in which they organized a canoeing activity for us. For that day they forecast rain but we were very lucky to have a great sunny day. The appointment was in the afternoon, and as soon as we arrived they gave us the necessary equipment and some brief driving and safety instructions. The boat was for two and I got on it with my daughter Lucía. We got on and immediately took the drive. The contact with the

nature and in the aquatic environment offered a sensation of freedom. The monitors, always attentive to the families that were starting out in this sport, offered us a diversity of games.

gos: from going to pick up another partner, to putting all the canoes together and being able to go from one canoe to another

changing partner. It was an afternoon full of new experiences, and we finished it off together, families and canoeing instructors, having dinner at a beach bar in the area. It was an excellent opportunity to enjoy living

Thanks and people that we do not have every day at our hand, and we enjoy it.

I always like to write about the positive things in life, I try to enjoy

of each situation that the road puts me in front of, they do not have to be big events, but they are pleasant and with good people. Bad things happen to all of us, we just have to face it-

and I try not to stay in them and focus on the possible things.

sitivas. It is normal to encounter experiences, people and situations

undesirable in life. The question is: How are you going to live with them? and what ac-

attitude are you going to take? Because that will make the difference...

Sometimes we throw in the towel when we are about to reach the goal... No! Never give up... when you feel your strength faltering, remember what got you where you are right now. In life we ​​find ourselves in situations where we get stuck, accommodate ourselves and forget our ambitions. It is then when we have to look back and remember if that is what we had dreamed of. If the answer is negative, we must rethink our present to focus our future on the right track to achieve our goal.

Life is too short to end up regretting it and spending our energy in vain.

The road to our goal will always be long, and sometimes hard, but the bad moments must be taken as a means to achieve an end and above all never give up and above all never take away from your mind the reasons that led you to fight .

Rocío HernándezCREADSA Designer

Time flies

Giving up is not an option

province crossword

1. Cabrerizos, Valdunciel and Villamayor are integrated into this Vertical2 region. Aldealengua and Babilafuente belong to the region of... Horizontal3. Carbajosa and Santa Marta belong to the... Horizontal4. The municipalities of Fuenteguinaldo and Sahugo Vertical5 belong to the region of .... Two municipalities of ... are Fuenterroble de Salvatierra and Aldeavieja de Tormes Horizontal6. In the region of ... we find Peralejos de Arriba and Villares de Yeltes Horizontal7. Famous for La Duquesa, it limits to the east with the municipality of Aldeaseca de Alba Vertical8. Juzbado and Beacon of Tormes. What region are we in? Landscape9. Alaraz and Alconada are municipalities in the region of... Horizontal10. Candelario and Cantagallo are in... Vertical11. Mogarraz and San Martín del Castañar are municipalities of ... Horizontal




8 7








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Constitution Bridge (03/12 to 06/12)

Bridge of the Immaculate Conception (08/12 to 11/12)







275 €




1. Cabrerizos, Valdunciel and Villamayor are integrated into this Vertical2 region. Aldealengua and Babilafuente belong to the region of... Horizontal3. Carbajosa and Santa Marta belong to the... Horizontal4. The municipalities of Fuenteguinaldo and Sahugo Vertical5 belong to the region of .... Two municipalities of ... are Fuenterroble de Salvatierra and Aldeavieja de Tormes Horizontal6. In the region of ... we find Peralejos de Arriba and Villares de Yeltes Horizontal7. Famous for La Duquesa, it limits to the east with the municipality of Aldeaseca de Alba Vertical8. Juzbado and Beacon of Tormes. What region are we in? Landscape9. Alaraz and Alconada are municipalities in the region of... Horizontal10. Candelario and Cantagallo are in... Vertical11. Mogarraz and San Martín del Castañar are municipalities of ... Horizontal

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