What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (2023)

In this article, we will consider what you need to do ifOutlook cannot connect to the Gmail account.Connecting Gmail to Outlookis a simple process, but due to some security nuances, you may end up with Outlook not being able to connect to Gmail. The most popular issue with Outlook and Gmail is that Outlook keeps asking you to provide a username and a password no matter how many times you enter it correctly.

Long story short. This problem is the most common for Outlook 2016 users and Gmail accounts with two-factor authentication being enabled on a new Gmail account or existing accounts, and is not an issue with the Google password. Outlook 2016 does not support 2FA thus it forces users to go through a bit more cumbersome process ofsetting up a Gmail accountin Outlook. In this article, we will show you how to fix Gmail Account connection issues in Outlook. These steps can help troubleshoot other mail clients as well.

How to Solve Outlook not Connecting to Gmail Issue?

Before setting up a Gmail account in the Outlook mail client, ensure your mailbox is properly configured. You must check whether IMAP protocol is enabled in your Gmail account settings.

Enable IMAP Access in Gmail Settings

Log into your Gmail account and click on a small gear in the window’s top right corner. SelectSee all settings. This will allow you to edit your Google account settings. After that, go to theForwarding and POP/IMAPtab. You need to make sure theIMAP Statusis set toEnabled. As to POP, ignore this ancient protocol. This one is severely outdated, and nobody should keep using it.

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IMAP is a special communication protocol between a client and a mail server. It allows the server to sync your mailbox between all the devices and keep everything up to date. For example, if you open an email item in Outlook, IMAP ensures the email is also marked as read in the Gmail interface. That is how modern mail works and why everyone ditched POP which does not support these convenient features.

By default, Gmail keeps IMAP enabled for every account. Thus, this step is not that necessary. We need to be sure it is enabled. Otherwise, you may have problems connecting a Gmail account to Outlook.

How to Connect Gmail to Outlook 2019?

Before you go. It is important enabling two-factor authentication in your Gmail account, otherwise, you may receive Gmail to Outlook connection errors.Follow this guidefrom Google to learn how to enable two-factor authentication for your Google account.

Let us start with Outlook 2019, the most recent and latest mail app from Microsoft. In Outlook 2019, connecting to Gmail is much easier than in the previous version (Outlook 2016, etc.).

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  1. Open Outlook and clickFilein the top-left corner;
  2. HitAdd account. This action opens a new little window in which you need to enter your Gmail address;
  3. Enter your Gmail address. For example, user@gmail.com. You need to enter a full email address so that Outlook automatically finds the necessary server settings. ClickConnectand wait for the app to gather the necessary information;
  4. Outlook will open a new window with Google Account sign-in. You need to enter your password and later enter the two-factor authentication password you can find in any authenticator app from Google, Microsoft, or whatever app you use to generate 2FA codes. If you do not have an app for 2FA, use one of your Google app passwords (https://myaccount.google.com/apppasswords) instead of your primary account password (app password is 16 characters long without spaces);
  5. Allow Outlook access to your account. Now your Gmail account is ready for work in Outlook.

How to Connect Gmail to Outlook 2016?

Now let us talk about Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010. Things are a bit different in there since it does not support 2FA. The account setup process is mostly the same, but you need to generate an app-specific password to log in.

Note. If you have a hard time accessing your account in Outlook 2019, generate an app-specific password and try to use it instead of the traditional sign-in process described above.

You can let Outlook automatically connect your account and find all the details or specify them manually. If you choose to set it up manually, proceed with the following:

  1. Launch Outlook. Click onFile, then click onAdd Account;
  2. SelectManual setupand hitNext;
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  3. In the following window, selectPOP or IMAP;
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  4. Now type in your name (this name will be displayed in the emails you send), and the email address. The incoming mail server should beimap.gmail.com. The outgoing mail server (SMTP) issmtp.gmail.com. Also, you should fill in the Logon information form and then click onMore Settings;
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  5. Leave the optionRequire logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)blank because this is a proprietary Microsoft protocol based on NTLM authentication, which Gmail does not support;
  6. Go to Outgoing Server and tick onMy outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication;
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  7. Go to theAdvancedtab and select SSL to encrypt your connection for the Incoming server (IMAP). The port number for IMAP should be993. For the outgoingSMTP serverselectTLSas an encryption protocol and change the port number from 25 to587. Click onOKand proceed to the next window.
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You may still get connection errors, but that is okay. Now we will tell you what to do with it.

Simple validation blocked

As explained in the beginning, this issue occurs because of two-factor authentication. Since July 15, 2014, Google has blocked applications that use simple validation to access Gmail. Old Outlook versions do not support two-factor authentication. Thus, users must create an app-specific password to connect Gmail to Outlook. You can enable this feature only on the Google Account webpage. Here is how to do this:

  1. Go to thiswebsiteand log into your Google account;
  2. Open theSecuritytab and clickApp Passwords;
    What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (7)
  3. From the drop-down menus, selectMailandWindows Computer. HitGenerate;
    What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (8)
  4. You will get a one-time use password that contains 16 characters. Copy it and use it to sign like we described above. The 16-digit app password is displayed with spaces to easier to read it. Ignore spaces when you enter it into the app you want to connect.
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Using the app password in Outlook

Use this app-specific password instead of your Google account password in order to authenticate on your Gmail mailbox through Outlook.

Outlook will try to run several connectivity tests. If you configured everything correctly, you should see that the next task has been completed successfully.

  • Log onto the incoming mail server (IMAP)
  • Send test e-mail message

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After this Outlook should properly verify your account and successfully connect Gmail to Outlook. Now you can use your Gmail in Outlook without any problems.

Gmail Access in Outlook 2013, 2010, and 2007 after May 30, 2022

If you are using old versions of Outlook (Microsoft Office 2016 or older) to connect to your Gmail mailbox, you most likely received an email like this:

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On May 30, you may lose access to apps that are using less secure sign-in technology.
To help keep your account secure, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password. Instead, you’ll need to sign in using Sign in with Google or other more secure technologies, like OAuth 2.0.Email software, like Outlook 2016 and earlier have less secure access to your Gmail. Switch to Office 365, Outlook 2019 or newer, or any other email software where you can sign in using Sign in with Google.

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When connecting to a Gmail mailbox, Outlook will return the following error:

Task youraccount@gmail.com – Receiving reported error (0x800CCC92): ‘Your email server rejected your login. Verify your username and password for this account in Account Settings. The server responded: -ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted.”

If you’re using Outlook 2016 (retail), 2019, 2021, or 365, you won’t have problems disabling less secure apps. All of these versions support IMAP connections to Gmail with the “Allow less secure apps” option turned off. If you’re using an older version of Outlook, you’ll need to upgrade to a newer version, turn on two-step verification, and use an app password.

Here’s an easy workaround to bypass this restriction in an older version of Outlook. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go toGmail Account Settingsand enable “2-Step Verification”;
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  2. Then go to the App passwords section and add a custom app namedOutlook;
    What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (13)
  3. Copy your 16-digit app password and use it in Outlook settings instead of your Gmail password. You need to enter the App Password once for the app or device, after which Outlook should remember it and not ask you again.

Enabling 2FA and App Password generation will allow you to use Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and even 2007 to connect to your Gmail mailbox after May 30, 2022.

Check Gmail TCP Ports Connectivity

If the connecting Outlook to Gmail test failed, you need to check whether your computer or Internet service provider is not blocking the network ports used to access Gmail. To check ports on Windows 10, use theTest-NetConnection PowerShellcmdlet. You need to check the availability of Gmail servers over the following protocols: IMAP over SSL (993) and SMTP over TLS (587). Open the elevated PowerShell usingWin + XWindows PowerShell (Admin)and run the commands:

Test-NetConnection imap.gmail.com -port 993Test-NetConnection smtp.gmail.com -port 587

If you are using alternate Gmail servers in Outlook, check the connection using the commands:

Test-NetConnection imap.googlemail.com -port 993Test-NetConnection smtp.googlemail.com -port 587

What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (14)

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If the command returnsTcpTestSucceeded = False, then access to your Gmail email account is blocked by a firewall. Check your Windows Defender Firewall settingsor third-party firewalls settings on your computer (many modern antiviruses have a built-in network filtering). Allow theoutlook.exeprocess to send outgoing traffic over the TCP ports 993 and 587. If TCP ports are not blocked on your computer, contact the technical support service of your Internet service provider. Some network equipment may be blocking access to the required ports.

Fix Revoked Gmail Access to Outlook

If you somehow or intentionally revoked Gmail account access, you may end up with a lot of troubles connecting your account. Here is how to re-establish it and connect the Gmail account to Outlook again. In other words, here is how to un-revoke Outlook Gmail account access.

  1. If you have another account set up in Outlook, launch the app then clickFileAccount Settingsand selectManage Profilefrom the drop-down;
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  2. In the new window, clickEmail Accounts;
    What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (16)
  3. This action will open a new window calledAccount Settings. Go to theEmailtab and clickNew;
  4. In the new window, enter your email account details — a username, an email address, and an app-specific password. Generate it using the guide above. HitNextand wait for the Outlook to establish a connection and check your credentials;
  5. After that, you will see another new window with Gmail account verification. Enter your primary password and 2FA-code. Grant access to the account.
  6. Done. Now Gmail is up and running in Outlook.

Unable to Add Gmail Account to MicrosoftOutlook: Could Not Sign You in to Google

There is another known bug in Outlook 365 and Outlook 2019. It appears after you add your Gmail account to the Outlook configuration, and prompted for a username and password.

Then you selectAllowforMicrosoft Apps & Services and get the following error:

“Sorry, we could not sign you in to Google – IMAP. Please try again later.”

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Also, the following error may appear in the Outlook connection log:

Synchronizer Version 16.0.12122.20830Synchronizing Mailbox your_email_hereSynchronizing server changes in folder 'Inbox'Error synchronizing folder[800CCC0E-0-0-560]Done

In order to fix this error, open the Outlook and dismiss the sign-in window.

Then click File > Office Account > Account Privacy > Manage Settings.

Check the box “Enable optional connected experiences” and hit OK.

What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (18)

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Restart Outlook and proceed to configure the Gmail account.

Other Options to Restore Outlook Access to Gmail

Everything described above should be enough to connect the Gmail account to Outlook properly. If you still have problems connecting Gmail to Outlook, try the things described in the list below. Those are some tips from users who successfully set up their Gmail accounts in Outlook.

  • Uncheck the optionEnable connected experiencein the Outlook settings located inOutlook>File>Office Account>Account Privacy>Manage Settingsand restart Outlook;
  • Try to change the IMAP server in theAccount Settingfrom theimap.gmail.comtoimap.googlemail.comand theOutgoing serverfromsmtp.gmail.comtosmtp.googlemail.com;
  • Disable the simplified account creation in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019, and Outlook for Office 365 by creating a new DWORD (32-bit) parameter calledDisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreationin the registry keyHKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\setup. Set the parameter’s value to1. You can use the following command to do this quickly:
    REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Setup /v DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

    Simply launch the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges and execute the command. This will disable the new simplified account dialog in Outlook.

  • Disable all Outlook add-ins inFile>Options>Add-ins;
  • Create a new Outlook configuration. Go to theControl Panel>Mail>Show Profiles>Add. After that, launch Outlook and try setting up your Gmail account again.

Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail FAQs

1. What is an application password?

An application password is a unique, 16-character code that allows less secure apps or devices to access your Google Account. It is specifically designed for applications that do not support two-factor authentication (2FA) or the latest security standards. Using an application password, you can ensure the security of your account while still connecting your Gmail to apps like Microsoft Outlook.

2. How can you connect Outlook to Gmail?

To connect Outlook to Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon for “Settings.”
  2. Choose “See all settings” and then click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.
  3. Enable IMAP by selecting “Enable IMAP” and click “Save Changes.”
  4. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on “File,” then “Add Account.”
  5. Select “Manual setup or additional server types” and click “Next.”
  6. Choose “POP or IMAP” and click “Next” again.
  7. Enter your name, email address, select “IMAP” as the account type, and input the following:
    • Incoming mail server: imap.gmail.com
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.gmail.com
  8. Enter your Gmail email address and password or application password (if you have 2FA enabled).
  9. Click on “More Settings,” then the “Outgoing Server” tab, and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
  10. Go to the “Advanced” tab and input the following:
    Incoming server (IMAP): 993, SSL/TLS encryptionOutgoing server (SMTP): 587, STARTTLS encryption
  11. Click “OK,” then “Next,” and wait for Outlook to test your account settings.
  12. Once the tests are successful, click “Finish” to complete the setup.

3. What does it mean “could not sign you into Google”?

The error message “could not sign you into Google” indicates that Outlook is unable to authenticate your Google Account. This can occur due to incorrect login credentials, disabled IMAP settings in Gmail, or issues with two-factor authentication. To resolve this issue, ensure that you have entered the correct email address and password, enabled IMAP in your Gmail settings, and used an application-specific password if your account has 2FA enabled.

Wrapping up

That is all. Your Outlook account for Gmail has been configured now, and the issue with Outlook not connecting to Gmail is solved. It will download all your email items and synchronize all the information. Depending on your mailbox size, this process may take some time, so sit back and wait for everything to sync.


What to Do if Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Account? – TheITBros (19)

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What to do if Outlook Cannot connect to Gmail account? ›

Follow the steps below to change your Gmail settings and fix the issue.
  1. Step 1: Enable IMAP. IMAP must be enabled in Gmail before you can connect your account. ...
  2. Step 2: Change SMTP & other settings in your email client. ...
  3. Step 3: Enable folders. ...
  4. Step 4: Refresh Outlook or Mail for Windows 10.

How do I allow Outlook to access my Gmail? ›

Try it!
  1. In Outlook, select File, then Add Account.
  2. Enter your Email Address for your Gmail account and select Connect.
  3. A window will appear. ...
  4. Select Next and add your Gmail password.
  5. Read over the statement that appears and select Allow > Done.
  6. Restart Outlook.
  7. Look for your Gmail email in the folder pane.

How do I stop Gmail from blocking in Outlook? ›

Under “Change account access for less secure apps”, click the link to the “Less secure apps” to open your Gmail account access settings. On this page, simply select “Turn on” from the two options. Your account will automatically be updated, so you can simply close the window afterwards.

Why does Outlook not recognize my email account? ›

Incorrect settings are the most common problem when connecting accounts to Outlook.com. Confirm your account settings with your provider. After you set up your account, sign out and sign in again, and make sure that your settings are correct.

Why am I unable to connect to IMAP Gmail? ›

To fix this: Update your IMAP settings so you don't sync certain folders. Remove your Gmail account from your email client, then try adding it again. In your Gmail IMAP settings, set IMAP to only sync folders with 10,000 emails or fewer.

Is Gmail an IMAP or POP3? ›

Gmail provides IMAP access to your Gmail account, so you can connect to your email from mobile devices and desktop email clients.

How do I enable IMAP in Outlook? ›

Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)
  1. To synchronize your emails with IMAP or POP3 you need to activate this feature in your mail.com account. ...
  2. Click File → Info → Add account. ...
  3. Enter an email address to add your account.
  4. Click Advanced options and check the box for Let me set up my account manually.
  5. Click Connect.

What are Gmail POP and SMTP settings for Outlook? ›

To send emails using the Gmail server enter these details:
  • SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com. SMTP Port: 587. Encryption: TLS. SMTP Username: (your Gmail username) ...
  • IMAP Host: imap.gmail.com. IMAP Port: 993. Encryption: SSL. IMAP Username: (your Gmail username) ...
  • POP3 Host: pop.gmail.com. POP3 Port: 995. TLS Protocol: ON.

Is Gmail no longer compatible with Outlook? ›

Because MS Outlook 2003 has some security issues, Google has for years required the “Access to less secure apps” option to be turned on in order to use Outlook 2003 with a Gmail account. However, Google has announced that this option will be removed at the end of May, 2022.

Which versions of Outlook work with Gmail? ›

Set up Gmail with Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2019. Outlook 2016.

How do I unblock access to Gmail? ›

How to unblock all blocked email addresses
  1. Step 1: Go to Google Account. The first step is to go to your Google Account security settings. ...
  2. Step 2: Click “Protect your account” ...
  3. Step 3: Click “Gmail settings” ...
  4. Step 4: Click “Unblock all”
Nov 14, 2022

How do I regain access to my Outlook account? ›

To unblock your account, you'll need to reset your password. Enter the email address of the blocked account, then enter the characters you see on your screen and select Next. Enter the code generated by your authenticator app or select Use a different verification option to get a text message.

Why is my email login failing? ›

This is typically due to a mistyped password, but it can also be caused by an incorrect username, connecting to the wrong server, or blacklisting.

How do I connect my Gmail to Outlook IMAP? ›

How to set up Gmail in Outlook
  1. Log in to your Google Apps account at Gmail.com, and click the gear button to access your settings.
  2. Click "Settings"
  3. Go to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
  4. Click the radio button to "Enable IMAP". ...
  5. Save your changes.
Mar 2, 2023

Why is my Gmail not syncing with Outlook IMAP? ›

You Might Have a Faulty Windows Update

Outlook must be configured for IMAP if it is to synchronize with Gmail. Before you can sync your accounts again, you'll need to eliminate the outdated updates. If possible, Microsoft suggests putting off the update until the issue has been resolved and a new version is ready.

How do I fix IMAP in Outlook? ›

Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and then select the Enable IMAP radio button.
  1. Click Save Changes.
  2. Go back to your Outlook and add or sign in using the IMAP settings. This should resolve the error.
May 10, 2023

What is the correct IMAP server for Gmail? ›

Incoming connections to the IMAP server at imap.gmail.com:993 and the POP server at pop.gmail.com:995 require SSL. The outgoing SMTP server, smtp.gmail.com , supports TLS. If your client begins with plain text, before issuing the STARTTLS command, use port 465 (for SSL), or port 587 (for TLS).

What should I put for IMAP server? ›

How do I enter IMAP port numbers?
  1. Incoming mail server: imap.servername.com:000 (Usually 993 or 143)
  2. Outgoing mail server: smtp.servername.com:000 (Usually 465 or 25)

Can I enable both POP and IMAP in Gmail? ›

Turn on POP, IMAP, or both—You can turn on POP and IMAP or turn them on independently of each other. Restrict which IMAP clients people can use—You can choose to allow all IMAP clients or specify only allowed clients.

How do I fix an IMAP problem? ›

IMAP validation error
  1. Confirm the IMAP server and port settings are correct. Most IMAP ports will be 993 or 143.
  2. Verify the IMAP server meets the technical requirements for connecting an inbox via IMAP and SMTP.
  3. Your IT team might only allow certain IP addresses to access the IMAP service running on your IMAP server.
Jan 19, 2023

How do I manually configure IMAP in Outlook? ›

Open Outlook and select File > Add Account. On the next screen, enter your email address, select Advanced options, then check the box for Let me set up my account manually and select Connect. Select your account type. Most of the time when you need to use this option, you'll select IMAP.

Does Outlook com no longer support IMAP? ›

Outlook.com supports IMAP / SMTP.

How do I configure Gmail SMTP in Outlook? ›

Here are the Gmail SMTP settings you'll need to input:
  1. Gmail SMTP server address: smtp.gmail.com.
  2. Gmail SMTP name: Your full name.
  3. Gmail SMTP username: Your Gmail address.
  4. Gmail SMTP password: Your Gmail's login password.
  5. Gmail SMTP port (TLS): 587.
  6. Gmail SMTP port (SSL): 465.
Jan 10, 2023

How do I add Gmail to POP3 in Outlook? ›

View all Outlook settings > Mail > Sync email. Under POP and IMAP, select Yes under Let devices and apps use POP. Select Save.

Why has my Outlook stopped receiving emails from Gmail? ›

Part 1: Reasons of Outlook Not Receiving Emails in Gmail

#Reason 1: A system component such as a firewall is preventing emails from arriving. #Reason 2: Network connectivity possibilities may cause the same. #Reason 3: A user saves all emails in the spam folder rather than the main inbox folder.

Does Outlook 365 work with Gmail? ›

Gmail supports Microsoft® Office 365 and Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and comes pre-installed on all Android devices. To add your Microsoft® Office 365 or Exchange ActiveSync account to Gmail: Open your device's Settings app. Tap Accounts.

Will Outlook 2016 work with Gmail after May 2022? ›

Google advises that gmail will not work in Outlook 2016 after 30 May 2022.

Why Outlook 2013 Cannot connect to Gmail server? ›

This usually happens when there is an update to the office application version, and gmail hasn't updated its records to recognise the app as a secure application or when using an older version of office. By enabling the less secure apps it will allow outlook to connect to gmail using the imap servers.

Which email is better Gmail or Outlook? ›

Outlook: Best for Office 365 users who prefer enhanced organization and want as much free storage as possible. Gmail: Best for Google Workspace users looking for advanced spam protection and a simple interface.

How do I know if my email is blocked in Gmail? ›

How to Tell If Your Email Is Blocked
  1. Send an email to the person that you think may have blocked you.
  2. Wait a little while to see if the email bounces. ...
  3. Send another email to another email address. ...
  4. Set up a temporary Gmail account and then try to send an email to the first address again.
Oct 10, 2022

How do I know if I am blocked on Gmail? ›

The best way to know if someone's blocked you on Gmail is to send them emails from two-three different accounts. If you don't get a reply on one, then it's probably because you've been blocked. On Google Chat, however, you can simply send a message to them.

Why is Google blocking my account? ›

You may be blocked from signing in to your Google Account if: The service you're signing in from doesn't provide enough information to prove it's you. You're signing in from a new location or device.

Why is my Gmail account not connecting? ›

Some possible causes include internet connectivity issues, emails being accidentally deleted or sent to the trash folder, problems with external email clients, or technical issues with the device or browser you are using to access your email.

Why does Outlook keep asking for password for Gmail? ›

What is this? 2-step verification setup – In most cases, it is the 2-step verification to blame, and, as a result, Outlook cannot connect to Gmail and keeps asking for a password. Issues with the server – Sometimes, a temporary server outage or a problem can lead to an issue.

What are Gmail settings for Outlook? ›

How to set up Gmail in Outlook
  • Log in to your Google Apps account at Gmail.com, and click the gear button to access your settings.
  • Click "Settings"
  • Go to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
  • Click the radio button to "Enable IMAP". ...
  • Save your changes.
Mar 2, 2023

How do I fix my Outlook email account? ›

How Do I Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails?
  1. Restart Outlook. ...
  2. Check the internet connection. ...
  3. Check offline settings. ...
  4. Check other Outlook folders for messages. ...
  5. Check your other devices. ...
  6. Create a new Outlook profile. ...
  7. Clear the Outlook cache. ...
  8. Check your email rules.
Dec 6, 2022

How do I fix my email not working Gmail? ›

If Gmail is slow or isn't loading correctly, use the steps below to fix the problem.
  1. Step 1: Check that you're using a browser that works with Gmail. Learn about Gmail's supported browsers.
  2. Step 2: Check your browser extensions or applications. ...
  3. Step 3: Clear your browser's cache & cookies.

Why am I not receiving emails to my Gmail account? ›

One reason why your Gmail may not be receiving emails could be because of an outdated web browser. If you are using an older version of Chrome or Firefox, try updating to the latest version and see if that fixes the problem. Another possibility is that your email filters are accidentally deleting incoming messages.

Why Outlook is asking for password again and again? ›

Choose File | Account Settings | Account Settings

Click the Change button. Click the More Settings button. Select the Security tab. Deselect the "Always prompt for logon credentials" check box.

Why does Gmail keep rejecting my password? ›

Update your app or operating system

If the app or the operating system on your device is out-of-date, you might not be able to connect it to your Google Account. Try updating the app or your device's operating system.

How do I fix authentication failed in Outlook? ›

"Authentication Failed"

Reset your email password. Open your email application and check the following settings: Update the password to your new case-sensitive password. Confirm your username is the full email address, such as john@example.com.

Do I need both Outlook and Gmail? ›

If you like Microsoft, use Outlook. If you like Google, use Gmail. Outlook and Gmail both integrate with their respective suites—Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace. Whether you're an individual or an organization, integration is going to play the biggest role in which platform you prefer.

How do I manually add Gmail to Outlook? ›

Adding a Gmail account

Select Outlook > Preferences > Accounts. Click the plus (+) sign > New Account. Type your email address > Continue. Type your password > Add Account.

Should I use IMAP or POP for Gmail in Outlook? ›

Step 1: Make sure POP is the best way to read your emails

IMAP can be used across multiple devices. Emails are synced in real time. POP can only be used for a single computer. Emails aren't synced in real time.

How do I reset my Outlook email settings? ›

Reset Outlook profile
  1. Exit Outlook. ...
  2. Use the search bar in the task bar to search for the Control Panel.
  3. Select the Mail component.
  4. Click the Show Profiles button.
  5. The Outlook profile should be highlighted. ...
  6. At the prompt, click Yes to remove the profile.
  7. Click Apply and then click OK.
  8. Start Outlook.
Feb 2, 2023

How do I get my Outlook email back to normal? ›

Go to the "View" tab in the top menu, click on "Reset View" in the "Reset" group. This will reset the view settings for the current folder in Outlook back to their default state.

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