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It is one of the most popular Polish cities. You can see it literally everywhere. Cultural wealth, positive people, great monuments. Why do we go to Wrocław? First of all, to count all Wrocław's dwarfs, visit Ostrów Tumski, the magnificent Market Square, or admire the amazing panorama from the 45th floor of the Sky Tower skyscraper. And that's not all, because wherever we go, we will boldly discover many wonderful and fascinating places where you can fall in love. Wrocław is a city recommended for every season and weather - here you will definitely not be bored!

A trip to Wrocław is a great idea at any time of the year

In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, there is always something to see here. Being in this city, each time there is a chance to discover something completely new. Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden, Penitents' Bridge, Centennial Hall and Pergola, ZOO, Park Szczytnicki, colorful backyards in Nadodrze, Hydropolis - these are just some of the places that delight with nature, history and modernity. The climate itself is truly extraordinary at any time of the year - you don't have to be too picky to say that it is the perfect place to live and travel. You can see it everywhere, because Wrocław is a popular city practically throughout the calendar year.

In spring, summer and autumn, tourists fascinated by culture, history and art come here. It is enough to mention that Wrocław, as the European Capital of Culture in 2016, organizes numerous cultural and sports events and festivals every year. It is also worth noting that this is a place closely related to business and the development of new companies in literally every field. That is why numerous trainings and business conferences are organized here every year.

The capital of Lower Silesia is also a meeting place and a city open to the influx of guests from abroad. This can be clearly seen in the young people studying here, as well as in the guests visiting the city. Everyone praises the atmosphere here and the approach of the inhabitants, who are nice and always positive. Walking around the market square, you can meet numerous foreign guided tours, mainly from Germany, who want to get to know the uniqueness of this place better. There are a lot of places where you can relax, eat well, commune with culture and art. Therefore, there are many possibilities to spend time in Wrocław.

Every year, winter is a traditional time when from the end of November to the end of December the Christmas Market takes place on the Market Square and in its vicinity. It abounds in numerous events and concerts of a festive nature, such as the visit of St. Santa Claus, the lighting of the city Christmas tree, or the elves parade. Gastronomy lovers will find literally everything here. The stands tempt with scents and the specialties served. You can find here e.g. gingerbread, Belgian fries, waffles, grilled dishes, Hungarian cakes, homely sausages, sweets, or popular among locals and tourists - mulled wine of various flavors. This event is recommended for anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of Christmas. Christmas music is playing from the loudspeakers, and the stands attract a lot of visitors. It takes some time to walk through the entire fair, especially on weekends when there are the most people in the city. However, for such a climate, there is no need to rush.

Throughout the year, Wrocław offers tourist attractions: museums, galleries, monuments, science centers, an aqua park and a unique Market Square, which is a meeting place.

Wroclaw, what is worth seeing?

The answer to this question is not simple. One could say briefly and succinctly: Everything! However, if we only have one day or a weekend at our disposal, we should focus on the most important places. There are 350 in total, and more are added every year. This is a good proposition for persistent and adventurous tourists, because finding them all is not so easy. Let's add that the time of walking along the dwarf trail takes about 2 hours. Dwarfs are located all over the city, in its most important points.

Lovers of history and monuments must see the magnificent Wrocław churches, with the Cathedral of Ostrów Tumski at the forefront, the Penitent Bridge, the Centennial Hall, the famous Bridge of Lovers, the National Museum and the Racławicka Panorama. Each of these places guarantees a great experience and allows you to get to know the history and the whole city better.

Anyone who likes nature should first of all see the wonderful gardens and parks of Wrocław. There are quite a few of them, but a visit to Wrocław cannot do without the Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden, Szczytnicki Park, Staromiejski Park, and Tołpa Park. Wyspa Słodowa, or the ZOO in Wrocław. These are places recommended for people who want a moment of peace and relaxation, as well as photography enthusiasts.

When it comes to modernity and more contemporary Wrocław, you must see Hydropolis, Sky Tower, Polinka, Kolorowe Podwórka na Nadodrze, or Kolejkowo. These are attractions that take on a special character and allow you to get to know Wrocław from a slightly different side. For sports enthusiasts, exceptional places will be the Olympic Stadium and the Municipal Stadium, which are the venue for speedway, rugby and football competitions.

What to eat in Wrocław?

We can find many great places here with cuisine from every corner of the world. From Polish, through Italian, Asian or Czech. Many restaurants and pubs are located in the Market Square itself and in its vicinity. Surely everyone will find something for themselves here, because everywhere is unique and tasty. Many establishments offer delicious and hearty breakfasts, great coffee, excellent lunches and sumptuous dinners. When planning breakfast, it is worth trying the local bagels or stuffed pretzels - everyone who tries them will not regret it. For gourmet beers, beers from the local brewery or foreign ones - Czech ones, which are plenty here, will be perfect. On the Market Square and in its vicinity, you will find traditional Polish, Czech (with dumplings and goulash), Asian, Mexican, delicious home-made ice cream with unique flavors. Each restaurant has its own unique menu - generally there is a lot to choose from.

The price of a dinner in Wrocław may differ from the standard and location of the restaurant. If you want to eat on the Market Square or in its vicinity, you have to take into account the cost of PLN 20 to PLN 50 per person - the prices depend on the selected dish and the standard of the restaurant.

Accommodation in Wrocław

Wrocław has a very rich accommodation base, so finding accommodation for every budget should not be a problem. The most numerous category in the city are hostels, apartments and lodgings and rooms - willingly chosen by couples, families and lovers of this city. Everyone will find something for themselves here, at an attractive price. Speaking of price, you can find an offer in which the service costs PLN 20! This price applies mainly to facilities located a few kilometers from the center. The closer to the Market Square, the higher the prices. Everything really depends on what standard of the facility we expect.

The closest to the center are hostels, apartments and hotels. Each of these categories has its own unique style, therefore great experiences and pleasant rest are guaranteed.

Accommodation prices in Wrocław

The average price of accommodation in Wrocław is about PLN 50-75 per person. The best option is to choose hostels or lodgings and rooms. However, it should be emphasized that the prices are set individually by the owner of the facility and largely depend on the location and the standard offered. The price for stays on weekends and on days when various important events take place in the city may slightly increase due to the high demand for accommodation.

The most popular months in which tourists most willingly and most often stay in Wrocław are: May, December and August, according to calculations by Nocowanie.pl.

If we want to find accommodation at a bargain price, we should use the available filtering for Wrocław.

The most popular amenities in Wrocław

Tourists looking for accommodation in Wrocław most often ask about the availability of a bathroom and a parking lot. As you know, parking in Wrocław is not that easy, which is why this convenience is so important. In addition, an important issue is the TV, internet and the availability of a kitchenette. Slightly fewer people ask about food, according to information prepared on the basis of tourist inquiries.


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